Lucas Wyrsch

Lucas Wyrsch

CRO, TGC-Consultants


Lucas Wyrsch - Networking and Advising How to Build a Strong Enterprise Risk Management Culture to Achieve Business Success

Entrepreneur | Connector | Networker | Consultant | Enterprise Risk Managing Adviser


Swiss Business Club | TGC-Consultants | Future Power Generation Ltd. | SwissNet, Inc. | GTEM Ltd. | Destination - Semmering, Inc.

Internet and opRisk Consultant and Contractor

Industry: Internet and Global Financial Services


Operational Risk Consultant

  • Basel II Consulting in Operational Risk
  • Credit Risk Tool Selections
  • Market Development Activities, Relationship Management
  • High Level IT and Strategic Project Management Activities


Senior Consultant

  • Consultant for the Customer Relationship Management Offerings within the Skill Group Insurance
  • Accounting, Reporting and Risk Management Consulting for Basel II
  • Consultant for e-Commerce within the Skill Group Advanced Technology Consulting
  • Consultant for (Global) Straight Through Processing, electronic Communication Network and Continued Linked Settlements
  • Management in projects and offering teams
  • Consulting in the development of an insurance system
  • Consulting tasks for business process re-engineering in distribution
  • Moderation of business process re-engineering projects
  • Creation of an e-learning offerings and LMS or learning management system
  • Research, analysis and knowledge management

Former activities as broker, financial advisor and actuary.


Competitive analysis, actuarial evaluations, strategic consulting, advisor in global financial services, GSTP, operational risk, Basel II. XML, HTML, JavaScript, OPML, RSS Feed, CSS, etc

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Allison Williams

"You seem to have a great consulting experience."

David Barzaga

"Ernest & Young has been a pioneer of e-learning and LMS. Glad to know that you have been a part of it."

Ulla Sarja

"Lucas....there are no words to describe how kind and friendly he is. I have learned lots of things of business Lucas learning me. He always gives advices but never asks anything back, well, what could we learn to a man who already knows and can everything we need to know. And now we are going into The Year of Water Dragon! After Lucas telling me the basic things in Chinese astrology I am really looking forwart to this year! Thank You for being a good friend and a mentor! Ulla"

Rolf Waeber

"I now know Lucas over the years. He is one of the most professional Ecademy members I have met in the years. I do not know him yet personally, but we have met over several networks. It is always a pleasure and also an honour being in contact with Lucas. Best regards Rolf"

Erhard Ruettimann

"Lucas is a networker in the best sense. He gives before he takes. He shares his knowledge and his contacts without asking anything in return. It is a must for every honest and loyal contact to recommend Lucas, not only as a professional networker but also as a role model for fair and ethical behaviour. I am looking forward to serving him to the best of my abilities."

Gyula Julius Reznicsek

"Planetary TX my dear friend Lucas for your continuous support :) He only can be recomended by me to those who are really want to be of the help to each other for a mutual benifites, what Ecademy is all about :) Planetary Best, Gyula"

Michael Q Todd

"I an a word outstanding. A wonderful sharer of information and a balancing influence in this community. Thanks for your daily input Lucas"

Milton Rodrigues

"LUCAS is a Class Act ! Full of Facts, Stats & finer detail. He is also a Real Gentleman & a friend. Very Highly Recommended !"

Gyula Julius Reznicsek

"Thank You Dear Friend Lucas :) for the The Mother Of Earth: "S.O.S. ! ! ! The Humans ! ! !" Like :) Lucas known form a long time ago by me, he is a kind, great connected and ready to help person, can be only recomanded by me :) I'm proud to know him inside my friend yard :) Yes, The Impossible takes a little bit more longer.... Lets UNITE 100's of nations.... Lets UNITE 100's of nationalities...... ALL AROUND THE CLOCK ! "The world could be a better place... No countries, only one race... No borders, only tropical trees... NO oceans, only one sea..." by Mr. Victor Marques Thank you for the Ecademy Holistic Club join too :) The Social Sphere Healing ! :) :) :) :) The Ecademy Holistic Club :) On Facebook & :) Twitter too :) The Openeyed Daydreamer's prevision HELPING PEOPLE TO SHIFT... :) With W.P.R.M. - Shift 2012 on Ecademy :) With W.P.R.M. - Shift 2012 on Facebook too The Ecademy on Facebook :) BE MY FRIEND on Facebook too :) FOLLOW ME on Twitter too Don't be forgotten ! The safety is more welcomed :) :) :) Best, Julius The Openeyed Daydreamer "

