Mindy Gibbins-Klein

Mindy Gibbins-Klein

Founder and Managing Director, The Book Midwife


Latest News The Book Channel interviewed me during London Book Fair 2010, about my book . It could save you lots of time, money and heartache. This book is especially relevant for people who are about to jump in to self-publishing arrangements. Please look before you leap. You'll be glad you did.

Get Published Several years ago, I started getting extremely frustrated. Clients whom I'd worked with and coached to create amazing books were being let down at the last stage by publishers who couldn't produce good quality books effectively and efficiently. In one case, a client was waiting 4 months for a book that was guaranteed to be published in 1 month. This hurt his business tremendously and made me extremely cross. So I sat down with fellow BlackStars Andy Coote and Philip de Lisle to create a new business. Philip was instrumental in helping Andy and me get the proposition right, and although he is not a Director in the business, I would recommend him to anyone needing clarity of this nature. The proposition was - and still is - to provide top quality publishing for business and personal development books, with a level of customer service previously unknown in the industry. And we have done it! Ecademy Press was launched at the end of 2005. We purposely tied ourselves to the Ecademy name and Ecademy is a stakeholder in the business. Our mission is to create the best possible business and personal development books for Ecademists and others who subscribe to the Ecademy philosophy of winning by sharing. We operate as a cooperative publisher, meaning that there is a small investment from the author and we effectively share the risk and the reward with the author very fairly. It is the most competitive package of its kind in the market today. If you know someone who has written a non-fiction book and wants to get published professionally and quickly, do contact me to see if we can consider it at Ecademy Press.

Public Speaking I also do a lot of speaking in the UK and abroad. I hope you were able to attend my Ecademy talks in Jan. 2005 'Finding Joy in Challenging Situations' and Jan. 2006 'What's Your Big Idea?'. The videos of these can be accessed by going to the Meetings tab at the top of this page, then Ecademy TV. My current keynote is entitled 'How to Be a REAL Thought Leader' and it is based on my latest book 24 Carat BOLD - The Standard for REAL Thought Leaders. It shows people how to identify their core message to the world and how to be seen as the true expert in one's field - you know, the one everyone thinks of first? If you know an organisation that is looking for a dynamic inspirational speaker for their event, let me know and I'd be happy to talk to them.

About Mindy the person: I was born into a loving family who gave me lots of encouragement to try new things and grow. As a result, I went to Argentina at the age of 16 and lived with a family there, studied for my baccalaureate in 'Letters' and spoke no English for a whole year! I lived in the beautiful New York suburb of Greenwich, Connecticut for 18 years (minus the year in Argentina), then went to Montreal to study Linguistics at McGill. After university, I had the varied and valuable experiences of a sales career, a practice marriage, losing a house, studying for my MBA whilst working full time and travelling for business, discovering my spiritual side. In 1991, my then boyfriend convinced me to move to London and have an adventure. And what an adventure it has been! I ran my own sales training company for a year, then moved to Hull, split up with the boyfriend, joined a T'ai Chi class, met my husband Phil, got married, travelled extensively, had my two beautiful children, Tara and Bradley. Tara is a very studious girl with superb leadership skills. She has been instrumental in setting up charity projects for the past 3 years and she is currently working towards her qualification as a Youth Peer Coach with the Youth Coaching Academy. Bradley is an amazing dancer with special talents in classical ballet. He has attended The Arts Educational School in Tring full time as well as Laine Theatre Arts, and has danced with 4 professional dance companies and in the West End. He is a great example to other young boys who are interested in dance. In 1996, we moved to London. It was the first time Phil had lived outside of Hull with the exception of university. He made the ultimate sacrifice to give up his job and looked after the children for a while, and we have been sharing the childcare responsibilities ever since. As a family, we go to the U.S. quite often to see my family, and try to make time for other activities such as skiing and theatre. A dramatic family, we are very involved with a local performing arts school, which has led to everyone being on film sets. Three of us have been on Eastenders which was fascinating. Finally, I continue with the personal development journey, to ensure I keep a balance amongst all the areas in my life: work, family, health, spiruality and fun! Enjoy your life, hope to meet you soon and in the meantime, speak your truth! Warmest wishes, Mindy

Myers Briggs Profile: ENTJ BlackStar Wealth Dynamics Profile: CREATOR Wealth Dynamics is an evolution of Myers Briggs into specific action and thinking dynamics that relates to entrepreneurs. It goes back to the roots of personality profiling in Chinese philosophy, which precedes Western psychometric testing by 2,500 years

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Gina Minton

"I am captivated by Mindy's passion. Her valuable advice to would-be-writers are so inspiring."

