Olu Odeniyi

Olu Odeniyi


Professional online data backup protect your business with IBM data centres, Cable & Wireless/Energis/Level3 tripple redundant internet connectivity and backup software trusted by PricewaterhouseCoopers

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  • Business Referral Club - accelerating biz dev, connections, referrals, alliances and partnerships
  • BRC : Online Trade Show Club
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  • BRC OS: Testimonial and Referral Generator Club
  • BRC OS: How to get to decision makers in large corporations
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  • BRC OS: The process of referral generation
  • BRC OS: Case Study Club My Blog Read my blog. I'll be giving away a fountain of useful tips, tricks and knowledge about Telecoms and IT issues / services / products that will make a difference to your business today. Feel free to add the RSS feed from my blog to your readers http://newprospect.blogspot.com/atom.xml Background Degree in Electronic Systems Engineering. Specialised in Software & Computer Engineering in final year. Worked in software design, support, operations, product marketing, business development, network solution design and was recently Technical Sales Leader for UK, Ireland and Central Eastern Europe as well as Senior Solutions Architect at Nortel Networks. Exceeded objectives at each company I have worked for. Personal attributes and Key Skills Summary
  • Strong broad technology expertise in IT & Telecoms sectors
  • Seasoned people manager and business leader who has pioneered projects involving breakthrough technologies
  • Innovative thinker who solves business problems in new ways
  • High personal drive, tenacity for achieving results and making a difference
  • NewProspect Business Solutions NewProspect Business Solutions are thought leaders in Telecoms & IT Services. We focus on removing pain from your operations and helping companies gain maximum advantage from communications technology. Effectively we make telecoms/IT earn YOU money. Read more about who were are and what we stand for here We work best with multi sector SOHO, SME and Corporate companies to which we offer:-
  • Professional online data back up
  • 0870/0845/0800 numbers, premium rate numbers & bespoke services
  • Virtual Call Centres and call answering
  • Virtual Switchboards and customised routing (Would you like to become an affiliates or dealer and run your own business? Have a look here and sign up
  • ) We are looking for agents & distributors for our online back up and recovery service. Please contact us if interested. Please click here to request a copy of an overview presentation on how to differentiate your offerings in the commercial property marketplace.
    Online Training We are also about to launch online business training services. Web and audio technology will be utilised to deliver high quality seminars and courses for busy professionals or those who want to learn with increased convenience and efficiency. Clients will be hosted by an expert in each subject and receive soft copies of course materials. Launch courses will be:-
  • Ecademy Training - using the website and getting the most out of membership
  • Understanding the new Data Protection Act Laws
  • Email Marketing - Best Practice, the potential in the context of the law.
  • Positioning your business and winning more clients - your customers perspective
  • Your Web Site and Assessability - including how you will be effected by new laws in 2004. (if you think partnering with us makes sense for your business then why not get in contact..) Fairtrade I am Joint Chair of the Windsor and Maidenhead Fairtrade group. I founded the Maidenhead Fairtrade group over two years ago and recently presented to our local council. Having completed an intensive two weeks of Fairtrade fortnight in March we continue our campaign to promote Fairtrade making the area a Fairtrade zone. Please visit our website at www.fairtrade-rbwm.org. Philanthropy My wife and I are connected in this area through some close friends who have spent much of their life on the matter. We have become "social investors" in an innovative micro trust scheme that enables "givers" to pool funds and work with marginalised groups in a practical and enjoyable fashion. I am a director of the company and charitable body "GivingWorks" which seeks to educate donors and provide an avenue through which they can give with more direct involvement in 'the cause' alongside others. Our donors give anything from £2, 500 UKP to hundreds of thousands of pounds. Family and Fun I have two fantastic sons and a gorgeous daughter (unexpected birth - my first home/ever delivery!) Children and my wife means no more hang gliding in South Carolina! I also get up to a number of other things which include build/fine tune PCs, chair an investment club, chair a Fairtrade group, web design, youth work, play around with home automation, experiment with playing my guitar through PC synths, home video editing, Film extra to name a few of those "other things". Do become part of my network - I/you could be that vital link...... All the very best!

