Richard White

Richard White

Sales Consultant and trainer specialising in technical services, Pro Excellence Ltd


I am a sales consultant and trainer speacialing in technical services and consultative selling.

My ideal clients are IT and technical consulting firms and software companies that want their consultants to do their own sales activity

I am the author of 'The Accidental Salesman Networking Survival Guide' which applies the consultative selling to networking for sales lead generation. It has been endorsed by some of the top names in business networking including Dr Ivan Misner, Founder of BNI, who wrote the foreword.

If you would like to discuss a sales issue or booking me as a speaker for your event please call me on 01428 651866 or send me a message.

My website contains hundreds of free articles, podcasts, videos etc on all aspects of sales and marketing.

If you have a sales or marketing problem and want recommendations as to what to read/listen/watch for a specific issue then please feel free to contact me.
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Here are a few testimonials....

"Richard has really helped us at Desktop Life gain clarity on our Sales & Marketing strategy. He has great skills at asking the right questions."

Rob Eberstein, Sales and Marketing Director, Desktop Life

"A week after our meeting I attended an exhibition in Birmingham (as a visitor) and whilst visiting an exhibitors stand I was asked by the Sales Director "so what do you do". Unbelievably I came away with the Sales Director wanting a meeting with me to discuss how we could potentially help his clients. In addition the Sales Director knew of someone else who would want to meet with me!! I would not have come away with this result had I not have met Richard first.."

David Thomas, Managing Director, Bluegrass Computer Services

"I am hugely grateful of your help so far. You've really helped us find our feet with putting this sales team together and I'm sure you'll be able to do the same to help grow it into the future."

Jonny Tooze, Chief Executive, Lab Lateral Ltd

"The advice on soft selling and the use of story-telling has already paid off with the immediate return being 10:1 on the cost of our first workshop and probably 100:1 over the next year!."

Mark Eaton, Managing Director, Amnis Consulting

"Over the last 12 months Richard has provided some exceptional support to me in crystalising my business proposition, focussing my sales approach and developing commercial agreements for my projects. Richards ability to challenge, probe and drive out the real issues in order to achieve clarity and focus is exceptional. "

Derek Bishop, Managing Director, Abeo Consulting Ltd

"Over the last few months, Richard has been working with my business to refine our proposition and provide clarity to our cold calling process. Not only can we state with precision the value that we provide to our clients, but our cold calling now has improved focus and we have reduced the time taken to get through to the decision maker. His approach is gentle and persuasive, born from practical experience.!"

Clive Taylor, Chief Executive, Sesai Consulting Ltd




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Allison Williams

"Great networking and sales skills. He's a man who works passionately and very supportive."

Gina Minton

"His Breakthrough process is highly recommendable and I believe he has a lot to teach us all."

Mark Underwood

"Once again thank you Richard. You came to a small group at The Business NLP Practice Group expecting, (from my briefing), an audience keen to practice, who, instead, were more comfortable "just" to engage in more of a "Q&A" session, (except for one exercise). Nevertheless, your flexibility, skill, stories, enthusiasm and "Models" model made a significant impact on all present, including me. I have already had great feedback from several of those present, who I trust will also relay their thanks to you personally. I am already refining several relationship models myself which I know will lead to increased business. Thank you again for being a true exemplar of what you teach. best wishes Mark"

Russell Weetch

"I've known Richard for a while now and have always found his advice useful. But just having had a phone session iwth him on a particlular issue really proved to me what an amazing skill he has for getting you to really focus on what you need to do. If you get the chance you must listen to him."

Kenneth Payne

"Dear Explorer, Often you look and rarely find that one you know you are looking for. Richard's reputation is not hard to find yet is rare so you know now to look. Deeper into the root before he blossoms your purpose filled story alive and... You will see that he is already behind you as a purpose to empower your flower. Being kind to Richard is with ease for pollinating your story, he is the honey bee. Gentle, kind and quick Cuz like silver wisdom spinning mercy like golden justice singing. Your song, your life, your hope into knowing that it was you creating the faith all along. Leadership is rarely felt, a rapport deeper melt your audience awaits your spring of green. New birth, new rain, no tears, no pain, a pleasure in prosperitus maximus harmony. Magic, you bet, story you let, profit you net. In Richard trust, no looking back, what do you get? * You are yet deeper into your purpose filled story already behind you honey, cuz faith, your audience awaits your new birth magic! Godspeed - In kind, Ken "