Jo Berry

"Mindy has now been my book coach for 2 months and I have with her wonderful help written 28000 words. When I met her I did not know I could write a book or exactly what it would be about! Now I know i have something important to contribute so others can learn from my experience. I also have found my speaking work has a whole new dimension and now I articulate the steps and process so that others can also transform their conflicts. My confidence in facilitating workshops, in working as a conflict coach had soared. I am so grateful to Mindy, she has drawn all this out of me with her qualities of empathy and perception. She knows the inner and outer workings of writing a book and always have the appropriate helpful suggestion. She always encourages me and pushes me without making me feel inadequate or under pressure. She strengthens my confidence and I am gaining more than a book, I am learning and funding new ways to communicate my message in all aspects of my work. I am loving writing my book! Mindy is passionate about us writing books, I would recommend Mindy if you are thinking of writing, with her expertise and passion, you will soon have your book written!"

Bob Nicoll

"Mindy and her team are awesome!! My second book: Exceptional Care for Your Valued Clients is in process with an anticipated release in mid April. Mitch and Emma extend the quality of Mindy's professionalism and keep this author in a relaxed state as the book is begat. I so wholeheartedly endorse Mindy as your resource to help your book have its birth. She will bring it into the world. You will nurture it and help it grow. Thank you so much Mindy. Warm Empowering Regards from Alaska, Bob"

Kevin "Banana Man" Allen

"Mindy is quite simply the best writing coach in the UK. A published author herself, she expertly guided me through the process of planning, structuring, writing, developing and marketing my dynamic book - Banana Man. This book has since travelled the world and helped feed many hundreds of thousands of schools meals to hungry children. Mindy has just helped me publish the 2nd Edition of this book and I know she worked into the late hours to help have it published within half the time it would normally take. Mindy, my deepest thanks. Kevin 'Banana Man' Allen "

Helen Winder

"Mindy came to one of my networking meetings and presented 24 Carat BOLD - It was outstanding. Mindy, you are fantastic, energetic bubbly and talented. You captured everyone in the room. On top of that your latest book 24 Carat BOLD is great. Thank you"

Mark Lee

"Yesterday I had an extended 121 with Mindy after she agreed to help me clarify my thinking as regards a book I wasn't sure I wanted to write. I've know Mindy for about 3 years and we've had various chats over this period. But yesterday was my first chance to get the full on Mindy experience. And I admit I wasn't sure beforehand; would her natural enthusiasm and charm encourage me towards writing a book I really wasn't sure about. I needn't have worried. The time I spent with Mindy was REALLY worthwhile. I won't be writing a book just yet (phew) and yet the session still served to help me appreciate how effective Mindy is as The book midwife. I had forgotten Mindy's strapline is "Bringing your ideas to life". She has helped do that and more. I have greater clarity as to the target audience for my online writing and more confidence that I can and should focus more of my writing on that target area. If I ever decide to write a book I will certainly engage Mindy to help me through the process and I would recommend her services to anyone thinking of doing so too."

Debbie Gilbert

"Minday gave a very inspiring and motivational talk today at Women on Top West Herts She is an excellent presenter and has a passion for her work which she communicates with clarity Many thanks !"

Lee Parent

"Hi, Mindy Appreciate the opportunity to connect with you here on Ecademy. What an interesting business you are in. I know I have that book inside me and it will eventually come out when it is ready. Perhaps I will be looking you up when the time arrives. I look forward to getting to know you. You are a person who changes lives by what you do. I know it is frustrating to have something inside that wants to come out but don't have a clue how to give birth to their idea. Kind regards and best wishes, Lee"