Gyula Julius Reznicsek

"For my dear friend Lucas, TX for the JOIN :) You make me happy :) I'm proud to be able to support your efforts within the Ecademy Facebook :) Yes, The Impossible takes a little bit more longer.... Lets UNITE 100's of nations.... Lets UNITE 100's of nationalities...... ALL AROUND THE CLOCK ! "The world could be a better place... No countries, only one race... No borders, only tropical trees... NO oceans, only one sea..." by Mr. Victor Marques Beyond above, Hold Each Others Hand and Move On... :) Together We Stands and We Take Their Hands With A Little Help From My Friends Must Be A Place Under The Sun "It's all about social business networking, family, friendship and fun" Because We Are One Family... :) The Spiritual Connection... :) Not a Power and Rights ! ! ! But the Responsibility ! ! ! Alea Jakta Est - The Die Has Been Cast :) We don't have a choice on whether we DO social media The question is How WELL we DO It. Social Media isn't a fad, it's a fundamental shift in the way we communicate. Collect and Share :) Amazing Environment Have To Be :) :) Not only does God play dice, but He sometimes throws them where they cannot be seen... Thank you for the Ecademy Pula - Istra - Croatia Club join :) Don't be forgotten ! The safety is more welcomed :) :) :) Best, Julius The Openeyed Daydreamer "

Andrew Widgery

"I met Lucas on line some time ago now when he expresed an interest in developing an Ecademy Switzerland. Besides developing one of the best and largest personal on-line network contacts on this platform, Lucas has developed from a small handful of members to a figure fast approaching 10,000 members in Ecademy Switzerland. What an outstanding achievement; what an outstanding man. Very well done Lucas, you have brought together literally thousands of people and enriched their lives as a consequence. How many can we say that about? Not many! "

Gyula Julius Reznicsek

"For the Friend Lucas Me as a leader of theWorld - Protected Regions - Movementand the International Vitoria Koi AmbassadorFounder and the leader of the Ecademy Hungary ClubThe commetted founder/leader Ecademy Zwack Fans ClubThe commetted founder/leader Ecademy Bosnian Pyramids ClubEcademy Friends of the Douro Valley, Portugal and Istra, Croatia :) :) :)I think that her profile is the mirror of her. Which is clear and correct !Good to know her in my friend yard here inside the Ecademy.He should be only recomanded by me !He is a kind and helpful networker :)Pleasure to meet a person with the so high level of expertise in the fieldof her business activity... :)Best hope that the next below will be of the help to you down the road ahead...Kindly visite my blogs... :)How to Creat A Great Ecademy Profile ? :)How To Be Online Successful...How Back Money... :)POOL WORLD Supersedes THE PUSH WORLD :)Helping Others Online :) and Hierarchy of Needs Up to Down... :)Because We Are One Family... :)Your Worth Is Your Given Support... :)Cyber World The "Kingdom Of Heaven" ? ? ? :)Hungry And Foolish :(Have a Fantastic 2010 ahead :)SOMETHING SPECIAL FOR YOU :) :) :)Don't be forgotten: We Have To Breathe ! Hope, he will Hear Me and he willgo ahead one day by the ONE WAY TICKET VOYAGE with me,down the road and live through... Thank you Lucas :) :) Julius...The Openeyed Daydreamer... "