John Cassidy

"A 121 with Richard is a must for anyone in business who wants to improve their sales message. Not only does Richard take the time to understand your business, he digs deep to help you to work out what pain you take away and then suggests great ideas to help market that message. He came up with my Challenge Cassidy campaign which has had such a great response. Richard also chairs an excellent Blackstar Boardroom in Guildford which I'd highly recommend. Through his leadership he is building up a group with a strong core membership."

Sue Geeves

"I met Richard at the Ripley Blakc Star NRG day in January. He then very kindly spent an two hours helping me get my business back on track the following week, using skype as the snow prevented us meeting. The thing with Richard he is able to cut through the rubbish and get to the problems in a nutshell. A very useful session, thank you so much Richard. Sue"

Katie-Ellen Hazeldine

"Richard rang last night and we chatted, each finding out a little more about the other's work. I found him organised, courteous and considerate, enquiring and subtle. I once worked in a sales environment myself...was interested to go through the training and liked the feeling of service from getting the 'hits' (it was an employment agency) but loathed the culture...or should I say, anti-culture. Richard though, despite his modesty, is a sales mentor from a far superior zone...Planet Politely Professional."

Stuart Harris

"I first met Richard when we trained together on a coaching programme in 2001-2002. He was already a big guy then - well over 6 feet / 180 m tall - but since then he has grown in stature too. I'm in the process of clarifying to myself, and hence to others, what I offer. Richard stepped forward to help out and we had a great two-hour phone session that has left me much clearer about what I need to do and say in my marketing. Richard combines patience and intuition with persistence and simplicity. The process was truly worthwhile, to the extent that I insisted on Richard invoicing me. Thank you Richard. Keep up the great work."

Jonathan Loftus

"We have a brilliant range of services but something was missing in the message we were communicating to our target market. After having a breakthrough session with Richard it was as if a large sack of rocks was lifted from my shoulders. I gained a better insight about our target market which led to creating innovative new products and services which have been selling well. I have implemented new strategies to market our services and have gained many advocates. Thanks to Richard I have discovered a better way of communicating our services to potential clients. I highly recommend Richard. Not only his breakthrough session but also his masterclasses. He has shown me not only the right way but also a better way to take my business forward and gain recognition. Thank you Richard for all your help. Jay Loftus Project Director Creatively Minded Design"

mark wing

"I've been following Richard for some time. He has much to teach me and respect his methods. He gave me a day of his time recently, for which I am very grateful. He has a process called 'breakthrough' and I can highly recommend you ask him for more information about it if you are looking for ways to unblock your 'accidental sales'. Richard is a unique resource for you to tap into - and very generous with it."

Antonio Farruggia-Bochnak

"Hi Richard, Its great to have you as an Ecademy contact - I have joined your newsletter and even before recieving my first video tutorial I'm inspired to get out there and sell more ;) Please let me know if there is anything I can do for you especially re marketing using video streaming. All the best, Antonio Magico "

Jennifer Bloom

"I'm pleased to count Richard as one of my contacts here on Ecademy. Changing Lives, Jennifer "

David Nunn

"Richard is a very important person to be in your network. He not only made time to meet up with me but also gave some useful feedback and recommendations that have encouraged me to move forward in my new opportunities planning activities. I would highly recommend Richard as a mentor and for inspiration, particulaly if you are in Sales. Than k you Ricahrd - David"

Chantal Cooke

"Thanks for a fantastic SALES BREAKTHROUGH session. I really felt as though it shifted some "rubbish" in my head and I've been using the exercises to keep me on track. It was a very supportive session and I felt you helped me along without any judgement. It left me with no more excuses to procrastinate - which is just what I needed! Thank you. Chantal Cooke Passion for the Planet"

