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Helping public and private organisations deliver "More for Less" using a refreshing approach based on Strategic Thinking, Lean and Change Management concepts. For more information call +44 (0) 870 446 1002, visit or email Thanks for visiting I would like to welcome you to my profile and I welcome approaches from people who already have established relationships in healthcare, manufacturing or local government and are looking to partner with Amnis for mutual benefit. About Amnis (from our homepage at Change is one of the few constants in today's economy. For organisations to retain competitive edge and operate efficiently and effectively in the face of such change, transformation is essential. Amnis specialises in helping organisations to successfully navigate through complex transformation programmes. We help commercial and public sector organisations identify and implement the changes necessary for success. Practical, pragmatic and hands-on in our approach to implementation and training assignments, we have an enviable track record. We have worked with a wide variety of household names, including the National Health Service, Ministry of Defence and ASDA. Our clients' enthusiasm for the value we deliver is illustrated by the fact that over 85% of our new business comes to us by referral. About me I suppose because of the work we do with complex systems and teams, I am fascinated by complex topics such as Paleoanthropology (the evolution of human beings), Astronomy (the lifecycle of stars, planets and galaxies), Cosmology (the history and mathematics of the universe) and Psychology (what makes individuals individual). I am proud to be a Chartered Engineer having started my working career in the defence industry as a engineer designing missile seekers (the intelligent bit of missiles). Subsequently I held a number of senior positions in blue chip manufacturing companies. Latterly I was director of consultancy for a trade body and ran major publicly programmes funded by the DTi (now BIS) and DfES (now DIUS) as well as for a range of Regional Development Agencies. My work in transforming manufacturing companies led to me being awarded the Viscount Nuffield Medal in 2004 for my contribution to UK Industry. In terms of my professional qualifications, well I'm a Fellow of the IET and the IOM and have a BSc, MSc and MBA. During my MSc I specialised in Concurrent Design & Engineering and during my MBA I specialised in Creativity & Innovation as well as Finance & Marketing. About the growth of Amnis Since 2005 Amnis has grown from a small group of enthusiasts into a medium sized service provider working within healthcare, manufacturing, distribution and local government to help them improve performance and significantly reduce costs, and our success has fuelled a 70% growth in our business year on year. 9 Things about me you may be interested to know * I was heavily involved in establishing the DTI's Flagship Programme for supporting manufacturing improvement and was awarded the Viscount Nuffield Medal for the resulting improvements within UK Industry. * After some fifteen years leading transformational change programmes in manufacturing I spent almost a year working with the RAF helping improve operations, costs and effectiveness of Chinooks and Tornados and have now spent almost six years working with healthcare and local government organisations. * I am a Fellow of the IET (Institute for Engineering & Technology) and was Chair of their Manufacturing Professional Network from 2006 to 2009 and was on their manufacturing executive, as well as the equivalent body for the Institute of Mechanical Engineers. * I led many major publicly funded programmes including flagship national and regional support programmes for various Regional Development Agencies and Government Departments. * I have had over 50 articles published in a mix of professional journals have made numerous appearances on local and national radio and TV, including BBC News 24 and BBC Radio 4 discussing Lean, organisational culture and productivity. * I was once on the TV Game Show '15 to 1' and was the first person knocked out after my first question was 'What do you call the mating ground of a Penguin?' and I answered 'An ice-berg' and was then laughing so much that I misheard the second question. * I am currently studying towards a degree in Astronomy as a hobby.......although sometimes I wish I wasn't given how busy I am with my day job...... To find out more either send me a message on Ecademy or visit our website ( You can also get some feel for the type of work we do by downloading some of our articles and guides. * Rising to the Challenge - A guide to introducing QIPP in the new NHS. * Optimisation & Transformation for the Public Good - an article on Lean in the Public Sector. Visit our library for even more downloads.



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Dorothy Hastings

"I have gone across your profile and find it very interesting and couldn't stop myself for saying "Hello". Hope, we will have great networking and updates."