Gyula Julius Reznicsek

"For the Friend Lucas The pleasure is on my side for being you fiend here In Ecademy... If will be needed I will be more than a happy to be of the help to you in a next year too :) Yes, The Impossible takes a little bit more longer.... Lets UNITE 100's of nations.... Lets UNITE 100's of nationalities...... ALL AROUND THE CLOCK ! The world could be a better place... No countries, only one race... No borders, only tropical trees... NO oceans, only one sea... by Mr. Victor Marques Please find below some gift my friend for a share... Bcause We Are One Family... :)Helping Others Online :) and Hierarchy of Needs Up to Down... :)POOL WORLD Supersedes THE PUSH WORLD :) :) :)Are The Naysayers Afrighten From The Changes ? ? ? :(Dire We Talk About The Problem ? ? ? :( Merry Christmas and I wish to You and to Your Loved Onesthat all Your Dreams come true in 2010 :) :) :) Our Regards from the town of Kecskemet, Hungary :) Julius & Kris :( The Online Socialization of the New Gen ? ? ? :) Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere Martin Luther KingWhat About the Educational Establishments ? ? ? :( :( :(I Cant Understand... :( May Be You Can..."

Abdul Ghafoor

"I have benefited immensely from the insights Lucas shares with us from time to time here in Ecademy. Thank you for being in my network Lucas. Cheers."

N Bhashyam

"I really feel privileged to write couple of lines about our distinguished friend and colleague Lucas.He is an outstanding professional possessing enormous wealth of knowledge and experience and often very powerfully brings out the best insight and alternatives in his analysis which are not easily discernable .He has a knack to bring in fresh air and new approaches to to problems for developing better appreciation and understanding of the issues and suggest innovative ideas and concepts . His comments always adds substantially to the issue under discussion.He has the rare gift of 'value addition' to the discussion by bringing in the hidden and subtle ramifications for better and more realistic appreciation and understanding.I have always found him refreshingly novel and very helpful and his intervention has helped me to look at the problem in as much entirety as may be possible.It is a pleasure to interact with him and benefit form his wisdom."

Mona Youssef

"Lucas is one of a kind, best example for networkers and his outstanding disposition is unrepeatable. Lucas's professionalism, pleasant persona and sincere support are greatly appreciated and unforgotten. In addition, Lucas has been always, lovingly, thoughtful and generously sharing his rich experience, knowledge and time with others. I am delighted to having such pleasant communication and honored to be connected with Lucas. Thank you Lucas for all your kind acts and support and wish you all the very best. Mona Youssef"

Akhtar (make it happen) Khan

"Lucas is a great person to have in your network. He is a great connector, and a real gentleman. A rare breed. He invited me to Ecademy, and I have never looked back. I can never return this favour as the number of real friends I have made here is something that will help me in my remaining life, socially and financially. I would love to visit Switzerland and meet Lucas in person soon."

Victor Marques


David Jean-Baptiste

"Lucas Wyrsch is one of the best people in the world... Know Me Like Me Follow Me Please feel free to join my Flow-Time Club on ecademy "

Luiz Felipe Klein

"Lucas I will ever remember Your dedication, fine education and classe, In our days it's a rare privilege have a friend like You, thanks a lot for being who You are! Luiz Felipe Klein Brazil "

Emel Nislioglu Lawyer in Turkey

" Thank you for inviting me to join your network. Best Regards Emel Nislioglu"

Jessica Dawson

"Dear Lucas, I am really proud and honor to have him in my network, he is my best friend. Lets be in touch Cheers"

Hanno Reitschmidt

"Mr. Lucas Wyrsch is a great networker and his profil shows me that he has extensive experiences in his business. I am glad to have him as a professional contact."

Neville Daniels

"I am glad to count Lucas as one of my contacts in my network. Lucas is a much appreciated part of it. Best wishes. Neville A. Daniels World-Wide Business Learning and Personnel Development "

Adiel Solomon

"Hi! I'm honored to be connected to your network on ecademy. I look forward to a closer friendship and mutual business relationship in our businesses. Adiel S.K "

Christopher Green

"Lucas, Thank you for contacting me. Please do get in touch and have a look at our work, we would be delighted to work in a mutually beneficial way as we are always seeking new opportunities that will help us develop our training program to help others. Many thanks Christopher Green "

André Stammen

"Hello Lucas, first known on XING, now here on Ecademy, maybe next on too?! :-) Furthermore i would thank you to join me to your contacts and share network, it's a pleasure to have you in my friends list. Feel free to contact me, if you think there is something I can do for you (e. g. in germany). Best wishes André"

