Philip Calvert

Philip Calvert

Professional Speaker on Social Media Sales Strategy, LinkedIn training and Social Media Consultant,


Philip Calvert is a proven keynote conference speaker who helps Managers, Executive teams and Sales professionals to leverage LinkedIn and Social Media to increase sales.

Specialist in helping medium and large corporates, professional services businesses and those in regulated industries who struggle to obtain ROI from Social Media.


Quick summary

* Social Media Sales Speaker

* Social Network Founder

* LinkedIn / Social Media specialist helping regulated and professional services businesses to leverage networking technology

* Keynote Social Media speaker at large sales conferences

* Learning Kickboxing - I took it up at the age of 50 and have a goal to reach Black belt by 55...

Many regulated and professional services businesses are still entrenched in archaic modes of communication with customers, staff and stakeholders. They are perplexed at the flourishing digital world - frustrated, anxious, agitated and impotent at how to join it. My mission is to help them.

Hello, I'm Philip Calvert - a specialist Social Media sales speaker and consultant helping sales professionals and regulated businesses to leverage LinkedIn and Social Media as part of their sales, marketing, communication and employee engagement strategies.

I created the world's first social networking site for Financial Services professionals, and bring real-world experience and a startling 'behind the scenes' view to using Social Media in regulated industries and to increase sales. As a result, I'm asked to speak at conferences and events on the thinking behind the site, how we developed it and why niche social networking sites have the potential to dramatically increase sales within a wide range of business markets.

My conference speeches are energetic, high content and fun, and carefully tailored to the needs of each client. I have delivered speeches on Social Media to directors at Hitachi, Eden Project, Estee Lauder, Crossrail, Blockbuster, Royal College of Surgeons, DTI, Del Monte, Oracle, River Island, Scottish & Newcastle, BUPA, Zurich, Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors, BP, University of London, British Medical Assoc, National Express, Oxfam, Ford, George Wimpey, Domino's Pizza, HM Prison Service, Littlewoods Gaming, Fullers, Food Standards Agency, Police Complaints Commission, Miele, IFP, PFS, John Lewis and many others.

I'm looking to connect on SunZu with: * Meeting planners, conference organisers and speaker bureaus * Sales Directors and organisers of Sales conferences * HR Directors wishing to use Social Media to help with Employee Engagement * Financial advisers and financial brands * Professional services providers New eBook: "How to use LinkedIn: 300 Proven Tips" SpeakerMix: BrandYourself:

Specialties * Social Media speaker * Keynote speaker at large sales conferences * Keynote speaker on how to increase sales using LinkedIn * Keynote speaker on how to increase sales in regulated industries, professional services and consulting businesses using LinkedIn and Social Media * Specialist keynote speaker at large Financial Services conferences * Social Media for Employee Engagement * A leading world expert on Social Media in Financial Services * Social Network founder

Please contact me: +44 (0)7773 359 619 Website: @PhilipCalvert



Phone: +44 (0)1483 548 666
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Gina Minton

"I attended Philip's seminar on Successful Seminar Selling and found him to be an excellent presenter and fast-paced, his ideas and tip packed workshop gave me plenty to think about. I went away fired with enthusiasm. Now I'm busy trying to put his ideas into practice."

Dominic Verbruggen

"Philip, I sincerely think you are a valuable asset to any network! That's why I would like to invite you to join me on my website . That is, if you haven't already of course ;-). "

Bunny Parkinson

"Hello Phillip~ Such an impressive profile~ So grateful to connect with you here on Ecademy~ THANK YOU~ Looking forward to getting to know you~ Bunny~ "

Annie Heggie

"Hi Phil, Oops, I meant to do this so long ago! Seminar attended was brilliant, and Phil is such a warm and friendly guy, who I hope to meet again sometime. To your continued success. Annie:-)"

Alex Pegley

"Phil Great stuff, v inspirational - especially for the my profession - Financial Planning Alex Pegley Chartered Financial Planner calculis limited"

Zulqarnain Abbas

"I am really a big fan of yours, you rock philip!"