Tina Jonasen

" Update June 2009: Finally I have had my 121 with Mindy! Actually I have spent a whole day with her at a BlackStar meeting in Belgium - where we also sat at virtual tables together, and WAUUU: Mindy is what I wrote in my first testimonial + soo much more!! If there is something that Mindy do not know about writing and publishing books (which I doubt) - then its actually not worth knowing PERIOD!! I cant wait to work with her, when I am publishing my first book within the next couple of months! My first one will even be in Danish - which Mindy do not understand, but still is willing to help me with - She is simply not only the Best at what she does - but the ONLY ONE!!! Much love & respect Tina First testimonial: I had the great pleasure of meeting Mindy at a BlackStar event in London in September 2008. Even though we are yet to have a real 121, she gave me a really good impression, in the short conversation that we had! Mindy comes through as a warm, intelligent woman - who REALLY knows what she is talking about when it comes to book writing - and I look very much forward to take advantage of that, when I am ready to write my first book (soon I hope ;-) On top of that I have of course heard all the praises that my fellow Ecademists gives her, so no doubt - Mindy is... Highly recommended!! ThinkInNewAreas Ecademy Denmark "

Frans Vos / Materials Consult

"Have you ever had the occasion to meet an inspiring, motivated and passionate person, thrilled about books, or better said ... thrilled to help people in writing a bestseller? Have you ever had the occasion to go to a lecture and where you came out with the feeling that, if you wouldn't have been there, you would have missed an important encounter with a person you consider of very high value, who shows what she stands for: motivation, passion for her job and passion for people? You didn't? Than meet Mindy; full of energy, yet also listening ear whenever you need her. You did? Add up your contacts with Mindy, a great and enormously kind person. "

Antonio Farruggia-Bochnak

"Hi Mindy, Thanks for your offer of support - I really appreciate it :) I have a really good feeling that you will help me give birth to several books that I've been holding in my head for way to long!!! Thank Mindy :) All the best Antonio Magico Video Streaming Consultant "

Sue Richardson

"Mindy came heroically to our rescue last year when we found ourselves working with a team of three wonderful women, specialists in hypnobirthing, who were attempting to co-author a book. Part of me wanted to run a mile. Co-authored books are always a challenge and I could see that this would be no different. But the project was special and this book needed badly to be born. With a blinding flash of the obvious, Mindy appeared in my head. If ever there was a job for the Book Midwife, this was it! With tremendous grace and unbelievable calm Mindy accepted the challenge. 'Oh I love this kind of stuff!' she said to me and got straight down to work. She coped admirably with three authors, all with differing styles and difficult time constraints, all living in different parts of the country! Despite these 'interesting' conditions, in just a few short months we heard the news that a manuscript was on its way. Oh boy, thanks Mindy! The book is nearing completion and we are all delighted and so, so proud of it. And yet I think it's fair to say that we might not even have been off the starting blocks without you. Thank you for working with us and our authors - I recommend anyone who's getting stuck with getting that book written to have a chat to Mindy. "

Muchina Thuo

" Hello everyone, Writing is a gift(art). There is no doubt what she can achieve. Well done Mindy."

Richard Flewitt

"I had the fortune to witness Mindy's professionalism and thorough knowledge of her industry this week when filming her expert slots for The Book Channel. She is driven, as well as charming and easy to work with. If there's a book inside you, and you need help to get it out of your head and onto paper in a logical, planned and creative way, you'd be crazy not to talk to Mindy."

Bijay Rajnikantt Shah

"It was very easy to refer Mindy! People like to do business with people they know, like and trust! I first met Mindy in November 2005 at a BNI Conference in Long Beach, LA - she has an infectious smile and a magnetic personality making it easy to get along with her. Mindy's story is so compelling - her successes make it easy to build trust and confidence. Mindy was in Dubai last week and I was privileged to see her presentation on R.E.A.L. Thought Leadership which was invoking - she certainly walks the talk! Thank you Mindy, I'm glad to be associated with you :-)"

Philippa Hull

"I was referred to Mindy by Suzan St Maur, my long-standing script-writer colleague. I am now working regularly with Mindy, proofreading books for her author clients. Mindy is the perfect client (yes, this does exist!): she sends me her projects in good time with clear instructions and she is hugely appreciative and complimentary. As a result of working with Mindy, I now have sufficient confidence in my proofreading skills to offer the service to large organisations as well as to individual authors. Thank you Mindy! Philippa Hull"

Maureen Prior

"Thank you so much for the great networking talk you gave in Norwich on Thursday, so helpful. You are a very relaxed and informative speaker. I am honoured to be part of your network. Maureen Prior "