Errol van Engelen

"Hi Lucas, I am very glad to be connected with you here at Ecademy. Hope that at some point in time we will have the chance to work on synergetic business. Check my full credentials at Best regards, Errol"

Lucien Meert

"Dear Lucas, I am glad to count you as one of my contacts in my network. You are a valuable part of it. A great connection, I appreciate !! Best wishes. Lucien "

Aman Arora

"Greetings! Thank you for connecting with me and reading my profile also rating me. I have rated you 'Good' for a friendship/business relationship with hopes that our connection will benefits us both. Regards Aman"

Norest Chari

" I can not thank you enough for being my contact. I have learned a lot already from you since the time I have known you. You have helped me to focus on positive things and kind of have a map that guides me what I want to achieve or goals. I want to believe you have helped a lot of people as well. Thank you again Lucas."

Naseem Ahmed

"Sir Lucas is also the personality whom I was thought too much that how to write an assessment about him than I decided that I must write something, If I was wrong than he will give me an advise for the correction. Yes, I respect him too much as he is very NICE & POLITE personality and impress to everyone who spoke or communicate with him. I know him from Ecademy as he is the one of the Computer expert. His specialties are Competitive Analysis, Actuarial Evaluations, Strategic Consulting, Adviser in global Financial Services, GSTP, Operational risk, Basel II., XML, HTML, JavaScript, OPML, RSS Feed, CSS, etc. "HE IS CERTIFIED CRO at TGC" - "Consultants, Basel II Consulting in Operational Risk" "Market Development Activities" "High Level IT and Strategic Project Management Activities" "Relationship Management" OR in short, He is the person who leads where ever they are. I am impressed with him... With great honor. Naseem Ahmed CE "

Eula Clarke

"Lucas Great to connect with you "

Ismael Kaaya

"Hi! It's nice to be connected with you on ecademy. Let's build a mutual business relationship in our businesses. Regards, Ismael."

Cally Jones

"Hello Lucas The pleasure is all mine, so lovely to connect with you Regards Carolyn Marketing-Leaders"

Doug Eden

"Thanks for connecting. Let me know how I can help you and your business. Checkout NUWORLDWIDE.COM. It's a new and exciting social/business networking site that is growing very fast. It has a great format. God Bless, Doug"

Olga Korshunova

"Dear Lucas, Thank you for adding me in to your network & contacts, I believe this network engine will support and help as build & develop successful entire business, It is always great to associate with other members. If you need my assistance, please do not hesitate to contact me at any time. Best Regards Olga "

Dr. James Le Blanchard

"It is always great to associate with other professionals. Thanks for adding me to your contacts. I am delighted to be connected. We all work better as a team. If I or my associates can ever be of assistance, please do not hesitate to ask. Le Blanchard"

Katie Jones

"Hi Lucas Your outlook on life and what is important matches so much of my thinking as well, so I am happy to give you a testimonial on the basis of shared values on life. Katie "

kengal murthy

"hi lucas, thank you for accepting me as one of your contacts, please feel free to contact me whenever you vist india. warm regard kengal"

ULM Taufik

"Hi Lucas, Thank you for rating me "good". I have a case of work overload just now.....need to look at your profile in greater detail. Will revert. Best rgds Taufik (ULM)"

Srikanth Nyshadham

"Hi Lucas, Thanks for the invitation and its a pleasure to join your network and further to fortify this association I trust and rate you good. Best regards Srikanth"

Paul Harmer - Branding

"I have to say, in the few years I have been with Ecademy Lucas Wyrsch personifies genuineness and a real desire to help others. I have taken some of his philosophy and a page from his book and decided to apply some of his approach to my own stategy. It is not often your find such a genuine helpful personality as in Lucas. I can recommend his professional approach and Lucas as a genuine person. There are some great lessons to be learned from Lucas and his personal branding approach. Thanks Lucas Paul Harmer The Brandsurgeon"

Sadie Murray

"Lucas is the consummate networking partner and a genuine "friend" to those who have the privilege of being in his network. Thank you for your most recent message. It is most worthy of reflection and encouragement for the "Then" and "Now"! Thank you for your friendship and support; I value both and look forward to endless opportunities for helping each other! Sadie Freelife - Live it! "

Tony Law

"Hi Lucas, I have found you a true networker and helpful business associate. You have more energy than I can manage to keep up with all your various interests on line. Best Regards Tony Law Bluecygnet"

Adelino Cesar L. Costa Silva

"It´s a great pleasure to have you as one of my valued contacts. I'm certain we will have opportunities to network and exchange ideas on the network. Greetings from Rio de Janeiro/Brazil."

