Mike "Magic" Segall

Mike "Magic" Segall

Founder, Original Speakers


Being Mike Segall. ! Been there, done that, worn the t-shirt! I am often asked why I am known as "Magic Mike". The reason is that having been networking for over 28 years I have a personal network of over 22,000 people which enables me to "get things done" through my contacts in a seemingly "easy" manner. My portfolio of businesses I am involved in several businesses, details of which you can find below :- I am the Director of an artist management company called Original Promotions looking after a portfolio of singers, voice over artists and professional speakers. I have over 25 years experience in all Credit Management issues. I have worked with all types and sizes of companies from start-ups through to major companies like Lloyds Register of Shipping, CBC Europe, Priority Telecom, GTS Ventelo and Choice Hotels Europe. I have a high profile within the Credit industry having held the post of PR Officer for the London Branch of The Institute of Credit Management from 2002 to 2004, am the Co-Chairman of the panel of judges for the Credit Industry Awards and chaired the Credit Today Collections Conference in November 2005. I also chaired the Credit 07 Conference at London Olympia in May 2007. I have also had several articles published in Credit Today magazine. Money Collectors http://www.moneycollectors.co.uk offer the following services and please note that we are happy to pay introducers to all of our services a 15% lifetime commission on their introductions:- We specialise in collecting debts for solicitors, accountants and other professional service companies as well as general trade debts. Worldwide Debt Collection - offered on a No Collection No Fee basis. We only charge on a successful collection at competitive rates based on size and age of the debt. We have legal and debt collection representatives in over 70 countries worldwide. Please contact us for rates. Outsourced Credit Control - reduce your credit department costs. We aim to reduce the overall costs of your credit collection by up to 40% following a review by our credit management experts. Credit Checking - Know exactly who you are dealing with and who is asking you for credit. Tracing Services - Locating and reporting on absconded debtors. Door to Door Collection Services - We have access to over 1000 agents throughout the UK. Repossession - We are able to offer a full repossession service covering motor vehicles, plant and machinery, boats and yachts throughout the UK and Europe. We will repossess a motor vehicle anywhere in the UK for £395 Bailiff Services - We have 5 Bailiffs available for all kinds of bailiff services. Process Serving - We have process servers available throughout the UK. Credit Diagnostic and Review - Have your company's credit and collection procedures examined and reviewed by a Fellow of The Institute of Credit Management with over 20 years experience. Terms and Conditions Review - Have your company's terms and conditions reviewed to be up to date with the latest legislation. Staff Training - One day seminar which ensures that your credit control team are conversant with the most up to date credit collection techniques. Contact us: Mobile 07739 516596 e mail: moneycollectors@yahoo.co.uk http://www.moneycollectors.co.uk I am also a partner in Central Debt Management and if you or someone you know are experiencing personal debt problems and need a professional service to help you with your debt management please contact me via www.centraldebtmanagement.com Call 07739 516596 in strictest confidence Personal I have successfully run and completed 3 London Marathons, 1996,1998 and 2001 raising thousands of pounds for ASPIRE the spinal injury charity. I share my birthday with Sean Connery (shaken but not stirred), Claudia Schiffer (in touch with my female side) and Elvis Costello (my aim is true!). I network for a living so if you'd like to network with me you know what to do! Testimonials: http://www.ecademy.com/module.php?mod=guestbook&id=31063 View Mike Segall's profile on LinkedIn



Skype: mikesegall25856
Blog URL: http://mikesegall.blogspot.com/

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Mick Say

"I have known Mike for some two years via our connection eCademy. On Sunday the 7th of February I was interviewed by Mike on his Jnet Radio Station. (www.jnetradio.com) I have never been very good at talking about myself but Mike managed to make me sound good! Mike's radio station is well worth tuning into which is easy to do from your computer. I would like to recommend that all readers of this testimonial connect with Mike; some of his "magic" may rub-off on you like it did on me. Thanks Mike for my introduction to live radio broadcasting. Mick Say"

David Food

"Mike is an engaging active networker who can open doors of possibility, he speaks and challenges with laser sharp insight and helps you to access improved possibilities. I recommend you connect with Mike, it might make all the difference. "

Ismael Kaaya

"Hi! It's very nice to be connected with you on ecademy. Let us build a mutual business relationship in our businesses. Best Regards, Ishmael Samuel. www.tours2eastafrica.com. "

