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Michael RUDZIK

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Hello. I'm Mike Rudzik and I'd like to thank you for visiting my Ecademy profile. I'm still in the early stages of setting things up but, just out of interest! Have you ever wondered what you would do if you were lucky, ( or possibly unlucky ), enough to survive a worldwide disaster such as the eruption of a Super Volcano like the one at Yellowstone National Park in America or a giant Comet or Asteroid impact ? Any of these could easily cause an extinction level event ! In the case of the Yellowstone Super Volcano - An eruption may well be overdue ! The simple answer to the above question is, that on your own or, even if you were part of a large extended family group. YOU WOULD NOT LAST LONG ! If you honestly believe that the Government of the day, and the other powers that be, would be capable of saving you, should the above come to pass, you may well be making a serious life threatening decision ! We at HOUSE OF RUDZIK have come to the conclusion that the only chance of surviving an extinction level event is to belong to an organisation which, by having in place the correct contingency plans together with an adequate supply of resources, would be able to provide a reasonable expectation of long term survival. With reference to the above, we have decided that the only way forward is to plan and eventually commission a unique and exclusive organisation which will take disaster management to a level far higher than anyone at present can imagine and offer what we believe will be a once in a lifetime opportunity for like minded people to belong to an organisation that once fully up and running would be capable of overcoming virtually any eventuality. Please checkout the HOUSE OF RUDZIK website for more info. But for now Best wishes Mike RUDZIK



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" Thank you dear Michael for being in my network . I wish great abundance for you and the ones that you care and love. Warmest regards from sunny Douro Valley. Victor Marques "


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