Richard Alberg

Richard Alberg

Chief Executive, MyWorkSearch Ltd


I founded and managed PSL, a company that developed psychometric tests and related assessment solutions. PSL became one of the larger and more successful companies in the sector and in November 2006 was acquired by Kenexa, a NASDAQ quoted human capital company (subsequently acquired by IBM). I joined Kenexa as a Senior Vice President and managed the integration of PSL as well as taking responsibility for Kenexa in the Asia Pacific region. I completed my earn-out in 2008 and took an interim CEO position in a snacks and drinks distribution company. This role ended in January 2009 and for the first time in twenty years I took two months off and had a really good time. However I also needed to think about what to do in the years ahead and the process of exploring opportunities and meeting with people in my network led to a new business: MyWorkSearch Ltd ( The logic behind MyWorkSearch is simple:

  • For over a decade we have been spoilt by a buoyant job market. This means that most people have relatively basic job-seeking skills and are ill-equipped for the brutal environment we are now in.
  • Conventional human driven job search assistance cannot scale to the current demand as there are insufficient knowledgeable consultants to provide the service and insufficient funds to pay for it.
  • Most people have skills that are still required; it is just that there is less demand. This means that getting jobs is possible however there is far more competition.
  • The only practical solution is for a technology driven self-service offering that provides all the tools that a person needs to stand a reasonable chance of effectively searching for a new job. This is scalable to meet demand and, by its nature, affordable.

We have therefore built a technology platform that has:

  • Considerable eLearning content to guide a person in all the steps they can take to effectively job search.
  • A range of tools such as CV and personal CV website building, vacancy monitoring, vacancy aggregation, employer, agency and job board and newspaper / trade journal selection and personal network management.
  • A section where all opportunities are aggregated, activities logged and data made searchable. It is the heart of a workflow engine that tracks all activity and each day reminds the job seeker of the to-do items for the day and enables an efficient and effective high job-seeking activity level.
  • Reporting on progress and activity for all stakeholders from self to Jobcentre Plus to spouse.

It has been designed to operate as a single coherent easy to use process that hand-holds the jobseeker and guides them to do all the right things to increase their chances of finding a job. Below is a video you can view on MyWorkSearch. So life is now getting rather busy. By 2013 we have turned over several millions and secured some great clients and partners.  We have a strong presence in several markets:

  • Employers making staff redundant
  • Further and Higher Education institutions helping students secure employment
  • Vocational training providers supporting their learners
  • Housing associations helping unemployed tenants
  • Welfare to work providers assisting the unemployed

and look to the future with considerable optimism.

I have been an Ecademy/SunZu member since 1999. Over the years I have collaborated with many people to mutual benefit. I am always happy to get to know other members however I ask that you respect my time. I see SunZu as a business networking site and therefore welcome approaches where there is likely to be an opportunity of benefit to both of us. If you believe there is a reason for us to chat then please do get in touch

I live in Harrow on the Hill, north west London and am married with two young children. When not working or with the family I try very hard to keep fit. Although I do seem rather good at thinking up reasons why tomorrow would be a better day to go to the gym! I like travelling - but still have a lot of places left to visit.



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Penny Power

" On Monday this week I met with Richard in London, my aim was to provided a mutual space for us to gain from one another and see what I can do for Richard. In a rare turn of events for me, Richard focused on me, what he could do for Ecademy and me personally. He inspired me, excited me and provided me with an exciting new set of thoughts and ideas. Since the meeting he has connected me to some excellent people. I saw a new side to a man that I have known of for 22 years, personally known for around 4, and it has been a real pleasure. Thank you richard, a new dawn!"

Lucien Meert

"Dear Richard, I am glad to count you as one of my contacts in my network. You are a valuable part of it. A great connection, I appreciate !! Best wishes. Lucien "

Juliette Davies

"I met Richard when he interviewed me to be his PA in June 2007 - I immediately liked him and guess he liked me to as he offered my the job there and then in that first meeting, which of course, I accepted. Since that time I have got to know Richard a lot better and the more I know the more I like, respect and admire! He is one of the few people in life who can comment on my appearance, behaviour and attitude and I know it is for my own good. Last year we moved to a new Company together and it has been very challenging and busy, but unfortunately the venture was not successful although I have learned so much and put so many learned skills into practise thanks to Richard giving me the opportunity and the encouragement. And now I am here, on Ecademy, setting up my own enterprise and this again is thanks to Richard! He is my mentor (and secretly my hero!) "

