Richard Flewitt

Richard Flewitt

Proprietor/Producer, New Edge Business Video Productions


New Edge Business Video Productions

Creating promotional material and communications for
corporate and public sector organisations.

Films that concentrate on delivering key messages to
engage your audience and inspire them to take action

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With over 3 billion videos viewed every day on YouTube, the challenge for businesses is to create a video the audience will want to watch. Viewers decide within 6 seconds on whether they will continue to watch your video - what do you need to do to engage them?

Why am I here?

I have recently realised that what I considered to be my two passions in life are in fact one!

  • My passion at work is to help companies represent the essence/spirit/ethos/culture of their organisation in their business video.
  • In life I use my 'inner knowing' to inspire individuals to search for and explore the abundant energy surrounding us all - proving that There's More To Life Than This. In other words helping them to identify and acknowledge the essence or spirit of their being. it's all about inspiring others to recognise, then take action to achieve the best that they can be.

My main reason for being on Ecademy is to network with successful, like minded people who realise that sharing and collaboration is the route to success.

 How can I help you?

You'll see from my video below that I'm passionate about helping others to use video effectively. I get totally frustrated when I see business videos that miss the mark, and could be so much better. My core expertise is understanding the needs of an organisation and putting their message first. In today's market people buy from people more than ever so its vital to represent your whole company - the reason for doing what you do as well as the products you offer - in any marketing communication.

I offer strategic guidance on video communications to companies and organisations, then make sure that the messages are delivered in the right way for their particular audience. My objective is to spread the word that video in an incredibly powerful vehicle, and help others to use video to it's full potential within a wider market as possible.

Please see the New Edge YouTube channel to see client testimonials and examples or our work

How did I get here?

I've learned a great deal about myself over the last few years - and most of my learning has come through networking; initially with BRE (Business Referral Exchange) and latterly through Ecademy, particularly from within the Black Star community. Although it's important for us all to promote our services, the major benefit for me from networking has been the quality of support and advice I've received, and hopefully shared. Through my network, I now know what I do best, and where I can be of the greatest value to others. Part of that journey of discovery came through identifying my Core Process with Christine Clacey, and the Flame Institute.

Core Process is a fantastic way of quickly identifying your true value and purpose. If you want to spend all your time loving what you do and being richly rewarded for it, I strongly recommend you check this out. So what does 'guiding souls' mean to me? It tells me that what I intuitively enjoy doing the most within the world of video, is also what I'm innately best at - seeing the potential for how something can be brilliant, and guiding others to achieve that potential.


  Business Video Production

Having worked at the front end of Broadcast TV production for 18 years as an employee, I took what felt like a massive decision and set up New Edge in 2003 - and I've never looked back! Success with New Edge in the world of video production for the public sector, business and education is a result of my passion for using video as a means of communicating messages.

It's my belief that every video communicates a message, whether that's for sales, information, promotion or education. Here's a brief video introduction to New Edge where you can hear from happy clients and see some examples:


It's all about the message

If you are commissioning a Television Advertisement do you go straight to a production company? NO - you speak to an agency first who help you to define your message and translate it into an engaging style for your intended audience. So why do most corporate organisations go directly to a video production company when they want a business video making.

A production company's expertise is in crafting a professional video that looks and sounds good. At New Edge we go one stpe further - my role as a video communications consultant and guide is to take time to get to know your company or organisation and the message you want to relate, then advise you on what type of video will work best for you.

When were you last subjected to a video that was dull, boring, wobbly, blurred, or you couldn't hear what the person was saying, or were too easily distracted by your mobile - or you fell asleep because you weren't engaged.  Experience in factual television has taught me what makes a good video, and how to achieve it - but for me that's the easy part. The hard part is finding the right style and language that will grab the attention of your audience, and then keep it, so that they hear your call to action, and act on it.

This becomes more challenging with a business video in a world where most people watch TV to relax - they see a video screen and expect to be entertained. Below is an edited version of a presentation I made about this very subject........ it's about 5 minutes long so read on if you haven't time to watch..... or get yourself a cup of tea!!


  • Please click the image, place mouse over green bar, then click play button to view the video.

You can find out all you need to know about New Edge, and see more video examples at


 Who Is Richard

Work-Life balance is crucially important to me - and I'm still working on it..... so infinite love and appreciation goes to my partner, Elaine and my children Alfie and Jemima for putting up with me and supporting me in my various ventures.

When I have any time not devoted to the above I can usually be found drinking fresh coffee, eating fine food, drinking a full bodied red wine, or at the theatre or music concert.

I'm an accredited spiritual healer with the NFSH, and will talk for ever about Human Design - although I'm not an expert.