Patrick Moore

"I recently found myself needing to learn a lot about the workings of the British National Health Service in a short period of time. A quick search on Ecademy led me to Mark's profile, I sent a private message asking for his help, and inside 24 hours we were on the phone to one another.... ....and I was being treated to an enormously valuable and highly relevant grounding, not only on how things work now but also on the main drivers of change in the NHS over the next few years. In a nutshell, I'm enormously grateful to Mark for both his knowledge and his generosity in sharing it, and enormously glad that he was the person I spoke to. Thanks Mark :-) "

Muhammad Siddique

"Glad to be connected and that you are part of my circle of friends. You are a valuable part of my network, and thank you for being part of ecademy. Sincerely, Siddique Writer at "

Yogesh Huja Entrepreneur

"I met Mark in New Delhi last year ....i presume Hyatt .....His great sense of humor & jolly nature connects me often to his profile....his profile pic states correctly what mark is..... I am happy to have friend like him Rgds Yogesh Huja"

Neil Urquhart

"One of the good guys, Mark's modest demeanour conceals a man with incredible knowledge and long experience of process and service improvement for organisations combined with a ready wit and a strong desire to help others - the perfect consultant and expert in my book. Mark was in the Territorial Army for quite a few years and he's the kind of bloke you'd want in a foxhole with you: steadfast, dependable and good-humoured even in a difficult situation - he does what he says when he says he's going to do it. All good news as we are working together now and if my experience of him so far is anything to go by then it's going to be a very enriching and enjoyable journey."

Rosie Hatton

"We've just delivered a new website for Mark Eaton and he's been a great client... But what makes a great client from my point of view...? Someone who sits back and doesn't ask questions...? Not at all: Hatton Marketing likes people who ask us tough questions; it keeps us on our toes. Someone who has unlimited budgets...? Not necessarily: while it's important to have realistic budgets, tight budgets can focus one's energy on what REALLY counts and can deliver for them against their bottom line. A client who very much knows what they want, and once this is clear and agreed, just lets you get on with delivering it...? Our very favourite type of client! If your idea of a great client is the same as ours, you'll love working with Mark. "

Steven Bonacorsi

"Thanks for the connection. I have given you a Good rating. Let me know if you need any Lean Six Sigma or Supply Chain consulting. Steve"

John F Galvin

"Having worked for Mark on a couple of projects over the last year, I am delighted to give him this much deserved testimonial. Mark is a complete professional to work for and one of the easiest people I have ever met to do business with, he knows what he wants and how to get this across to the people he works with effortlessly. You genuinely will not find a fairer, more honest or more professional person to deal with."

Saravjit Singh

"Mark is an avid networker. He selflessly comes forward to help everone. Ecademy is really fortunate to have a personality like him to assist those who need his guidance. I have learnt a great deal from him in a very short time."

Dr. Bob Simpson

"Have had chance to review your websites....and indeed some very worthwhile work going on in your organization...keep up the good work... in wellness Doc Bob"

Mark Lee

"At long last Mark and I had an extended 1-2-1 recently. We'd spoken on the phone before and contributed to the same club forums but shared no face time over the last 2 years. Well I liked Mark anyway. Having met him now I got an even better understanding of the man and his business acumen, his sense of humour, as well as the expertise and passion that drives him. I don't trust everyone I meet but Mark tells it how it is and evidently is a man of great integrity."

Penny Power

"Mark is a great guy, read his profile and it states "Helping organisations to implement sustainable, safe and responsible service improvement in Healthcare, Manufacturing and the Public Sector" I have just expereinced some great advice from Mark, this is an inspired insight into leadership. I work on the basis that the best and most memorable people in the world are like Marmite. Some will love them and some will hate them. In a public role where you want to generate discussion and attract people what would you rather have; someone who blends into the background and is coloured magnolia or someone who 50% of the world adore and 50% loath? Well, if 50% of the world joined Ecademy then I suggest you would be happy. Look at the CBI, when Digby Jones was in charge they were on the news every day, but lots of people hated him as well, now they are led by errr....whatsisname... and they have all but disappeared as an organisation with a voice. Their leader is no longer Marmite and they have disappeared. So, to the leaders of groups everywhere (from Chambers of Commerce to Religious Groups) I say 'Be proud to be Marmite' and remember that most of the Western World hated Gandhi when he was alive but look what he was able to achieve! I can imagine how brilliant Mark is at what he does. Thank you Mark"