Stephen Ferrey

"Hi Mindy. An excellent presentation yesterday, thank you. Interesting, relevant, easy to listen to and fun. I took away some very useful tips on Networking. It was also very interesting chatting to you afterwards - a font of knowledge! Take care, Steve"

Muhammad Siddique

"Glad to be connected and that you are part of my circle of friends. You are a valuable part of my network, and thank you for being part of ecademy. Sincerely, Siddique Writer at TRCB.com http://www.trcb.com/author/siddique.htm "

Jeremy Nicholas

"Great speaker, lovely person. "

Susie Heath

"Mindy was really helpful to me in getting my myriad ideas for my book "The Essence of Womanhood - re-awakening the authentic feminine" mapped onto paper so it was no longer a daunting task, but a great delight to write. She is encouraging and very supportive, and I highly recommend her. Thanks Mindy "

Dominic Verbruggen

"I consider Mindy to be a significant asset to anyone's network. Very glad to be connected with her!"

Christine Sotmary

"Mindy came all the way to upstate New York to give a wonderful talk about how to expand our business by being R-E-A-L. She is a great presenter and really connected with the audience. I learned a lot from her talk and felt she was warm and very open to discussion and questions from the audience. The stories she told were a great inspiration and I would recommend her to any group looking to expand their reach and increase their business. I am finishing up a book and she gave me many helpful marketing suggestions. She really knows the self publishing business inside and out."

Ronald L. Taylor

"It is an honour to be connected with you on Ecademy. I look forward to our networks being of mutual benefit to one another."

Robert Kesten

"Mindy did a presentation for a group of people in my home, it was eye opening and got us all thinking about different ways of thinking about our brands, about our roles and about REAL. The type of work Mindy does explores why we do what we do, with a tangible end game, a book or article at the end that promotes the cause, idea or business. The time was well worth it and you could see in people's faces that everyone came away with something they could use immediately. Mindy is personable, helpful and results oriented...her presentation is for businesses, leaders, organizations of all sizes and for individuals. She is a real professional."

Jonathan Harrison FCA

"I met Mindy following writing my draft book "Life's Hop, Skip and a Jump" published today which can be purchased through www.lulu.com or www.amazon.com. I could only have done this through her open and honest advice and I highly recommend anybody thinking of writing a book to take her on as their mentor at the beginning."

Philippa Hull

"I am delighted to be involved with Mindy as a proof-reader of her clients' work before publication. I enjoy working with her enormously: her instructions are clear, her approach is straightforward and she is very appreciative and complimentary of the work I do for her. It is a pleasure working with Mindy, she is a true professional and she has given me great confidence in my work. Philippa Hull - Hot Desk proofreading and editorial services"

Arif Aziz

"True ecademist, I am pleased to be connected with Mindy."

Sajid Hussain Journalist4Peace

"am very happy tobe connected with Mindy and hope for a best connection , you are so sweet Mindy, Thanks,Sajid"

Krishna De

"What do you think when someone mentions that they are an author of a business book? Most of us admire people who have demonstrated their expertise as an author, establishing their reputation and personal brand as a thought leader. We also know this will enable them to stand out in an increasingly competitive and crowded market place. So what stops us from doing the same? Time? Self discipline? Vision? Know how about writing and publishing a book? If you've the ambition to write a business book but just can't get started, or perhaps you have started but stalled, then you just have to speak to Mindy who will coach that book out of you. Krishna De Author of '42 Rules Of Marketing In A Recession' Bringing Your Brand To Life at BizGrowthNews.com "

Danish Thanvi

"I'm very happy to be connected with Mindy on Ecademy and look forward to being of mutual benefit to one another."

Jackie Mackay

"Mindy is a real midwife - she knows when 'labour' has begun instinctively. I am grateful to her for her initial inspiration and feel secure that the project we talked about will be birthed well after the longer than expected gestation. (Thanks Mindy) "

J William (Bill) Moore, HFTC

"Mindy is a super person who is willing to take time to help others! I really appreciate the thoughtful reply given when I asked for an opinion. You would be wise to link up with Mindy. Highly recommended! Smiles and best wishes always, Bill Moore"

Stella Holman "The Connector"

"I had the pleasure of spending time with Mindy this week. I find Mindy to be a very dynamic and genuine lady. She's really passionate about her work, balances her time between work and taking care of the needs of her family. I'm glad to have her in my network. I can confidentially tell you that if you are an Expert in your profession and its on your mind to write a book about your experiences then i'd definitely suggest talking to Mindy, or getting along to one of her seminars "TURNING EXPERTS INTO PUBLISHED AUTHORS". "

Nigel Whittaker

"Very impressed with Mindy a must to connect with and add to your network, I am looking forward to getting to know her better"

Merold Mueller

"I rated her good, because she is a great networker."