Roy Everitt

"Like Jason Cohen, I was also at Steve Foley's event, helping Steve (and trying to help Jason). And, like Jason, I was impressed with the way Philip made the whole process of promoting a business through seminars seem so straightforward and natural. His helpfulness afterwards in answering delegates' questions was a good example of how to nurture relationships and make the best possible impression. No wonder his own events fill up! Roy Everitt "

Karen Skidmore

"Thanks very much for a great day on Friday. I attended Phil's seminar on selling seminars and I certainly got my money's worth. You packed so much in and just watching & listening to you present the content was a lesson in great presentation skills in itself. I will certainly recommend the day to others who are thinking about running seminars. You would certainly save months of heartache and hundreds (if not thousands) of wasted pounds for people just starting out! Karen"

Marc 'InfusionSoft' Summers

"I attended one of Philip's Sell-out Your Seminar ( courses last week and even before I attended Phil's name cropped up everywhere - this just made me more excited - all that excitement was not wasted as Phil knows his stuff and delivers a very powerful course I would highly recommend. I have been running SEO seminars for two years and learnt just as much in this full day as I have over that period. If you are wanting to start seminars or courses or even if you are already running them - Go directly to Phil - Do not Pass Go - and get ready to collect your income from seminars!"

Jason 'Mr Internet Video' Cohen

"I saw Philip Calvert speak earlier this year at Steve Foleys event (we were both speakers at that event), and what I have learned from Phil has changed the way I think about business, deal with my clients and has increased sales dramatically. Jason Mr Internet Video http://www.MrInternetVideo.TV"

Merold Mueller

"I rated him good, because he is a great networker!"

Chey Mann

"Great guy and a Great personaility!"

Kerry Anne Orr

"Genious! I have just been to Philips Seminar on Selling Seminars and I am truly inspired. Simple but effective methods and I can't wait to get out there and do my own. Excellent presentation, Philip knows how to win the audience and deliver a powerful and exciting seminar. Thanks Philip, I'm looking forward to the next one."

Jim Ziegler

"Never met Phil, not face to face, but I've read his generous postings helping others. I do not need to hear him speak to know he's world-class and dynamic...My respect...JIM"

Harpreet Atwal

"excellent book , great advice. thanks harpreet"

Christopher Wicks

"I have just attended an excellent seminar presented by Philip on seminar selling. He provided may useful tips on how to make the best of this method of obtaining new clients as well as the mistakes to avoid! Well done Phil."

James Knight

"Everybody needs a picture on the wall somebody to look at and say, "I wanna be like that!" Based on the testimonials found on this page from people that have attended his seminars it leaves no doubt that Philip Calvert is a great model ( picture) for anyone looking for ways to become better at what they are doing,and who are determined to do something about it. Keep up the great work!"

Paul Richardson

"Philip has removed the clouds of mystery and given me crystal clear guidance. If you get half a chance to work him grab it with both hands his seminars and talks must not be missed if you want get ahead. I look forward to working with him more in the future. Paul Richardson"

Iain Vaughan

"Excellent sharer of knowledge and quick to respond to blog questions. All help and advice grstefully received, Thanks Phil Iain Vaughan"

Alex Redmond

"Fascinating insight into social networks and business."

Thomas Power

"Without doubt The King of Clubs. Brilliant presentation last night Phil. Deep strong, strong underlying messages. Rock on."

Penny Power

"Last night Phliip was the speaker for the Ecademy London Event. A popular speaker drawing more than 250 people to register. Philip delivered the most brilliant talk on Clubs, teaching the audience the power of attracting people toward your expertise into your 'Micro Social Network'. Philip's understanding and experience in this area is second to none and his skills at teaching are motivating, funny and spot on for today's business man/women. Thank you Philip, I look forward to seeing the video of the evening and listening to you once more."

