Lucien Meert

Lucien Meert


Dear Ecademy friends, I will do my profile in two parts : Professional profile 1975 - 1978 State's Security - closely security of VIP in Belgium and outside the country. 1978 - 1986 Project Manager - C.I.T. Emile Blaton (general building company in Brussels). 1986 - 1988 Administrator - Meca Construct (general building company in Brussels). 1988 - 1990 Administrator Delegate - Aedifex (general building company in Brussels). 1990 - 1991 General Manager for Wallonie - AEW (Flemish general electricity company in Hasselt). 1991 - 1994 General Manager for Wallonie - L.L. & N. DE Meyer (Flemish general building company in Ghent). 1994 - 1995 Independent research department in reinforced concrete. 1995 - 2005 Import-export (urea, cement, sugar, used rails, HMS 1 & 2, petrol products, …) : CEO - Moncada Trading Limited in Limassol (Cyprus). 2005 - 2008 Financial world (currencies, bank instruments, Private Placement Programs, gold, diamonds, …) : CEO - Brinley Enterprises Corp. (British Virgin Islands). Host unlimited photos at for FREE! Host unlimited photos at for FREE! Host unlimited photos at for FREE! Meeting in Lisbonne with Helder Falcao (President of Ecademy Portugal) and other Ecademy members. Host unlimited photos at for FREE! Meeting in Lisbonne with Arlinda Rodriges, Elisabete Duarte and Ricardo Moura from Ecademy Portugal. Private profile My name is Lucien MEERT, I am born in Berchem-Sainte-Agathe (Brussels - Belgium) on 22nd of November 1952. I live in Mealhada in Portugal. Civil Status : married in 1977 - separated in 1989 - divorced in 1990. lived in couple in 1989 - married in 1993 - separated in 2005 - divorced in 2009. One daughter borned on 14th of May 1985. Studies :Civil engineer (General Certificate of Education + 5 years) - Université Libre de Bruxelles. Graduated in English (GCE +2) - evening course during my Civil engineer studies. Graduated in Dutch (Flemish) (GCE +2) - idem. Languages spoken en written : French, English and Dutch. Sports practised : - Football. - Indoor football. - Tennis. - Squash. - Shooting. - Alpine ski. - Cross-country ski. - Windsurfing. - Auto Sport : Rally and Circuit 2 participations in Rally of Monte-Carlo (World Championship) in 1978 and 1980. Pilot's licence on ice from Serre-Chevalier's school. Hobbies : - Reading - Comic strips - Music (Eric Clapton, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Alvin Lee, Dire Straits, Jimmy Page, etc ...) - Cars Host unlimited photos at for FREE! Lamborghini Mucielago. - Good films. - To travel - Luxury hotels Host unlimited photos at for FREE! Bussaco Palace in Luso (Portugal). - To go in week-end in romantic hotels Host unlimited photos at for FREE! The bar of a romantic hotel in Portugal. - Good restaurants & Gastronomy Host unlimited photos at for FREE! Host unlimited photos at for FREE! Portugese gastronomy. Host unlimited photos at for FREE! Host unlimited photos at for FREE! Japanese gastronomy. - Good wine Host unlimited photos at for FREE! Host unlimited photos at for FREE! Host unlimited photos at for FREE! Presentation of my great friend Victor Marques wines from Douro Valley (Portugal). - Sport - Nature Host unlimited photos at for FREE! Host unlimited photos at for FREE! Host unlimited photos at for FREE! Host unlimited photos at for FREE! The Douro Valley (Portugal). - Rural tourism Host unlimited photos at for FREE! Host unlimited photos at for FREE! Hotel Flor do Monte in Douro Valley (Portugal). Host unlimited photos at for FREE! Life in the village. - Friendship Host unlimited photos at for FREE! My friend Victor and his mother. Host unlimited photos at for FREE! My friend Victor and me. Contact details : Portugese mobile + 351 231 201 799 Belgian mobile + 32 471 64 86 41 Belgian mobile + 32 494 41 35 24 Skype : luc221152 MSN : Yahoo : lucienmeert Email : Email : Email : Links Share/Bookmark