Georgeanne Lamont

"Mindy is star - full of vitality and freshness and vibrancy. Wonderful to know there is someone like Mindy helping people bring their books to life. I look forward to working with you Mindy."

Rod Sloane

"If you haven't seen Mindy speak recently, then you are missing a treat. I saw her speak yesterday, she was truly stunning, challenging, fun and right on the button. A line she said that registered with me was "Be Bold, Opinionated or Don't Bother" "

Andy Lopata

"I have known Mindy for about three years and have the highest level of respect for her. Yesterday, Mindy took this respect to a new level. Mindy spoke at a London Chapter of the Professional Speakers Association on the subject of 'How to be a REAL Thought Leader' . This was the third time I have seen Mindy speak and she has developed incredibly in the two years since the first occasion. I have rarely seen a speaker develop quite so substantially in such a short space of time. Mindy has developed her topic beyond recognition and offers unique insights and real takeaway value. Her confidence and poise make her a thoroughly engaging speaker. Mindy is now establishing herself as a true expert on her subject and, in her terms, a REAL Thought Leader. "

Mary Gregory

"Mindy is a dynamo of positive energy and an unwielding supporter in the unlocking of your potential to be a writer and get that book inside you out. My experience of her is that she is relentless in ensuring you stick with the sometimes challenging process of writing and without one critical word enables you to get back in track and delivering what you promised to do. A real gem to have as your support in the writing of your book and a great person to have in your network for her sparkling energy alone."

Andrew Wilmot

"As a fellow ENTJ, I admire Mindy for her achievements and celebrate her for helping others to find and publish theirs ... well done Mindy :)"

Jen Tiller

"Over the last few years Mindy has me given lots of practical and strategic advice along with her enthusiastic support. Attending her recent workshop on publishing, run in association with guru Dan Poyntor was a great experience. It was an eye-opener as well as adding structure around what I already knew with lots of aha! moments. If you have any interest in publishing your own work, get on her next course or sign her as your coach! "

Colin Newlyn

"Mindy, we had a really good 121 and I have been mentioning your name every time someone says "book"! Underneath that warm and engaging personality I feel there is a steely centre that is going to get you to write that book, dammit! Passion and commitment come shining through. When I decide it's time for the book, I'll be giving you a call - I know I'll be sure to succeed. Wishing you every success with the next stage of your business, Colin"

Ambreen Fairburn

"I met Mindy at a presentation she gave on behalf of Business Link East and I can honetly say it was on of the best presentations I have been to! Mindy, you made it all seem so much easier and you were inspirational. Thank you!"

Donna "ultimate life designer" Still

"My baby, 'Ditch the scales' (the book to change the way you think about weightloss) is finally out there! and it's all thanks to the support and belief from Mindy. She has the most incredible personality. As a coach she is generous and awesome, being able to really laser my focus (no easy feat) so that I was able to acheive my dream of getting my book published. Ditch the scales is now available and it's popularity is growing at an incredible speed minute by minute. And all thanks to Mindy and the amazing team at ecademy press. I would definately recomend her as your first port of call if you are thinking of writing a book. The deepest gratitude is extended to you all Blessings Donna Still, Author XOX"

Janie Pendleton, Novelist

"Mindy, thank you for the heart warmed welcome to Ecademy! I look forward to our connection. I do believe in Providence, and I had that feeling when Dan connected us! God Bless your work. A Quiller at Large, Janie Pendleton, Author"

mark wing

"Mindy is a fantastic book coach. Her proposition of being the 'book midwife' very aptly describes the value she can bring to someone thinking about writing a book. In short she will help you make it happen. I am just getting started with her, but my early experience is extremely positive. I particularly appreciate the generosity in time and the enthusiasm she brings to the process of developing the right type of book to write. You should try her out. She is the best. "

Frank Weinreich

"MIndy is really very helpful. She gives you valuable advice, her knowledge extends the topic writing and pubslishing a book, and she is also very kind so that it is a pleasure ot be connected with her (which I can only advise to do). Thank you very much, Mindy"

Michael Beale

"Very impressed with Mindy, always positive, helpful and knowledgeable. Delighted to recommend her. Thinking of writing a book? Speak to Mindy!"