Mustapha Amnay Bouga

"Phil Calvert...Isn't only a speaker...And a good one...He is one of the best...He knows how to involve you in the knowledge he shares...Tonight he gave us great insights in how to Monetize Clubs...And Phil...I am very grateful for that! Honored to be part of your network of excellence! Kindest, MuZ+afa "

Christine Miller

" I had the benefit of attending one of Philip's workshops late last year, when I had the pleasure to meet him in person for the first time. He really does walk his talk, his presentation was excellent, the information truly useful and instantly applicable, and to boot I was able to do some live marketing and gained some business from the day. Great results! Meeting Philip again recently just confirmed to me that he is a consummate professional and a really charming person, who I look forward to supporting and sharing ideas with - connect, get to know him, attend his workshops. And if you're about to give a wedding need him fast!"

Penny Power

"Philip is an excellent contributor to Ecademy, his understanding of how to leverage Ecademy, build relationships, provide support and use his time productively is a testament to the research, reading and sheer determination he has had to master the subject of Social Networks since June 2004 when he joined. Philip is now a good friend and an inspiring teacher. Thank you Philip for all that you do."

Nadia Choudhary

"It was a pleasure to spend a "day" with Philip, at a workshop and networking meeting. I found him positive, down to earth, pragmatic and a real gentleman. I look forward to get to know him better. I do know that he is very good at what he does and has a well established seminar program that is raved about by attendees. Definitely worth checking out! :) Nadia "

Jean Flower

"I met Philip in person for the first time today and want to say that I found him to be a very savvy person . I know people that have recently attending his seminar selling seminar and have returned raving ! As an Financial Adviser I know Phil is working a very professional circuit and endorse his passion and expertise. I purchased Phils book sometime ago now and can say that if I was a renting it out I could have earnt a fortune :) A real genuine person with warmth and honesty "

Fred Mills

"I attended Philip's recent seminar on Successful Seminar Selling and can reccommend it most strongly. Philip is an excellent presenter and this fast-paced, I dea-and-tip-packed workshop gave me plenty to think about. I am now busy trying to put Philip's advice into practice. I rate him very highly indeed."

Jennifer Crokaert

"I very highly recommend Philip's book, Successful Seminar Selling . It is easy to read, practical and inspiring. I have found a lot of ways of improving what we do and how we do it. Regardless of what industry you work in there are ways that you can benefit from workshops and seminars in ways you may not have even thought of yet. But Philip has! Do get the book, it really does what it says. Highly recommended. "

Lilach Bullock

"I recently attended Philip's seminar which was superb. It was well delivered with lots of useful tips, information and advice as well as lots of stories. Highly recommended. Lilach"

Clare Evans

"Read the book - I did? Now attend the seminar. There's no substitute for hands-on, face to face interaction. Philip delivered a practically non-stop barrage of tips, information and advice on how to run your own seminar in his Seminar on Seminars last week. Look, listen and learn. Watch what he does and then rinse and repeat and put it into practice for yourself. Well worth attending if you're thinking of running your own seminars and workshops. Thanks Phil Clare "

Kay Burt

"An excellent PFS seminar in Norwich - you will go far ! Regards Kay"

mark wing

"A great seminar delivered by an expert. You have much to teach and there is always so much to learn. Thank you."

Phillip Khan-Panni - Wordsmith

"Obviously a brilliant man, full of great ideas and energy, and a fine example of proactive marketing. I admire the way he develops and projects his ideas, and engages even those who are on the fringe of his target audience. Phillip K-P"

Rob 'Adwords' Hadingham

"Inspirational reading. Now to put it into practice! Thanks Phil. Rob Hadingham On Page One"

Kantor Michael Poths

"Philip is not only a professional business man and networker, he is a very kind contact, who as confimed my contact message immediateliy. I'm thankful to have him in my network! kind regards Michael"

Anthony Warren

"I very much enjoyed reading Philip's book on successfully selling seminars. As a voracious reader and occasional book reviewer I am often disappointed by authors who talk about what they have read rather than experienced, or simply offer advice aimed solely at whetting the appetite for other products. I had no such feelings about this book which is packed with practical advice culled from real world experience. Anyone thinking of doing seminars and even the experienced will benefit from the book. Well done Philip."