convey_source = "English"; Free Translation Visited countries Europe : - Belgium - France + Corsica - Luxemburg - The Netherlands - Germany - England - Austria - Switzerland - Spain + The Balearic Islands + The Canary Islands - Portugal - Italy + Sicily - Ex Yugoslavia (Croatia, Macedonia, Slovenia and Serbia-Montenegro) - Greece + Crete + Rhodes - Turkey - Cyprus - Albania - Hungary - Czech Republic - Slovakia - Russia - Liechtenstein - The Vatican - Principality of Monaco - Principality of Andorra Africa : - Tunisia - Egypt - Morocco - Togo - Benin - Ghana - Mauritius - Seychelles Asia : - Indonesia (Bali) - Thailand (Phuket) America : - USA - Canada Antilles : - Jamaica - Guadeloupe - Saint-Martin - Aruba create your own visited country map or write about it on the open travel guide free counters

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Skype: luc221152

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Allison Williams

"Your actions speak a lot louder than words. And you know you are already a winner when you are following your passions."

Gina Minton

"Great. Following our passions is the best thing we can do with our lives. As they say doing what we love is the best work."

Gyula Julius Reznicsek

"For the Friend Lucien The pleasure is on my side for being you fiend here In Ecademy... If will be needed I will be more than a happy to be of the help to you in a next year too :) Yes, The Impossible takes a little bit more longer.... Lets UNITE 100's of nations.... Lets UNITE 100's of nationalities...... ALL AROUND THE CLOCK ! The world could be a better place... No countries, only one race... No borders, only tropical trees... NO oceans, only one sea... by Mr. Victor Marques Please find below some gift my friend for a share... Bcause We Are One Family... :)Helping Others Online :) and Hierarchy of Needs Up to Down... :)POOL WORLD Supersedes THE PUSH WORLD :) :) :)Are The Naysayers Afrighten From The Changes ? ? ? :(Dire We Talk About The Problem ? ? ? :( Merry Christmas and I wish to You and to Your Loved Onesthat all Your Dreams come true in 2010 :) :) :) Our Regards from the town of Kecskemet, Hungary :) Julius & Kris :( The Online Socialization of the New Gen ? ? ? :) Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere Martin Luther KingWhat About the Educational Establishments ? ? ? :( :( :(I Cant Understand... :( May Be You Can..."

Victor Marques

" Lucien Meert is my fantastic friend and he will be my ambassador for Vitoria Koi wines. I raise today a full glass of wine to Lucien and the ones that he cares and love. Your friend for life. Big hug. Victor Marques"

Gyula Julius Reznicsek

"For the Friend Lucien Me as a leader of theWorld - Protected Regions - Movementand the International Vitoria Koi AmbassadorFounder and the leader of the Ecademy Hungary ClubThe commetted founder/leader Ecademy Zwack Fans ClubThe commetted founder/leader Ecademy Bosnian Pyramids ClubEcademy Friends of the Douro Valley, Portugal and Istra, Croatia :) :) :)Thought, I do not know him at all, but I think that his profile is the mirror of him.Which is clear and correct ! Good to know him in my friend yard here insidethe Ecademy. He should be only recomanded by me !My honor to meet a fantastic personality as he is and who sharemy thoughts connected with the nature :)Have a Fantastic 2009 ahead :)SOMETHING SPECIAL FOR YOU :) :) :)Don't be forgotten: We Have To Breathe ! Hope, he will Hear Me and he willgo ahead one day by the ONE WAY TICKET VOYAGE with me,down the road and live through... Thank you Lucien :) :) Julius...The Openeyed Daydreamer... "

Philip Watling

"Bonjour Monsieur Lucien, et merci! We have never spoken, but from what you read on my profile you like me. That makes you intelligent, wise and a good judge of character ;) Philip"


"Hi, it's a pleasure to be apart of your network. Stella Blaize"

Victor Marques

"Lucien is my fantastic heart friend. I will be happy to meet you again soon. Big hug from Douro Valley. Victor Marques"

Elisabete Duarte

"Luc, my life changed tremendously since I have met you through Ecademy, your professional knowledge and (savoir faire), frontality, taste for the good things in life, human attitude, respect for other people's beliefs and culture, friendliness, positivity, coolness, sense of humour are catchy, and can say that you are to me by far, the best coach ever and a delight to be with. I hope to learn a lot from your experience in the future, to improve your life and to have lots of happy moments together with you by my side for many, many years to come. God bless you!!!!!!"