Music and, in particular, singing have been a passion since I was a choir boy at seven years old. I went on to study music through to degree level along with drama. Singing is just a hobby now - I can still be found singing tenor solos for local choirs and choral societies in the Nottingham area. My musical ambition is to sing regularly with a big band - I'm still wating for the invitation....

Trying to do my bit to help future generations achieve their potential through effective education,  I'm a board director for the Torch Multi-Academy Trust based at the local secondary school and now with plans to open two Free Schools in Nottingham. The education landscape is changing rapidly and our school, having been judged Outstanding by OFSTED is proud to be leading the way in Nottinghamshire.

and finally... are you or anyone you know getting married?

My partner, Elaine's business, eb1, creates Elegant Handmade Wedding Invitations & Stationery.

  • Please have a look at the website - referrals will be gratefully received.

Thanks for taking the time to read, please get in touch if you'd like to talk about any of the above best wishes Richard

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Phillip Khan-Panni - Wordsmith

"Someone once told me that Richard Flewitt makes videos. That's like calling Jamie Oliver or Marcus While a cook. I discovered that his approach is to coax out of his subjects the essence of their being, so that they appear on film 'in the round'. He can do that because he is 'simpatico', with an interest in, and understanding of, what makes a person tick. Spending time with Richard was both refreshing and illuminating. He is well worth getting to know."

Mark Lee

"I spent some time with Richard yesterday filming content for my website. Even though I have yet to see the output I want to provide this testimonial to reflect how he made me feel. I knew Richard was passionate about creating engaging videos and this was one of the reasons I chose to rely on his expertise. He is not just passionate though, he is an expert at what he does and has a wonderful style and approach. He helped me to craft a friendly, short and appropriate intro message for the home page of my site and also two relaxed interview type bits for later pages. Richard knows what's necessary and how to make such messages effective. I am quite sure that when I see the final pieces I will be very happy. Many thanks Richard."

Tom Evans

"I've known Richard for a few years now and we instantly got on and bonded ... on many levels. It took until last Friday though before I had the pleasure of actually working with him and I have to say I have a new found and increased respect for him. I was honoured to be on the receiving end of his patience, professionalism and sense of fun - what a joy and what a pleasure to see RIchard in action. I hope this will be the first of more collaboration to come and any authors out there such connect with Richard as his new project could just be the launchpad they are looking for ... Carpe Diem ..."

Victor Marques

"Thanks dear Richard for being in my network.. I Wish abundance for you and the one that you was great to see you again at blackstar meeting on monday.. 15th-12. 2008 Fantastic Christmas and very happy new year.. Big hug from Douro Valley. Victor Marques"

Mark Robinson

"Great networker to connect with!! I appreciate that you accepted my request :) Please do let me know if I can be of any help to you. Kind regards, Mark Club Leader: Recruitment & Employment Confederation (REC) | YouTube Fans | Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) - Worldwide Come join me on some of the best business/social portals as well: LinkedIn | Facebook | Twitter | XING"

Victor Marques

"Thanks RICHARD for being a great friend and a master in your own field. The trees and the vines near the sun, You love for people, you are a great fun! Horizons made of gold and care, Life is always fair! Big hug from Douro Valley. Victor Marques "

Patrick Nelson

"Having known Richard for a number of years and having done business with him, I would be happy to recommend him to anyone who requires a professional video production service or the benefit of his video consultancy skills. Richard is one of those rare individuals who is as passionate about what he does after doing it for many years as he was the day he started. A consummate professional, get in touch with him."

Kandice Cappello

"What a great new friend I met today in Richard. Ecademy is the coolest system when it comes to introducing and making new friends. I have only had two emails from Richard, and I have been made to smile, laugh, and just appreciate Ecademy even more. Thank you Richard! ;-) Kandy "

Merold Mueller

"I rated him good, because he is a great networker."

Denise Raynor

"Quick to offer assistance to a new marks Richard! Regarding the singing voice........I have yet to experience that undoubted talent, but the other testamonials say it all!"

Christine Miller

" Richard is all the things his testimonials say he is, and much more, and he's someone whose company I always enjoy. And yes, his singing is a delight. He is very genuine, his understanding of his craft is unmatched, and the work he produces is highly polished and professional, witnessed by his regular 'gigs' for major companies. We recently spent time exploring how to move forward and the ideas we shared were really inspiring, I am looking forward to working with Richard and to the mutual unleashing of some great things. I recommend you to connect and find out what a great addition Richard is to your network. Christine "

Thomas Power

"Finest singing voice I have heard in BlackStar. Great Networker. Charming, pleasant, delightful to be around. Highly recommended. "

Claude Bonte

"Richard is a good honest hardworking professional with a brilliant sense of humour and a great singing voice ! "

mark wing

"A very helpful man. A refreshing source of inspiration and fun... I most definitely recommend you get to know Richard."

