Fay Olinsky

Fay Olinsky


About me I have had a very interesting and varied background. Love new ventures and travel but above all I love meeting new people. I tend to be a bit fiery when threatened and will stand up fiercely for my beliefs and my friends. After cookery my passion is computer building. I love these mechanical brain extensions. I once taught Computer repair and Electronics at Amersham and Wycombe College. I enjoyed that immensely, once I had stopped the Teenage students from climbing in and out of the windows! New gadgets are a weakness with me,whatever is on the market to improve my systems will be on my wish list. My workshop is full of electrical tools and equipment and I spend all my spare time building computer systems for the kids and others who otherwise could not afford them. As I am continually upgrading stuff for myself and others there are plenty of obsolete items to rebuild into new systems. I like to get old people on line and independent There is nothing quite as satisfying as watching an eighty year old find Independence by ordering groceries online...then they wait in and grab the delivery bod to ask them in for tea and biscuits! I am manic Myst fan and love all of the Cyan games. My electronic vacations! I love horses, cats (I have two enormous Rag Doll cats) and anything to do with the wilds and wilderness anywhere in the world.Absolutely adore New Zealand where my beloved sister lives and where I would love to be. A keen Bible student I try to apply God's principles to all things. I have great faith and hope in the future but believe that world systems as they are now are hurtling rapidly to oblivion. My favourite sport is Horse Racing, I used to ride in Team Chase events a few years ago. my biggest weakness is spending. I love films of all sorts. I was once a fashion model and then as I got older I became an actress. One film that I appeared in was Jack Nicholson's first movie..I think I have worn considerably better Now I cater for films on location. Providing lovely home cooked grub for stars and crew. I really enjoy that. I recently made Gillian Anderson's Wedding cake..but there were no X Files in it! My Work Personal Chef UK Ltd A company providing gourmet home and business catering for discerning customers I am Personal Chef with eighteen years experience providing catering services for busy people. (Like a private chef but booked on a daily basis.) Parties, dinner parties, business functions and everyday cooking for the freezer. My valued clients are varied and their requirements even more so. In the past I have cooked food for, among many others, Earl and Countess Spencer, HRH The Princess Margaret, Sir Mark and Lady Weinberg (Anouska Hempel) of Blakes Hotel fame, For Sir Dominic and Lady Cadbury, for the family and friends of Boris Berezovsky. Managing Directors of many great British companies, Solicitors, Doctors and famous sports personalities.I have many famous clients now. I do however cook for ordinary people too and they are great fun and just as interesting to work for. From gourmets to Atkins Diet fans. I take the drudgery out of home cooked meals and shopping preventing you from 'glowing in the dark' from constant takeaways. Alexander, a successful IT consultant and his girlfriend Fiona wanted a belated birthday dinner for friends at home. Fiona is a busy estate agent and property manager. "There is absolutely no time left for me to prepare elaborate dinners." She says. "I really like good food and it would take me hours to source all the best ingredients etc, so I now leave it all to Fay, my Personal Chef. She shops, prepares and cooks whatever I fancy. Her range is so extensive that I can trust her to cook everything perfectly, however 'off the beaten track' " A few months ago we had seared Foie Grass on Brioche toast followed by marinated Sea Bass fillets with a wonderful lime sauce. For dessert Fay made a beautiful hot dark chocolate and vanilla Soufflé, It was to die for! "I just never need to get all stressed out in order to entertain my friends at home any more. I just come home bathe and change, if I wish I can do all the fiddly girlie things to set the table or I can just leave it to my Personal Chef. It doesn't actually cost much more than a really good restaurant, and the more guests the cheaper the comparison. The quality and enjoyment of it has no comparison. It is just absolutely heavenly. When it's all over the kitchen looks like a new pin and there is usually something left for lunch the following day so really it is extremely good value for money. "I work a lot of hours and didn't have time to get everything ready, and I wanted to be able to spend time with my partner's relatives, instead of cooking."It was fabulous," Fiona said. I have cooked for families, businesses, diplomats and royalty, all over England, Provence, Venice and New Zealand. Having been a chef for 18 years and successfully running Fay's Home Cooking personal chef services since 1998 I Started PersonalChef.UK in 2000 as an agency/representative for other chef's in the UK who wish to become part of this rapidly growing new industry, which was recently voted one of the top new growth industries in US. Chefs who are accepted on Personal Chef UK website have to be top quality and reliable. Able to produce splendid meals for our valued clients. One substantiated complaint and they are removed unceremoniously. I want to be trusted by my clients. All of my chefs are fully qualified and experienced. I do train chefs if they have exceptional qualities. I also have several Butlers on my books, and one or two Lady Butlers. I am just about to launch an Indian Chef's page. I have some very talented chefs from all over The Indian continent offering very varied cuisine. My background is originally in TV food commercial advertising. I have been Chef/Owner of two restaurants the last one featured on the Food Guide on Anglia TV and had three luxury letting apartments for overnight stays by executives or even honeymooners. We used to specialize in very small themed weddings with exquisite food and service. Our restaurant was of a Russian background and the food was lavish as were the helpings of caviar. After some years as a caterer I now specialize as a Personal Chef . I work for some of the worlds top people in business and society, I have often worked in stately homes for titled people, but still enjoy cooking for the prize winners that win me from time to time and they can be ANYONE! Recently completed a 1-year contract with BBC as a prize on a game show. This year I am a prize in Hello Magazine, among others, to win a chef for Christmas Day PersonalChef@mac.com PersonalChef.UK Agency for personal chefs in UK and Europe Gift certificates for delightful presents, prizes and promotions. Payments can be arranged via PayPal Contact faysky@mac.com My Wealth Dynamics Profile..... Fay's Home Cooking for all your Personal Chef catering and banqueting needs. Home Cooking for home cooked food for your freezer. (new) For Dinner Parties and Celebrations HOME-COOKING http://www.ecademy.com/module.php?mod=club&c=1396 PERSONAL CHEF UK LTD