Liz Chukwu

"Hi Richard, It was so lovely to see you again at the Essex Business Scene event on the 7th of May 2009 and to finally get the opportunity of chatting with you about your passion and most importantly listening to your inspiring speech. Apart from giving me plenty to think about for where I am as a startup, I was so encouraged by the case study you used and how you encouraged your client from, what I imagine must have been so frustrating, through, to the doors of endless opportunities and profit.:-)x Thank you so much for your advice on how to continue to move forward, I felt really supported and encouraged.:-) Do let me know how I may assist you in future.:-) Have a great day ahead.Kind regards and many blessings always Liz.x:-)"

Patricia Murray Cox

"I have yet to meet Richard in person but I know we have many synergies. His warmth, passion and integrity shine through his written words whcih are inspirational. His extensive bank of testimonials are proof of the profound positive changes he has made to corporate and personal life. Cannot wait to meet you in June, Richard! "

Muchina Thuo

"Hello everyone, He articulates the subject "Sales" with military precision. A rear feet to achieve. On this- off my hat. Thanx White"

David Bates

"Good morning Richard A real pleasure to be added to your network. Best regards, David Bates Sales & Marketing Manager CW Advertising Ltd ITFX Ltd The TV Works E-go e-commerce"

Mariéme Jamme

"Again, I spent another inspirational day with my friend and mentor Richard. He has truly entered into my Heroes list. Thank you for being a great friend. I feel extremely privileged to have you. Thank you for a lovely day. The walk was wonderful. Best Wishes- Marieme :-)"

Kevin O'Sullivan

"Richard is generous with his knowledge and there is lots of good stuff on Thank you"

Lyn Ashby-Baxter

"Richard 'made me' think of how I can 'come across' to some people. Being a 'High Red', I know I can be a little bolchy!....when I'm tired or have been very busy & lacking in energy. So, I reflected on this & have improved! Best Regards Lyn Lyn Ashby-Baxter"

Lisa Pearson

"I thoroughly enjoyed Richard's ebook on writing copy, it was informative, and fun to read. I would recommend everyone checking out the information on his site. Cheers Lisa"

Ronald L. Taylor

"It is an honour to be connected with you on Ecademy. I look forward to our networks being of mutual benefit to one another."

Romilla Ready

"Thoroughly enjoyed Richard's masterclass. Had several 'aha' moments about my business and message due entirely to Richard's dedication and energy. I tested what I came away the same evening at a business dinner and certainly got more interest than I had with previous 'elevator pitches'. Be prepared to work hard and be stretched!!! Romilla Romilla Ready Lead-author of two best selling 'for Dummies' books on Neuro-linguistic Programming. "

Mariéme Jamme

"Richard is remarkable...I cannot emphasize the admiration I have for him! Thank you for all your time and presence! :-) "

Neil "video podcast" Fairbrother

"Thanks Richard for giving up your evening to work with my Young Enterprise team in Amersham, a long way from home. All the best Neil"

Claudia Xavier de Lima

"Happy to have you in my network, Richard. Looking forward to hearing from you. Claudia visual artist "

Carolyn Williams

"Richard, Thank YOU I learnt something New! Great new directives with a deeper understanding than most Sales Coaches I have ever had the pleasure to listen to. After a one hour session with Richard I got great insights as to what I need to Looking forward to walking the talk. Highly recommended :) Carolyn Williams "

Leny Ismael

"This man really knows how to INFLUENCE PEOPLE. More Success!"

Amanda Hamilton

"Richard .... In one hour over the phone you have not only re-inspired me, but you have helped me identify a perfect target market that I would really enjoy seeking out, thrilling with my product and then warmly welcoming here at Casa La Celada. You've given me concrete ways to set about finding my precise target market which takes all the headaches and stress away leaving me now with the simple and achievable task of using my network here to help me track down the people I need to be talking to. I think you've saved me HOURS of hamstering .... that's the running on the wheel that gets you nowhere, sweaty and tired ... Thank you so much - Amanda :)"

J William (Bill) Moore, HFTC

"Richard is a super person who is willing to take time to help others. I really appreciate the thoughtful reply given when asked for an opinion. Highly recommend that you link up with Richard! Smiles and best wishes, always Bill Moore"

J William (Bill) Moore, HFTC

"Richard is a super person who is willing to take time to help others. I really appreciate the thoughtful reply given when asked for an opinion. Highly recommend that you link up with Richard! Smiles and best wishes, always Bill Moore"

