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Wayne Conyers

"Rob, has given me some of his spare time to help me with a strategy I am currently working on. He is always an active member of Ecademy and somebody i feel more than comforatable with. Wisdom beyond his years a definat Ecademy must thanks Rob "

Victor Marques


Penny Power

" There are times in networks that you 'know' someone exists, they are visible and you respect their content and thoughts, and then they display such kindness and friendship that you start to 'like' them and trust them and become emotional about knowing them. Recently Rob has been that person for me, a wonderful experience of getting closer to a man that I know is well respected and genuinely liked in Ecademy. Thank you Rob for your amazing support, you are a friend in deed."

Paul Sayers

"Rob says what he means and means what he says. People like Rob Killen are a rare jewel that may be shared."

Binh Zientek

"Thank God there is someone like Rob on Ecademy still. Great sense of humour, down to earth and has a fine brain. Upon my return to Ecademy, it is such a pleasure to be greeted by Rob which gives me hope that Ecademy is on the up again. Ta Rob."

Victor Marques

"Thank you so much for being my friend dear Rob. I wish abundance for you and the ones that you love. One of my poems. LIFE IS ABOUT FARMING NOT HUNTING" Paradise for men and God, Treasures and peace for everybody, Love and hope on my hand, I will help without demand… We discover a new world, new nation! We think global with imagination. Poor and rich living together, Helping others today and ever… Helping others with open heart, To love people is a kind of art., We are perfect people for our race, I love my land my place! Kindest Regards Victor Marques "

jacqueline madders

"Made me laugh and inspired me, gave me some confidence. Thanks Rob...on my team please! Jacqui M"

Gary Palmer

"I worked alongside Rob a long time ago and aside from being a really professional and creative sales person, he's always had a pretty sharp sense of humour. Great fun to be with and talk to, Rob should be on your list."

Fraser Hay

"I had a problem which I approched Rob with. His Sharp technical knowledge, and ability to articulate simply what the solution should be, made perfect sense, and helped enormously. Highly Recommended."

Andrew Horder

"Rob's massive experience in managing and getting the best from corporate strategic accounts has led him to develop Oviedo, a great tool to make sure corporates are really achieving sustainable superior value for their customers. And you should see the size of his toolbox! Rob has a massive armoury of models and methodologies to help any business maximise value. Businesslike and forthright, Rob is nonetheless a real pleasure to spend time with and to work with."

Saravjit Singh

"Rob is highly competitive and knows what he is doing and why he is doing it. He adds value to Ecademy by making himself available to members with ideas and lighting the way to new solutions."

Suhad Jarrar-Browne

"well where to start from??? Rob is the kind of guy who plays very hard, works very hard and cares very hard, a well rounded gentleman,,,,, I dropped Rob a line asking his advice on a marketing related issue, and his answer was well researched, very thorough, detailed, with many links and material attached on the subject that shows how professional, kind and well connected to his area,,, many thanks Rob for being the person you are, I hop I will be able to help you one day if you need any thing I am able to offer, not because you helped me only, but because your truly deserve it,,, with my warmest wishes,, Suhad "

Dr. Mehmet Yildiz

"I met Rob through a number of blogs in which he openly and professionally reveals his thoughts and feelings on Ecademy. He is passionate about his ideas therefore he attracted my attention. I noticed that Rob is approachable and a "proactive" networker:-) I know he doesn't like the word "proactive" but until I find a better word, I will describe Rob with this great characteristic. In addition, Rob understand and depicts Ozzie vernacular in his responses which enabled us easily create rapport on this virtual word. I am very grateful to meet Rob here and I believe his vast experience will be invaluable. I recommend Rob to all my contacts and others on Ecademy."