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Nighet Nasim Riaz

"I have found Fay to stand for all the core values I believe in as a woman and good human being. She speaks straight from the hip - no nonsense and pure common sense based on what works. I find Fay to be a role model in the fullest sense of the word. She has integrity and a true matriarch and I respect her greatly. She is amazing at whatever she has done in her life. Thank you for being there"

Rob Killen

"Fay has given me some terrific advice about growing chillies; how, when, where. Having never grown them before but being a terrible chilli addict, I have new found confidence now in being able to blow my head off thanks to Fay's timely assistance. I've also grown to admire her doggedness in all things personal too. She has this propensity to learn and when one adds the undoubted intellect she possesses, we see a formidable debater and social participant. By way of reference I have also heard wonderful things about her business and cooking/culinary skills having seen her appear on the BBC several times. This is quite a woman."

Adiel Solomon

"Hi! Fay has been extremely encouraging to me - a new member of ecademy; his comments were invaluable. Thanks for that! Adiel S.K www.tours2eastafrica.com "


"Good to connect with you Fay in the UK ... There is a longtime friend in the USA who is a well known artist/chef/culinary artist ~ Victor Beguin (www.labonnetable.com) ~ whom I will tell about your adventures with food, health and life. The Ecademy CyberSpace CommUNITY is all about the productive fun of sharing global CREATIVITY Cross+Connection Netweaving Arts!!! +Michael A Riddell, Artist/Producer/Writer Global Village CREATIVITY CENTRE Australia"

Jennifer Bloom

"I'm pleased to count Fay as one of my contacts here on Ecademy. Changing Lives, Jennifer "

Lucien Meert

"Dear Fay, I am glad to count you as one of my contacts in my network. You are a valuable part of it. A great connection, I appreciate !! Best wishes. Lucien "