Ashok Gupta

"I had the opportunity of meeting Mark in New Delhi during his visit in November 2007. Since then, I have become a better and more active networker. He has since then been of immense help to me, to improve my networking and utilise the network effectively. He is a life saver. What wonderful and detailed advice. Great company. Wish him all the best. "

Thomas Power

"Mark is intelligent and cheeky, cunning and resourceful. He knows his game, he knows his industry, he knows how to charm and he knows we all know. He is a consumate connector who seeks the match and makes it happen. Recommended for his insight and observation. "

Mehul Patel

"It was absolute pleasure mtng Mark, I am happy we met and I am glad Mark could experience the bright and glamour side of Bombay, India on his first trip. "

Robert WoW De Souza

"I have not met Mark as yet and hope to meet him soon. As many of my good friends have confirmed he is a Giver who walks his talk. He is passionate about making a difference to peoples lives with his many gifts, talent and connections. I am glad to be part of his network. I look forward to learning and sharing more with him. I wish Mark every success as he deserves this...."

Julie French

"I have heard it said that real courage is knowing where your comfort zones are and being willing to challenge them Mark Eaton is one of the most courageous people I know! He is also thoroughly likeable, great company and a treat to be with. Julie French Academy of High Achievers"

Derek Watkins

"I have only known Mark for a matter of weeks and I feel that I have a life time friend. He is one of those genuine people who you automatically trust and enjoying being around. Mark is a font of knowledge across wide ranging and diverse subjects which makes him a very interesting guy. Having spent 2 weeks with him in Peru in some very challenging conditions I can say with conviction that he has a great sense of humour, is unbelievably supportive and is a very determined individual. In other words he is a top banana."

Annelies Hamerlinck

"I really enjoyed meeting Marc in Peru. Although we didn't had much time, he really left a very positive impression to me. He makes you feel at ease in no time and he has this great sence of humour around him. I would recommend everybody to get know Mark and connect with him. Great guy! "

Tony Burgess

"What a thoroughly nice bloke!!!! Mark is someone I really like being around. I have been trekking with Mark in Peru and I very much enjoyed his company. He is very easy to get on with He has shown inspiring determination I was very impressed with his knowledge of a wide range of fascinating subjects Someone I can trust It feels like I have known Mark for a lot longer than I have - he makes people feel very comfortable and at ease quickly. Do connect with Mark and enjoy getting to know a great man! Tony Burgess Director Academy of High Achievers Ltd"

Andy Fairweather

"Mark is one of the finest gentleman one could meet half way up a mountain. The reference relates to the Peru Trek we both attended, where Marks diligence and inner conviction showed true greatness. His conversations are intellectually stimulating whilst his wit alone is sharp enough to break glass ;) Its a pleasure to know you Andy"

Glenn Watkins

"Having spent two weeks with Mark on a challenging trek in Peru I'm glad to have spent the time with him and can say he meets his challenges with determination whilst keeping his sense of humour and an eye out for the rest of the team, a great guy who delivers. Glenn Watkins Chief Executive Ecademy"

Davinder S Virdi

"I have known Mark since the beginging of this year and without hesitation I concluded that he is a man of intense integrity and ability to build long lasting and genuine relationships. Indeed, he has made time and gone out of his way to ensure that he keeps me in the 'loop' and enable me to build up my own network! Mark has a huge intellectual capacity and his business knowledge and contribution to both his own sector and clients no doubt benefits them greatly. Despite his many enviable qualities Mark has a very 'down to earth' approach and style which make all those around him feel at easy and respected. I hope I continue to benefit and learn form Mark's wisdom and more importantly build my own personal friendship with him. Mark has an unselfish approach where he genuinely puts out a helping hand - Not many like him around!!! "