Adiel Solomon

"Hi! I'm honored to be connected to your network on ecademy. I look forward to a closer friendship and mutual business relationship in our businesses. Adiel S.K www.tours2eastafrica.com "

Antonio Farruggia-Bochnak

"Hi Mike, Its great to have you as an Ecademy contact - the amount of people you have in your network is amazing and has inspired me to continue to keep working hard to build up my network :) Please let me know if there is anything I can do for you especially re marketing using video streaming. All the best, Antonio Magico antonomagico.com "

Gift Chingwena

"Mike is a very important chapter to our company, very easy to talk to and really keen on helping out. His Advice and directions really pose as a major value, because of his advice it changed the way we reach out to the community and how we handle our clients. I personaly would recommend anyone to work with Mike"

George Joseph

"Dear Mike, Today is a remarkable day, made possible by ecademy and YOU. YOU have helped me achieve the dream of networking with a thousand ecademicians from all over the world! Thank you for helping me along the way... While thanking you for your help, I invite you to visit our project in Palamaner. Or if you wish to know more about our work, please visit: http://www.csatrust.com. Wishing you a meaningful Lenten season and with Gods abundant blessings. George "

Jennifer Bloom

"I'm pleased to count Mike as one of my contacts here on Ecademy. Changing Lives, Jennifer "

C. L. Wayne Moore, Ph.D.

"I'm pleased to be a part of your network. I know you're exceedingly busy, but I may get to meet you when I'm in London during a week in April. That'll be an honour"

Tomasz Glowczewski

"It is a pleasure to be connected with Mike. Best regards, Tom"

Gavin Morton-Holmes

"It is a pleasure to be among Mike's networking gang. He is living proof that women are attracted to personality rather than good looks :-) "

Ronald L. Taylor

"It is an honour to be connected with you on Ecademy. I look forward to our networks being of mutual benefit to one another."

Mariéme Jamme

"Entrepreneurial, kind, personable, dedicated and positive. A great guy to have in your network."

Roy Law

"Mike was my main mentor; first for face-to-face networking for me (as for so many others). Experiencing the Segall magic is a "must" for serious networkers."

Jim Ziegler

"When I first joined Ecademy, this man reached out to me and befriended me. He is a true professional and a great human being. His writing on occassion has brought a tear to my eyes. JIM"

Merold Mueller

"I rated him good, because he is a great networker."

Ian McKenzie

"Helpful to a "newby" on ecademy."

Mike Turner

"Mike certainly walks the talk. He has a great passion for people which is evident in his masterful networking skills. I count myself fortunate to have spent time at a seminar hearing him speak about his favourite subject and recommend that if you ever have the opportunity you should do the same. He also happens to have a fantastic first name! All the best Mike ALLCALMA"

Richard Parsons

"Mike is a good communicator and for me, definitely lived up to his 'magic' tag at the BlackStar day on 17-Mar-08."

Thomas Power

"Living his life to the full and achieving his dreams through contribution. If you don't like Mike you don't know him yet. I like him because he has things in order. Highly recommended. "

Jan Mulder

"Mike is one of the best networkers I have ever met! He has a genuine interest in people. He is honest, friendly, dedicated, very helpful, open and is a great person to know and to have in your network. We interact with each other at Ecademy Blackstar and will continue to do so."

Vicky "Dynamic" Ross

"Mike is funny, witty, definitely cheeky, but most of all, sincere and helpful. Looking to the positive things in life and not getting caught up in the time wasters! He chairs a fantastic virtual table, and gives good honest, down to earth advice. great benefit to be in one of his. He is well connected, very experienced in what he does and will and can help you in your business. Helps you identify weaknesses and build on your strength. An asset in your network, a gem in your social life. Connect with him and watch your business move in the right direction. "

Penny Power

"Mike is a true entrepreneur with all the empathy and experience of what an entrepreneur and small business needs. What ever you need, contact Mike, he will either have the skills and team in place to help you or, will know someone who can."