Judy Rees

"I recently used Philip's book to help me prepare to promote two seminars - one face-to-face, one online. Both events went far better than I'd hoped and I'll be planning more in the New Year. I liked the simple suggestions and straightforward language, which reminded me that the job isn't rocket science, however complex your product. Thanks! "

David Thomas

"Phillip offered help for my charitable interests before I had chance to even consider describing them.....received with thanks....David"

Sandra Surjadiredja

"At the beginning of my profile I put a link to Philip's profile. This is just the best testimonials I could think of. He gave me a good advise of how to write my profile and I thank him for his kindness. I wish him all the best, Sandra "

Graeme Freer

"I am impressed that someone with such a high profile and with huge demands on their time would take time out to connect with a new ecademy member. Inspirational !"

John Atkinson

"having experienced Philip's generous assistance to me as a new starter in Ecademy, all I can say is what a personable guy. many thanks for your help Philip."

Kevin Wright

"I recently saw Phlip speak at a Personal Finance Society meeting. It was both illuminating and informative. It was as a direct result of Philips' speech that I decided to upgrade and become more involved with ecademy"

Andrew Widgery

"I have had the pleasure of knowing Philip for several years now. Quite why it has taken me this long to write a testimonial I cannot imagine. When ever you meet him he is always warm, always smiling, always kind, always interested in others, and above all, always a thoroughly good man. I highly recommend you have Philip in your network. Listening to him in his International speaking capacity, he is easy on the ear, engaging on the mind, revealing in his content and his delivery is absolutely spot on. I cannot praise this fine man enough."

Victor Marques

"Thanks for connecting with such a master of networking! Like me Philip believes that networking:" is about farming not hunting, about building relationships." A fantastic giver in the real sense of the word, a contact that you cant miss, please connect and network with Philip....!"

Susan Johnson

"Thanks Phillip for the wonderful welcome to Ecademy. Also the advice you have been offering has been absolutely fantastic. Thank you very, very much!"

Chantal Cooke

"Philip has been great, so helpful, so willing to add value, proactive and full of ideas. Definitely worth connecting and working with. Chantal Cooke"

Susan Perry

"Great idea and great customer service! I very much look forward to reading my Successful Seminar Selling e-book. Susan Perry"

Michael Beale

"Great Book Phil, I've just finished reading Philip's 'Successful Seminar Selling' book. As someone who runs seminars on a regular basis I found it practical, challenging and full of implementable ideas. I highly recommend it for anyone either considering adding seminars to their marketing mix or who already run seminars and want to compare what they do to best practice. Michael 01908 506563 PPI Business NLP"

Nick "Write It Now!" Rampley-Sturgeon

"Dear Philip, many heartfelt thanks for all the help and support you have given me in building my own success in speaking and creating product for my audiences. You are such a great giver of your time and wisdom. I think your book on "Successful Seminar Selling" is a brilliant tool for every consultant who is serious about boosting their income and building their credibility and build their income. It is a pleasure to work alongside you and to learn from your inspired ideas. Nick "Write Now" Rampley-Sturgeon Seminar Host of The Non-Fiction Writers' Retreat and Author of: "Small Business BIG Profit" "Buying to Rent" "The Money Seminar" "The Little Book of Abundance" "Smart Landlord" "Bounce Back - The Art of Financial Recovery" "

Deirdre Dee

"I have known Phil for a couple of years and greatly enjoyed a speaker's seminar he ran in conjunction with Jacqui Harper. Lots of tips and good feedback, Would recommend Phil's seminars. Good value and very professionally organised Deirdre Dee"