"I had known Lucien to be highly professional and trustworthy. He is in fact one of those dignified people I know. His success as a businessman is enough proof of his excellence as a businessman and as a person. Lucien, I wish you happiness and more success."

Ali Raza Ansari

"It has been really great to have you as a contact in ecademy. Best Regards Ali Raza Ansari"

Victor Marques

"Thank you so much dear Lucien Meert. You have the power of God. Im very Proud of you ...Douro Valley is a great place. One of my poems: Abundance and true love is your birth right, you could be black, yellow or white... God loves you with infinite care, God bless you anywhere... Abundance for the flowers, for the rivers, for the sky... Just love, just give and dont ask why? Life is natural like me and you my friend, Your touch my heart, you touch my land. Abundance for the ones that are in great need, Just give, just give and plant one seed... Life is a rainbow that you like to see; you have the honey because God made the small bee... Big heart hug. Victor Marques "

Victor Marques

"Thank you so much from the heart to you dear Lucien Meert. It was fantastic to meet you in Douro Valley. Life is about farming not hunting. Life is a great gift. One of my poems for you and the ones that you care and love. Every day is a new day… It doesn't matter what you had in the past, The millions that for you can last, Your heart was broken in a different way. Our God just says" stay and pray…" The old time doesn't come back again with pain, Plant the seeds that you can in the same lain, Without seeds flowers you can't see, Be alive with care and cosmic energy. Mere words can't talk or describe, What you have inside, Close your eyes and tell me what you see? A great smile always for free… Kindest regards. Victor Marques"

Hélder Falcão

"Lucien is kind, attentive and a pleasure to spend time with! Always networking 24/7! An extremely valuable asset to have on your network. Highly recommended! Kindest Regards, Hélder"

Naseem Ahmed

"Mr. Lucien Meert is the expert in "Financing & Investment", he's the CEO/Owner of "Brinley Enterprises Corp-Belgium". He mostly invest in Gold, Diamonds, Currencies, Bank Instruments, Trade Investments and Real Estate Investments. He possess very sharp mind with good IQ along with his handsome personality... Assessed on 08.03.2009 at 2:30 AM "Ecademy Marine Consultants and Officials Group" [EMCOG]"


"Most people are out of touch with what they truly want. Lucien certainly understands what he wants and needs and brings about their manifestation. In a very real sense he is a DOER. Uplifting energy. Glad to have him in my network. Marilyn, Tree of Life+Love"

Kelli West-Da Paz

"Hello Lucien, It is my pleasure to be a part of your network!! With Kind Regards, Kelli"

Mona Youssef

"Hello Lucien, Having connected with you is a great plus. You are a pleasant and professional networker. Kind wishes Mona Youssef"

Hanno Reitschmidt

"Mr. Lucian Meert is a great networker and his profil shows me that he has extensive experiences in his business. I am glad to have him as a professional contact. Have a great day! Best regards, Hanno"


"Bonjour, Thanks for connecting. If there's anything I can do for you, let just me know. Cordialement Arnaud visit "" "

Sebastiana Jansen

"Dear Lucien, So thank you for the contact, for me is a pleasure to have you in my network too. Be welcome! "

Abdul Gaffar Shahnawaz

"Dear Lucien, Thank you for the lovely testimonial. To be honest, the pleasure is all mine to have such a great personality in my contacts. Best Regards, Abdul"


