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mark wing

Brand Strategy Consultant, Interrelated


Interrelated is an umbrella brand under which a global network of experts come together, alongside client organisations, to co-engineer better brand experiences.

We can help you;

  • Wrap your offer in a story,
  • Make the story tangible,
  • Make the story personal,
  • Make the story believable

B2B, B2C and B2E - brand strategy and marketing.



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Marc 'InfusionSoft' Summers

"I met Mark at a Black Star meeting last year and am always interested in what he has to say. Mark attended my recent SEO Seminar and it was great to catch up with him."

Richard White

"Mark has just finished a rebranding exercise for The Accidental Salesman® and I am very pleased with the results. He did a very thorough piece of analysis investigating what the brand is all about which was not very clear based on the feedback of my ideal clients. Many were saying that the previous branding did me justice. Mark pinpointed the core message and the story that needs to be told. He then went to convert that work into the visual elements of the brand. This went far deeper than a pretty logo. When we finally agreed the image it managed to encapsulate everything when combined with the imagery. Mark and his team are real branding professionals and although I could not really afford the money I realised that, given my ambitions for the brand, I could not afford to get it wrong. I am happy to recommend Mark and his team. Best wishes Richard White Founder, The Accidental Salesman®"

Richard White

"Mark Wing is a superb brand strategist - I am looking forward to working with him shortly to help take the Accidental Salesman® brand to the next level. "

Chris Mitchell

"Mark has demonstrated expert knowledge of branding on numerous occassions and is very generous with his time. As well as connecting with him, his Ecademy Club the Brand Network is also well worth joining! It certainly helped resolve an issue with my new company's branding!"

Irina Kirakosyan

"Mark i see you are really professional and good person;) I am glad to be in touch with you. Irena Kirakosyan (working in printing )"

Jackie Walker

"Having now met Mark I'm truly glad to have such a warm, straight talking guy in my network. With a quick wit and repartee, he demonstrates sound understanding and doesn't miss a beat. To get in his good books, leave him some cake ;)"

Penny Power

"I am very impressed by mark's leadership and generosity of sharing within his Brand Network. I have heard great things i the network about Mark and will be featuring him in my forthcoming book as a case study for creating a following around a passion and service. Brilliant Mark."

Bay Jordan

"Mark and I have recently been working together at Winning Teams and I have been very impressed with his contribution. He is quick to contribute, and has a forward looking, clear thought, supported by some well-tried practical tools that move things forward very quickly indeed. I feel privileged to have met him and look forward to working with him more. "

Neil "video podcast" Fairbrother

"Thanks Mark for giving up one of your evenings to work with my Young Enterprise team - it was a thought provoking session which helped them clarify their company's aims and objectives. Cheers Neil"

Don Cooke

"I had the pleasure of attending one of Mark's 'Brand Network' meetings last week. It proved both enlightening and challenging - a great combination. Mark had taken the time to work up a great format - involve the right people and provide a good venue and presenter for the evening. Not only does he know a great deal about Brand Development - he himself is a strong brand and uses this fact with skill."

Andy Lopata

"Mark is clearly an expert in branding. He expains brilliantly the different stages of the process of developing a brand and how to develop the brand story, brand model and brand promise. Passionate about branding, Mark's expertise is worth bringing in for anyone looking to take a business to the next level. "

Patricia Murray Cox

"I spent a couple of hours with Mark yesterday which was a great pleasure. He took a great deal of time and trouble to understand the vision of Mathews Whole Person Medicine and its unique contributory factors promoting health,success and well-being. He has quickly identified a possible corporate strategy including future stake-holders and corporate development. He is a very kind and generous man with an incredible depth of knowledge and experience. We look forward to working with him in the very near future. Thank you Mark - I highly recommend you as an excellent contact."

Joel Magin

"Having worked with Mark on a CMS solution for a client I can highly recommend him as a very knowledgeable on both branding and marketing. I know he does a complete and thorough investigation and analysis of a business before offering his thoughts and advice. If you ever have the need to discuss thought processes around strategic brand positioning Mark definately a man to whom you should speak. He is a great guy to be in contact with and an invaluable help and asset to anyone that associates with him. "

Rosie Hatton

"I needed some help in getting my head around a client branding issue and I knew exactly who to turn to for an expert opinion... Mark generously gave me an hour of his time and by the end of our session I was in no doubt that I would recommend him to anyone who needs branding services or advice. He really knows his stuff. Thanks Mark."