Robert Greig

" Mike is an extremely well connected individual with some great new business ideas! His soon to launch network sounds to be a sure fire winner and I wish him well with all of his endeavours. Robert Greig Club Leader. Ecademy Glasgow Network The Office Furniture Guru"

Stuart Beattie

"Mike is a wonderful, well-connected and generous person. He not only talks the talk but also walks the walk. He was as good as his word in inviting me to a specific networking event and personally introducing me to the key person I wanted to meet. Thank you Mike "

Vicki (The Property Mermaid) Wusche

"Just wanted to say thanks to Mike 1. for the invite to the BHX Grow your own business show - where I was part of a team of Business advisors 2. for the lift to BHX :) 3. for a lot of fun :) If you didn't take Mike up on his offer to work out at the show you missed a great opportunity! Mike it is has been a pleasure to get to know you and the others on the stand better, I know we will be working together again soon :) Best wishes Vicki ' get some WOOSHin your life' Wusche :)"

Lindsay Hart

"Mike is a 'natural' networker. Such huge fun as well. Get connected to this man and see your world move and shake!! Lindsay"

Thomas Power

"The cheekiest BlackStar of them all. Smart, intelligent, connected and aware Mike knows more than a thing or two about networking and connecting people. He's a past master and does it naturally all the time. He has more leads and opportunities coming at him than he knows what to do with, connect with him as he likes sharing and you might catch one (or two). "

Neil Urquhart

"Mike is one of the key people to connect with on Ecademy. Not only is he very helpful, enthusiastic and optimistic but he's a networking guru, a telemarketing master and debt recovery genius. Connect with him today to see how he can help you."

Victor Marques

"Network is passion and a fantastic art! Dont Miss our friend that everyone likes! You can ride always with the same bike! Splendid man, his name is Mike....! "

Andrew Wilcox

"Thank you Mike for inviting me along today to help man the Business Advice Zone, at the British Franchise Show in Olympia. It was fun being a little island of (in)sanity in the middle of a 100 Franchise Business Stalls. I can vaguely remember helping a lady set a up a lingerie business in Ealing, listening to a gentleman outline his garage (the music) web mall, another lady who wanted to start a catering business and first off, was a lady who wanted to run a group of in house masseurs. What a wide ranging set of businesses. I supposed the common piece of advice I gave them was "Give Ecademy a go." I am glad I did. Otherwise I would never have met you. Thanks also for the opportunity to speak at the Grow Your Own Business conference. That was a great little challenge which I shall refine in to another presentation for my circuit. Thank you for the opportunity. p.s. I will be sending the bill for the other work I enjoyed doing with you."

David Marks

"I have used Mike's telemarketing service - very good value!"

Bob Green "Mr Funding Options"

"If you need a star to collect a difficult debt on a no-win-no-fee basis then Mike "Magic" Segall is your man. He worked tirelessly with my (ex) client, formed a relationship and trust with him whilst he guided him through the impending perils of non-payment. The full amount is now cleared through my bank (a year late) and Mike's fee is gratefully paid. Great job - thanks Mike. "

Simon Warman-Freed

"Mike is a successful and serial networker and entrepreneur. He is a must to get to know. His knowledge, energy, enthusiasm and humour are what makes him great to be around. I would highly recommend you connect with Mike. What & who he doesn't know............. Simon Warman-Freed "

Nigel Whittaker

"Mike is a master networker someone you really should connect to. I am glad we meet so early on in my Ecademy life."

Emma (Creative Guru) Boardman

"Mike is amazing very honoured to be connected with him Emma Boardman Boardman Bookings"

Hélder Falcão

"Mike is a fantastic networker and brings fun and enthusiasm to networking events, where traditionally only the elite and upperclass would participate. Strongly recommend his organization, which has been growing consistently and brings networking to everyone. Mike, it's a pleasure to belong to your fantastic network! Best regards, Hélder"

Terry Toms

"In the art of networking Mike is a master craftsman. His skill in the craft of public speaking makes him smooth, very funny and a pleasure to listen. He is well connected and well rounded and his attention to the causes of those less fortunate make him someone I want to associate with and help if I can. He is someone from whom all ecademists can learn. Terry "

Nicole Wehden

"Mike is one of those amazing people in life who seems to achieve more in a day than most of us do in a week, and all of it, in one way or another, for the benefit of others. He is witty, charming, highly intelligent and THE master of networking. If you are fortunate enuogh to connect with Mike, listen, learn and enjoy! "

Janos Abel #2

"I am very grateful to Mike for inviting me to a speed networking event in Novemeber 2005. Unstructured networking opportunities require some important social skills in order to be really satisfying and productive. The framework used to facilitate this meeting was a kind of life belt enabling me to enjoy the deep waters of good networking. I now understand why Magic is Mike's middle name. Janos Abel"

Niall Fairhead

"Mike was very innovative and professional in planning and executing my telephone sales campaign. The strategy was good and the results interesting!"