"Hi Lucien, Thanks for your testimonial. Welcome to my network here on Ecademy! Looking forward in getting to know you better & become my friend in the future. Always Keep Smiling & Have a wonderful day! TAke Care!! :) ANGEL"

Ann Shaw

"Lucien is a lovely person, and so balanced in all his interests and hobbies - I think that is so commendable! He likes Dire Straits and Deep Purple too, and that shows good taste! Ann:)"

kutay f.helvacioglu

"... a great gentleman... with my best regards kutay"

Kristel Lenaerts

"I am pleased to be part of Lucien's network. Thanks, Kristel"

Audrey Ekuban

"Thanks for your kind words. I am pleased to be part of your network. "

Neville Daniels

"I am glad to count Lucien as one of my contacts in my network. Lucien is a valuable part of it. A great connection, I appreciate !! Best wishes. Neville A. Daniels "

Sai Sankeerth

"It was really good to have a person like Lucien in my contacts and feeling great to connect with him. Thanks for connecting with me Lucien. Best Regards, - Sai"

Sanja A

" (`'•.¸(`'•.¸ ¸.•')¸.•') •( ** Thank you ** )• (¸.•'´(¸.•'´`'•.¸)`'•.¸) _./'._ ¸¸.•¤**¤•.¸.•¤**¤•…... _./'._ *•. .•* Welcome to my World!*•. .•* /.•*•. ¸..•¤**¤•., .•¤**¤•.*.*/.•*•. "

Mario Faustino

"Dear Lucien, It has been really great to have you as a contact in ecademy. It is people like you that make networking superlative, making us feel welcome and an important part of it. I wish you success in all your enterprises! Best wishes, mjf "

Adam Dobrzynski

"Great great Lucien!! for big words! Im also wish you all the best! SUCCESS! SUCCESS and the best life you want to imagine! Best regards from sunny Poland! Adam& Gloria Vemma go!"

Natasha Clark

"Hello There Thx for showing some love. I greatly appreciate the comments. It is a pleasure to be part of your network. Wishing you Good Fortune. Please keep in touch. Natasha"

Vivek Das

"Lucien, It is great to be connected to someone like you. Really appreciate it! All the best, Vivek"

Adiel Solomon

"Hi! I'm honored to be connected to your network on ecademy. I look forward to a closer friendship and mutual business relationship in our businesses. Adiel S.K "

Dominic Verbruggen

"Lucien, I sincerely think you are a valuable asset to any network! That's why I would like to invite you to join me on my website . That is, if you haven't already of course ;-). If interested in employment and/or freelance assignments in Flanders, Brussels and surroundings, you can also join me at - networking hot spot for recruiters, job seekers & freelancers (also to be found in the linkedin groups directory as "Flanders Recruitment Network - Recruitmentnetwerk Vlaanderen" at ). On the occasion of Labour Day 2009 I created the Pan European Recruitment Network. Why not take a look at"

Ali Raza Ansari

"Thanks for connecting me as a contact in your network. I am very proud and I hope we keep in touch. Have a nice day, best regards Ali Raza Ansari"

Keith Spencer

"Lucien sounds like he has his mind in the right places - gold, 5 star hotels, casinos and diamonds. And he still finds time to travel widely! He must be doing something right."

Melinda M. Sörensson

"Hello, Lucien , Delighted we are connected in many places :-) Please do keep me posted on how we can be of help to each other. Warmest regards and with my very best wishes for your continued success Melinda M. Sorensson, Ph.D. Author, My Journey to An Integrated Life Self Growth Expert Ezine Articles Expert Author"

Anirban RoyChoudhury

"Thank you Lucien.I appreciate. Best Wishes for a Happy married life ahead.Prosper more with your loved ones. Warm Regards, Anirban"


"Same here, Lucien. I always look forward to intellectual discussions especially with more successful people like you. I really enjoyed your views regarding business and success. . It is truly an honor to be your friend. For our friendship, CHEERS! Mary skype: marymoore2007 Graffiti "

A. Laurent

"You're a wonderful contact Lucien and my congratulations on your wedding! "

