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"A good service that a lot of people need now and in the future"

Mark Robinson

"Great networker to connect with!! I appreciate that you accepted my request :) Please do let me know if I can be of any help to you. Kind regards, Mark"

Yvonne Rann

"I have only got to know Robert through this site and of course 'Legal Eagles' I can honestly say that I have always found him to be really genuine, If you need help with a legal matter, if he cannot help, he knows someone who can and will pass their details on to you. Pleasure knowing you. "

Mariéme Jamme

"Robert is a genuine guy! It is a pleasure to know him, he is also very talented and sharp!"

Geoff Jackson

"Having met Robert recently on ecademy I have been impressed by his warmth and interest - What a refreshing change from the stuffy legal people I have met elsewhere! Have a problem? Why not give him a try first? Geoff MatDoc Jackson "

Nicola Cairncross

"I met Robert recently and not only is he a very dynamic character, I will certainly be recommending his new online legal services to my many business ezine readers. Nicola Cairncross Wealth Coach & Internet Strategist"

Rajan "Mind Money Meaning" Ramchandani

"Robert is a very valuable contact to have on everyone's list. His profile and picture will tell you all about the kind of person he is."

Michael Miller

"Nice bloke, he will certainly be one of the next Big things!"

Lee Gallacher

"Robert is an absolute star! Bloody nice Chap! When I had a legal personal legal issue, he sourced the right people for me to talk to whilst keeping me up to date with what he knew personally. Would recommend everyone join the Legal Eagles Club with Robert and his network."

Fraser Hay

"solid chap. Worth knowing.."

Marc van der Chijs

"Hi Robert, thanks for the quick follow-up on my emails. Looking forward to working with you in the future. Think you have a great concept for your business."

BM Muthu

"I rated you good because of the contact and added value! "

David Newport

"Whilst surfing for profile ideas I found Robert's, and its calmness and measured professionalism struck a chord. In fact it's one of the few that has had that impact - lots are great and have high energy or are matter-of-fact. In contacting him, that same sense of Zen-like water flowing over and around obstacles came through. That being the case - what a cultural quality for a law firm to have! All the best, David"

Rajen Business & Digital Coach & Mentor Kantaria

"I made contact with Robert whilst "profile surfing" and resulted in some interesting exchanges. His approach was friendly and open -unlike a legal person in one and like a true Internet person in the other !!:) I was also invited to join the club which he co-leads, but only subsequently realised his position. I would have no hesitation in doing business with Robert if an opportunity arose. Rajen"

Tom Evans

"I have not had the pleasure of meeting Robert but from correspondence, I get the impression he is someone who makes things happen and you can trust"

Charles Gregory

"Very helpful person, within the first 15 minutes of knowing him, I ve been invited to his club, and now he has given me a website link to make my own agreement on the web. What can i say...Thanks!"

Terry Toms

"Thanks for your speedy and helpful response. Terry"

Henry Lu

"Robert is the first Cyber lawyer I have ever known for now. He is energetic and sees the value of on-line business opportunities. For him to decide going into Cyber legal services may be new to many other legal professionals. But for sure, he knows how to put his efforts and get there. I don’t think UK will ever regulate on-line legal service. I think he got a successful business model and on-line communities will definite help him out including my M&A club, we are trying to get that on-line too. Another powerful thing about on-line is that it’s global. So Robert will be provide global legal service too. We are glad to have him to help us out from legal perspective. It’s a win-win for all of us. Best regards, -Henry Lu "

Marcus Cauchi Sales Management Training

"Robert has a phenomenal grasp of where the law is going and will change legal practice with his excellent Global-Law business . He is an entrepreneur who has spotted a powerful niche, he is the first in this space and his knowledge of business is thorough, Multi-lingual, bright, articulate and a superb choice in retaurants! "

Abdul Rauf Parkar

"Doing some great work!! Nice to have made connection with such a guy in ecademy "


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