Rajesh Semrete Selassie Aggarwal

"Never had the pleasure of meeting Philip but am looking forward to meeting him. Sincerely appreciated the offer of help and support. God Bless You Philip. Universal Love Rajesh"

Chris Kelly Hanson Wealth

"I fully expect to look back in 5 years time and regards my first contact with Philip as a major milestone in my life. One week later and I have alrady gained an incredible amount of knowledge. Fantastic! Chris Kelly Hanson Wealth Management"

Yvonne Mbanefo

"Philip is one of Ecademy's finest and is always ready to help. Thanks a lot, Phil ! :) "

Dennis T G Tan

"Thanks to Philip's kindness to offer me a ticket to Asia Financial Planning Conference 2006 (Singapore) - I learned so much from various presentations. Phil, you are friendly, people centred, helpful and is surely popular among the conference attendees! Thanks, Phil! Dennis"

Keith Churchouse

"Talking to Phil is a must to move your IFA business forward. He is inspiration with a smile. Have a look at financecube, we think its excellent, but what do you think? Thank Phil, see you again soon. "

Mark Baker (speaker )

"I have had the pleasure of meeting Phil on several occasions and it was phil who introduced me to ecademy as he does to everyone who listens to his talks , he is a great asset to ecademy and goes out of his way to get people involved in ecademy without reward or selfish motivation . he is a talented and sincere speaker with great knowledge of his subject and I would reccommend anyone to do business or connect with Phil"

Alan Rae - Business Communicator

"I went on Phil's Seminar on Seminars last year. The day was full of specific useful, applicable knowledge. If you see workshops and seminars as part of your marketing mix just go to it. You need to know this stuff Alan"

David Willis

"Philip, Just wanted to say what an excellent read your book "Successful Seminar Selling" is. It's provided me with great ideas on how to deliver my message and I'm taking some of the advice and attending a presentations course next week. Many thanks"

J William (Bill) Moore, HFTC

"Ditto Andrea: Your words "Just bought Philip's book on boosting attendance at seminars, and it's packed with good advice. I promote events quite a lot, so it made very interesting reading. Highly recommended." I agree completely as I found the same in my copy! Great job Philip! Best wishes, Bill "

Andrea Sangster

"Just bought Philip's book on boosting attendance at seminars, and it's packed with good advice. I promote events quite a lot, so it made very interesting reading. Highly recommended. Andrea Sangster"

Leon Benjamin

"I know a little about Phil's business. I know a little about his background in financial services. I've also been to one of his Live Marketing events, which I enjoyed immensely. But what I know a lot about Phil is that he is great company, stimulating to be with and understands the implications of many ideas that are close to my heart. Looking forward to some more of that urbane, unflappable charm! Leon."

Cedric "Coaching and trading" Fouillart

"Phil you maked a good book about mariage speech, it will be usefull for me thanks to write me and it will help me for my mariage ceremony :)"

Russell Henley

"Excellent help."

Fraser Hay

"Philip, bought your ebook. A must have for any seminar oganiser, or someone wishing to promote an event. Only criticism I have, is it was too cheap, for the value you provide - Hike the price up ;) 10/10."

Graham Jones

"If you ever want proof that being in front of people is essential to your business, then you'll get it from Phil. Not only is he an accomplished and entertaining speaker, he gives you food for thought and practical solutions to help you boost your business. Make sure you see Phil 'live'. "

Ravi Thatte

"Philip was in Singapore a few weeks ago and was lucky to have seen him in action. He is a great presenter. Highly recommended! Ravi"

David McQueen

"Phil is a very genuine and honest person. He has personally been a great help and inspiration for me as a professional speaker. Enthusiastic, humorous and definitely an expert in his chosen field. His seminar on seminars is great, and is highly recommended. "

Thomas Power

"Phil is probably the best speaker, trainer and marketer you could hire to entertain your team and make them laugh. A true professional who embeds stories in his teaching, Phil is sure to raise the roof. He is also smiles as he teaches. I love that in a person. Like Roger Hamilton and Nigel Risner I cannot get enough of Phil Calvert and if I had more time would spend it in his company listening to his teachings embedded in tales. Thoroughly recommended."

