Mick Say

Mick Say

Managing Director, Web Business Builder


Mick Say
Online Business Development Consultant.

Mick is the founder of the Online Marketing Academy which incorporates the Web Business Builder, a Website Design Company in the UK.
Mick Say is an experienced Internet Marketing Strategist, skilled in Website Development, eCommerce, Search Engine Optimisation, Social Media and all aspects of new Digital marketing related to building a business online.
An organic search purist, Mick leads a team of UK Marketing Specialists covering all aspects of website and eCommerce design, development, SEO and content marketing.
Contact Mick directly if you have any questions about the business on the web and or website and eCommerce development needs. 



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Skype: micksay2
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Website URL: http://webbusinessbuilder.co.uk/
Blog URL: http://webbusinessbuilder.co.uk/blog/

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Gina Minton

"Digital Marketing is an important aspect of marketing. New media technologies are making brands go viral and adapt quickly to user needs and trends."

Julia McDaid

"I attended Mick's Digital Marketing Awareness workshop, and I have to say it is well worth the investment, both in time and money. I think I came away with enough to keep me going for about 6 months! Mick is both knowledgeable about his subject and very approachable, and to say we learned a lot would be an understatement! I would suggest that this workshop is a must attend for anyone responsible for their business website, you would benefit hugely. A big thank you to MIck, really enjoyed the workshop and getting to know you better :-)"

Kathryn Sassall

"Last Friday was the first time I've been in the same room as Mick that I actually got a chance to make the time to get to know him better. The occasion was a masterclass getting great SEO on a website and the effects of the new kids on the Google block (penguin, panda with a dose of caffeine thrown in for good measure!). Wow! Mick paced the training perfectly, crammed with information, good humour, and about thirty hints and tips which will enable me to move my own sites forward immediately, plus a lot more to show why it is so important to get someone to create web business sites who is at the top of their game. Big thank you. So you left me with a lovely headache to create more time to put the areas of my website right, and to give me great respect for what you do. Actively looking within my digital habit clients and network for those who are looking to create new income creating websites to put your way. "

Carolyn Williams

"☀FridaySmiles☀ How do you start your day? I started this Friday morning enjoying another wonderful Skype with Martin Dewhurst talking about greening the desert and then clicked on your shared photo Mick. :) How Green is this? Green Therapy. Whenever we meet or tweet, I Smile at your banter and humaness. Summer Park, Chamarande, France Hopefully one day soon we will work 'side by side' until then, thank YOU Mick, my life is richer for meeting you. C:)x"

Phillip Khan-Panni - Wordsmith

"Digital Marketing & Social Media Strategy Mick spoke on this popular topic at a ROSEE meeting and was enthusiastically received. He was knowledgeable, practical and generous with his advice. Everyone present wanted more,and when I suggested arranging a seminar on the subject, people were ready to sign up for it right away! He is the 'go-to person' for guidance on making the most of your social media activity, and I recommend him without reservation."

Richard J Francis

"Mick very kindly gave me some really excellent advice recently on the subject of online business development & long-term web strategy planning. This is a growing and really significant area that anyone with a business proposition needing to draw a crowd should get acquainted with. Don't be put off by Mick's location in Kent - it's well worth the pilgrimage there to look over and discuss plans & I look forward to getting to know what Mick can do to help me along my journey better in the coming months and years."

David Simpson

"I have the privilege of counting Mick as a friend and as far as Social Media Strategy is concerned it's very simple... he's simply the best! David Simpson"

Rupert Honywood

"I have had the pleasure of knowing Mick Say for about two years and have used a number of his services and I cannot recommend highly enough. He is a real expert in his field and he exudes confidence and knowledge - this is both very deep and is explained in a very clear way. Mick is also very passionate and cares deeply about his customers and is very giving in nature. Bottom line I would recommend Mick to any business considering taking on his services and it is a pleasure to know him and work with him. "

Penny Power

" This week I would like to thank Mick for being a real friend and getting my Blog site www.pennypower.co.uk site up and running for me. I am now adding content and feel very happy with it. mick is a committed Social Media developer and Digital Coach. A great guy, incredibly hard working in his 'shed' and loves to keep up with the latest trends and applications. A true 'business development' man, who see's the social side of Social Media as well as the potential for increasing business. Thank you Mick for all your hard work for me and others."

Jason McCarthy

"I've had the privilege of my first 2 boardroom events with Mick in the chair and by the end of the first I knew, if this was the standard upheld by the community, that I'm in Ecademy for good! From those 2 events and a 1-1 I can confidently say I would trust him implicitly to be able to deliver the most complete online business and website solutions, from anybody that I know. His pragmatic, down-to-earth style and thorough attention to detail, coupled with his extensive business background make him a highly valuable commodity and I look forward to engaging him in projects to come. Many thanks Mick for the tips and pointers - I look forward the day that I'm up to your standard as a Digital Coach and Strategist "

Anna Figiel

"Mick was one of the people on Ecademy I specifically wanted to meet. Through his blogging Mick demonstrates a huge amount of positivity and willingness to share with others. When concepts he holds dear are attacked, Mick is not afraid to stand up for his beliefs and his passions. Meeting the man in person at last did not disappoint me. Working together with Mick in the Farnham BlackStar Boardroom is a great joy, thanks in great part to our mutual trust and respect. "

Mike Shorer

"One of the many things that impressed me about Mick is that he imparts his considerable knowledge in a way that even a duffer like me can understand. Thanks to Mick's step by step help I was able to post my new You Tube film on the Ecademy site, link it to my profile page and embed it onto my website home page. This has produced a tripling of website hits to www.historicjewelleryreproduction.co.uk. "

Thomas Power

"Mick Say is exceptional. He is solid, reliable and trustworthy. Mick is a long term player. He doesn't rush he absorbs. On the internet he knows his onions Mick knows what works and what does not work. I work with Mick a great deal and recommend him to you. He is also charming and funny."