Lisa Bakker

"Dear Fay, Although I haven't had the pleasure of enjoying one of your famous diners, I am so inspired by your presence. You care and you cook and you truly love both deeply and passionately. I find you to be one of these people who have found there authentic way of expressing their love for humanity. And although you cook and care for a living you also show how mothers who " only" take care of their families by cooking and caring should be valued much more. Cooking and caring IS a job, an a major important one as well. Cooking and caring makes the world such a wonderful place and you're one of those rolemodels who don't talk about it, but "simply" show. Lisa"

Albert Wm Gosnall#1

"Fay's courage and knowledge of my favorite book the Bible has been a great help to me in the past few weeks. She shows great patience with some who have turned debate into baiting she is without guile and I am sure is a great asset to those who use her services. I am more sure of my beliefs now than I was before reading her words of wisdom and understanding."

Ricardo Pires

"Thanks! I hope we can further strengthen this relationship and do business together."

Anna Figiel

"Fay is a courageous voice of reason - a great asset to the Ecademy community."

Rais La Site

"Hi Chef Fay, Greetings from me in Indonesia. Culinary Regards, Rais"

Zia UK Mazumder

"Fay is warm, friendly, great networker and introducer of people. It is an absolute pleasure to have someone so sincere as a part of my network. Looking forward to creating great successes together. "

Zbigniew J PISKORZ

"Hi FAY Thanks for connecting Have a Good New 2009 Thank you for connecting up with me, looking forward to networking Kind Regards Zbigniew J PISKORZ marketing@indigo.info.pl INDIGO Meble indyjskie Marketing Manager www.INDIGO.info.pl sMs 697 077 267 http://www.buddhabar-poznan.pl All the best from WARSZAWA POLAND"

ahmed rhadirbenane

"As a rare books collector, i never had such interesting , beautiful and rich dictionary like your site. Du coeur Merci"

Professorlalit Mawkin,

"Hi fay,your profile is excellent and so very different from other hundreds of profile----Congratulations and I can see the hidden energy levels which are responsible for your success---God bless---Hugs--lalit"

Amanda Hamilton

"Fay is scrummy - just like her cooking - stands by her word, stands up for her friends, and looks out for people. And those are just her bad qualities .... ! "

Nigel 'Car Crash' Grainger

"Fay is a star. Not only does she share advice readily (she suggested a fantastic way to bake a ham) she also has a razor sharp wit. She will also tell you honestly if she agress or gisagress with you, with her reasons. I am very glad to be one of her contacts and I hope te be so for a long time to come."

Andreas Wiedow

"Read her blogs. Every blog tells a story. Fay Olinsky is one of those rare people who have something to tell from a huge treasure chest of stories she experienced through her career as Personal Chef. Read between the lines and all of a sudden you'll get lost in a whole variety of moods and fine feelings. Then you have a glimpse of what she's able to perform as Personal Chef. I haven't been lucky to get a personal impression yet. But for sure I will some day soon !"

Amanda Vlahakis

"Fay Olinsky - a kind hearted person well worth knowing. Fay is very interesting to talk to with a wealth of experience. Always faithful to her own opinions without prejudice."

Althea Taylor-Salmon

"When I was researching to set up my business as a personal cook, I came across Faye's website which publicises her personal chef business and a network of other personal chefs. It was great to know that the concept was alive and kicking in the UK (it's very big business in North America) , so I knew I was on the right track. I contacted Faye by email and she looked at my website and was very encouraging. I'm now up and running and would like to thank Faye for her support while I was getting off the ground. "

Mike "Freddie" Gordon

"Even in the dead of night dealing with her own PerConal crisis .. she answered my call. She's a BrightStar in my network ... xxxx"

Michael Heaney

"Fay is a class act, a sharp mind and has back bone. It s most refereshing to meet someone here who is truly a sentient creature and prepared to speak her mind and fight her corner. Michael "

Tony Byrne

"Fay supported me in one of my blogs when a few members, and one in particular, were overstepping the mark and resorting to personal destructive criticisms of me in a nasty, childish manner. I found her comments supportive, constructive and eloquent. She's not afraid to express her views and stick up for what she thinks is right. Good on you, Fay."