J William (Bill) Moore, HFTC

"Richard is a super person who is willing to take time to help others. I really appreciate the thoughtful reply given when asked for an opinion. Highly recommend that you link up with Richard! Smiles and best wishes, always Bill Moore"

Mark Eaton

"What do you give the guy who has 194 testimonials? How about his 195th? Richard - your advice on soft selling and the use of story-telling has already paid off with the immediate return being 10:1 on the cost of our first workshop and probably 100:1 over the next year! As you will have seen from the client testimonials I have been sent, they directly relate to the use of the techniques and approaches you helped me with! I look forward to working with you for a long time!"

Tom Evans

"Richard is one of the deepest thinkers you will find on Ecademy - follow his blogs and forum posts and be prepared to learn something new or a different aspect on something you knew already. He takes time over what he writes so take time to read them fully & then read them again ... ... thanks for all the wisdom you are sharing Richard, keep shining :-)"

Merold Mueller

"I rated him good, because he is a great networker!"

Lisa Turner

"Richard is simply fantastic. He was kind enough to give me some of his valuable time to give me some advice and feedback on my marketing message. Really good, constructive, relevant feedback and advice is hard to come by. But not from Richard he has it a pleanty. He has a perception and insight that is close to genius. Add to that the ability to gently present the advice in a way that means you can apply it and use it makes him really rather special. I will certainly be recommending him to anyone who wants to improve their sales and marketing. Even if you think you have got it, Richard will find subtle but powerful ways to make it even better. Thank you again Richard. "

Jackie Walker

"There are times when others are able to see more of you than you can - Richard is one of those people. With a quick few flicks of his axe he cut through the dead wood to find the sap by asking just a couple of very simple, almost innocuous, questions - the ones which really make you stop. This is a man who is gently direct, yet compeletely non-directive. With his refreshing and innovative approach to identifying real clients, I'm enormously grateful to have him not only in my network, but as an extremely able and willing sounding board. Thank you Richard for your insights. "

Dexter Moscow

"Richard has a quiet confidence that is very reassuring when speaking about business concerns. He is generous with his time and knowledge and I have personally benefited from his advice and direction. Time spent in his company is very enjoyable and rewarding. When he speaks - listen there is GOLD in his words."

Ian Dawson

"Richard gave us a two hour consultation on our property consultation business We were extremely impressed by his approach to how we could move our business forward. After the two hour call we were both buzzing with ideas and felt highly motivated to take our business into its next stage. Thanks Richard - We will certainly work with you in the future and recommend you highly."

Jonathan Loftus

"It is a pleasure to have connected with you Richard, such a generous genuine and kind gentleman, always ready to encourage and try to help. You are really an inspiration and I look forward to working with you. Thanks for all the contacts and if there is anything I can ever do for you please don't hesitate to ask. I am honoured to know you and encourage everyone to connect with such a fantastic guy and also to benefit from your services, expert knowledge and experience in business development."

Nina Madden

"Richard was one of the first people I connected with on ecademy - he has been really generous with time and advice which has been truly helpful. I recomend lead generation masterclass to anyone who wants clarification on how to present their products and services - fun and enlightening day! :0) Nina "

Peter Rees

"What a great way to spend a day! The Lead Generation Masterclass far exceeded my expectations ... well structured, clear, insightful and ultimately practical & down to earth. Highly recommended - thanks Richard"

Stuart Kerslake

"A long ovedue testimonial for a lovely, insightful, giving person. Thanks for such an inspiring and inlightining day at your Lead Generation Masterclass, Richard. Your enthuisiam is infectious as Claude says, and the very inter-active format really worked for me. There were plenty of opportunities to try out new ideas/approaches for your business and receive input/feedback from several different people, whilst finding out more about other people's businesses and helping them refine their approach. Giving and receiving, challenging and refining, networking and allying - and all in one day!! What more can I say - thoroughly recommended. "

Tom Evans

"It's taken me about 4 years since I first met Richard to go along to his Lead Generation Masterclass ... I waited this long as I've been working out what I wanted to do with the rest of my life. That vision has come to me recently and I have to say it really crystallised yesterday. If you have a vision and want to focus in on it and test it out in a safe environment, this masterclass is for you ... ... your networking will never be the same again"

Claude Bonte

"Richard's lead generation master class was an excellent day of clarity. His enthusiasm for the subject was infectious and I found his material to be very practical and easy to use. His stories were compelling and we all generated some very clear action steps. Highly Recommended 10/10. Thank you Richard "

Thomas Power

"TASLunch and TASDinner just round the corner ...can't wait to book in. Highly recommended particularly his listening skills."

