Michael Paul Reveal

Michael Paul Reveal


Our company provides legal and business consultancy services for companies wishing to do business in the Faroe Islands, as well as Faroese companies wishing to do business beyond the shores of the Faroes. We have adopted four well-known quotes as our "brand" motifs that serve to focus our thinking about who we are and what we aspire to achieve as we endeavour to serve our clients: "It is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change." -- Charles Darwin "Knowledge does not come to us by details, but in flashes of light from heaven." -- Henry David Thoreau "Justice is truth in action." -- Benjamin Disraeli "Our life is what our thoughts make it." -- Marcus Aurelius We currently provide international consultancy for the Bitland Enterprise, a project that is designed to assist in the eventual establishment and recognition of the Faroe Islands as the premier European centre of ICT innovation, experimentation and excellence. (ICT stands for Information and Communication Technologies.) We welcome your comments on Bitland Enterprise and we truly welcome your enthusiatic support. I would ask you to reflect on the possibilites that could evolve if our small nation would become a dynamic centre and showcase for ICT learning, innovation and experimentation. What would such a centre potentially mean to you, to your colleagues, to your company? How could you or your colleagues contribute to making it a reality? Working together we can make a difference for the entire planet. A series of on-going seminars and international roundtables are scheduled that will explore a variety of ICT initiatives. Please refer to the Bitland Enterprise website for further information. The Faroe Islands is located in the North Atlantic and is a self-governing, autonomous region within the Kingdom of Denmark. You can learn more about the country at the official Faroe Islands Tourist Board site and at Faroe Islands Tourist Guide, a commercial site with loads of information about the Faroe Islands. My commercial website has some information about the Faroe Islands as well. If you would like to take a virtual visit to the Faroes, you can try this site with lots of photos or this site for panaromic vistas.



Website URL: http://www.faroelink.com

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Lothar J.R. Maier

"Dear Michael Paul ! ... just received the posting of Thomas and remember my sailing trip from Iceland via Faroes to Norway in Summer of the beginning of the 90tees. It wa a wonderful journey of "pure nature". As an Information specialist, I want to introduce my person for your business targets. Since 1994 I have moved from a market analyst with focus in business strategies to consulting for knowledge management. With deeper experiences since 1994 in different internet projects (B2B, B2C), I'd like to offer you my services for a concrete knowlege transfer of visions and to progress by individual research methods (see http://www.dataresearch.bigstep.com/generic59.html) "best practice" strategies and collaborative (web-based) networking processes. Kind regards Lothar J.R. Maier (http://www.dataresearch.info) "

Gary Lawrence Murphy

"I have another quote for your list: "Computers are useless. They can only give you answers" -- Pablo Picasso :) At the prompting of Thomas, I thought I might introduce myself as someone with some limited WiFi experience through my association with canada-wireless.net, as well as a long involvement (largely through ISOC and the UN) with ICT for economic development, but mostly as someone deeply involved in both opensource software and in the REST (representational state transfer) alternative to the webservices; the first you know, but for the second the salient detail is that REST methods do not require re-tooling everything with SOAP servers -- anything doable in SOAP is perfectly doable with plain old HTTP. If you are interested, or have technical people looking at webservices deployments, you might want to ask Google about RestWiki and read up on it. Your Faroe projects sound very interesting and I shall be keeping an eye on your national experiment ;) Best regards, Gary Lawrence Murphy"


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