Maria del Pilar Diez Calderon

"Mindy is a jovial woman ready to help to write books."

Elisabeth Morris

"Driven by a burning passion for her work, Mindy generously offers valuable advice to would-be writers and motivates them to realise their dream. Thank you Mindy for your help and encouragement."

Marcus Matthews

"Mindy comes across as dynamic and passionate about what she is doing. As I strongly believe "we all have a book in us" and for those in ecademy it also builds our brand and experts status, I think anyone considering this would miss out by not having at least a preliminary conversation with Mindy about their book writing plans and approach."

Penny Power

"Mindy is flying! It is fantastic to see how much Mindy is helping people give birth to their books, her workshops, coaching and amazing experience is fantastic to witness, thank you Mindy, you are making so many dreams come true."

Thomas Power

"Mindy is changing peoples lives, writer by writer, book by book, reader by reader. Highly recommended. "

Kantor Michael Poths

"Mindy is a very lovely lady who likes to communicate and to help but she doesn't expect always that others have time. I'm very thankful for this contact! kind regards Michael"

Jean Flower

"Mindy - A giver - facilitor and creator all in one ! Warm , endearing, and real ! An asset to anyones network ! Connect - you will take a giant step forward "

Jean Wolfe

"Mindy gave an excellent talk at Henley ecademy. Everyone was relaxed and very much enjoyed what she had to say .. as well as finding her ideas useful for their own marketing strategy. Nice lady!"

Nigel Watson

"Mindy is extremely good at what she does, and is an absolute delight to get to know. I thoroughly recommend that you take that time to get to know Mindy. I am confident that the quality of your life will improve as a result. Thanks for being you Mindy, and I look forward to working with you. x"

Phillip Khan-Panni - Wordsmith

"Mindy is a most helpful lady, and totally knowledgeable about publishing. If there's a book inside you -- let Mindy be the midwife! "

mark wing

"A fabulous lady. Well worth networking with. I really enjoyed our lunch today..."

Judith Germain

"Mindy helps aspiring authors write their books, and she certainly had her work cut out with BusinessWise! She enabled 19 busy authors write their chapters and deliver a Best Selling Book within the agreed timescales. If it wasn't for Mindy - BusinessWise would not have happened."

Tomislav Z. Dujmovic

"Shining star! Thank You for Your sincere words and precious directions. "

Marieke Hensel #4

"Really really good! Really really great woman! I look forward to writing a book with your help! Marieke"

Robert WoW De Souza

"I have known Mindy for many years. I have seen her rise to the top and she continues to operate at greater heights with her amazing creative talents. She is always ready to advise and help people with her caring nature. I am really excited being part of the network. I wish Mindy every success as she is truly a Giver who walks her talk."

Alan Searing

"If anyone is considering writing a book and most of us probably are then you could do no better than talk to Mindy who is passionate about writing and helping others achieve "

Glen Tucker

"Mindy is a master of the practical approach to making sure what you write gets people interested. Her talk is a must for those who need to figure out how to write their story so that it enhances their reputation. I'm looking forward to learning more from Mindy, best wishes from Glen Tucker"

Cedric Fouillart

"Mindy for me is a kind woman, and very open, don't hesitate to talk with her ;)"

Susan Popoola

"I was quite taken aback when I met Mindy, as it's not very often that I meet people with the combined attributes she processes. While she is very professional, she is even more passionate with a keen interest in both understanding and helping people to achieve their objectives "

Helena Gontsarik

"Mindy is an excellent coach, very encouraging, providing loads of useful info in a very clear way, as well as plenty of tips and tricks. Mindy's "Write Now!" workshop was a very useful and encouraging event, and her radiant personality contributed to its being a great enjoyment. Thank you, Mindy!"