Bharat R A

"Mark is a great networker with passion and an excellent vision. Must get connected to him - highly recommended. Bharat"

Jan Rakowicz

"Quite clearly an expert in brand strategy. In helping my client's business prepare for a quantum investment push, Mark interviewed clients and staff, ran a couple of workshops with management and prepared a brand identity. The result was fair and concise, and gave direction to developing a brand strategy. He was very efficient with his questions, very insightful, and above all, an exceeding friendly person to deal with. During the process he somehow managed to defuse internal disagreements and moods most tactfully - I've not idea how he did this, but it worked. I would recommend Mark to anyone who has not formulated a brand strategy - because, as you'll quickly learn, in fact all of us and our businesses need one. And another big plus of Mark's, it's a real pleasure to have dealings with him. "

Dr. Allan C Phang

"Mark is highly knowledgeable and focussed. I am deeply impressed with his work ethics, proficiency, and efficiency. I highly recommend him for any Brand and Brand Management projects ... even "personal" branding, haha. Mark will certainly be an invaluable help and asset to anyone that associates with him"

Russell Dickens

"When Mark talks about brands, it is worth listening! In addition to a very impressive background and impeccable credentials, Mark is a fully paid up member of the human race - warm, interesting and worth his quota of oxygen in every way. A man well worth connecting with, meeting with and adding to your online and offline networks!"

Richard Gregory

"I thank and congratulate Mark for having the good sense and the creative endeavour to revitalise a club whose time has come. The Brand Network is one of our more stimulating forums and it's making a valuable contribution to business thinking on Ecademy."

Penny Power

"My second testimonial about Mark as I saw him again yesterday and just love talking about branding with him, Mark is a total expert, amazing skills, amazing listening, amazing heart and above all, he has a client base that reflects all of that... so he can truely put his money where his mouth is, Mark is a number one guy."

David Thatcher

"Mark made an unsolicited offer to help me work through a difficult new business launch issue and, allocated quality time for me. Prior to a detailed telephone conversation, he took the time to go through my briefing details, ensuring he was correctly primed for our discussion. This intial preparation together with a careful "walk-through" issues of concern enabled him to offer me some badly needed practical solutions and ideas to develop further. And, this had a positive impact on our business launch dead-lines. He brings excellent creativity underpinned with strong business understanding and a genuine feeling to help people. A top drawer player who sadly is in a minority group nowadays. "

Rhona (B2B PRGuru) Jack

"Mark is genuine and grounded, calm and collected. Professional credentials tick all the right boxes and give you confidence. He's experienced in putting together teams to take on large projects. But it's the personal side - It has been a pleasure to collaborate with Mark and put simply, he brightens your day. ;-)"

Bryan Zetlen

"As a recently inducted member of eCademy at the invitation and sponsorship of friend and colleague Mark Posen in the UK, I've had the very good fortune to be advised and guided by Mark Wing, also UK based. Mark has been generously supportive in making connections in my areas of professional competence, and also most helpful in assisting in navigating the eCademy system with regard to other members, and in application for positions. Having worked for 30 years in technology & program management in aerospace, academia, energy and telecom systems, my introduction(s) and welcome to ecademy by Mark are an extraordinary endorsement to eCademy and to Mark. As a new professional colleague and friend, I want to commend Mark on his professional conduct, gracious guidance, and willingness to extend his exceptional wisdom and competence. I will add that Mark gave of his family holiday time this year to assist me in meeting an application deadline; I would welcome him in our organization on the strength of his character alone. with regard to all at eCademy and best wishes and hopes for the new year, Bryan Zetlen"

Airships & Zeppelins Ute Christopher

"I was immediately struck by the way Mark integrates his name into his company name and logo. What an ingenious way to demonstrate brand recall at first contact... I've also visited Mark's website and recommend to spend some time there - it is highly informative and inspirational. Looking forward to a great connection, Ute"

Aadil Butt #3

"Mark Wing has offered me great advice from day one of having joined Ecademy. He responded to and introduced me to an invaluable contact within 5hrs of getting in touch with him. Thank you for the support and advise, long may it continue, and I look forward to returning the compliment as soon as I am able. Kindest regards Aadil"

Stuart Beattie

"Mark is a wonderful, warm and friendly person who really knows his stuff. "

Babs Saul

"It's a privilege to know Mark - he knows what he's on about and a great asset to those he works with - definitely the chap for branding. And he's lovely too."

