Paul Clark

Paul Clark


My Passion I have a passion for understanding how things work; for seeing the dynamics of a problem or an opportunity, and devising solutions. I get excited about technology, innovation and business, and am always fascinated to meet new people and hear about the totally individual ways they approach their lives and businesses. I have a particular gift for strategy, and often find I can offer a new direction or insight that is valuable. I am always happy to share these insights freely, as I believe that all the most powerful strategic solutions exist and are inherent within the dynamic of the problem or the opportunity. The solution is of the problem, not of me; therefore I do not own the solution, and also I am confident that I can access as many new solutions as there are new problems. (Those who guard their 'great idea' are fearful that it is their last - and this fear can make it so!) I have a strong 'geek streak' in me, which is currently being nourished by getting hands-on with our Online Social CRM and Project Management platform, BlueCamroo. My Strategic Principles I was going to call this section "my Philosophy", but that maybe sounds a bit mystical. So we'll go for "Strategic Principles". These are the principles by which I live my business life, and in fact my personal life as well:

  1. Do great work.
  2. Choose to trust people.
  3. Be trust-worthy
You might get the idea I am big on trust. You'd be right!:
  • Choosing to trust people is a recipe for a more optimistic, happier life.
  • Choosing to trust people makes them more trust-worthy.
  • The emotional cost of being let down sometimes is far less than the emotional cost of living life suspiciously.
  • The financial cost of being let down sometimes is far less than the financial cost and loss of momentum that comes from trying to tie up every detail in contracts.
My Business Life Currently dividing my time as Chief Marketing and Strategy Officer at BlueCamroo, and Consulting Services Director at BlueCamroo's sister company Voloper Creations Inc in Toronto, Canada. My Personal Life Married for 16 years now to Carmel, we have a fabulous son and two spoilt cats. I am interested in politics and current affairs, but am constantly depressed by the failure of politicians (of all parties and in all countries) to grasp the Law of Unintended Consequences. I believe in the importance of personal responsiblity, and the individual's right to take risks and accept the consequences. I loathe the nanny state, and all those who believe that a slim electoral majority provides the right to oppress those minorites whose views and practices they disagree with.



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Nick Heap

"Paul was very helpful and supportive at a WCP brainstorm event. He understod what I wanted to achieve very quickly and put it into a phrase that I will remember for ever. He is also charming and listens wonderfully well. I am looking forward to getting to know him better."

Mark Lee

"I first met Paul at a Marcus Cauchi event in 2006 and I recall being impressed and intrigued by his outlook and knowledge when we chatted afterwards. Then last year I benefited from his professional approach to business and website development. More recently I shared a table with him and 6 others as we spent a couple of hours providing non-exec advice and ideas to two other BlackStars who had shared current business challenges with us. Paul's insights and delicate touch when addressing difficult issues were very impressive. I'm very pleased to have Paul in my network."

Guy Massey

"Paul is a truly interesting person with evidently tremendous business acumen! He kindly gave me a lift down the A2 to Dover yesterday, and his chosen mode of transport ..... a very smart Lotus, which suited Paul's debonair persona to a tee. Paul is a must connect here in Ecademy, and I certainly look forward to discovering more about him in the coming months."

Rory ROR Murray

"I'm just getting to know Paul - why it's taken this long, I have absolutely no idea! What do I see so far.......? Intelligence, integrity, wit, common sense, a superb ability to express himself succinctly and with humour. In short, he's a great guy who looks like a news reader and I'm looking forward to the first beer session without a curfew!!"

Wilson "eNGy - its NGenius !! " Ng

"Paul is a very passionate person, but unlike people with passion, he also has a very strong logical mind. He tries to understand where you are coming from, and takes the time to explain to you where you are, and where your plans can potentially take you."


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