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Hi! Thanks for taking a look at my profile. I am the founder of The Marketing Compass. We provide impartial marketing advice to business owners. Join us for free and ask marketing questions. Connect with other business owners and learn customer attraction and low cost marketing strategies.

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Who is Nigel Temple?
Nigel grew up in Devon, mostly around Tavistock. He used to go riding on Dartmoor: now that's REAL rain, I tell you! For 10 years, he played rhythm guitar in R&R bands. They played a lot of Status Quo (who needs more than three chords, anyway?) Mr Temple senior was a veterinary surgeon. Sadly, his son was never destined for this august career - on the basis that he faints at the sight of blood. An avid (aphid?) reader from an early age, Nigel is happy to study bus tickets, advertising hoardings, messages on T shirts and the smudged lettering found on franked envelopes. He puts this to good use when he writes copy for websites and other forms of marketing communication.

Nigel studied marketing at Greenwich University, somehow obtaining an honours degree. He subsequently spent four challenging years trying to be a salesman for the likes of Rank Xerox. Amazingly, their attempts at intensive sales training worked and Nigel has never looked back. This is because he ignores the sound of the sirens. He left the world of professional selling (and a £13,000 salary package) (not bad for 1983) and become a professional copywriter.......On a salary of £5,000 (not good, even for 1983). Being entrepreneurial by nature, Nigel began to pick up copywriting assignments of his own.

He has been picking up assignments ever since - as a marketing consultant, trainer, speaker and author. For five years, Nigel's office was across the corridor from Tony Buzan (of Mind Mapping fame). They used to enjoy playing chess together. They talked about the meaning of life, the human brain and the future of mankind. Nigel learnt a lot from Tony. (This was probably not reciprocal). He became a Buzan Licensed Instructor (Mind Mapping and Learning to Learn). He is the proud father of four amazing children and a lucky guy to have been married to Joanna for 30 years. =) Doesn't time just fly? 

I hope that you have enjoyed reading my profile. To find out more (oh no, there's more!), visit:

Here are a few of my favourite quotations.

If you are an independent professional / business owner, you are welcome to create a profile here: ...and ask some marketing questions.

The clients I have worked with include the BBC, Cadburys, Microsoft, Scottish Widows and Vauxhall. I have advised Jack Black (of MindStore fame) and Tony Buzan (the inventor of Mind Mapping). I have worked with several thousand independent professionals and small business owners, over a 25 year period. My services include marketing strategy and planning, website development, SEO and copywriting. I deliver this via one-to-one consultancy, public speaking engagements and seminars. I give a considerable amount of free advice via Twitter, The Marketing Compass and Ecademy. My interests include playing guitar, chess, reading, walking with my wife and trying to understand our four children (er, young adults).



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George Wallace

"Nigel Temple is friendly, helpful and supportive. He clearly knows a great deal about marketing! I have joined his marketing advice group, The Marketing Compass and he is always quick to respond when I post a question their website."

Ruth Cheesley - Joomla SEO Specialist

"I have attended a couple of Nigel's workshops on the use of social media and how to make search engines love you, which were both fully booked a fair way in advance. Although I already knew a fair amount about the subjects, it's always useful to keep up to date with the latest hints and tips - and Nigel always makes sure that everybody in the room is able to take something away from the event. Nigel makes marketing and strategy easy to understand and less scary for people who are new to the business world, giving them a stable foundation on which to build going forward. I would definitely recommend his services and continue to learn from his seemingly never-ending pool of marketing wisdom!"

Chris Farrance

"I was a member of Nigel's inner circle Marketing Compass for a year or so. I appreciated the interest he took in my business and the very professional and tangible advice he gave me. His speaking events were always first class and attracted similarly minded independent business people."

Lisa Attias

"Nigel has an outstanding quality in that he exudes encouragement, which combined with his professional expertise as a business consultant in 'The Marketing Compass' is pretty winning stuff. Within the first month of joining as a 'Navigator' I had renewed confidence in my company MoreSouth organic catering. I continue to experience the strength of this online community founded by Nigel."

Ferdinand Felix Casantusan

"Nigel is definitely a true ecademist! - he is appreciative, proactive, professional, open-minded and optimistic. :)"

Dallas 'The Editor' Willcox

"This morning, I participated in a Business Link workshop - How to Attract Customers Using Free / Low Cost Marketing - which was presented by Nigel. The two-hour session was riveting; the advice that Nigel provided was first class. I would recommend this workshop to anyone who has recently, or fairly recently, established a business and needs to attract more customers without it costing the earth. From one very satisfied customer: Dallas Willcox, Simply Words Editing Services. "

Andrew Sansom

"I met Nigel soon after joining Ecademy three years ago, and have seen him present many times. Every time I talk to him, or see him speak, I learn something new (or have something I should know reinforced). As a result, I joined his Marketing Compass programme a few months ago, and have already experienced many benefits ranging from high level Improved Strategic Focus to the detailed level of aspects of my website and day to day marketing activities. Nigel is an excellent presenter, trainer, and mentor, and also a genuine and caring guy. Andrew"

Toni Farrington

"I had the pleasure of meeting Nigel at the 'Grow Your Own Business' event in Birmingham and very much enjoyed his most engaging speech which was full of practical marketing tips. I am looking forward to working with Nigel soon and welcoming him to join our panel of business experts on the FreeIndex Business Advice Centre. I am sure he will guide and advice our businesses fantastically! :) Oh, and he is a really nice bloke too! "

Dr. Mehmet Yildiz

"Nigel is a fantastic person in my network: kind, caring, knowledgeable, smart, successful and reliable. What else could I ask from a fellow networker here. I am proud to be in his network too."