Sophie Chalmers

"I attended one of Phil's shorter seminars at an NRG Networking meeting and was impressed. He gave me a lot of food for thought. Seminars are something I already actively use to develop my business, and he gave me some really neat ideas to make this more productive. So thank you Phil. WBW Sophie Chalmers"

David Duncan

"I have been to many seminars over the years, and have to say that Philip's presentation style and delivery keep everyone in the room interested throughout the day. The tips and tricks he sharerd with his audience, mean that we all came away with a number of great ideas that can be implemented in our own business lives. The bar is being raised in the seminar marketplace and Philip is showing us the way. If you want to stand out from the crowd you should be planning to talk to Philip, and attend one of his seminars. David Duncan"

Keith Grinsted MBA FRSA

"Like everyone else who went to Philip's Bracknell seminar on Friday I came away having had a great and informative day. Philip does not just tell how it should be done - he does it and proves just how right his words are. Great networking and so many ideas to follow up. I told Philip this was to be a defining event for me and it certainly proved so. I look forward to putting it in to action. Keith Grinsted"

Jim Tuffin

"Thank you Phil! I've been in the Seminar area for a long time and thought that I already knew a great deal ... but your Seminar on Seminars just opened my eyes to all the possibilities that I have missed. The future now looks even brighter! Thanks again for a great day ... and I look forward to working with you on a one-to-one basis in the near future."

Rod Sloane

"Do you run seminars or workshops? Then I suggest you first buy and then read with a pen a copy of Philip's book. Then book onto his next Seminar Selling Workshop. Now go to Amazon now and buy Philip's book."

Richard White

"In todays world where there is so much choice and not a huge amount of difference between products and services the real difference is the person involved in the sale. If, like the majority of ecademy members, you are involved in selling expertise and know-how in some shape or form I advise you to get yourself along to one of Phil's workshops on seminar selling. Just putting a couple of strategies in place has made a significant impact on my business and yesterday I went back for more and came away with pages of ideas and plans for the next 6 months. It was also a great networking event - just like Phil promised it would be. If you HATE selling then you need to be on Phil's Seminar Selling programme. if you love selling you need to be on Phil's Seminar Selling programme!! Best wishes Richard"

Tessa Hood

"Yesterday I went to Phil's long awaited Seminar on Seminars. He gave and he gave and he gave! The amount of valuable information just kept on coming with huge generosity of spirit and professionalism. I can highly recommend Phil for his Seminars and for his Professional Speaking - he's also a great bloke! Connect with him."

Jonathan Schofield

"I experienced Phil's excellent presentation at Petersfield Ecademy last year and it was tremendously entertaining, informative and thought provoking. I must apply some of the learning!"

Bob Green "Mr Funding Options"

"Anyone who has not attended one of Philip's talks has a treat in store when they do. I have attended many Ecademy club talks and many more besides from all sorts of very switched-on people. I have to say that Philip really stands out with a structured and powerful message on how to promote your business in many ways, but especially by way of seminars and all of the peripheral revenue streams that can bring. There was no waffle whatsoever. Just a clear and concise anecdotal guide on how to crank-up the profile of virtually any business in any sector. It has set me thinking about some radical ways to address groups of SME owners who need funding for start-ups, early stage or to develop their business to the next phase. I will certainly work with Philip's guidance on this. He also introduced me to a friend who was struggling in his business and I have been able to bring a smile back to his face by getting him much more money to work with. That's Ecademy networking at work. Bob Green "

Lisa Murphy

"Inspiration and Motivation - Well that was the title we used for the Three Counties Meeting last night 14th March 2005 - to my mind a totally appropriate title. Our guest speaker Philip Calvert was riveting. The evening was so informative and also great fun. We all went away fired with enthusiasm, and are certainly asking him for a return event later in the year. To any of you who havn't had the pleasure of meeting and listening to Philip I urge you to find a venue at which he is speaking and get along there. To Philip, thanks for your time and effort, you were greatly appreciated and yes please come again, Perhaps next time there will be a gallery to play to!!!!! "

Paul Johnston

"Great guy, and has very sound advice. Listen to him."

