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Robert Craven


Robert runs The Directors' Centre Ltd. The DC focuses on entrepreneurship, helping growing businesses to be more business-like and helping larger businesses to be more entrepreneurial. I wear several hats: 1 - As a keynote speaker - presentations at conferences and seminars around service businesses/entrepreneurship/marketing/strategy - "10 Things To Do In The Next 10 Days", "Grow Your Service Firm", "Bright Marketing", "More Profit" and "Kick-Start Your Business" 2 As MD, I run 'The Directors' Centre', the management consultancy specialising in helping businesses (large and small) to grow - a group of entrepreneurs who have 'been there and done it' helping people to 'go there and do it' I also run The Directors' Centre Online Business Club 3 As a writer, I have now penned several books including (both with Forewords by Sir Richard Branson) 'Kick-Start Your Business - 100 days to a leaner , fitter organisation' and 'Customer Is King - how to exceed their expectations'. My previous book was "Bright Marketing" - which hit Number Three in the Amazon Best-seller list for Sales and Marketing on its first day!! See also Beating the Credit Crunch. My latest book is Grow Your Service Firm. Robert Craven



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Angus Whitton

"Whilst I've only known Robert for a short time, I'm very impressed by his quiet enthusiasm and extensive business experience. More impressively - he chooses to share his skills and talents both within and without ecademy for the benefit of others. He has been a friend to many, through the sound advice provided via his extensive efforts in blogs and comments. Robert is a man well worth engaging with - and sooner rather than later!"

William Buist

"A man of great character, humour, a wealth of business knowledge whose sage words of advice are always on the button. He's also a fine skier and raconteur. I've always come away from time with Robert with new thoughts, and fresh challenges, but motivated and excited by those opportunities. Thank you for your support and help Robert, it's been immense."

Fred Rutgers

"Robert is very active on the blogs! Always sharp, honnest, well opinionated, good fun and a wonderful sparring partner! Great guy to have in your network! Fred Rutgers"

RealSteveHolmes Fading away soon

"Seems to me like an extremely creative mind with a good heart attached. Sometimes I marvel at how he draws interest from so many varied topics."

Cliff Jenkins

"I just wish I could put 10% of what I learn into action. He's brilliant. If you get the chance to see him in action get yourself down there. Best wishes and thank you Robert, Cliff"

Ian Leslie

"I have been on a training course (Accelerated Growth Programme) where Robert acting as coach, mentor and facilitator. He is a great presentor and fantastic coach. He is also a very engaging communicator. I highly recommend you see him in action and even get some coaching from him. Ask him about the "funeral speech". It really makes you think. "

Jeremy Smallwood

"I have seen Robert speak several times now and have always enjoyed his presentations (laced with tricks and a little theatre) and always thought provoking. If you're running a business and you haven't seen him, I recommend you do sometime. His "Kick start your business" book is also excellent. "

Lawrence Archard

"You don't need advanced maths or big words to explain business. The principles are pretty simple unless they're dressed up in MBA-speak to "obfuscate the provisioning of cascaded knowledge-transfer and the application thereof within the globalised commercial paradigm." What surprises me is how easy it is to go from day to day not seeing the wood for the trees. I've been to two of Robert's presentations and at each I've recognised several fundamental issues with my work that were obvious in hindsight. They're motivational because they have substance. Go and see Robert's next presentation. In the meantime, buy one of his books to keep you going - and burn your "Harvard Dictionary of Financial Management" because you don't need it."

Rod Sloane

"If you get a chance to see Robert speak on Marketing, make sure that you take it. Robert knows what's he's talking about. Go and see him so you can take his Business Card MOT Test!!"

Peter Jones

"Apart from Robert's challenging and inciteful speaking, he was also kind enough to offer me some valuable individual advice. Put simply, I should think how I am helping my customers. I recommend Robert to anyone who is facing personal challenges within their business. He is able to take roomfuls of people and enable them to work with each other to create practical self-help groups who can start to unlock their thinking on their key business issues. Who knows, you may get lucky like me and get the opportunity for some valuable individual advice. Thanks, Robert."

Stephen Cotterell

"If you ever have a chance to see Robert in action then drop everything and just get to where ever it is that he is speaking. When he came to Brighton he kept a roomful of business people busy, mentally and physically. I learned a lot from his ideas and presetation skills. More importantly he prompted an important change in my attitude and behaviour. So while you may not appreciate everything he says and does, you will certainly enjoy a challenging time in his company. Regards Stephen"

John Courtney

"Hi Saw you looked at my profile. Nice to meet you :) Let me know if I can ever help with funding, strategy, business planning, marketing or web. Happy networking! Cheers John"


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