Brian McLelland (Business Lawyer)

"Nigel is a star. Ever sensible,self-deprecating and knowledgeable he is one of the few "givers" in Life who gives and expects nothing in return. Always a breath of fresh air his presentations are often filmed and always enjoyed. Highly recommended. "

Don Cooke

"Top draw marketing strategist - although I have never met Nigel I was recommended his templates for marketing planning .. and since then have been a consistent advocate for him. "

Reuben Heppelthwaite

"If you are looking for continuous quality new business leads, Nigel is your man! He will teach you the smart way to market your business. If you employ him, get ready! You will be in demand."

Rosemary Parr

"I attended a Business Link sponsored seminar given by Nigel today. Whatever your level of marketing knowledge, he's well worth listening to. I came away feeling validated in some of the things I do, nudged about others that I know I should be doing and with some neat approaches to things that are done as a matter of course but with a different twist just put you ahead. I'd recommend attending any events that Nigel's leading and adding him to your network. Rosemary"

Sue Searle

"I thoroughly enjoyed Nigel's speech last Thursday. It was most entertaining and informative and certainly hit the right button with everyone. His book 'How to get Clients to Come to You' is very useful and pocket sized so really good to read on the train or plane. I would like to recommend him as an excellent speaker and writer. Thanks, Nigel. All the best, Sue"

Jonathan Perugia

"nigel - your presentation on thursday was a real breath of fresh air. you demystified and inspired with your direct, fun, and simple approach. your ideas were clear and simple, presented with energy and humour. thank you!"

Jennifer Crokaert

"Nigel, I attended your talk at the Ecademy London Event on Thursday and I highly recommend your presentation. You gave us so many practical, easy tips and hints that that I shall start implementing. Your wonderful sense of humour made learning a joy! I thoroughly recommend you. Wishing you continued success, Nigel. Best wishes Jennifer"

Paul Shadbolt

"I attended the Ecademy event on 27th March were Nigel was key note speaker. He is superb, an entertaining delivery, and his material is an excellent range of common sense 'stuff that works'. I would recommend Nigel as a guest speaker, and as someone who could make a difference to your business. I am now exploring how i can work with Nigel to up skill some of my team, so they can add more value in their customer relationships. Regards Paul Senior Manager Commercial Lloyds TSB PLC"

Graham Hill

"We have just re-engaged Nigel to take our marketing to the next level. We last worked together in 2005 and we are all delighted to be working with him again. His advice and help has been invaluable and worth every penny. I can highly recommend his Marketing Director Service, which we are using, and The Marketing Compass for SME's who wish to take on some great advice at very affordable rates. Best wishes Graham Verbatim the phone answering service"

Gary Weinstein

"Dear Nigel, I thoroughly enjoyed your talk at the ecademy monthly meeting. It was informative, fun and will be invaluable. Thank you. Regards ... Gary"

Francine Beleyi

"What an amazing, entertaining, powerful presentation. I certainly did enjoy the 7 steps to take for marketing success. I will implement right now some of the useful ways to market your business at low cost. If you haven't heard Nigel speak, you should look out for his next speaking event. Thank you Nigel Francine "

David Willis

"Wow, how to get clients to come to you - Nigel's lively presentation style immediately had me and the whole Ecademy audience hooked, the room was buzzing. If you have any doubts about your marketing, perhaps not enough clients come to you then make sure you contact Nigel, go to one of his informative presentations, it will be time well spent! Brilliant - thank you Nigel."

Penny Power

"Nigel ws our speaker at the Ecademy London Event in March 2008, his content and delivery was excellent for the audiance of business owners and business people. His approach to sales and marketing is common sense, as he says, but its simplicity and clarity is what makes it brilliant, I am hopeful that many members will buy his book and will implement his advice. Thank you Nigel, we have had tremendous feedback and thank you for your contribution to the Ecademy community."

Keith Hern

"What a fantastic presentation Nigel gave at the Tower Hotel - if you ever need some more marketing ideas search this guy out, it'll be worth it. Keith"

Rod Sloane

"Nigel gave an excellent, content rich talk at the London Ecademy Evening. Rush out to hear Nigel speak, buy his books and CDs and then you can stop having sleepless nights about a lack of business. This man is one of the good guys. A star!"