Delphine du Toit

"In the past 24 hours Rob has masterfully guided me in the redrafting of a sales letter I'd written to promote my professional coaching business, with great patience, insight and encouragement. Not only do I now have an excellent sales letter I also have the confidence to follow up on it and to get and use well, some face-to-face meetings which WILL deliver the results because Rob knows it will, and I believe him. This is exactly the kind of behaviour that one expects of a great networker and I do hope I can match the generosity thereof through my own contribution to something Rob needs help on, or, on the principle of 'paying it forward' that I might be able to help someone else to the extent that Rob has helped me. What an excellent and generous man. Delphine du Toit "

Robert WoW De Souza

" Rob is a WoW TIARA Gem who walks his talk as many of my trusted friends have confirmed. We are all blessed to come across GIVERS like him who step up to help others. I am truly grateful to be part of his network. I am also looking forward to learning more and meeting him with him face to face. I wish Rob every success as he works from the heart."

Red Setter

"Rob is the person to speak to if you want to build your contacts with larger companies. A great networker who will happily share his knowledge and expertise in sales and business development. It's a pleasure to be in his network."

Graham Hunt

"Rob is someone who tells it like it is and gets things done. If you need someone who is no nonsense, down to Earth and practical then get in touch with Rob. A great bloke."

DrBalakrishna Murthy Ramaraju

"Mr . Rob Killen is a warm hearted Englishman who is Ready to Appreciate A Good Word when he comes across such a one. With Sincere Appreciation, aathreya - Dr. Bala Krishna Murthy"

Laurence Lowne

"Rob came to my aid today with a whole raft of ideas - good man. Previously I have enjoyed some excellent dialogue via blogs and PMs with Rob, however, it makes a change to use the experience of a member here, who knows what they are doing and how to present it. Ecademy never ceases to amaze me with its depth of knowledge."

Jackie Walker

"There are some folk who just live up to expectation - after almost a year and a half we've at last met up and Rob is even more the real thing offline than on. In just a few minutes he'd got something straightened for me, helped with a business proposition which was foxing me, strategised (if that's a word) a way forward, agreed with my big picture ideas and given some sage and welcome advice about other stuff which had been bothering me - all on a Sunday morning wow! Thanks Rob, you're a true ally and have a strength of principle and honour which is enormously admirable. You ooze truth btw. "

DrBalakrishna Murthy Ramaraju

"Mr.Rob Killen is a fine Gentleman , a Wonderful Businessman of whom I am proud to come into contact . Rob is an expert Marketing Salesman endowed with exemplary qualities of affability and sincerety. sincerely, aathreya - dr. bala krishna murthy ramaraju"

Ellina Talian Photo &Design

"Such a joy to know Rob. One of a kind. :)"

Jessalynn Coolbaugh

"With an unrivalled passion for life, Rob is undoubtedly one of the most sincere and interesting people I have met to date. His intelligence, expertise, and complete disdain for affectation truly make him an asset to any community, be it business or personal. It is an honour and a pleasure, sir! :)"

Amanda Hamilton

"Rob has been a tremendous support to me recently and has been a great source of fun, laughter and lightheartedness since I joined. He is sincere, clear, and doesn't operate an agenda. He gives from the heart and doesn't make false promises. I think Rob is a huge asset to Ecademy and proves that you don't need to be an Orange or Black Belt to be a Champion Networker .... "

Lalita du Perron

"Insightful! It's the best word to describe him."

Linda 'Communicate' Mattacks

"At last I've cracked it: "Experience, track record, references, qualifications, evidence, insight, gravitas and a love of ..." was what Rob advised to a mutual mate in answer to her question about what one should look for in a genuine marketing person as opposed to the one who is 'all-talk-and-no-trousers'. And guess what? Experience, track record, references, qualifications, evidence, insight, gravitas and a love of ... (we won't go into this here, let's just say life ;)) is precisely what Rob possesses in spades in many, many ways. He's good fun, non judgmental, direct and has one of the best inbuilt b***s*** detectors I've come across in many a year. However, I see I'm a bit tardy, Rob: When are you starting your fan club :)? Linda"

Carolyn Williams

"What you see is what you get :-) I have not been on ecademy long, but already know that Rob is a Gem! A smart cookie! I would have no hesitation in introducing him into a business opportunity. An articulate, charming and deeply funny Business Man Oh yes, I have never known someone spend so long in a bath!! Thank you for being Rob! Carolyn Corporate Wellbeing "

