Bob Barker

Bob Barker


Expert in understanding the new world of customer engagement, digital marketing and social media, and how to apply these transformational approaches to build company brand capital (customer brand experience(shared)), customer relationship capital (its data and marketing automation infrastructure) and social capital (its people) to drive business growth & sales. My knowledge has been built though a 25 year marketing career in the technology industry working for innovative brands (e.g. Oracle, NCR, SAS, Alterian), amazing people and leaders. Recently I co-authored the Digital Business Britain Manifesto (with Penny Power, endorsed by UK Government) to help guide business to be more digital and "go social". I believe marketing is about the orchestration of the entire company to create customer engagement and preference. In particular it is about working closely with sales to focus marketing resources on the markets, customers and prospects needed to drive revenue. I am known as someone who can come up with "the big idea", create innovative/differentiating positioning, write engaging presentations/copy and publications, make the complex simple, drive and motivate marketing teams. My niche/focus/personal quest in social media is how people personally use and find the time for engaging on social media. As such a run a weekly video blog interviewing experts that I meet to help provide a resource to motivate people to more fully embrace and understand these vital skills for the future. To give back, I serve as a Trustee of Harvester Trust who host Hillsong Church London in our conference centre (The River Centre) in Kent. As such I am leading a project to build a Community/youth café for Tonbridge as an extension of these facilities.

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Tina Jonasen

" I had the great pleasure of meeting Bob at the "Social Media SM2 Reseller Retreat" at Warren House on the 28th of January 2010! Unfortunately there was not time for an actual 121, but from the speaks Bob held during the semiar, there is NO doubt in my mind as to how intelligent and professional Bob is! On top of that Bob is a very open and helping man - with a very strong network - so do yourself the favor and get to know this man!!! I personally cant wait to work closer with him !!! With these words I will leave you to a continued Glorious Day with wishes for future Prosperous common Networking, "

John Brooker

"I met Bob at the Warren House Social Media Retreat. Bob is a clear thinking person who is passionate about making social media information clear to others. It says on his profile that he is a marketing guru and I believe it. He has a great product and once people understand how it can help them it will be a great success. He's also friendly and happy to share his knowledge. Well worth connecting to."

Amanda Sokell

"We've worked with Bob on a recent project and I can say he really knows his stuff. "

Terry Toms

"Bob is a really knowledgeable ICT industry professional who is very well connected ....and he also plays golf. What more can I say. I will get to know him better and if he fancies a round some time he should give me a call. There are only three things that make me rearrange apointments. Terry"

Simon West

"If you want to know how to make marketing work for your business talk to Bob. He's expert at that area of "marketing strategy" and making it work for you."


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