Mark Newbury

"I met Richard today with the belief that our meeting would be enlightening - I was not disappointed and found him to be forthright, sincere and open, and enjoyed time sharing many of our life experiences to discover that we are treading a similar path and share the same principles and beliefs - He is now someone I would not hesitate to ask advice from or talk over both worldly or spiritual issues. I also have a good understanding of his sales programme and would not hesitate to recommend a course or just a meeting with him."

Ian Blackshire

"I'd heard about Richard from different people and everything I heard was extremely positive. So I took a decision that I had to meet him. The outcome of that meeting is that I now understand why he is so highly regarded. He is open and honest with a disarming helpful nature, a person you feel instantly at ease with. We share very similar views and ethics and although we are in similar fields, I have no problem in recommending his services to people who I think are better suited to his programme."

Eric "Business Scene" Hearn

" Richard is one of the 'good guys' and someone you need to connect with, avoid connecting with him at your peril. I was lucky enough to get to know Richard a lot better over 2 away days in Somerset. His Accidental Salesman programme is packed full of value and is backed up by his effortless vision and shrewd business sense."

nathan durkin

"I have been reading and studying Richards articles and I am really impressed. As a person on the front line of sales every day I understand what he writes and says is exactly what happens in real life. I have read lots of sales books and attended many training courses but they never seem to relate to my industry while Richards programmes are geared to each individual business. Nathan Durkin"

Fraser Hay

"Well liked, admired and a seasoned player in the Business Development Arena. One of the few, I have a lot of time for.(A Real Pro.) Rating: 10/10"

Babs Saul

"This is such an exciting time for Richard - he is so close to his tipping point with the Accidental Salesman - and it's time for him to enjoy the success that is happening now. His training, the workshops, his insight are invaluable for anyone in business and/or in sales - priceless. Richard has helped me many times over the years and I gladly refer clients to him knowing that they will understand their business and their sales far better. "

Jo Simpson

"I met Richard on Friday for the first time - what an amazing guy with a warm heart and an obvious passion for helping people / businesses succeed. I am very much looking forward to working with Richard in the near future. With very high recommendations... Jo "

Nigel Temple

"Richard is thoughtful, intelligent and positive. Talk to him about your business! "

Russell Dickens

"I attended Richard's teleseminar on Goal setting tonight. It was incredibly useful!! Richard's questioning techniques were superb and brought out helpful insights which may have otherwise been missed. I would highly recommend signing up to receive the emails about upcoming teleseminars!!"

Ebru Ulufer

"I attended Richard's Lead Generation Master Class and found it a very powerful and rewarding experience. It was an excellent day full of interactive exercises and lots of fun! One of the things I learnt on the day was how to describe my business more clearly to stimulate referrals. This is very important as it creates a concise way to let others know what I do and it also clarifies what a good lead for me would be. Richard was very helpful to help us understand what our ideal prospects feel like by engaging us in a fantastic exercise where we put ourselves in our ideal clients shoes and felt their emotions. We worked in small groups throughout the day and this helped us get to know other participants and their business. A great networking opportunity whilst learning how to generate more leads. The best part of the day for me was "storytelling". I learnt how powerful real life stories are to build trust and rapport with prospective customers. I learnt what makes a good story and how I go about telling it so that I can attract more of the right clients. I recommend Richard's Lead Generation Master Class without any hesitation. Thank you Richard for a wonderful day! Ebru Ulufer "

Mary Gregory

"I have got to share my experiences of attending Richards' Lead Generation training day. It was absolutely invaluable and with the clear structure and support that Richard provided on the day, plus the excellent group interaction, I was able to create a focussed and powerful introduction to my business which most importantly I feel really confident in presenting. Richard created an atmosphere that was relaxed, purposeful and fun and I think everyone of us came away not only with a clear message to attract new clients with, but also a good selection of people with whom to continue networking and generating leads. Thank you Richard, I highly recommend your programme to everyone, best wishes, Mary "

