Paul Brugger

Paul Brugger

IT Director, TIC Ltd


Paul Brugger is an experienced, client focused, accomplished professional with extensive knowledge in the IT industry. Began his career as a software developer he has extensive knowledge covering the full IT project lifecycle. Highly analytical and organised he then led a multi-disciplinary team of consultants in the delivery of software products to major retail banks, credit card issuers and other global financial services institutions such as HBOS and Santander Group. Having moved from a successful career within the financial services sector he has expanded his knowledge and expertise within the field of IT focussing specifically on the internet and social media marketing. With a history of accurately identifying business opportunities and developing bespoke software in the emerging technology sectors he is now the Managing Director of his own successful ICT Company. Specialties 13 years developing and delivering software to major financial institutions. A technical expert with extensive experience across numerous platforms and environments on both end-user and multi-client systems including IBM Mainframe, UNIX and Windows operating systems. Leadership, Trainer and key note speaker to SME's on the internet, optimisation and social media marketing. What do I do: Online Promotion, Facebook Campaigns, Google Adwords, Twitter Apps, Facebook Apps, TRIAD Integration Follow me on Twitter



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