Dannishifu; See-Toh

"Fay catch my attention at a blog on a very sensitive topic. She impressed me with his wit, straight-talking, guts and determination to express her opinion. Fay is someone either you love or hate her because she is a clear cut person on her views towards the world. Fortunately, many would choose to love her for her openness, warmest, sincerity and humanity. I wish her all the best in her work and life. I am sure Fay will continue to make an impact to her friends around her in her daily life."

Robert WoW De Souza

"Fay's testimonials speak for themselves. She is warm, caring and very passionate about her work. She wants to provide the best for people who understand value and goodness. I am glad to be connected to her network and wish her every success. Robert De Souza"

Naz Daud Franchise Business Opportunity

"I am not connected with Fay yet, but I think she serves to make Ecademy an entertaining place to be with her intelligent and sometimes wicked humour. All the best Fay, Nazir. How to contact Nazir (UK Franchises Opportunity) Daud Tel: 01382 779831 Fax: 01382 738801 To discuss franchising & financials: nazir@citylocal.co.uk Citylocal | Franchise | UK franchise | work from home | be your own boss "

Kris Vanhoutte

"Here at Ecadelmy, most mail contacts are really short. And it is difficult to make up a mind about someone in that short time. For Fay I can be clear. I hope to meet Fay once in person. This lady is 'real' and 'genuine' in all meanings, moreover very smart and intelligent..... I read here below that Fay is also warm hearted...."

Babs Saul

"It is a privilege to be connected with such an inspiration. Fay is wonderful, she rolls up her sleeves and gets on with whatever needs doing, she is open, she is a lady."

k s

"WOW .... I recently asked Fay if she would point me in the right direction on her website for a small gathering I am having. Within a very short space of time Fay had not only taken the time to reply and advise freely, but sent me a whole meal plan including the recipe and fool proof instructions. What an asset to Ecademy to have such a talented, friendly and approachable member. I hope to be able to meet with Fay in the near future."

Becky Hassler

"Nice to meet you."

Remi Gauvain

"You gave me professional and caring advice. Thank you."

Michael-Don Smith

"A True Lady A Kind Person A Magical Cook Master of Her Craft If you want healthy, wholesome and sublime food for body and/or soul please make every effort to connect to the Fay Olinsky experience... Fay the pleasure you create through your personality and your cuisine are both of the highest order. Your thoughtful, honest and intelligent postings are on Ecademy for all to read and recognise a very special person. Thank you Fay I look forward to working with you more. Warm Regards "

Martin Shepherdly

"Faye produces fantastic food sometimes in extraordinarily difficult circumstances and is a great supporter of other peoples efforts."

Simon West

"Fay's food is to die for - and she's such a nice person!"

Paul Sherman

"Fay is a consummate professional & leader in her field, she is also a great, straight talking networker who has built a very strong reputation in this place."

Emma James

"Fay and her husband are consummate hosts, engaging company, the food is out of this world and I'm looking forward to being royally spoilt again at another function. If you need a personal chef, look no further! "

Mindy Gibbins-Klein

"Fay makes the most incredible food! She is definitely THE BEST personal chef I know and I would recommend her services with the greatest confidence. She is also a wonderful hostess and lovely person. I'm so happy to know her!"

Roger Vanstone

"An inspiration to us all and puts many a person half her age to shame with her energy, wit and straight talking. "

John Joint

"An amazingly energetic and successful entrepreneur. Well worth meeting. John"

Emma James

"I'm full of admiration for Fay. Her blogs are informative and incisive, she upholds her convictions with the resolute strength that is her hallmark and she's one of the warmest, most genuine people I have met through Ecademy, as well as being huge fun. I'm looking forward to sampling her food too and ordering my wedding cake from Fay one day!"

Nina Bevan

"Fay is a great Networker I cannot wait to try some of Fay's dishes I remember the picture of some of Fay's cakes there were fabulous Great to have you here on Ecademy, I am hoping to pick up some fantastic culinary skills"

Heather-Jane Gray

"If you want to blend culinary excellence with great character, call Fay and dine in style!"