David "stretch" Hyner

"Mark has proven to be a determined, driven and quality professional. A man of huge integrity with a big heart, yet able to make difficult decisions that "make a difference". He is passionate about his work, and I have learnt so much from being in his company. I value his opinion, and call him a valuable friend. You can trust Mark ! Great sense of humour, and a man to have in your corner. "

Suzanne Cauchi

"I've put off writing a testimonial for Mark for such a long time because I didn't want to write something that wouldn't do him justice. He's dependable, generous and hardworking but with a wicked sense of humour. His knowledge and experience far outweighs his years and he's a passionate and stimulating presenter. Mark is a selfless networker and I'm very glad and privileged to have connected with him. "

Richard White

"Mark is a true gentleman and a very nice person to be around. I have had the pleasure of joining him on a couple of walks and never tire of his company or conversation"

John Cave

"I've just realised how outdated my testimonial for Mark is.... Over the last 12 months it has been a great pleasure to get to know Mark quite well. My initial perception of his "his experience, ability, integrity and giving nature" was completely wrong..... I completely underestimated it! Mark truly is an industry leader in Manufacturing with a network of advocates in very high places. The amount of times I have 'name dropped' Mark when speaking to people within the Department of Trade and Industry, the IET, the IOM and other manufacturing circles, the response has always been one of respect and warmth (depsite Mark insisting that not everyone loves him.....!) I have seen Mark present a number of times, and he is definately one of the best presenters and facilitators I have come across. He has a natural style and can engage with his audience effortlessly. His work with the NHS is also held in very high regard and has saved many lives by improving the processes and throughput in Hospitals and trusts. In short, Mark is at the top of his game in multiple fields, and is still very down to earth and good company!"

Fay Olinsky

"Thanks mark for being a very supportive person. Fay"

Warren Cass

"Mark is one of those people with great self awareness, a wicked sense of humour and serious business man with a proven track record despite his modesty. A must connect person!"

Ian Bonny

"Mark is without question one of the good guys on Ecademy. Generous to a fault, convivial host and always ready with a one-liner or excellent story. A network that is as broad as it is deep, Mark is always willing to make introductions and help people get along together. An expert in his field, Mark will always listen to what others have to say, before invariably getting to the heart of a problem. All in all, a person I am delighted to know and share a beer with. A top bloke!"

Rob Hook

"I met Mark at a Black Star do and bonded immediately. He is an expert but has the humility to acknowledge the need to constantly update his skills and knowledge. His ability to discern the core of an issue is what singles him out as having an insightful, clever and concise mind. He is an expert in the application of lean methodologies and how they can save lives! On top of all that he is a genuinely nice guy who understands the value of the network and will do all he can to help those that he can."

David (Davo) Ruthven-Stuart

"I met Mark earlier this year doing an NLP Practioner course with ABL World. Mark impressed me from the off, providing humour, considered question and feedback, support and clarity during a time of personal growth. A thoroughly decent and clealy gifted gentleman. If there were more chaps out there like Mark, UK plc would be in even better shape. Keep up the hiking Mark, you know you love it. "

Mark Lee

"Mark is a really great guy to know. As well as being warm, entertaining and good company he willingly shares of his contacts and ideas. He sought my advice a little while back and I know he has been looking for a way to reciprocate ever since. When he realised on Friday that one of his close friends might be a useful contact for me he immediatley called them and then sent a follow up email to introduce me. Thanks Mark. "

David Walters

"Mark provided me with concise, accurate advice just when I needed it. Thanks."

William Buist

"Mark reaches out to many people and has a heart the size of the planet. He has demonstrated enormous care and consideration for others as his testimonials show. It is an absolute pleasure to know him"

Ian Plumbley

"Great bloke, huge character in strength and depth, if you don't know him more fool you, he is the gentle giant, with a heart bigger than your head... Take care my friend, you are what life is all about..."