Heinrich Hess

"Lucien I am very glad to count you as one of my contacts in my network. An open minded person and hard worker. A great connection, I appreciate !! Many of my friends also join me on my own network Kind regards Heinrich "

Jen Hall

"Hi Lucien, I enjoyed reading your profile and wish to thank you for inspiring me to update mine with information about my personal side of life. You have a wealth of experience to share with people and I look forward to connecting with you and hope we can learn from each other. Love and light Jen"

Vikram Chakravarthi

"Hi, I am happy to connect with you and appreciate the depth of experience you can bring to ecademy. I particularly like the quote by Socrates. Vikram"

Denis Savoshchenko

"Lucien, it is my pleasure to join your network. Lets stay in touch! Kind regards, Denis PS: last year Walter Trout was performing in Moscow. It was one of the best concert I had ever seen!"

Yogesh Arora

"I am pleased to be a part of your network and hope that it leads to greater things in near future!!!!!!!"

Chris Applegarth

"Lucien Great to have someone with your talents in my network. Wishing you good health, wealth and prosperity. Best regards Chris Applegarth"

Peter Staniforth

"Hello sir, Thank you for the friends add, and the kind words. Anytime you wish to chat, don't hesitate! Best Regards, Peter."

Joao Pinto

"Hi Lucien Thanks for your friendly words. A big hug from Portugal, and when you decide to visit us let me know. João Pinto"

Mihaela Mihăilă

"Thank you so much for your kind and friendly message, Lucien. I very much appreciate being part of your network, too. Greetings from Bucharest! Mihaela "


"Dear Lucien, Thank you very much for the Testimonial. I´m pleased to be connected with you. Your have a great profile! All the best Gary "

Ivanka Eftimova

"Dear Lucien, It is always a pleasure to communicate with honest, delicate and inteligent people like you. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and views here. Warm regards, Vanya"

Davina Nicholas

"Lucien glad to have you in my contacts and I wish you success in both personal and professional life."

Zahir shamsery

"Greetings, Thank you for accepting me as your friend. Congratulation for having you in network. Please and stay in touch and let us prove our self dependable and trustworthy friend. Time will show us path. Kind regards, Zahir shamsery "

Andrei Munteanu

"The major asset of Ecademy is that it has granted me the opportunity of meeting great people like Lucien. I highly appreciate this and may the networking here gets materialized in a better world for us and, first of all - our children. With cordial regards, Andrei"

Haurlyn Figueroa

"Luncien im very honored to have you in my network, thank you for let open the door of your life to share your profesional and personal life, in the first one i can say you inspired to me to be better person and to be much more visionary and lost the fears. In your personal life im really glad to know you gave yourself a second chance to build a Love relationship till this arrive to the nice choice which is the marriage, for which also are you and inspiration. My best wishes for you and your new wife...Love,Happinees, Prosperity, and Sucess always in all your proyects. From Lima-Perú, Haurlyn."

Lou dos Santos

"Hi Lucien Many thanks for your kind words and I must just add that you have an impressive profile too, I wish you the best of luck in your business and no doubt we would be exchanging ideas and views in the near future. I will be sending you an e-mail sortly as I have identified some interesting potential common business. Regards Lou"

Ekaterina Chizhova

"Luc! Love is magical thing - something special and sacred in your eyes:) From your heart and mind I hear the engmatical sounds to my soul. All my heart feels the power of love!!!!! Kathrine"

Satheesan Sugapurath Madhathil

"Dear Lucien, I appreciate you for your frankness in behaviour. You appear to be having high IQ and EQ. I can count on you asa reliable friend and a trusted networking partner. Let us continue to communicate and network to change the world. Hugs, Dr Satheesan, New Delhi-INDIA "

Iveta D.

"Thank you for your kind testimonial, Lucien, glad to have you in my network also. Look forward to business opportunites in future. Kindest regards, ID"

no longer

"Thank you for your testimonial. I am pleased to have you in my network. Jade"

Tutuk Astya SM.