Mustapha Amnay Bouga

"Mark Wing...Nomen est Omen my friend! Thanks 4 giving me wings last time in Richmond and all the valuable advices! You are a true friend and an amazing coach! Branding is a natural business 4 you ... more than that a reflex! A second nature! Thank you 4 bringing me further in my thoughts and in my ideas! MuZ+afa Your friend in the movie city Casablanca "

Mark Lee

"Mark is evidently knowledgeable and experienced in helping organisations develop and build the value of their brands. He has a wealth of experience and is happy to share his insights and advice. After many years working for well known consultancies he has built up his own branding consultancy over the last five years and has advised a mix of large and smaller businesses. I love his style and approach and also much enjoy his company. Not only does he know his stuff, he's an extremely likeable guy."

Penny Power

"Mark is a very astute and warm man. I spent a special hour with Mark and he invested a great deal of time caring about Ecademy, our brand and our direction and provided some very valuable feedback. I would recommend you connnect with Mark, spend time with him, listen and learn, he is a master at branding."

Victor Marques

"Mark Wing is a true giver in the real sense of the word! I will be very happy to meet you again in one BlackStar meeting! Thanks a lot for the contacts tha you have been giving to me regarding my Wines. Warm Regards! Victor Marques"

Thomas Power

"A thoroughbred branding expert. Charming, sincere, open, direct and sensitive. No doubt qualities enriched by bringing up five children. A delightful man and a true business professional. Rare. Likeable. Highly recommended. "

Anton Baumohl

"Mark's clear thinking and speedy fulfillment of promises made really impressed me. I see him as a trustworthy advisor, thinker and advocate. Dr Anton Baumohl"

Thomas Power

"A great manner and a great approach with a nice twist to boot. To be watched. "

Nicole Wehden

"There are some people that you spend time with who make 2 hours seem like 5 minutes. Mark is one of those people. He listens, he questions, he is genuinely interested and has pearls of wisdom that he gives generously. He is very obviously a switched on, intelligent guy who knows his subject and who is highly succesful as a Brand Strategist. I hope that one day Swapaskill will grow to the point where we can employ Mark's services and therefore obvioulsy I would recommend him to anyone. Thanks Mark for a great 2 hours! Nicole "

Guy Massey

"Mark is a seriously genuine and evidently leading protagonist of and in the power of branding. In moments you pick up on Mark's unfaltering passion for his subject and natural skills within business. And yet Mark seems to evoke an island of calm whilst all around him are blustering and flustered. Mark is a MUST CONNECT person!"

Emma (Creative Guru) Boardman

"Mark made my morning, I was at a somewhat tedius networking meeting, and his bright cheery smile made all the difference. I recommend everyone gets Winged! Emma Boardman Superdon MD of Studio Boardman"

Andrew Rowson

"Mark has been a tremendous help in enabling me to focus on the important areas of my business. I shall certainly be calling on his services in the future. Mark is a thoroughly decent chap and it is a pleasure to do business with him."

Victor Marques

"It was a great pleasure to meet Mark in my first BlackStar day. Very friendly and very helpful. You can certainly count with his precious help. It was very kind from his side the thread on my recognition :"marques of excellence". Relationship is something bigger than anything else, he can easy handle that! He is a brand himself ( lovely smile ....!) Im very, very happy to connect him:"

David Hill

"Mark is a great guy to work with. Gives you space to do your own thing as well as giving the benefit of his expertise."

Mark Shaw

"In the short time that i have known Mark, he has impressed me greatly. He seriously knows his stuff with regards to new ideas, branding, getting that important message across and making your Company stand out from the crowd. I would certainly recommend him to anyone that is looking for ideas to make there company more successful. cheers for all of your help Mark Shaw"

Wendy Makepeace-Browne

"Mark is a very clever man and is generous with his expertise. Anyone would do well to have him in their network. Thanks and regards Wendy"

Gareth Parkes

"His offer of help without any prompting is really appreciated. "

Julian Treasure

"Mark is an excellent, thorough, and hugely professional brand expert. All the work he's done for us has been top notch and he always delivers more than I ask him for. He's as kind, calm and patient as you'd expect someone with five children to be, and I'm glad to have him as a colleague, a supplier and a friend."


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