Guy Massey

"The more I spend time with Mindy, the more I'm discovering what a phenomenal person she is; so hugely impressive in her own field and we are now exploring some business activity too. Also, she is incredibly warm and ignites a room with her presence. Personally I have mountains to climb about gaining a public face through delivery in words, but Mindy is the only person likely to succeed in bringing this to fruition. "

Allison Marlowe

"Mindy came to talk at Southampton Ecademy last evening where she gave a dynamic and inspirational talk filled with passion about her beliefs around creativity. Wow, what a star. It was a great privilege to meet you Mindy. Thank you. Allison Marlowe "

David Jackson (USA)

"Mindy's a great person! She offered free copies of an e-book & even though I was late in asking for it (I was not tied in to ecademy at her offer & didn't even join til 4 months later), she followed thru & got it to me. She tried a couple of times to get me a copy & ultimately did, even though I has asked her not to waste any more time trying. Clearly she is meeting the intent of ecademy by freely giving of her time & effort. If anyone has a chance to help her in any way, please do. She's worth the effort! David Jackson"

Fergus "Voiceman" McClelland

"Mindy is a high energy, high intelligence, deeply motivated to help human being. Able to say in a few sentences the path you need to follow to achieve an aim - and not just with regard to writing a book. Generous and focussed and totally connected to the idea of helping others first. An ideal Ecademist who has helped me and become a good friend. Thanks Mindy."

Debbie (Soul Sanook) Reeds

"Mindy's "Write Now" workshop was extremely inspiring and informative. I love the idea of finding our authentic book, the best we can write. Mindy's coaching makes finding your unique book and getting it written and launched out into the world real and tangible. I came away with a whole host of new possibilities."

Martin Lloyd-Penny

"I met Mindy last week for the first time when I attended her "Write Now" workshop in London aimed at budding authors. Mindy is the "book midwife" and I was wowed with the wonderful environment that she created for the day, her knowledge, energy and boundless enthusiasm together with a great group of authors who all wanted to know more. By the end of the day I was convinced that I could, should and would write my book which I want to use to inspire others never to give up even when you are as low as you can get - you have all the resources within you to achieve your dreams. Martin Lloyd-Penny www.matureaccountants.com"

Tom Evans

"There's not many people who I give two testimonials to but Mindy deserves another one. I had the pleasure of spending a day with her and 10 or so other aspiring authors yesterday and she converted a room of hopefuls into a room of people who will write their books now. If there's a book in you waiting to get out, you need to speak to Mindy"

Michael Birley

"I am sure that I will have a lot more to say about Mindy in the future, but for now, on the little glimpses I have had of her care and talent I feel confident to strongly recommend her to others. I am looking forward to taking my thoughts from possible through probable to actual with her! Well done Mindy Best regards Michael"

Filip Hamerlinck

"Mindy is one of those people its great to be around.It was great to meet her on the first Nr.1 Club party ! "

John Jeffrey

"Mindy put me in touch with a fantastic contact and has really helped my network get off to a great start."

Mark Eaton

"Mindy did a great thing for me today - she cheered me and in doing so demonstrated what a caring, considerate and genuinely great person she really is! I am glad Mindy is in my network!"

Tom Evans

"I had the pleasure of spending an afternoon with Mindy today. Ostensibly, it was our first working session where she's is helping me write my first book. What I thought I was getting into was a straight forward commercial relationship where she gave me the benefit of her expertise so I could short-cut the process, hopefully get it "sort of right" first time and produce something that might get published. In short, she would act as a mentor/project manager/publishing expert. Well, if you are thinking of writing a book then you should get in touch with Mindy as you get all of that but also something worth a whole lot more. What I discovered is that Mindy gives budding writers an insight and direction which is core to success. She has the rare gift of eliciting the talent inside you so that your real intent and message is built into the foundations of your writing. I know it might sound a little ethereal but, for me, it's the difference between writing a "manual" and a real book. I was somewhat dreading what I had taken on board on top of everything else this year, now I can't wait to get started."

David Hillman

"Mindy's warmth and sincerity shine through. She has that rare gift of making you feel special in her company. I would recommend her to anyone."

Rod Sloane

"What I like about Mindy is she's an excellent listener. Most people are just waiting to speak when you have a conversation with them. I get the sense Mindy is really listening. Why not tell Mindy about the plans you have for your book. That's what I did. Mindy listened and gave me some really useful feedback."