CharlieTheCoach Robertson

"I met Richard for the first time on Monday. It was not love at first sight and I thought he was a little brash. By the end of the meeting he had become one of the best people I have ever had the priviledge to meet. I had a business issue I had been turning over and over in my mind for weeks, he got straight to the point with quick fire questioning. The process was painful, I felt a bit railroaded and my ego was being attacked. The end result, total clarity. After such a short time I would recommend Richard to anyone. Just don't expect an easy ride. Kind Regards Charlie"

Liam Wall

"I had an opportunity to do some work for Richard last month which was a privilege. He is energetic and clearly believes in leading from the front. During an exciting but taxing period he remained professional, was willing to crack a joke and always remembered to say thank you believing strongly in team work. I hope the pleasure is repeated in the future. "

Rosie Hatton

"Richard is insightful without being tactless, listens more than he talks but talks about serious things without being humourless. A couple of hours in his company helped me to put a whole new slant on issues that I had been navel gazing over for ages. Thank you so much, Richard! I look forward to our next 121 with great anticipation. It will again, I'm sure, be the highlight of my week."

Fraser Hay

" Astute. Knowledgeable. Professional, and doesnt suffer fools gladly. A "must have" contact in your network. Highly Recommended 10/10. "

Rob Hook

"Just had an unbelievable conversation with Richard. He is insightful, knowledgeable, friendly and willing to help. Not only that but he was prepared to say what he thought not what he thought I wanted to hear. A true business sage"

Guy Massey

"Incredibly erudite person. Richard Alberg is a MUST CONNECT person if you want to learn, experience, and benefit from your forray into online and offline business networking. Richard is a true gent! And I for one consider that comment very seriously before making it these days."

Ashish Raina

"Richard is a genuine and likable person. He has a direct yet polite approach. Every time we meet or communicate I am impressed with his business acumen even more... Ashish"

Tim Stucke

"Richard is a very sharp and personable individual who means business yet is willing to go out of his way. I highly recommend Richard on both personal and business levels!"

Freddy Daems

"Richard is certainly a nice chap to talk with : very open, good listener and gives you advice at first hand. Thanks Richard"

Hélder Falcão

"Very helpful. Looking forward to doing business with you. Regards, Helder"

John Joint

"Seldom have I met someone as selfless and helpful as Richard. Extra mile? Richard goes that and more. A mainstay of the ecademy ethos. Get in touch with him, or go to one of his London gatherings and you'll find out for yourself. Great work and thanks Richard."

Stuart Harris

"Richard is a successful entrepreneur at a relatively young age, and that alone would make him well worth knowing. But there's a lot more. Hes among the first to pitch in when there's stuff to be done, and he just gets on with it without kicking up a fuss. He's thoughtful, friendly, modest and very easy to talk to. I like him more and more every time I meet him."

Rory ROR Murray

"A great guy! Take the time to find out why - you won't be disappointed!"

Abdul Rauf Parkar

"A successful entreprenuer who finds time to see people. Very friendly and approachable with a view to help others wherever he can. Someone very useful to have in one's network. Abdul"

Adam White

"Richard is the man, well connected, successful business owner, generous with his contacts and tells it like it is. His valued advice could alter the course of my life. "

Alan Rae - Business Communicator

"having spent a day working with Richard in a couple of workshops and co-facilitating one with him. I can vouch for him having excellent skills at drawing people out, establishing what they have to say and consolidating it in a practical easy to use format. alan"

Patrick Moore

"If I was asked to describe Richard in one word, it would be "Integrity". Richard is fearless in "telling it like it is", even if his views are sometimes at odds with what seems to be the prevailing sentiment. The power of that willingness to buck the trend is hard to over-estimate. If you find yourself in a team that's become prone to "groupthink", seek out Richard and ask him to give you an honest opinion. You may not like what you hear, but it's value will be enormous."

Thomas Power

"Rich, what I have discovered since 1998 is that every 1,000 active members in your personal Network are worth £100,000 in annual salary to me personally. Thus you need to drive everyone you know into YOUR Network. You make this already because you already know 1,000 people but like me you have the ability to be a SuperNetworker which is 10,000 active members in your Network and £1m per year in salary. You should also drive all your rivals into your Network from around the world, rivals generate loads of additional people because they gossip about you so much. The money of course is in the links not the nodes and very few have realised this focusing instead on their favoured nodes. Is this is game or is this real ...this is real? Thomas"

Thomas Power

"Rich, nice picture but you need to start building your Network online using the Network button. Get your staff in, get your rivals in, get your suppliers. I expect you to be among our Top Networkers. T"


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