Thomas Schmitt

"I'm honoured to be part of your friends. Indeed you are warmful and you take care of people around you. You are a good advisor and facilitator. Also, you are a great professional and networker. Your love of life is one of your key to get what you want for you and your family (and friends). If you need any assistance from Germany, just let me know. Thomas Schmitt "

Mahesh Chitnis

"Thanks for Joining Lions club International on Ecademy. I have rated good for your desire to help others. Are you a member of Lions Club?"

Brendan Merrick

"Lucas is a very professional and clever businessman. He completes his targets and has the welfare of the person he is addressing to heart. Well Done Lucas and thanks for all your excellent club work. Great to know you and look forward to doing some serious networking with you"

Elias Tibane

"Thank you Lucas for inviting me to join the club. Much appreciated. Regards Elias"

Kenneth Payne

"Dear Explorer, In times of need for certainty into the armchair we muse to potential attest. Lucas was the first 2 acknowledge and welcome me, a sign of 1 he knows best. Global ranked 3 indeed and this 4 you assured, 5 golden strings in his heart accord. Poured a reach down the mountains to mingle and mix, 7 heaven with Lucas after 6. Specific felt in kind to me, we continue to dance after we 8, I know my problem he can fix. 10 DERive a service difference in Lucas' golden heart above the divine intellect purity % of 9999 11 Bread breaking slowly in perfect harmony above time, Lucas' global vision exucuted sublime. The Swiss hands urgnetly beckon for peace to delve by digging the other 12, via Cyan Star request. 4 Lucas 2 invite 1 in to see your self and secret take nest, act now Explorer sign up with him, 2 know best. In kind & Godspeed! Ken "

Mark McCulloch Success Coach

"Thank you for the friendship here on ecademy it is much appreciated and may you have health, wealth and of course SUCCESS. After 8 years full time in network marketing and earning multiple 6 figure incomes online and offline it is a great reward having helped so many others along the way to duplicate that SUCCESS. Click Here Success Is Waiting"


"Dear Lucas; Your profile looks to be more exiciting & encourages me to be a power networker. good for everyone in network bharat jethani"

Lee Parent

"It is indeed a pleasure to connect with you here on Ecademy, Lucas. You have much to offer and I hope to get to know you well and learn from you. Lee"

Prabhat Sinha

"Lucas is a conscious networker with eyes and ears for other person's needs. I appreciate your exceptional skills to filter and see what would add valuable to the other side of the fence. You will cut across fences and boundaries and I am sure you will reach out to many more people. Inspiration for others to see the world at large! Proud to be your connection. "

Gerner Petersen

" Dear Lucas Thanks to join me to your contacts and share network, its my pleasure to have you in my friends list. :) Feel to contact me, if you think there is something I can do for you. Kind Regards Gerner "

Julian Stanley

"Thank you for connecting with me here on the Ecademy network. I see that you have connected already with my staff. Know the power of networking. Concentrate on recommendations; they are the best form of advertising. I tell my staff nearly every day that if every person you know has 10 friends that they recommend you to, those 10 friends then recommend you to their 10 friends. That would mean that for every friend that trusts your recommendations, 1,000 people would know about you. Think of the possibilities I hope that we can be of mutual benefit to each other in the future. Uni-Serv prides its self on the fact that at all costs we only tell the truth about any product that we have for sale, even if by telling the truth we loose a sale. We currently market several projects here in Thailand. 1; A condo project with low capital cost, high ROI. 2; High quality serviced retirement homes. 3; High Tech Vehicle tracking systems.4; Exclusive high end sea view apartments. I look forward to networking with you in the future. Best wishes Julian Stanley MD Uni-Serv Marketing "

ilyas selamat

"thanks. i will try to fit in here."