"Dear Lucien, Thanks for your testimonial at my page, I'm glad to be part of your network. Hope we will have business connection in future, Best regards, Tutuk Astya SM. SMJ 'Home Interior Style' "


"Dear Lucien, I wish you a journey full of Success in 2009! I feel glad and honoured to be connected with you and thank you for being in my network. You are one of my valued contacts. Best wishes. Albin"

Rais La Site

"Dear Lucien, I am pleased also to be part of your network and hope that it leads to greater things in the future. Warm Regards, Rais "


"Dear Lucien, thank you very much for the Testimonial. I´m very pleased to be connected with you. Wish you success and luck !!! ♥ G P Nayak"

Nigel Whittaker

"A genuine and generous networker the essence of Ecademy. A must to connect with"

Alla P.

"Dear Lucien, I'm very glad to have you in my contacts...really glad... I belive in fortune... - nothing happens in our life without meaning... You are very special persone... I see it clearly and I see also that you are now complitelly in love with ...! I wish you both a lot of happyness and long full of fun life TOGETHER! Keep you in such a mood and condition and you will be for a long time like now... (;-)!!! Sincerely, Alla PS. - special hello from me to your gierlfriend (or wife already?!)... I'm also speaking in Russian (;-)))..."

Pierre Fourie

"Greetings from South Africa. Lucien is an interesting, friendly,positive and optemistic person. Proud to be part of your network Lucien."

Sailendra Sethi

"Greetings from India, Already sent a chat invitation @ Gmail. You are a grate networker and welcoming person :) Cheers Sail "

Lucentiu Roman

"Luc, Amazing people are experiencing amazing moments. I'm sure you have a lot :) Best regards from Bucharest, Lucentiu "

Ekaterina Chizhova

"Luc! I would like to tell you something very important:) With you I realized what means the truth and respect - the things which are greatful for the true living. I see the diamond inside of you - this diamond is shining! It gives the refinement and nobility to your heart and soul. You would like to show me the light of yours - and with this light I saw all another world! Everything becomes different. Just another Universe! Kathrine"

Monica Hoogstad

"Hello Lucien Thanks for your kind words! I've read your profile (which is great, by the way) and found out that you'll be moving to Lausanne shortly. I lived there for about six months, so if you need any advice, just let me know. Cheers Monica"

Doris Chan

"Dear Lucien, I am honour to be in your network. Congratulations to your wedding! And enjoy living in Switzerland. (I lived in Switzerland for 6 months in 2001.) Doris"

Faroult Ludovic

"Dear Lucien, I very glad to count you too in my contacts... I'm very impressive about your activities. Stay in contacts. Ludovic."

Sonja Laekeman

"Hi Lucien Thank you for adding me as a contact. You have a very interesting profile. My dad was born in Belgium. He and his family moved to Canada when he was a small child. To your continued success. Congratulations on your upcoming marriage. Health and Happiness to you and your family. Take Care Sonja"

Chinello Ifebigh

"Lucien, Is the man to have on your team. Definately! "

Simon Pearce

"Hi I am pleased to be part of your network and hope that it leads to greater things in the future! Simon"

Andrea Prince :-)

"Hi Lucien, Thanks and appreciate the contact Warm wishes Andrea :)"

Errol van Engelen

"Lucien, It's an honour for me to be part of your Ecademy network. Hope at same point in time we will find synergetic business to take care of. On the personal side, wish you happiness with your Russian Lady. All the best, Errol "

Shawn Howard

"Lucien, Thank you for your kindness to me in accepting me request. I look forward to connecting with you soon. "

Monica Do Coutto Monni

"Every time I login at Ecademy, there is friendly Lucien's pic greeting us with a beer and an unforgettable smile! Lucien, the networking wizard! Welcome to my friendship as well, Lucien, and I mean it! Best, Monica"

Eva Maria

"An honour to be connected, Lucien! Thank you for your lovely words...I wish you all the very very best, and always know I'm here if you ever need anything! Keep smiling! Eva-Maria"