Christine Miller

" Richard's 'Lead Generation Master Class' is a very powerful and effective experience which allows you to get to the core of precisely what it is that you offer and to whom, and learn to express it clearly and concisely. Once you have that clarity, it's also much easier for other people to understand how they can help with referrals. The day was fun and very interactive, we got to experience different roles which was most useful, the time flew by, I learned a lot, and I certainly came away with many fertile possibilities and am already seeing results. Richard is generous and passionate about sharing his know-how and his knowledge, and if you want more leads for your business, you won't do better than attending his course and joining his Accidental Salesman Club. "

Ian J Rogers

"I have just attended Richard's Lead Generation master class. I found to be an excellent day of tuition with plenty of interactive and practicle excercises to learn the skills being taught. I would thoroughily recommend this course to anyone wishing to increase their effectiveness at generating leads for their business. Ian "

J William (Bill) Moore, HFTC

"Great job Richard on the Accidental Salesman®! I hope to retain your services and work together when our aSmilingWorld® project launchs! Smiles, Bill"

Sue Richardson

"I had a really fantastic couple of hours over lunch with Richard on Thursday. When we met I could see that he was a seriously special person with a million creative ideas buzzing around his head. It was actually slightly unnerving to start with - being a little tired from three days at the London Book Fair I found it hard to keep up! Then, as Richard began to ask me questions about my business I relaxed and realised that this guy was absolutely a one in a million. He has a way of hearing what you say and then asking more questions - so that you get clearer about yourself in the process of talking to him. This is an extraordinary gift. He's warm, he's genuine and his gorgeous smile is one that comes from the heart (or, I suspect, the soul). He's a serious people person with a brilliant brain! What a treat to know you Richard! I hope to spend more time getting to know you better in the near future. "

Mariéme Jamme

"Richard's unique method of engaging with you and your team is superb. He knows the core problems that every sales organisation is facing and has the ability to train the most important department in your organisation. He helped my company gain clarity on our positioning and offering. I am very thankful to Richard and would recommend him highly. Merci Richard."

Thomas Power

"From Spotted Cow pub chat in 2005 to Guru in 2008, Richard White is a master of personal evolution. Much more still to come I sense. Highly recommended. "

Claude Bonte

"Richard is a credit to the blackstar community. A professional in his field and a very helpful person. He's a pleasure to know and puts a lot of effort into meeting and knowing people at a deeper level than most. It's great meeting people who live and breath the real essence of building good quality relationship "

Carolyn Williams

"Professional and effective. Responding quickly giving his expertise clearly. More to come hopefully! Well Done Richard on your prompt professionlism. ps I wrote my comments before I read others below. Spot On!! Warmest Wishes, Carolyn"

Victor Marques

"Richard White is a must in your networking goup or a asset for any business. Thanks Richard for your great support and free help! You are really a giver and an expert of helping people to achieve what they dream about! Douro Valley and small producers say thank you ! Kindest regards. Victor Marques"

Don Cooke

"What a roll-call of positive feedback .. glad to add my own here I have taken Richard's advice recently and subscribed to his tips series of info letters. If you want clear plain talking guidance on selling strategy.. it is recommended. "

Michael McNulty

"I have recently experienced directly how Richard helps clients accelerate sales growth by clarifying direction and strengthening sales management. I walked out of our meeting with clarity, energy and a new enthusiasm for growing my open workshops on Personal Impact. Richard has a great listening ear that works like a forensic surgeon: no comment is left unchallenged, but all done with the bedside manner of a professional who is caring, gentle and supportive and at the same time, authoritative, clear and memorable. Thanks Richard. I urge everyone to join Richard's network and sign up to his Accidental Salesman Premium Content."