Dave Trevena

"One of the great things about this network is meeting and working with real stars! Mindy is very warm, approachable and business focussed. We are really looking forward to working together."

Terry Toms

"I must have rated Mindy good after hearing her at London ecademy in January 2005. Since then I have heard many good things about her from people I meet and I have met her. She is someone you should connect with as she adds value to everyone she meets. Terry "


"Thanks to Mindy I had a very interesting contact with Emiel Denies up here in Belgium. This is the interesting part of 'applied networking'!"

Brian Vacha

"An excellent person, who really embodies givers gain. We've only met once, but she left a very positive feeling towards international relation building! Brian Vacha BNI Michigan "

John Allen

"I've only had a couple of brief exchanges with Mindy but have been gratful for her help and have warmed to her friendly manner. Reading the glowing testamonials from others, I only hope that I will have the opportunity to get to know/work with her in the future. Thanks. "

Christine Clacey

"Mindy is a warm, genuine, generous person that you definitely want in your network!! Her book, 'A Dance In The Desert', is a really compelling read! I recommend it to anyone that likes a good story! Mindy herself is an inspiration to me. She helps others discover the book they are MEANT to write, within them, and coaches and supports them through the process of producing the book. Mindy is also a passionate and inspiring public speaker - guaranteed to entertain and enthuse any audience. I feel very lucky to have Mindy in my network - and I know you will too if you connect with her Christine"

Jim Tuffin

"Mindy, There are some people I don't really like, there are a huge number of people that I do like, and there are a few very special people who light my candle and nurture my spirit. You are one of them! It is my privilege to know you and shortly to work with you .... it is our destiny! I need say no more... thank you! Jim "

Elaine Gold

"Mindy is a truly generous spirit. Giving of her time and a great listener who then takes all the information she has gathered and presents you with a well structured proposal which will stimulate your thinking and stretch you further! Great! A natural networker with a passion for connecting others."

Heather-Jane Gray

"If you're interested in writing but haven't connected with Mindy yet, just do it! ;) Better still attend her 'Write Now!' workshop, where she'll help you bring your ideas to life - and keep you on track to hit your deadline. Good luck! Synergy Transatlantic,Change Leadership & Effectiveness www.synergy-transatlantic.com"

Sadiq Baig

"A kindly responsive person and a very welcome addition to my network.!"

Manuel odabashian

" I have known Mindy for two years now through Epilepsy Action, a charity. She is intelligent, engaging, businesslike but friendly and a very good writer as you would find if you read "dance in the desert". This is written in a very easy and readable style which i think is difficult to reproduce. I have not as yet been "coached" by her but she did a group session recently which made me realize that i need to practice essay writing more Manuel odabashian"

Mark Gilby

"Two messages exchanged and already Mindy is hooking me up with a potential solution to one of my "round to it" issues. Great start! Meanwhile, I hope that I can do the same for her in the not too distant future (or at least once the silly seson finishes). Mark"

Hélder Falcão

"Very polite and approachable networker. Always ready for help. A pleasure to have in my network. I am strongly recommending you as the Book Midwife! Best regards, Helder"

Rory ROR Murray

"I spent a big chunk of today with Mindy and enjoyed every minute!! She's a highly intelligent woman, with a vast amount to give and I would unreservedly recommend her to anyone, as a truly wonderful and inspirational human being. In fact tomorrow, I'm going to be holding up a huge placard on Oxford Street proclaiming my undying admiration and advertising her skills and abilities to the whole of London!! Even if you don't plan to write a book, connect with this lady. If you do have a desire to write (burning or otherwise), don't for one moment contemplate doing it without Mindy's help - it wouldn't do you justice!!"

Philippa Hull

"Mindy was introduced to me by Suzan St Maur and gave me - freely and by return - the guidance I was seeking which was really helpful I cannot wait to read Mindy's book and I now have a new challenge - if Mindy believes that we all have a book inside us waiting to be written, who are we to disagree? There is a saying that many people die with their music still inside them, must be the same with their book! Thank you Mindy Philippa Hull http://www.hot-desk.co.uk/"

Russ King

"Mindy helped me out with advice over a publishing query that I have with my own publisher. She responded quickly to my query even though there was no benefit to herself. I would not hesitate to do business with Mindy. Russ King"

William Buist

"Mindy is a star, and I know that her focus and clarity will help me immensely."


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