William Rogers

"Richard will be rewarded at some stage. There are prongs of the introduction that he directed me towards that I am still reaping the benefits of. As a sapling business at the time it was massively encouraging to be assisted by Richard. Even the recognition of a conversation that was concise, challenging and yet still supportive - was important to me. So I am recognising that - and from a place of greater experience and knowledge (now a shrub and not a sapling) - I know there was a valid and informed sheparding that took place from a competent source. Thanks."

Mat Tyler

"Richard is a lovely guy. Whilst meeting him during a 121 and at a Virtual Table exercise at a recent Blackstar day, we discovered we had much in common and what struck me about Richard was his easy going nature and the openness that comes with his personality. He was extremely giving with his advice. His advice was indeed very measured, clear and professional which only comes with years of experience and wisdom. A real giving kind of guy. I look forward to my ongoing association with Richard and wish him all the very best with the difference he is making to many people's lives and their business. "

Regine Wilber

"We had spoken a few times 'online' but finally met at a networking day and I instantly thought Richard is a great networker - very professional, approachable and just generally nice! I look forward to getting to know him more - you should, too! :)"

Tanya Hanson

"I look forward to doing business with Richard Really nice guy :)"

Chris Mitchell

"Richard is a true professional who not only knows what he is talking about but believes in it passionately. I recently had the opportunity of working with Richard and was very impressed to see his passion come across as well as his depth of knowledge and clarity of thinking during a live debate. Connect with Richard and you won't be disappointed."

William Rogers

"Richard was kind enough to offer me some advice recently. I'm not concerned about the validity of that, nor what it caused me to do - even though it was both valid and prompted a reevaluation of what I'm doing. It was the patience with his delivery of that advice and an openess to understand the endevours of a total stranger. I took time which he will never claim back when it was of far greater benefit to me than him. I hope I get to shake his hand soon. If he applies half the consideration and understanding that was illustrated in that phonecall in his professional conduct then these are the sorts of companies that have personality - a character you can trust."

Ivan Wong

"I met Richard recently and have found him to be a warm person and totally professional in his dealings. Among other things he has a background in creative video production work and I really feel he is able to impart his passion and expertise effectively. Richard, thanks for the contact and I look forward to further communication with you. Ivan"

Margaret Duggan

"I had the very great pleasure of working with Richard recently for a video on my website. His professionalism and charismatic personality are second to none. Richard carefully guided and advised us every step of the way with ultimate patience and understanding. I would without doubt, recommend Richard to anyone who wants to work with a colleague who is very knowledgable, empathetic and thrilled by making you and your business look and sound the best it can be. A very memorable experience Richard - I bless the day I was introduced to you. Keep up your very good work. With grateful appreciation, Margaret"

Matthew Duggan

"I met and worked with Richard for the first time today and can thoroughly recommend him. A kind and patient man, he's clearly an expert in his field and with the rapid expansion of online video, he's an excellent contact to help bring your business clicking and streaming into the digital age! Thanks again for all your help and guidance."

Judith Germain

"Richard ran a one day workshop on how to communicate your message to camera, he was insightful, friendly and extremely professional. I learnt a lot. I was totally impressed with the way that he went the extra mile following the course. He provided me with my one minute video speech in a number of different formats and provided detailed advice on the best way to use them. He even took a video piece that I had on DVD and converted it into a format that I could stream on the web. Richard is a consultant on how to communicate your message by video, so I recently returned to Richard for advice and was amazed at just how much value he adds to my thought process. "

Victor Taylor

"Richard is friendly and open. He believes wholeheartedly in what he does and from our first meeting, he came across as very genuine."

Jon Upton

"I went to Richard and Andy's 'getting your message across on video' course and learned a great deal. Between them, with their unique blend of production and speaking expertise, they helped me discover that my idea of a message was too complex and not really attention grabbing. They then focused me on discovering my real message, gave me the confidence to deliver it to camera and then recorded it for me. You can see the result on my ecademy profile. I commend Andy and Richard to anyone desiring to improve their speaking and wanting to put their message on video. "

Kris Vanhoutte

"Connecting with Richard is special ! He shares his heart and mind ! What an refreshing experience. Thanks a lot Richard ! :-)"

Andrew Clark

"He's professional, he's easy - very easy to work with, he produces great results, and he focuses on the message you need to deliver. I've used his services several times and wouldn't go elsewhere."

Sanjay Shah

"Richard has the knack of turning an ordinary video into a great one! I have used his services to have a video edited for marketing purposes and can thoroughly recommend him. Sanjay Shah "

Heather "The Onion" Bradley

"Richard certainly does bring a 'New Edge' to video production!! A creative artist and superb craftsman ...... and a great guy to boot. :). A professional of the highest calibre, with expertise to match."


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