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Skype: GroundedVertigo
Website URL: http://www.bestphoneprices.co.uk
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Simon 'Paramotor Training' Westmore

"I used Michelle's Mobile Phone site to order a new phone.... Not only was it a short and sweet process, but I am saving £10 a month and have got a FREE Wii (although I am not sure I have the time to get addicted to one of those LOL) and a better phone and contract. Easy Peasy, 'Stress Free' great site! Simon Westmore Paramotor Training 07983 428 453 "

Jon Stow

"Michelle is someone who goes the extra mile to help and shows considerable patience with difficult customers such as myself. :) I recommend her to anyone needing to get their printing done quickly with excellent quality."

Philip Calvert

" Frankly, I'm astonished by the superb level of service that I've received from Michelle and Grounded Vertigo. Rarely, do you ever find a company that not only delivers - but delivers faster than you could ever have imagined. I've ordered two sets of business cards from Michelle in the last week - one of which had an impossible deadline. They arrived this morning, several days ahead of the deadline. Brilliant - don't go to anyone other than Michelle Penny for your print requirements."

Andrew Widgery

"If you want someone to deliver precisely what they say they will, on time and fulfill your very best expectations in the minimum of time, you will do no better than to place your business with Michelle. A complete professional with a competent eye for design too. Thank you Michelle; I shall be back for more!"

Christian E Maldonado

"A very creative person and also very nice to treat with. Visit her site for Web Design. Grounded Vertigo it's 100% pro. Best wishes on any business you start! Chris"

Christian DE NEEF

"Admittedly, I sort of lost track of Michelle over the last 6 months; now came back to have a fresh look... I am absolutely impressed by the progress and the business acumen & intelligence! Keep up the good work Michelle! "

Cynthia Mensa

"I want to congratulate you for your acheivements, well done. I have seen both businesses and I recommend the way you have made it easier for the average person to do business with you."

Caroline Chicken Franchiseexpo

"Cards are excellent, brilliant service thanks Caroline"

John Guinn

"I ordered some business cards from Penny. It took a while before I was happy with my design. It's lucky for me that she is very patient. Great service. John Guinn "

Melanie Silver

"Having just reordered my business cards - there's a great deal on double-sided ones by the way - I can highly recommend Grounded Vertigo. Michelle is very helpful and responsive and provides a fast, cost-effective service."

Sarah Calvert

"Everything about Michelle's service has been fantastic. The website was so clear and easy to use and the progress reports about the order via email were helpful. The prices were really good and the business cards excellent quality. I really can't fault anything but thoroughly recommend her services! Many thanks! Sarah Calvert Informed Choice Mortgages http://www.informedchoice.ltd.uk/mortgages"

Alastair Norman

"Michelle provides fantastic customer service and made sure that my printing was ready and delivered on time. In fact some of it arrived a day early! I would recommend her services and great prices. Thanks Michelle Alastair SailTime East Anglia www.sailtime.co.uk"

John Greer

"Fantastic quality, great customer service, great design skills and quick turnaround - what more could you ask for! I highly recommend Michelle. John Greer Cornerstone Accountancy"

Kath "Search Engine Optimisation" Dawson

"Excellent service, excellent standard of work, great prices.... Michelle has prepared business cards for us and we are extremely pleased. We would highly recommend Michelle without hesitation. :)"

Margaret Wright

"I have found Michelle to be a very positive person and shares much of the same ideals as myself. She is hard working and always looking for ways to diversify and link up to other like-minded people. The service she offers is excellent value as I have compared them with other similar businesses and Michelle offers a good alternative. Margaret Wright - Video Production"

Ariana Gee

"Michelle is a lovely warm genuine lady with whom it's a pleasure to do business. Unfortunately she was not able to help me on this occasion but she went out of her way to take the time and trouble to research someone else who could. Her gorgeous poetry gives a wonderful insight into the essence of her. Michelle, I hope we can do business next time and I would have no hesitation in recommending you. Ariana Real Connection "The sophisticated approach to dating" Co-author of "Be Your Own Love Coach" "

Filip Hamerlinck

"Michelle has a very deep soul and kind heart, she is very genuine and it is a pleasure to talk and network with her."

David Wedge

"Michelle is super responsive and does great work. She has done an excellent job for me designing and priniting a new set of business cards and stationery. Great customer service, she is a real pleasure to do business with. I highly recommend her."

Ned Naylor

"Since engaging Michelle Penny to manage our website, we have seen an increase in traffic and enquiries. Not withstanding the improved look of the site and its ease of navigation, her services are second to none, changes to the website are performed either on demand or within a very narrow time margin and there is no one I would rather recommend to Ecademy members for her excellent service" Ned Naylor - IFA MIFP Ned Naylor & Co "

Christine Clacey

"WOW!!! Michelle has just helped me design two different sets of business cards and turned them around in just 3 days!!! Exceptional customer service - and I am absolutely delighted by the results!! Fantastic prices too - I suggest you take advantage of her services asap - many thanks Michelle :-)"

Anthony Jacquin - Hypnotist

"I gave Michelle what I thought was an impossible task. To start from scratch and design a new business card for me and get it to me three days later and build a website have it fully up and running 5 days later. The business card was completed and the printing order sent the first day and the website came in bang on time. Superb service all the way. I will use her services again and thoroughly recommend them in terms of reaction speed, cost effectiveness and design quality. Check her work for me here www.anthonyjacquin.com. Thanks Michelle. Anthony"

Christine Clacey

"Michelle is a real giver, super-helpful and very responsive. She has strong creative skills and is very customer-focussed. I am really pleased to have her in my network and highly recommend that you connect with her"

Christine-Art Shack- Clark

"Michelle Penny is a lovely, talented, helpful & professional human being. I contacted her for the 1st time this week for advice on my website and she immediately checked it out and gave me great, simple ideas for improving it in a report. I have made those changes and I believe I can see an improvement in hits and referrals already! She's brilliant! Thank you Michelle, I'm proud to have you in my network. Christine (Art Shack) Clark www.artshack.co.uk"

Patricia Fairweather

"So helpful, funny & witty, all the things I love in people. Looking forward to working with her. Patricia Hutchinson"

Jane Searles

"Michelle Penny really understands what it means to be customer centred "

Mindy Gibbins-Klein

"Michelle was extremely helpful to me today. We had only just made a connection with each other and when she couldn't help me with a printer cartridge, she gave me information about another supplier which saved me over £60! I was very impressed and I realised she is a truly helpful person. I can't wait to get to know her better as I'm sure there'll be lots of opportunities to work together."

Andy Yeti

"Michelle Penny's a hero, Michelle Penny's a star, She is also very funny, And one of the best designers by far."


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