Ian Blackshire

"There is'nt much Rob has'nt done when it comes to business. Hugely knowledgable and a thoroughly decent guy. Best regards, Ian"

Ebru Ulufer

"Rob is one of those people who has a genuine interest in others. He makes me laugh. A lot. He amazes me with his knowledge. Always. He is smart, sincere, helpful, caring and supportive. He is so charming that I want to clone him and bring one of them to London :-) Rob, you are really special. Thank you for being you! Love & hugs Ebru "

Don Cooke

"Rob was recommended to me for some general marketing know-how by another member, and 'Wow !' talk about delivery ... A very impressive strategic marketing background - clearly showing in his very supportive help and assistance ... Rob took the time to put together a very detailed response and has volunteered further input. Highly recommended ! "

Emma James

"A true friend. Rob took time out to offer me much needed advice and support at a time when I most needed it. He's insightful, caring, shrewd and someone you can rely on in a crisis. The world needs more straight talking, no nonsense, no bull perpetrators like Rob Killen. Guts, grace and compassion with a strategic overview. What a blend!"

Radka Kozielova Counselling Service

"thank you for being there for me you are nice, warm, caring person glad to be connet with you love Radka"

Susanne Palm

"THANK YOU Rob, for offering your help when I needed it the most! What a friendly, generous, honest human being Rob Killen is! In an often fake cyber world, people like Rob are very rare! Connect with him and you will a have a friend (and business connection?!) for life!"

Nathalie Jamois

"Rob where have you been all my life? "

John Durrant

"Rob's disarming sense of humour is immediately welcoming but a peek beneath the veneer of his insightful wit reveals a deep intelligence, routine generosity and strength of character which is undoubtedly an asset to any network. Good to make your acquaintance Rob… "

Robert Zarywacz

"Rob is one of ecademy's diamonds. As well as a great sense of humour, Rob stands out because of his generosity and fairness. My respect for him continues to grow and I hope we can meet at an ecademy event in 2008. "

Lydia "under construction" Bates

"one of my favourite Australians"

Alison Grimston

"Rob is an honest, genuine and supportive member of the Ecadamy community. He has an astute business sense, yet he is not out of touch with his spiritual side. His advice is always sound. I feel privileged to be a part of his community. Thank you again Rob, :-) Alison"

Keith Hern

"Thought I recognised the face !!! Rob and I worked together in ... a very long time ago.... and I remember him as a straight talker who would get things done .. doesn't seem like much has changed from his profile, and he's obviously an excellent networker judging by the testimonials - look forward to continued contact. Cheers Keith"

Rhiannon Hill

"What can I say about Rob that doesn't sound cheesy? Well, Rob is obviously hardworking, he's also a conscious person and very kind. But it's more a vibe. When I first met Rob I was immediately taken by how he manages to connect warmly and directly yet is clearly a person who knows who he is and where his boundaries lie and has been some journeys from which he has learned. He displays a nice combination of humility and confidence, hard to acquire. I found him very easy to talk to, he's has the energy field of someone who I intuitively believe is safe and trustworthy and that's not something I come across every day. Looking forward to connecting with him some more in 2008."

Teresa Webb

"Rob is a great networker who shares my core values and a love of a really hot curry. Check him out today!"

Angus Whitton

"Straight talking, down to earth, with a good sense of humour, yet an ability to provide sound advice to those who perhaps need it most. Ecademy would be a lot better off with more people like Rob!"

Alan Rae - Business Communicator

"One of the heavyweights on ecademy. Rob combines experience with erudition and is well worth interacting with Alan"

Nathalie Jamois

"Rob is clever, approachable, trustworthy, sincere, inspiring, witty, caring ... He is one of the few people that I regard as a real friend. "

Emma Pilkington

"Having spoken in depth to Rob this morning via telephone, I found his knowledge, support and advice to be of great value. His insight of marketing, communication and Ecademy itself was clearly evident. Rob has an ability to communicate in an effective, consise and professional manner opening up many thought provoking possibilities on strategy and analysis. He has ambition and drive and is truly motivational. Thank you Rob for sharing your knowledge and giving your time, it was invaluble."