Dominic Pinto

"Dear Mike I really enjoyed the evening, but had to make a speedy departure, to meet friends in a philosophy discussion group (The Wednesday Club see http://wednesday-club.blogspot.com/). So very happy to endorse you! I was a bit surprised, but I seem to have been the first to follow up (by e-mail at least), and had one response. I didn't catch your colleague's details, nor for that matter Frank from Prevista. Can you oblige? Best wishes DOminic"

J William (Bill) Moore, HFTC

"What a great guy... and he understands funny accents from Ludlow, too! A man well worth talking to! Wishing you all the success you can stand, Mike. Best wishes, Bill"

Niall Fairhead

"He is not called "Magic Mike" for nothing! A friendly, helpful Allrounder."

Clive "ITpreneur" Butchins

"A star networker.188 people can't be wrong! And a nice guy too."

Niall Fairhead

"Hi Mike I would like to rate you good - no less then the truth! regards Niall"

Sheila Steptoe

"Thank you for the offer and sorry I could not take you up on it - perhaps next time. Very generous of you and hope to meet you one day soon regards Sheila"

Michael Miller

"Really nice guy and great at Speednetworking events, would recommend you connect with Mike!"

James Coakes

"I met Mike and liked him."

Roger Vanstone

"I disagree with much that Mike says and does and probably will continue to do so, but will give credit for the very hard work he put in to help charities and not the fashionable ones either. Well done for that Mike."

Chris McHugo

"An active networker"

Kim Sharman - NRG

"Mike runs a great organisation and is a tremendous enthusiast for all aspects of networking. I'm proud to call him a colleague within Black Star, and I can recommend his services to anyone. Oh, and he's a nice bloke as well! Kim Sharman "

William Buist

"Great guy, fun, dedicated, focused and with a great product - don't miss a chance to have have the magic of this networker in your contacts "

Emma James

"Mike is a consummate networker and I'm proud to consider him as a friend. I urge you to make a connection with Mike, you'll learn a lot from him. He embodies the principles of Ecademy, giving his advice freely and without expectation. Watch his STAR ascend. "

Kath Pay

"What can I say but, Mike's the man to know! He is unbelievably helpful and has referred me to many potential clients. Additionally, I went to my first Speednetworking event last week and it was brilliant. I encourage you to meet Mike and learn from him. Kath Pay www.ezemail.co.uk"

Noel Austin

"An update on Mike's contribution to the Ecademy Jazz Club, which met for the first time last evening. In addition to Mike's undoubted organisational skills, he demonstrated his abilities as a smooth and polished compere - it was a great evening to which Mike made a major contribution. Thanks Mike!"

Michael-Don Smith

"Quality Helpful Fun Leader Role Model Networker I had the pleasure of attending the Blackstar meeting organised in London by MIke and observed the smooth and experienced way he kept things flowing. Mike is a great networker and leads by example I cannot imagine anyone in business who could not benefit from a connection with a professional who always delivers. Want some 'Magic' in your world contact Mike Segal"

Noel Austin

"Mike's expertise in organising musical events is enabling him to make a major contribution to the Ecademy Jazz Club's first gig. Thanks Mike."

louis ''The Mortgage Explorer'' d'Espagnac

"Mike, I read your comments and blogs whenever they appear and always with gratitude. I admire people like you that spend time in educating others about what you know and appear to like immensely. I really would like to have a one to one with you and when we meet on 21/2 we can arrange a time and place if it's agreeable to you. Have a peaceful Sunday Louis "

Alan Telephone Man Kaye

"Knows about selling face to face and selling on the phone. Able to teach others how to do it too! Alan Kaye "

Kevin Hardern

"You are an interesting, open character, Mike and can really help to build up a conversation. Fancy being on the same table as someone who is intimate with Toyah (in the nicest possible way) as well as someone who is very fiendly with Wishbone Ash!"


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