Stuart Harris

"A passionate, intelligent and delightful grande dame presence on Ecademy. I'm looking forward to meeting her. A google search on Fay's name revealed no book by her yet. So I hope that some time Fay will find the time to record some of her rich life and pertinent insights into a more durable form than her postings. Merci Fay"

Ian Moncrieff MacMillan

"Fay, I really enjoyed lunch on Tuesday, at Andrew Wilcox's MindManger for Ecademists Day. Everything was just perfect - particularly good risotto, and great service. The other group at the Regus Centre who were having sandwiches for their meeting looked suitably envious. Many thanks, Ian... "

Andrew Wilcox

"Fay After eating your blogs for months, I finally get to eat your lunches on two consecutive days. They were one of the highlights of both days. When can I do it again? Andrew Wilcox "

Noel Austin

"Hi Fay Having had the privilege of experiencing your cuisine twice in the past two days, I now know what people mean when they praise your culinary skills. However, I've not really had the chance to talk to you yet - so I look forward to an early one-to-one. Thanks and best wishes Noel"

Hari Bala

"Fay is a woman of substance , a very genuine human being , inspiring, caring , effective and a very unique person in my network."

Patrick Moore

"I believe it was Winston Churchill who once said (possibly quoting someone else): "Success is moving from failure to failure, with no loss of enthusiasm". In a rich and varied life, Fay has had more than her fair share of challenging circumstances, but seems to have navigated them with an extraordinary commitment to learn the lessons and keep moving on. This is a rare thing and should be much prized, in a world where so many people have one minor setback and then give the whole thing up as a bad job. It's hard to imagine Fay ever seeing things that way..... It's a pleasure and a privilege to have Fay in my network, and I very much look forward to working with her in the near future. "

Warren Cass

"Fay was delight to spend time with recently and is so very highly experienced. I am proud to have Fay in my network and look forward to getting to know her better. She wears her heart on her sleeve and is a lot of fun."

Philip de Lisle

"I have just been privileged to spend a couple of day's in Fay's company and I've had the most amazing time. She is warm, funny and fascinating as well as having a razor sharp brain. I look forward to many more such encounters in the years to come. If you haven't yet made Fay's acquaintance, you are in for a treat. Philip "

Jim Tuffin

"Having watched, listened and read Fay over the last 6 months, when I finally met here I was really surprised. I expected someone who was vocal and outspoken. I was wrong! She is a wonderful, warm caring individual who listens carefully and focuses on every word you say. I look forward to meeting her again, and I just know that she is one of those few women, that I just want to have as a close friend. Thank you! Jim "

Pei Mun Lim

"Fay is one of the most wonderful, fascinating woman I have ever met. I learned about her amazing life in an Interview for the Every Woman has a Story feature. Her culinary skills are second to none and always always ALWAYS exceed expectation Here's what I had to say about her catering for one of our events: "Yes I Was! When I wasn't stuffing myself full of Fay's deeeelicious food (God, the sausage and mash was soo wonderful it was positively evil), and chocolate cakes and toffee pudding (Jeff, the only male who was there helping me to set up the wireless network, had a mini main and a main dessert, diving into the cakes and pudding like no tomorrow!)" I have no hesitation in recommending Fay's services professionally or even as a friend, as she is truly a woman of substance. Warmest wishes Pei"

Ben Backhouse

"Fay, Well done you with the hunting discussion. I am glad that you have the courage of your convictions Ben"

Debbie Nicholson

"Hi from Debbie Nicholson in New Zealand www.debbienicholson.com"

Michael Geddes

"HI Good Luck to you and May God Bless your talents. Mike Geddes www.floridamike.com"

Tim Strafford-Taylor

"Fay Would be great to see someone of your background in the ecademy Cooks Club that I moderate here. For more information, follow this link >>>>> Hope to see you there Regards Tim"


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