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    Skype: odeniyi
    Website URL: http://www.newprospect-bs.com
    Blog URL: http://newprospect.blogspot.com/

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    Antonio Farruggia-Bochnak

    "Hi Olu, Its great having you as a contact :) I love the energy that comes from your profile - you inspire me! Please let me know if there is anything I can assist you with. All the best, Antonio Magico Video Streaming Consultant "

    Jennifer Bloom

    "I'm pleased to count Olu as one of my contacts here on Ecademy. Changing Lives, Jennifer "

    Georgeanne Lamont

    "Olu is a really good communicator and organiser. Warm, welcoming - he has made it very easy for me to become part of the Maidenhead group which is a great group. Thanks Olu Yours Georgeanne"

    Mark Robinson

    "Great networker to connect with!! I appreciate that you accepted my request :) Please do let me know if I can be of any help to you. Kind regards, Mark"

    Danish Thanvi

    "I'm very happy to be connected with Olu on Ecademy and look forward to being of mutual benefit to one another."

    Bruce King

    "Connect with Olu! He is charming, eloquent and will set your mind racing with ideas! He's a 'must have' in your network."

    Nigel Temple

    "Olu is one of the most helpful people I have ever met. He puts others before himself and is always upbeat, creative and 'there for you'. Highly recommended!"

    Ogo Ogbata: Creative Consultant

    "Olu is a worthy ambassador of Nigeria and an inspiration in every sense of the word!"

    Heidi Heyns

    "There is something uniquely magical about Olu's presence. I have felt it from the first time networking/connecting with him. Trustworthy, kind and compassionate are words that describe Olu to his core! A wonderful connection. Thank you, Olu...for your lovely, warm presence! "

    Neil "video podcast" Fairbrother

    "Top chap, a pleasure to know. Cheers N"

    Michael Hulse

    "very polite and extremley friendly"

    Robert WoW De Souza

    "Olu has many happy customers and loves to help others with his many gifts. I am glad to be part of his network to learn and share more. Robert De Souza"

    Dave Clarke

    "Olu runs a great networking club in Maidenhead where people get all sorts of help & support under his expert guidance. If you can get there make a point of going."

    Dave Clarke

    "Olu runs a great networking club in Maidenhead where people get all sorts of help & support under his expert guidance. If you can get there make a point of going."

    Trevor Wood

    "Olu kindly welcomed me when I joined ecademy and I have enjoyed talking through some business ideas with him. I look forward to working with him in the near future. Trevor Wood Appletree"

    Steve Holloway

    "Olu runs a great club. It is well organised, diverse and exciting. It was a privildge to speak there. Steve Holloway"

    Brian Ballard

    "Olu was very helpful to me, I asked question and got the answer within minutes, that's great from 12,000 miles away. thanks Olu. Brian"

    Rob Holmes

    "I enjoyed speaking to you Olu from the word go, friendly and highly professional!"

    "Risk Manager" Alexander Boyd

    "Olu is a charming man with an eye for what is next in business. His analysis of the required business model for a project is spot on. He is a good man to work with and brings a lot of verve to a relationship."

    Chris Windley

    "Olu is a great guy to meet - look forward to meeting again."

    Nigel Temple

    "Olu is one of the most helpful people I have ever encountered. Highly recommended!"

    Alex Fungai Mutambudzi

    "Open, friendly and a genuine individual. Was a pleasure meeting you."

    Caroline Hurley

    "Immediately helpful and clearly a natural networker. It was a pleasure to speak to Olu."

    Conrad Morris

    "A great guy and a great networker. "

    Paul Green

    "Olu is a man to be emulated in terms of his energy and commitment to networking. Paul."

    Glen Feechan

    "Very open and friendly."

    Russell West

    "Open and helpful, Olu backs it up with knowledge and understanding. A great guy to network and do business with. Thank you for your help Olu. I'm looking forward to working with you and your company. Russell West."

    Michael Jackson

    "A man who can be trusted, who enjoys his work, and is first to offer a helping hand."