Mehul Shah

"Interms of groups, I think Richard's group on Ecademy provides the most valuable content and I will definately make it a point to come to one of his lead generation classes before the end of the year. Keep up the good work. Regards Mehul"

Ivor Murray

"I can strongly recommend Richard's The Accidental Salesman® Premium Content There's a wide variety of incredibly useful information. I'm currently working my way through an excellent guide called 'How to be a Master Communicator - Speak Effectively in Any Situation' and it's full of great tips and advice. Thank you, Richard for putting all this together."

Mariéme Jamme

"After meeting Richard, the clarity of my value proposition was imminent! Unbelievable! Richard is generous, caring and very helpful! A great pleasure for me and my company to have him as a connection! "

Eleanor Bateman

"Much as like all of the other testimonials below, I have found Richard to be an incredibly useful, knowledgable and generous contact to have. I've attended several of his webinars and they have been very useful, in a good format and you can get answers to specific questions. I would highly recommend them to anyone who is new to selling or just wants to sharpen their skills. Thanks for all your help Richard and I really hope that I can do something to return the favour at some point. Best wishes, Ellie"

Alan Mokbel

"When I first joined Ecademy, I wasn't sure what I was going to gain until I found the club Accidental Salesman, created by Richard White. His concept behind his club and his company is to teach people who do not have a proper business/sales training to do exactly just that: sell. I've been a long student of sales as I am indeed an Accidental Salesman and I recommend anyone reading this who really wishes to learn how to become a PROPER salesman to join Richard's club and listen to his podcasts and participate in his webinars. I've gain great knowledge as well as confidence in myself from these seminars. In the short time I've been following Richard and his teachings, I was able to get fantastic results, making cold calls (something I was fearful to do), meet my prospects prepared and confident and hence, getting projects and gaining respect from my clients as well as my peers in my industry. Thank you Richard for helping me to be a better salesman and business owner! Alain Mokbel Water Management Professional "

Fraser Hay

"He's taller than me. Better looking than me, and you know what, his sales training and coaching is pretty damn good. If you're just out of corporate life and need some help creating or widening your network of contacts, speak to Richard. I rate him 10/10."

Mary Gregory

"I'd like to thank Richard for his generosity in sharing his wisdom. He very playfully and seamlessly enabled me to shift some blocks around my thinking about my proposition and how I presented it to my targetted audience. So much so that I am now completele inspired by it myself! Thank you Richard and I look forward to joining in your masterclass in the future, best wishes Mary"

Tony Pybus

"I attended one of Richard's Lead Generation Master Class courses and found it both enlightening and enjoyable. I learned what it is that I provide and who it is that I provide it for. I recommend this course to anyone who thinks that they are the panacea for all ills or is unable to express clearly what is that they do and what their ideal prospect looks like. This not the only course nor his only forte but I believe he is passionate about what he does and is great value for money - not forgetting that he is also a lot of fun."

Cora Stam #4

"Richard is an enthusiast, dedicated and inspiring person. He is making valuable contributions in the 2020 Vision Club and in the long run he doesn't give up that easy. He has the ability to get people really motivated. Highly recommended :) "

Kantor Michael Poths

"Richard is not only a professional coach and networker, he is a warm and helpful contact too! kind regards Michael"

Hamlesh Motah

"Richard is very open and shares willingly - a great contact to have."

Andy Lunn

"I don't have much knowledge of sales and I ask a lot of questions, but Richard always has the time to give me guidance and steer me in the right direction, he truly is a great mentor. Out of everybody I have met on ecademy, Richard has been the most influential and helpful. Thanks for everything Rich. Andy | media73"

Victor Marques

"Richard is a great networker and true giver in the real sense of the word. If you come to Portugal, please feel free to contact me at any time! Kindest regards. Victor Marques"

Roberta Pili

"I enjoy being connected with Richard! He is a very approachable person. I am sure, it will be great to meet him personally. Roberta Pili"

Maurice Poole

"Richard's advice on soft selling is an absolute must for any networker or anyone else that needs ever to tell what it is they do. A very helpful person too. Heard him twice now, about 18 months apart, and impression is reinforced that he talks sense. Get to hear him and meet him. You won't regret it."

