Michael O. Mwim

Michael O. Mwim


While completing the Ecademy registration process I scrolled down the list of possible occupations, but found nothing about the medical profession. Hope I am not in the wrong place. Doctors are generally not associated with business or networking. Well this says something about me already – I am different in many ways. Which brings me to the next point – my problem with medicine. The medical profession allows one very little chance to be flexible, to indulge in other interests. I am still looking for ways round this “problem”. I love medicine, but then there are so many other things I love, and I do not like any of my interests enough to allow it take precedence over the rest. This was one of the thinking behind the formation of my company. I have however realised that I cannot, at this point in time, adequately combine these two passions. I am still looking for ways and means of getting round this. I am a biochemist, a doctor (studied in German language), a lover of people and the idea behind setting up and running businesses. My hope is to meet like-minded people so that we can assist and aid each other in achieving our goals of serving mankind, and of course make a profit, thus have the resources to even help more people. I am looking for random connections here as well, so feel free to just say hi.



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Amin Soltani

"Hi Micheal, One of my remits is to write about the different uses of our OutReach software in different situations (ie. network, events management, restaurant table management, and DOCTORS surgery or onsite aseesement management, etc.) and I was wondering if you wanted to help us with that? Please drop me a line if you do. Although I have not "moved in yet" properly you CAN still write to me via Ecademey. Best Regards, Magda "

Michael Geddes

"HI, I work with a lot of Doctors here in the USA and abroad in business. I am currently expanding in the UK and other countries with a Discovery made ten years ago in Health. In fact one of the Doctors has served as the President of the Royal Society of Medicine in the UK, Section of Clinical Immunology and Allergy and sit on our Board. Contact me for more information and maybe we can work together on helping people get healthy and wealthy."

Anumita Sharma

"Hello Michael, I am not a doctor, but am almost one coming from a long line of doctors! I do conduct pharmacuetical market research and maybe we could work together at some point. Let me know a bit of what you do! regards Anumita "


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