Ian Stirling

"I have just returned from a seminar given by Nigel on Marketing through the web. It was outstanding to cover so much in one half day. It showed how you could do things, for yourself that would make a difference. He was not selling a service just giving information (well selling his book but for £7) - 100% networking. I hope to come across Nigel in the future - and he was selling ecademy as the network to join. Ian Stirling 15 Nov 2007"

Tracey "Biz Doctor" Dooley

"Nigel's newsletter was one of the first I had ever signed up for, and it's still one that I read. He has so much invaluable insight and knowledge to share, you'd be mad not to sign up for The Marketing Mentor! Tracey -------------------------------------------------- TRACEY "WORD DOCTOR" DOOLEY Creative Consultant | PR Guru | Marketing Diva Business Writing | Editorial Expertise | Marketing Solutions | ------------------------------------------------- ******************************************************************** Press • TV • Outdoor • Point of Sale • Radio • Instore • New Media • Online Marketing • Direct Response • Corporate Identity • I Go Wherever Concepts Take Me ******************************************************************** ------------------------------------------------"

Neil "video podcast" Fairbrother

"Nigel gives excellent, informative and entertaining presentations about marketing and why you should do it and how you can do it. If you get the chance, go and see him perform. We went through his marketing ideas poster and discovered we were doing more than we thought, but not as much as we should. "

Graham Jones

"If you want to know about marketing - and who in business doesn't need to know about it - then Nigel should be your first port of call. Not only is he an expert in the field, he explains things in easy to understand language without any of that psychobabble nonsense you hear from some marketing gurus. Add to this the fact that he is a kind and caring chap and you have the perfect combination you need to help you maximise your marketing."

julie bishop

"Meeting Nigel put a bounce into my step again! His work shop was absolutely tremendous and it is now my mission in life to spread the word! Julie Bishop Living Clean"

Emma James

"An expert speaker and specialist in his field. A quick glance at Nigel's testimonials will give you a clue that you're onto gold dust here. This man knows his stuff and he's really sage and approachable with it. Nigel has a gift for eliciting a client's business and personal objectives with a rare sensitivity for someone who is evidently in the upper reaches of his profession. An incisive mind and a real giver who's very happy to dispense advice. He homes in on key issues and has a grasp of individual marketing needs/requirements/preferences without having to ask too many leading questions which would naturally set up barriers. Interesting to see him in action and watch the intellect shining out of his eyes. An Alpha worth tracking down and inspiring to be around. Thank you Nigel - I'm determined to put the tips you imparted into practice. "

Tom Evans

"Nigel is one of the most entertaining and erudite speakers you will find on the subject of marketing in general and how to do it on the Internet specifically. I would highly recommend you get to hear him speak. He has a seemingly unlimited depth of knowledge on the subject and I guarantee you will learn at least 2-3 really powerful tips you didn't know. Oh, and buy a copy of Writing Copy for the Web if you want your web pages to be "heard" "

Dave Clarke

"As an independent professional, entrepreneur or small business owner you have to be excellent at low cost marketing. If you're not you have a number of alternatives. You can spend hours & hours searching the web & small fortunes on self help programmes looking for the silver bullet. You can spend small fortunes on trial & error, which can become pretty painful. OR you can enlist the cost effective help of someone like Nigel Temple who not only advises on what you should do, but demonstrates the effectiveness of his methods by doing it all himself. "

David Davis

"Nigel Just a brief chat has provided new and implementable marketing ideas. Thank you. Regards David Davis Managiong Director Total Purcgasing Solutions Ltd 020 8906 9571"

Keith Watson

"Nigel you're a damned good egg. Full of new ideas and give good sound advice. You are also a great networker and have that ideal trait of looking out for your clients with that willingness to give. Power to your elbow Nigel. Thanks for the show so far. Keith"

Graham Hill

"Nigel... thank you so much for all the work you have done with me over the last year on our marketing strategy. I am delighted to recommend you.Your suggestion of a free guide to outsourcing was one of the many good things you advised us to implement- Graham Graham Hill Verbatim Call Centres 01635 573208"

louis ''The Mortgage Explorer'' d'Espagnac

"Nigel, What can I say after spending the evening in your company last Tuesday? Words like blessed, fantastic, memorable come to mind. Thus let me thank you for a most enjoyable time. I really enjoyed it and you made every mile there and back worthwhile. On a more serious note I believe you are a true professional and feel fortunate to have had the pleasure to listen to you. I learned a lot on that evening. I hope it wont be long before we meet again and explore more common grounds for us to network together. Best Regards Louis d'Espagnac Independent Mortgage Advice You Can Trust"

V Broomes

"Nigel, many thanks for taking the time to view the content of my website and sharing your views with me. Your suggestions have been immensely helpful and have provided me with an understanding of key essentials of website marketing. I have been impressed by both the promptness of your response and your demonstration of the ethos of ecademy. For your invaluable support, please accept my sincerest appreciation. Veronica Broomes Executive Solutions (UK) "

john bancroft

"Hi Nigel, Thank you once again for the help and advice you were able to provide me with the other evening I really appreciate it. You are certainly never short of good and practical ideas. I trust your Monday surgery is going well and look forward to attending the next Marketing Mentor Network meeting. All the very best, John "


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