Dexter Moscow

"When I first joined NRG Richard was the first person I heard giving a presentation. I was greatly impressed then and having now shared a webseminar platform with him my admiration and regard has increased immeasurably. Thank you for the opportunity and your kind, engaging prescence. Dexter "

Regine Wilber

"Richard is a very friendly, approachable and down to earth man of success - get to know him. His one day workshop was brilliant, really informative and fun! If you want to find out about the sales process and how to improve it, I can highly recommend Richard."

Jeff Macklin

"Richard, turned my over complicated introduction to my business into a easy to remember one line, powerful intro, I highly recomend Richard's Lead Generation Master Class "

Maria del Pilar Diez Calderon

"Richard White has an excellent way of using his language. He speaks so clear and sometimes playing with it that to listen to him and watching him in his performance with Lead Generation Masterclass is a pleasure. "

Phillip Khan-Panni - Wordsmith

"This is a man who knows a great deal about salesmanship, and about how to put it across. He's helpful, interested in others, and has a creative approach to Marketing. A good man to do business with."

Stella Holman "The Connector"

"Richard is very approachable and friendly, I'm pleased to have him in my network Stella Holman Online Lead Generation-Virtual Assistants"

mark wing

"Richard has always impressed me. He has so much to teach us all..."

Stuart Beattie

"Having listened to and learned from Richard's teaching on how and when to tell a story, I have found big networking events to be much more fun than before. Richard is generous in sharing his experience, wants others to be successful and provides plentiful positive feedback. Thank you Richard"

Milton Rodrigues

" I have been in Sales 1985 till the present. Operating at the highest decision-maker fields in I.T. & HealthCare. I can honestly say that Richard White is someone who I feel I can still learn a lot from ! - a Sales Methodology GURU One of the finest, I've come across anywhere. Very, very highly recommended !"

Patrick Moore

"It's been my pleasure to know Richard for about four years now; in that time he's always been calm, insightful and a wonderful teacher of selling skills that work. I recently had the opportunity to see a 45 minute presentation that he gave, on the art of story-telling as a selling strategy.... ....and got Richard's power at a whole other level. The presentation was immensely entertaining, extraordinarily usable and, to sum it up, quite simply top drawer. If you've got a sales team or even just one or two people, and want to boost their performance to the next level, I recommend Richard to you without hesitation or qualification. "

Jan Polak

"Richard is an insightful, gentle and generous person. We met after a friend introduced us and Richard listened intently, asked a few intelligent questions and offered to-the-point advice to a business development problem I have been contemplating for a quite a while. He is embodying the old principle that a true power is gentle. Blessed is everyone who can get at least a moment of his time and attention. Thank you, Richard!"

Letitia Stenning managing conflict

"Just got off Skype after just under two hours of insightful consulting from Richard - it felt like pulling teeth the hard way but with effortless skill and finesse Richard drew my passion out of me. WOW awesome is the only word for it - I now have a clear niche market identified as well as two good stories to illustrate my revised offer. Before the call I was sceptical about whether I'd get any concrete benefits (sorry!) but I'm happy to eat my hat because I now have FOCUS and have been given the kick-start that I was sorely in need of. So..........introducing "Letitia Stenning - managing conflict"! Thank you very much Richard for doing what you do with such good grace and humour and I'm looking forward to attending your Sales Masterclass in the new year."

Nadia Choudhary

"Richard is a person who would happily go out of his way to help you and expect nothing in return. Ask him to find you something and he'll find you two. I personally found him to be professional, amiable and candid. Even if Richard were giving you a "grilling", it is a delight! He even apologizes afterwards! He certainly understands Sales well and has a knack for communicating his ideas. A gentle soul with a giant heart! It is a pleasure to have met you, Richard and I wish you endless success in your business! "

Philip Avery

"I recently had the pleasure of meeting Richard at a networking event. Apart from giving very useable tips in his presentation, he was most generous with his time and expertise in discussing my business challenges both before and after the presentation and also continued to give excellent support and advice through ecademy messages. I would definitely recommend connecting with him."

Derek Watkins

"Richard is a top guy. I had the pleasure of spending quality time with him preparing for our trip to Peru and then with him during two wonderful weeks. He is a gentle giant who gives unreservedly and is very approachable indeed. He is a fountain of knowledge in sales for the non sales person, and I am sure that he can help most of you achieve even greater success. I would recommend that you find time to connect with him."


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