Andy "A&P" Szebeni

"Mark is an eloquent and incredibly well connected man. He never fails to impress and is a good listener. sales training | telemarketing"

Emma James

"I'm echoing Simon's testimonial here. I posted a marketplace ad asking if anyone knew where I could get an affordable copy of Microsoft Office and within minutes Mark responded offering me a copy. Sincere thanks for getting me out of a hole Mark and thanks too for the friendly mails which resulted from the link, arranging the despatch. Mark is an A1 networker. Proactive, approachable, generous with his time (and his resources) and a thoroughly lovely bloke."

Simon Phillips

"Mark is an outstanding individual in all respects. He is a generous networker, an unflagging organiser, a hard-working colleague and above all, an incredibly nice man. Apart from that, I don't want to talk about him and I wouldn't want to recommend him to anyone else in case they start taking up his time and then where would I be? Seriously, Mark is one of the most prized members of my network and I recommend him to everyone. Cheers, Simes"

Dave Trevena

"It has been a great privilege to 'talk business' with Mark this evening. His understanding of what's relevant and his generosity and experience make it a memorahle experience. Looking forward to meeting face to face."

John Cave

"I am very happy to have connected with Mark. He has impressed me with his experience, ability, integrity and giving nature. Someone who really has 'been there and done that.' A rare find! His advice is first class, and he has helped me and my business partners in the formulation of an exciting opportunity. I look forward to knowing Mark for a long time to come......."

John Field

"Mark is a delight to work with. Straight-talking and clearly driven by strong values. I would recommend him without hesitation."

John F Galvin

"Mark is an intelligent & genuine guy who I look forward to knowing for a long time."

Judith Germain

"Mark is an amazing man! He found out that my business is about Developing Leaders and I was conducting research in this area. So ... he generously provided me with lots of information entirely unprompted. (He just sent them through via email and we had never met or communicated before!) Well, I had the pleasure of meeting Mark yesterday. He was entirely engaging, knowledgeable and enjoyable company. I look forward to spending more time with him. I agree with Andy - Mark is a proactive networker and a pleasure to know."

Andy Fairweather

"I have had the privelage to meet Mark twice in one week. He is a very proactive networker and a pleasure to know. I would recommend him to anyone whole-heartedly since he is some one who can take the time to find out about you and your business in equal measure. He has given me the opportunity to connect with people in his network outside of ecademy and all that I can say is thank you for your trust. Connect with him, the man is worth it!"

Malcolm Tullett

"Mark goes out of his way to understand other peoples values and motivations and I don't think it took him very long to understand mine. He is honest and trustworthy and likes to build relationships, based on mutual respect. He thrives on being associated with and developing other people's success."

Marie "Photoshop" Bowdler

"One of the rewards of networking is the opportunity given to us to meet people we may otherwise not. I am very thankful to have met Mark through one such event and, on many others since, to have attained a sharper insight into his personality. Classically, through networking, one is able, after many meetings, to access, by means of discussion, observation, and the responses of others, the true character - the real person. I feel qualified, from many such dealings with Mark, to give an overwhelmingly positive account of him. I believe him to be a genuinely caring person, always showing an interest in others, generous with advice and offers of assistance and very knowledgeable within his field of business. He is the true entrepreneur, not the type with failings, but an example of the highly successful type, who considered every implication before setting up his consultancy, and has the professional skills to promote, plan, organise, implement and evaluate, whilst being able to give special attention to each and every client. If I were ever in the position to choose a work colleague from the many businesspeople I have met through networking, Mark would certainly be at the top of the list. "

Fiona Lander

"Thanks for the welcome"

Eamonn Collins

"Welcomed me on the site within hours of joining. When I replied and told him my area of work he responded with offers of contacts in the same business and geographic area. Top man."

Simon Berkley

"Within 5 mins of posting a request Mark was there and has posted more suggestions over the past hour. The guy's a hero Simon"

Srikanth SESH

"Experienced, enterprising & willing to share thots freely. Been interacting with him for quite sometime to explore cross-border synergies,have been extremely forthcoming in helping me in identifying partners, in a true spirit of networking. A great asset to be in your network. All the best Mark..."

Kelly Webb

"A nice guy. Took the time to say hello when I joined. "

Jen Govey

"Friendly and helpful to ecademy newbies. A giver, so if you can help him in his goals, please do :)"


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