Ian Ong

"Hi Lucas It is a great honor to network with you. Thank You. Sincerely...TC Ong"

lu pierro

"Thank you dear Lucas for the invite. I look forward to strengthening our connection. Wishing you prosperity and many blessings. Lu"

Dwight Wallace

"Hi Lucas, I really appreciate communicating with someone who is unafraid to share great information. That statement describes you my friend. Thank you for the invite. Cheers, Dwight"

Scott Knowles

"I am happy to know Lucas, he is very knowledgeable and has been a source of great inspiration. Warm Regards --Scott "

Mohsen Salehi

"Dear Lucas, Thank you for connecting with me. It is a pleasure to meet and network with quality people like you. Keep up the great work and make sure to keep in touch. Please let me know how we can help one another grow. Respectfully, Mohsen Z. Salehi "

Cat Pratumtod

"Thank you for inviting me to join your network. I look forward to networking with you in the future. Please contact me with any questions you may have about our services. I will be more than happy to hear from anyone who has an interest in relocating, retirement and investing here in Pattaya, Thailand Cat "

Lucky Sadkong

"Thank you from the "Land of Smiles" for you request to join your network It is an honor for me to be in your network. I look forward to networking with you in the future. Please contact me with any questions you may have about our services. I will be more than happy to hear from anyone who has an interest in relocating, retirement and investing here in Pattaya, Thailand Lucky "

Anthony Moell

"Dear Lucas, Thank you for connecting with me and reading my profile. I have rated you 'Good' for a friendship/business relationship with hopes that our connection will benefits us both. Cheers! Your EcademyPartner, Anthony Moell"

Eddie Arsyad

"Dear Lucas, Thank you for connecting with me eddie"

Veronica STEFAN

"Thank you Lukas, Appreciate your message. Great business, "Technology, economics and strategy consulting with focus on analysis and design of operational risk!" Not enough time to see the video but great for some free time - (I wonder when that will be?) Good luck and success, Veronica "

safai ozer

"Oh, dear friend; Safai needs your email address. Have a nice weekend in piece and silence. Safai"

Iryna Moiseeva

"Dear Lucas! It`s my pleasure to be connected with you! You can contact me in case of any questions! And good luck to you and all the best!! Iryna."

George Joseph

"Dear Lucas, Today is a remarkable day, made possible by ecademy and YOU. YOU have helped me achieve the dream of networking with a thousand ecademicians from all over the world! Thank you for helping me along the way... While thanking you for your help, I invite you to visit our project in Palamaner. Or if you wish to know more about our work, please visit: Wishing you a meaningful Lenten season and with Gods abundant blessings. George "

Akhila Mehta

"It's a pleasure being in your network.Please stay in touch and I will do the same. I wish you much success in 2009! Akhila :)"

Ricardo Pires

"Thanks! I hope we can further strengthen this relationship and do business together."

TC Cooksley

"This is an awesome club! Thanks for inviting me to join. It's great to be on an upbeat team."

Karthik Tantri

"Lucas is an amazing friend and one of the best Networkers I have ever seen. Lucas is very focused and objective, he is very good leader and I am very proud to connect with Lucas. Very impressive to me is his very organized and professional way to work. Thanks that I got the chance to get to know you :)"

Evelyn Suárez

"Thanks Lucas, for inviting me. It's my pleasure to be connected with you. Let me Know if I can be of any help to you. Regards, Evelyn"

Evelin Avimar

"Greetings! Thanks so much for connecting! I look forward to networking with you on Ecademy! You are very open and friendly and has a positive energy that I really enjoy. I am happy to have him in my network and I am looking forward to getting to know him better. Regards, Evelin"

Subhash Kandpal

" Hi I am very happy to connected with you. Keep in touch Thanks & Regards Subhash Kandpal Web Design Company SEO Company India"

Debbie Dreyer

"A real pleasure meeting and networking with. He responds quickly to the needs of others. God Bless you Lucas. Debbie"

ms. park

"Thanks for connecting and rated "good". You're real professional and successful networker. You Tube Videos were smart and excellent. Good Day To You! Park "

Igor Polyakov

"Hi and thank you for being my contact. Whenever you need good but still affordable graphic and web design, don't hesitate to ask me, I will do it for you. Care, Igor."