Tom Evans

"Listen to Philip if you want to make money while you sleep"

Stephen Harvard Davis

"Great guy, always has a smile and advice for people."

Anders Abrahamsson

"I give my credentials for the very positive initiative with the business book for Tsunami victims and rehabilitation taken by Phil and his wife Sarah! Peace, Anders"

Andy Ferguson

"Highly Recommended "Philip's seminar got straight to the point. Packed with fantastic content he outlines in a fun but no nonsense way just what you need to know to put together and run a profitable seminar. Everything you need to know to succeed. Thanks very much". Andy Ferguson. Professional Speaker. "

Gary Lester

"Pro-active, professional networker, always helpful! Gary"

Andrew Byers

"Giving up his time and energy, Philip enthused us with his passion, humour and delivery. He held the entire room captivated and left us all with 3x the energy we came in with. Would highly recommend Philip as a speaker and professional."

Rob Hook

"Phil has the best business model for the soloprenuer that I have seen so far. And I have been looking. His idea of live marketing and supporting personal branding by using seminars will make many seriously wealthy, so long as they follow his advice. He is also a genuinely nice guy. "

Simon Verrall

"Just saw details on Cranleigh Ecademy... can't make tomorrow night, but I've joined up and hope to see you in future. All the best, Simon"

Simon Warman-Freed

"Having spent some time with Phil there is no doubt that he exudes quality. He is a real star and one of the most likeable characters too. The more you engage with Phil the more you will recognise his undoubted value."

Shamus Doherty

"Have yet to meet Phil, but found him to be a very likeable person, plus the idea of the networking book in aid of charity is a blinding idea! Top Banana"

Paul Sherman

"If you want to learn about seminar selling and live marketing, talk to Philip, he is the real deal - and a good fella too!"

Rob Hook

"Phil is an extraordinary character. How many people do you know that would drive from his home in the South to Leeds, then drive the same day to Cheltenham to give a talk for free before going home. Thats commitment! He speaks intelligently about Live Marketing and walks the talk too. Plus, he's a nice bloke "

Philip de Lisle

"Phil is a fantastic speaker who delivers every time. He is also very approachable and willing to share. It is a pleasure to know and recommend him. "

Nick Keith

"Phil Calvert is a magnificant speaker, who will amuse and entertain your audience, however large or small. He always gives his audiences 150 per cent, so make sure to get to see and meet him in 2005. Nick Keith"

Larry Osei-Kwaku- Networking EXPO

"A very inspirational speaker! Phil Calvert involves his audience in his presentation .He left attendees of the South London Christmas party with a whole lof of ideas for organising their next seminars. Larry Osei-Kwaku South London Ecademy Club The African Connection Meet other local entrepreneurs Free IT Support Charities Tel:+44 (0)8701 99 44 74 Mobile +44 (0)7050 10 15 110 Fax:+44 (0)8701 34 66 29 An evening you should never miss,19th March 2005!"

Rod Sloane

"Attend this man's events! Regards Rod Sloane "Attracting Profitable New Clients!" "

Linda Ryder

"Hi Your profile makes interesting reading and we seem to have plenty in common. The wedding daze is interesting too and I will certainly join up once I have renewed my power worker status. We have recently started marketing two of our experiences for hen parties and we also have an exceptional photographer. Kind Regards Linda Ryder"

Hans van Well

"Dear Philip, I was given your details by David Kerrell, on the grounds that he knows I'm looking to arrange a series of events and he thought you might be able to help. The events are workshops on the subject of a workforce empowerment process. Is this something you'd be interested in discussing? Best regards, Hans "


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