Mark Keatley-Palmer

Mark Keatley-Palmer


LIFE OUTSIDE WORK I have been with Jane since 1991, we have 2 kids - Jessica & Monty - and live in a beautiful oasis on the Kent / Sussex border in the South of England. Jane and I spent 18 months travelling in SE Asia & Oz before returning to the UK to start our design & marketing business. LIFE INSIDE WORK I spent over 15 years in various top London Advertising Agencies, Sales Promotion & Design Consultancies before founding my own design consultancy - Sycamore Design & Marketing Ltd, and full service agency - Home Run Ltd! Sycamore Design & Marketing have a broad expertise, from Corporate Identities - Report & Accounts, Brochures - Direct Mail, Magazine Design & Production - Exhibition Stands and can provide quality design and marketing solutions for one man bands to plc's. Please give me a call - I will be happy to discuss how we can find mutually beneficial foundations upon which to build a solid relationship. Remember - We help clients make a first impression that demands a second look. Can you help...? We are looking for: Event Organisers who need cohesive Exhibitor & Visitor campaigns to fill exhibition centres. With over 100 exhibitions to our name we truly understand how to market successful events Magazine Publishers in the business 2 business sector who need a title redesigned or a new title styled - we will also undertake the production on monthly magazines & newsletters Corporate Clients who's branding is tired or who need help with their marketing material LIFE INSIDE BNI I joined BNI in 1997 having been invited by Robert French to help found the Tonbridge Chapter. If anyone would like to visit the Tonbridge Chapter of the most successful word of mouth networking organisation in the world, please get in touch. BNI changed the way I do business, and has returned over £1.4 million so far! My BNI experience so far includes: Mentor Coordinator (current role) Education Coordinator Membership Coordinator Chapter Director (3 times) BNI Ambassador Mentor to a BNI Assistant Director Mentor to a BNI Area Director Conducted the inaugural BNI meeting in Spain Assistant Director with BNI for 3 years (resigned)

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  • Be quick paced
  • Be positive
  • Be open
  • Be generous with your praise
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Thomas Power

"Unusual, interesting, thoughtful, kind, sensitive. One of the good guys. An explorer, an enquirer, a ponderer. A man of many thoughts, ideas and solutions. One to watch, one to observe, one to meet again and listen properly."

Rachael Sturley

"Mark is a great example of the philosophy of BNI and Givers Gain. I posted a message on the forum today requesting good education slot ideas as I've recently become Education Coordinator for my BNI chapter. Within an hour Mark had phoned to introduce himself and offer his assistance. Thanks Mark and I hope I can return the favour in the future. Rachael"

Christopher Digby

"Mr KP has been a figure of inspiration through BNI and business in general for me. If I dont say it enough, thanks Mark. Hope you and famileee are well. Diggers"

James Knight

"Hi Mark Having founded your company over 15 years ago speaks volumes about you and your abilities. You have a beautiful website that showcases your design capabilities and I can see why you have such a great client list. This is the standard that all companies should strive to attain.Well done! I will recommend you and your company to anyone wishing to have a competitive edge in marketing their brand. And in addition you are a fantastic example of a self actualizing High Yellow! Congratulations! James"

Victor Marques

"Thanks dear Mark for being a giver and i just wish great abundance for you and the ones that you love...The care and the instant confidence will lead you to everything that you dream about.. I Raise to you my full glass of wine.. Douro Valley is waiting for you.. Big hug from Douro Valley. Victor Marques"

Penny Power

"I have grown to really like, respect and love having Mark in our Ecademy family. Mark is a special man, incredibly honest, wonderfully enthusiastic and a real supporter of people and their hard work and determination to make their lives better. You are a great man Mark and I am looking forward to spending more time with you."

Bob Nicoll

"Mark and I have been around BNI for several years. Although we have recently met here on Ecademy, I feel as if I have known him for a long time. He understands the Givers Gain philosophy and is one to have in your network. I look forward to working with him in the near future as I expand my Remember the Ice business. Best of success Mark!! Bob"

Claude Bonte

"I've known Mark for over 5 years. He's a fine professional in every sense of the word as a graphic designer and marketer, his work is at a very high standard. He's also a rare kind helpful person who has a sincere interest in helping people ! "

Mustapha Amnay Bouga

"Nomen est Omen...Mark is a strong brain...A strong heart...Thinks in deep space...An amaZing win. Connect. Now! Kindest regards, MuZ+afa "

Lynne Misiewicz

"Mark is smart and passionate in the world of graphics and design, helpful, fun and fiercly social too! We met through BNI where his excellent track record in networking is well known. He is generous in sharing his experience in business and his design team would support you at ever angle."

Robert French

"Mark is a fantastic guy, very caring ,great fun, and a doting father. I am lucky to have him as a friend."

evelyn ang

"Mark is an incredibly creative and generous. Talk to him and you will realise that he is truly passionate with his work and that drives him and his team to churn out amazing work...see his portfolio and you will be convinced!"

Julie Quick

"I met Mark for the first time at the BNI KL08 Convention & have to say that he is a great, caring and very helpful man."

Mark Jenner

"I Have known and worked with Mark for many years now, we met through BNI almost 10 years ago, Mark is very professional at what he does. A very high level of attention to detail is taken in all the work he produces and like us at he will make sure the sometimes nutty deadlines we are given are kept to. It is always a relief to know that when we are working for one of our clients that the graphics team they are using is mark and his team. We do share some clients, its nice to know they have got the best graphics company and video production company working for them. Mark Jenner, managing director and "

Emma Duggan

"I have worked with Mark for nearly 2 years now and have to say that it has always been fun. He is an excellent communicator and he gets on with people. He makes things happen. He makes it clear what he wants and how he wants it & that's incredibly important in design. I like the team at Sycamore Design. They know what they are doing & they have great energy. They all give back freely to their communities too and I like hearing about all of their latest exploits. When I talked to Mark about my business and it's identity I realised quickly that he is not only creative but incredibly intuitive. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him to anyone thinking of re-branding. Do call him."

Daniel Garlick

"Mark is a great guy ! Knows his way around KL and from all accounts is very good at what he does. I will definitely get to know him better. Regards Dan Garlick"

Andrew Morgan

"Mark is an excellent networker as well as a thoroughly helpful and decent man. He shares his experience willingly as I found out last week at the BNI conference in Kuala Lumpur. His previous experience of such an event as well as that of SE Asia helped me make the most of my time there. His company was both invaluable from a business point of view and an absolute pleasure from a social aspect. Mark is a highly recommended individual."


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