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Rajendra Aphale


My name is Rajendra Aphale. Reach me on rajaphale at yahoo dot co dot uk. Traveling to Indonesia currently. I work as a consultant in the areas of strategy planning and execution; implementing balanced score cards, performance management systems, compensation and benefit systems, mentoring programs and org structures. I also work in kaizen and lean manufacturing, and quality management areas. I help businesses with better insights in cost structures and more realistic cost reduction programs. I help companies that want to enter Indian markets through strategic alliances. In short, I enable business transformation and in a holistic, i.e. not sectoral or functional way!! My clients include multinational companies, and large and medium sized Indian companies in diverse industries, from manufacturing to IT. I have a very unique academic background - I am an engineer (from IIT Mumbai), I have done MBA, and have completed my management accounting (called ICWA in India) and also I have a degree in Law in my stable. In addition, i have done a few courses in IT, like the Oracle Financials. On the personal side, I am a student of Indian classical music (Sitar), and a yoga practitioner as well as a teacher. create your own visited country map or check our Venice travel guide



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Ramesh Shankerlal

"Dear Rajendra Aphale! Wish you a journey full of Success in 2009! I feel Glad and Honoured to be connected with you and thank you for being in my network. You are one of my valued contacts Please keep in touch. I look forward to network with you. Best Wishes Ramesh Shankerlal +91 9413063021 ramesh.shankerlal@gmail.com Ransae Exim http://ransae.webprosperity.com "

Dr. Peter James

"Rajendra is a sincere 'Gentleman' with a determination to get on in life helping others as well as himself, he has his priorities in the right order."


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