Lilach Bullock

"I have had the pleasure of knowing Rob a while now. Rob is so generous with his time, always willing to help and offer fabulous advice. Rob is such a genuine, friendly guy and is a huge asset to my network. "

Penny Power

"It was such a pleasure to talk to Rob for an hour about life today, Social Networks and his thoughts on how we could make Ecademy more resourceful for members, thank you Rob. I can tell Rob is a warm guy, a brilliant communicator and a true gentleman - reflected in the great testimonials he already has. I think we will have some excellent conversations in the future, it is good to know you Rob. "

Rachel Henke

"I just met Rob recently on Ecademy and have already been pleasantly surprised by his generosity and willingness to contribute. Thanks Rob - I am very happy to have you in my network. :)"

SarahJayne Caffray

"Rob, Always 'just' There..'just' Giving :) My Grateful Thanks! SarahJayne :) Orihuela Costa In Spain "

Jackie Walker

"Mr Coooool. This guy knows how to give. Just trust me. What he does beyond the call of duty knows no explanation. I'm seriously chuffed to bits that he's in my network my friend. Above and beyond many I'd ask Rob for help in all sorts of situations - that's real testimony coming from me!"

Emma James

"Watch this space - Rob's SVAT proposition is destined to make waves in the business community. Rob's formidable expertise and experience provides the foundation for his innovative Revenue Labs. He's blessed with killer insight, doesn't suffer fools gladly and this combined with his ethical stance and caring nature naturally means people gravitate towards him, professionally and personally. Rob is one of the members who truly encompass the spirit of Ecademy and he's helped me inordinately with his insights - thank you!"

Ann 'results' Todd

"Rob has helped us re-engineer our sales proposition with a radical new focus into the area and concept of superior value. This allows us to communicate a compelling business solution that presents real value add to our prospects and clients. It has also widened the dialogue from niche product set, into a potential killer business application. In a series of short sharp discussions, we have moved our solution from a mid management 'might like' into a board room 'must have'. Rob's expertise and experience shines through. "

Kate Ward

"Sharp and funny, with a business brain and a big heart. Wardy"

Shamus Doherty

"Down to earth, straight talking and a valuable asset to any network."

Nick Dewey

"A considerate and supportive ecademist with a good moral backbone and an eye for that which is good and of value. "

Irina Ponomareva

"Even though we started communicating with Rob only recently, it's already become a great friendship. Rob is one of those wonderful people who always supports his friends and everyone who needs support, anywhere in the world. The very first thing Rob offered me in his first message to me was to help me out of a difficult and hurtful situation, in which I had found myself - and his help was great indeed! Rob is a true gentleman in the best sense of the word: honest, reliable, with a great sense of humour and very generous. I'm proud to be his friend. Irina"

Beth de Montjoie Rudolf

"Rob is a truly thought provoking personaility, I met him when I went to learn about the company he worked for at the time and came away with a whole new sense of where my industry was going plus vital information on the over fishing of cod and child raising techniques! Rob had created market leading innovations in a usable and practical way and which his competitors are only just now getting to grips with. Whether you end up using his services or not I guarantee you will come away with a whole new perspective on some area of your business - or life. He just has the knack!"

Regine Wilber

"Very helpful, friendly and informative - thank you for your time, Rob!"

Sarah Yeo

"I've known Rob for nearly 2 years now and had the pleasure of working with and alongside him. He definitely knows how to make a business work and knows how to drive a business. He knows exactly what he's talking about and has alot of experience. It has been a pleasure working with him this long, he's a true friend, he's genuine, no cover ups, he'll help anyone in need and most of all he knows ALOT about business and how to make things work and I want to continue to work for him for well forever!"

Shaun Bennett

"After just one conversation with Rob it is abundantly clear that he has a great insight into what makes a business tick. Can't wait for the next installment."


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