    Tom O'Brien

    "A great networker indeed, as Blockbuster would say - 'One to watch!' All the best, Tom"

    Nina Bevan

    "Olu is a great networker See you at the next ecademy event Olu! Nina"

    Kavitha Raja

    "Hi Olu ! How are you doing Thank for the reply I am already a member of Business referral club since i joined It is so informative I wish all the members of ecademy should get pleasure from It and lead a happy life Have a great day ! with regards, kavitharaja."

    Richard Alberg

    "A very smart and impressive fellow. I highly recommend him. Richard"

    Leon Iheanacho

    "Some great advice from the off. Thanks a lot"

    William Buist

    "Olu did a fantastic job organising the BRC event and I'm honoured to know him."

    Noel Austin

    "Olu - yesterday's Business Referral Club day yesterday was interesting and generated loads of ideas - thanks for conceiving it, setting it up and chairing it. Oh, and it was fun! Noel"

    Ronald Wopereis

    "Olu thank you for a wonderful open space + networking day. Once again it made me realize that electronic networking is not complete without the real life meetings. And you made this happen, not only for me but for at least 60 other people. An excellent performance well done. Best regards, Ron"

    Andrew Widgery

    "I have had the honour and pleasure of knowing Olu for 2 years now and his integrity, dedication and complete professionalism leaves you in no doubt as to this man's calibre. He is simply one of the very best individuals you will meet in this community and he is deserving of all the success and adulation he rightly receives. Olu is an absolute must to have in your network and a thoroughly charming and likeable man. Thank you Olu for the countless good that you do and give so freely, to so many."

    Ian R McAllister

    "A nice guy who done good!"

    Roy Hinds

    "I feel good about having connected with Olu already, a great start to the week. Rgds Roy "

    David McQueen

    "Olu, is a selfless networker as well as a good friend. He is truly well connected and genuine and not afraid to share his formula with others. Dave "magnificent" mcqueen "

    Cindy Andreatos

    "Olu - Just wanted to thank you - I went thru the site and played with it a bit. Since this is just for fun and I am launching to be in over 50 publications this year ... http://groups.msn.com/TheJewishConnection If you have any commentary or anything that might be usefull, let me know. I have managed woorking on this non for profits site 24/7 My husbands not too happy, beacuase it doen't make me any money. I get alot of joy from it! Warmest regards, Your Firend Always!! Cindy"

    Debbie Nicholson

    "Hi from Debbie in New Zealand www.debbienicholson.com"

    Kenneth Mortimer

    "Olu Long time no speak. getting excited again about Ecademy. Note that your link to www.londonpartnership.com is being redirected to a site called Ghandi. Also want to talk to you about a possible telecommunication opportunity downunder. Kenneth"

    Sadiq Baig

    "Hi Olu, Just to say hello having seen your profile while looking up the top networkers. I wish a connection with your LinkedIn Network, I am already connected to Thomas there and am planning Ecademy Pakistan and a connection to your network will help me towards that end. May I send you an invite email? Best regards Baig"

    Zhana Books

    "Greetings, Olu. Would you be willing to write an article for my "Black Success Stories", about what difficulties you have experienced, how you have overcome them, etc.? Peace, Zhana "

    Sagar Parab

    "Hello Olu, Just wanted to introduce myself and say hello to you.I represent an IT company based in Pune, India called Qaindia,We do software Quality Assurance work in India and currently exploring biz opportunities in Europe....Please let me know if I can be of assistance Regards Sagar"

    Liam Hogan

    "Hello Olu, Thank you for message and invitation to referral club. Made a quick visit and will do so again in New Year. Regards, Liam Hogan"

    Srikanth SESH

    "Olu.... Keen to explore joint biz opportunities in UK thru partners. We specialise inMfg solutions for SME enterprises. Keen to discuss with you. You can reach me at srikanths@synise.com...For more info visit us as www.synise.com...Cheers...Srikanth "

    Rob Gordon

    "Hi Olu- thanks for your message. I will check out the networking group. I already know Neil from Ryze. Thanks for the tip."

    Alex Butcher

    "Hi - Just thought I'd say "Hi" as a fellow ex-Essex alumni! Alex."


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