Milton Rodrigues

" Mick Say is one of the best people I have met in Ecademy recently. - he is very Genuine, very Professional & also very Helpful. Highly Recommended Member !"

Rupert Honywood

"I had the great pleasure to meet up with Mick for a whole day yesterday and having got to know him well through Ecademy (helped by the fact that he mistook me for a certain William Buist and after living the story for a day - we have never forgotten it since) I have realised what a kind person Mick is and a true "Gent" It is evident that he has an expert level of knowledge of Wordpress, SEO and Social Media Marketing and is totally committed and generous in his help towards clients. He is also great to work with and his unique humour adds a very special dimension every time you meet him. One thing is for sure - Mick and I will be doing lots more "stuff" together and I am looking forward to a long and positive collaborative relationship Thank you Mick - that Fish and Chips in the lovely Herne Bay will be remembered! Rupert "

Thomas Power

"Just spent 10 hours on a twitter advanced course with Mick and loved it. You just don't know what you don't know until someone points it out. Thank you Mick for a wonderful day in Herne Bay with sea bass overlooking the sea for lunch. Perfect. Tx"

Sean McCloskey

"After a 10 minute conversation with Mick a couple of days ago- he told me exactly what I should start doing and what software I should avoid. He really knows his stuff - and I would strongly recomend that you speak to Mick if you are considering marketing on the internet. "

Michael Oon

"If you want a successful business web site, you need visitors and then to get the purchase conversions from the visit. However, if you are relying to get visitors from the web, you need to be on the first page of the relevant keywords of the search engines. If you are not, you are probably struggling with getting visitors. This in turns adds to issues to the performance of the web site. With these issues, I have been looking for a web designer with a business background and expertise in Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) in the UK. After a long search, I have found Mick Say who fitted my requirements. After the sprinkling of the "Say Magic Dust", I am now seeing improvements in my web site. I find Mick very knowledgeable on the business aspects on the web and passionate about achieving the best for his clients. He is credible and a man of integrity. Therefore, if you want a well performing business website, I would suggest speaking to Mick in the first instance. Dr Michael Oon "

Victor Marques

"Thank you dear Mick for being one of my contacts. I wish you great abundance for you and the ones that you care and love. One of my poems. Abundance and true love is your birth right, you could be black, yellow or white... God loves you with infinite care, God bless you anywhere... Abundance for the flowers, for the rivers, for the sky... Just love, just give and dont ask why? Life is natural like me and you my friend, Your touch my heart, you touch my land. Abundance for the ones that are in great need, Just give, just give and plant one seed... Life is a rainbow that you like to see; you have the honey because God made the small bee... Kindest Regards. Victor Marques"

Richard Napier

"Hi Mick, Thanks for the connection. I look forward to when we might either meet or benefit from our inclusion in each others network. Best Regards Richard"

Jennifer Bloom

"I'm pleased to count Mick as one of my contacts here on Ecademy. Changing Lives, Jennifer "

Muhammad Siddique

"Glad to be connected and that you are part of my circle of friends. You are a valuable part of my network, and thank you for being part of ecademy. Sincerely, Siddique Writer at TRCB.com http://www.trcb.com/author/siddique.htm "

Maurice Poole

"Mick is good company, and sets us all an example by being clear about his market. If we were all as focused we could give and get real referrals all day long. He's a great networker and I recommend him. Arrange a 1-2-1 with him, or at least connect here. You'll find it worthwhile."

Ronald L. Taylor

"It is an honour to be connected with you on Ecademy. I look forward to our networks being of mutual benefit to one another."

Lutti Anderholm

"Fantastic people like Mick symbolize what ecademy´s all about!! Lutti"

Tord Sand

"Proud to have you in my friend list Mick! You have the bright light inside, keep the flame burning and don´t loose focus..... Warm regards Tord"

Patricia Tolivar

"Mick says so much with yet so few words... Inspiration and beautiful insight join forces through Mick... Request Mick to help you and he will indeed make sure you reach your highest ground... Thank you, Mick, for being here with me, it's an honour... All the best, Patricia"

Danish Thanvi

"I'm very happy to be connected with Mick on Ecademy and look forward to being of mutual benefit to one another."

Jim Tuffin

"Mick is someone different here on Ecademy. He has some great ideas about how he can help others and was open and willing to chat to me about them. I hope to do some work with Mick, I know it will be rewarding and profitable. Yes he is in the hairdressing marketplace, but his skills are available to a much wider market! Definitely worth connecting with. Regards Jim"

William Buist

"Mick is a well established focused man who knows his market, and their issues, demonstrates clarity and meets the needs of his clients at all times. His style is very effective and a lot of fun. A great combination. Mick would be an asset to any hairdressing business looking to find new and retain existing customers"

Saravjit Singh

"Mick is a true networker. I admire him for his constant endeavour to learn and to help others. It is fantastic to see that he has choosen such a finely defined niche market for coaching."

Merold Mueller

"I rated him good, because he is a great networker."

Peter Cowan

"I have had great pleasure swapping notes with Mick - he is so generous, supportive and understanding - I value contact with Mick very highly ! I owe him a pint...maybe he'll forget ;-)"

Dr. Peter James

"Mick did not get were he is today by treading on otheres - He has got there by working "With" others - A really great people person"

Thomas Power

"Huge potential, much to learn and prepared to embrace 21st century thinking. Much to come from Mick I sense. Worth watching to see what develops."


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