Asghar Ali Khatau

"I am honored to be connected to your network I look forward to our closer friendship and mutual business relationship. Asghr Ali "

Laice Ali

"Hello Lucas, Thank you for your warm message, I will take you up on that offer :) My partners had a number client projects in switzerland over the years and are keen to establish the doc2scan business. Kindest Regards, Laice Ali doc2scan"

Christy Brugger

"Thank you for connecting with me. Looking forward to do business with you. Cheers, Christy"

William Lewis

"Dear Lucas, Thank you for your warm wishes and for your invitation. We in turm value you as a network contact. Best wishes, Bill"

zorro potion

"Nice to meet you Lucas. . .Nice warm Welcome from you. .Thank you. . .Will join you on Twitter. .Zorro"

Alyne Dawson-Washington

"Lucas, it's good to be in your network. All the Best! Alyne "

Jennifer Bloom

"I'm pleased to count Lucas as one of my contacts here on Ecademy. Changing Lives, Jennifer "

Bodea "85K/Mt Profit Online" Sergiu

"Thank You for accepting my Connection. I have rated you 'Good' for a friendship/business relationship that benefits us both. I found an interesting Website that could help You find People, Friends, Family or Business Partners all around the world together with their phone numbers, street address and e-mails and would like to Share it with You. It's about a Free People Search Finder biggest Data Base in the World. Try it and bookmark it to your favorites, cause you don't know when you might need to search for somebody. Your EcademyPartner, Bodea Sergiu Constantin ; ; ; ;"

Tord Sand

"Hi my friend, i´m so proud and honored to have you in my network here and wish now to invite you to my private facebook and hope to see you there soon also! Pls add me here: Warm regards Tord c",) "

Mario Faustino

"Dear Lucas, Thank you very much for the connection! Momentarlly I will only be considering all proposals, but thank you all the same! I wish you success! Kind regards mjf"

Pooja Kanango

"thanks for the rating...i rated you good"

Carlos José Pedrosa

"The Ecademy community is great because it is formed by people like Lucas Wyrsch: dynamic, with a vision of the future that goes beyond the visible horizon. I am honored to have you as a friend, more as a partner. Fraternal hug, Carlos José Pedrosa"

everett tucker

"thanks for the rating"

Randall Wiggins

"I look forward to creating a long-lasting business relationship. Best wishes! Randall Wiggins Broker/Owner NuView Realty, Inc."

David Treasurer

"Hello Lucas, Many thanks for the invitation to the Swiss Club. I have now taken that offer up - and will post an introduction in due course. I believe this is an excellent time for the entrepreneurial spirit to flourish, and it is one of the reasons I have decided to become more active again having previously more or less retired. I intend to give careful consideration towards the approach I wish to take in developing all of my networking contacts, and to see if I can bring more of my past skill levels to bear on common problems for our mutual benefit. With your support, I shall commence this approach from within the Swiss Club, and will appreciate your ongoing review of any materials I post therein. I believe that we personally share both common values and similar business goals, hence my testimonial in your favour. I look forward to an exciting and prosperous time with you in due course. Best wishes David Treasurer"

Curtis Chambers

"Thank you for the inspirational message about Napoleon Hill, that is a reminder that we can prosper during these tough times. I am looking forward to the opportunity to know you better and network. Network me at Plaxo. Thank you, Curtis"

Daniel McQuestion

"Lucas causally sent me some info that in turn linked me to someone else on the other side of the world, and it was a truly life changing experience. Many persons in my life claimed to know truth, but I have finally found it. Everything finally makes sense. What a difference in the last 30 days. Thank you Lucas.!"

Mona Youssef

"It is great experience to interact with Lucas who has wealth of knowledge and professionally, generously and voluntarily willing to share with all. Lucas, your friendly and intelligent messages are always welcome and appreciated So many thanks Mona, Fine artist ."

Kenneth Vint

"Hi Mr.Wyrch Thank you very much for you for accepting my contact request!! I am very glad to be a part of your circle and wishing to exchange experiences via networking. Best Regards Kenneth Vint"


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