Nick Braak

Nick Braak


I am the founder of New York City based Highwick Associates, a provider of custom-tailored investigative services for Brand Protection, Cybercrime, Online Reputation, Fraud and Data Privacy. I am often called a cyber or Internet sleuth.

I have a strong interest in scams, fakes, cybercriminals, Internet fraud, Social Media risks and rewards, online identity and related dark yet fun topics. Along with modern business, communication, entrepreneurial topics and things and people who are trying to improve our world in small and big ways.

I have more than 27 years of entrepreneurial business, technology and internet industry experience. Way too much detail to fit in here. That's why you should visit my LinkedIn profile for all the full and frequently updated details.

A historical note: I was an active member for seven years and frequent contributor to Ecademy, the predecessor to Sunzu.



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