Sanja A

" (`'•.¸(`'•.¸ ¸.•')¸.•') •( ** Thank you ** )• (¸.•'´(¸.•'´`'•.¸)`'•.¸) _./'._ ¸¸.•¤**¤•.¸.•¤**¤•…... _./'._ *•. .•* Welcome to my World!*•. .•* /.•*•. ¸..•¤**¤•., .•¤**¤•.*.*/.•*•. "

Vera Miller

"Hartelijk bedankt voor jouw uitnodiging. Mijn Nederlands is een beetje roestig, omdat ik het niet dagelijks meer gebruik. Volgende maand is het alweer 17 jaar, since ik Nederland vaarwel hebt gewenst. It's my pleasure to be a part of your network, and I wish you all the best for 2009! Hope this year will be the BEST! Sincerely, Vera Miller"

Debra Sharp

"Dear Lucien, Thank you for the kind testimonial. You, also, are an important friend and contact to me. I am impressed with your profile. Mine is so small compared to your's, but I am truly passionate about my work. Thank you for including me in your network. All The Best, Debbie"

anna theresa montoya

"Hi Lucien, Very much appreciated to be a part of your network. My pleausre to have you in my friend's list. Hope to do business with you someday. Anna"

Barbara Gabogrecan

"Thank you Lucien for helping me navigate my way around ecademy. I am very grateful for your assistance. Kind regards Barbara"

Eileen Paat

"Hi Lucien! Great work and hope you have a most prosperous business. Eileen"

A Andrea Turcsanyi HELPS!

"Dear Lucien, Let me tell you my honest congratulation to yr job here on Ecademy and really appreciate! I rated you good! I'm proud of being in yr network! I'll try to do my best to be good enough here like you! Welcome to Budapest! Don't forget to ask for my help, and that you have a friend in Budapest! Come as a VIP, simple or dental tourist as you like it. I wish you good health and very prosperous andhapppppppppppppppy year! Best regards, Andrea Turcsányi "

Yvonne van Dyck

"Dear Lucien, THANKYOO for adding me to your contacts. This personal VIDyoo is my Thankyoo to you! Just click here ALL THE BEST Yvonne Thankyoo Initiative for a successful and fulfilled life"

Ekaterina Chizhova

"Luc, You are the most wonder man I ever met in my life. You are surprise me every day. Every day with the GREATEST things:) The attitude you show me - something outstanding!!!! I never thought it could be:))) Sun is shining with different way and stars bright with another light because you can do it!:))) YOU ARE GREAT!!!!!!!"

Janet Moore

"Hi Lucien, Lovely profile, it's a pleasure to be in your network. Janet"

Aleksandra Mleczak

"Lucien, It is my pleasure to have you in my network. I like your profile and I am impressed by your buisness activity. I wish all the best in connection to your marraige! A lot of happy years for both of you! Aleksandra"

Dewi van B.

"Thank you for adding me to your network! I like to meet all these inspiring people here. Dewi "

Jayna Locke

"Best wishes, and happy networking, Lucien. I'm glad to be connected with you. You have a good heart! --Jayna"

Peter James

"Thanks for connecting Lucien. I was just down on Virgin Gorda last year and do like the old town area of Road Town. I find your areas of investment very interesting and maybe one day in the future will learn more about them. I had never thought of urea as a commodity! Enjoy your wine, enjoy your new wife and enjoy your life. Do let me know if I can ever be of assistance."

Vera Adamenko

"Lucien is a kind person. It's a pleasure to be connected with him!"

Mark Kitchener

"Hello Lucien! Thankyou for your wonderful testimonial and I consider it a great pleasure to have you in my network! I have a 5* resort for you here in Australia and I also have some dealings that may require your help for LOCs etc. Have a look at my websites and drop me an email. Kind Regards Mark Kitchener Developments Plus (Aust) Pty Ltd email:"

Tina Tina

"Hi Lucien Thank you for connecting and being so kind. I am touched by people like you who are sincere--- Best wishes Tina Tian"


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