Andrew Priestley

Andrew Priestley


I am a business coach qualified in Industrial and Organisational Psychology. I work with busainess owners running established medium sized companies.  

My clients usually want the business to run well with and without them. They want to better manage their people, grow the business, make a profit and enjoy more of the benefits of business ownership.

I profile clients to assess your strengths and weaknesses as a manager and we pinpoint professional and business development coaching targets. The follow up coaching addresses those issues.

The typical result is you make more money and resolve issues in the business and via your operating team.

For example, a recent client went from £1.2M to £6.9M in under two years. That client gained immense clarity on the strategic direction of the business, stepped back from the day-to-day operational focus, worked on a business model that delivers business performance, their sales process and developing key staff capable of delivering on the day-to-day running. The key benefit was they improved their personal and professional ability to take their business to a new level.

If this sounds of interest let's have a chat on 07879 330060, email me an or check out

I am 54. I've been married to Diane for over 32 years. We have two adult children and we are based in London. My clients are based worldwide.

I can't cook. I play guitar and I am learning piano and believe it or not 3-4 times a year I get commissions to illustrate books (adult authors requiring cartoons or technical drawings). I love to garden. I like travelling. I love public speaking and training and do lots of that. I read a lot.

I also have a successful side business that builds indicator tools for clients worldwide. In 2011, I won an award for the Sales Profile which is used by sales managers and sales trainers,

I recently developed the Personal Finance Indicator which helps young working adults manage their money.

Diane and I are Christians and we go to a little church up the street.



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  • UK Programme Director

    Entrevo Pty Ltd LOndon


    In addition to my own business I am the UK Programme Director for The Key Person of Influence Programme (KPI) in the UK.


Jennifer Bloom

"I'm pleased to count Andrew as one of my contacts here on Ecademy. Changing Lives, Jennifer "

Paul Ergatoudis

"All round good guy. We at and are all pleased to have met Andrew and experienced his coaching. This man CAN help your business."

Robert WoW De Souza

" I have attended several of Andrew's events and seen him in action. He knows his onions, potatoes and tomatoes and how to cook and serve the perfect dish when called to deliver. I was blessed to spend some time with him at our LED launch party yesterday. I believe we can collaborate on synergy projects in due course. I am blessed to be part of his network for many reasons. I wish Andrew and his family Diane and Daniel an enjoyable experience here in the UK and every success as they walk their talk."

Ivor Williams

"Andrew is an awesome coach and presenter, and a truly great guy when I've met him socially. He has an excellent understanding of the wealth dynamics business cycle, and is able to apply this to a new client's business at a moment's notice. His Business Leadership Profile is again, highly recommended."

Richard Bellars

"It has been simply excellent and a privilege to meet Andrew and every time I do I get some new distinction into a better way to conduct my business. Powerful stuff. As a business coach, he cuts to the core instantly, perceptively and empathetically to ultimately push you harder on 'what do you want to happen'. As an Aussie, he maybe even gets away with some pretty direct (and always valuable) insights with natural charm and rapport. His impact on me and approaches to my business has been instant and I thank him for it. If you want results, he will help you break it down to deliver the essentials to get you there. Having also experienced his Business Leadership Profile, a powerful methodology he designed himself specifically for measuring business performance and leadership, I am integrating into my own coaching 'toolkit'. Whether coach, leader or for your own performance in business, I recommend you check it out (whether through the man himself...or through me!) Thank you Andrew!"

Denis Cahill

"One word describes my perception of Andrew upon meeting him - WOW! His ability to probe into how your business ticks and come up with a successful strategy is amazing. If there's a model for generating and measuring business success and results, odds on that Andrew knows about it. He is the real-deal, and I'm honoured to have made his acquaintance."

Gyula Julius Reznicsek

"Thought, I do not know him at all, but I think that his profile is the mirror of him. Which is clear and correct ! He is a person with the deep feelings to others and to the all World too :) He should be only recomanded by me ! Good to have him in my friend yard here inside the Ecademy. Hope, may be, we will go ahead by the ONE WAY TICKET VOYAGE too, down the road. :) Gyula (Gyula = Julius)Openeyed Daydreamer & & & & & & "

Diane Priestley

"Andrew is a devoted, loving husband, encouraging, supportive Dad and a brilliant,successful business coach. I'm a little biased being his wife! Diane Priestley"

Daniel Priestley

"An amazing coach... but more importantly a fantastic Dad. All the best on Ecademy. Dan"


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