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Rod Sloane

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Best UK Business Speaker 2008, College of Public Speaking Awards. Recession proof, simple, usable marketing ideas. View Rod Sloane's profile on LinkedIn An active member of the Professional Speakers Association, I deliver fast-paced, high-energy keynotes that are both educational and funny!

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Speech Topic: > Get Real! Get Aligned! Get Going! If you run a successful business and would like to take it to the next level, give me call on 08000 832 597. I help CEOs, CMOs and CSOs win more profitable revenue and clients by getting sales and marketing teams to work together better. ****************************************************************************** Have you registered for "How to Get More Business!" on the weekend of the 19th, 20th and 21st January 2009? ******************************************************************************* I live with Mary, my wife and Kerry, our sixteen year old daughter in Ealing, West London. If you are ever passing, call me and we can go out for a coffee, beer or drop into Monty's. If you have never heard of Monty's, ask me! I work with two types of clients, small business owners who want more profitable clients and law firms who want to grow their revenue. My Marketing Story What I learned in University about systems during my Economics degree did not really help me when I started a sales career for BAT. I had to learn on-the-job from scratch. A hit-and-miss path to success. After 15 years of front line sales for large multinational software companies, at 38 I was ready to start my own business. Isn't that how you refer to redundancy, down-sizing or losing your job? Unfortunately, amazingly all the sales experience I had was of little help, because I was ignorant on the basic marketing of my business. It quickly became apparent to me that marketing sets up the opportunity to have a business conversation. But I didn't know how to generate those conversations without hours of phone cold-calling. Could there be a better way than cold-calling? After all I had only ever had average success in sales. I spent thousands of pounds with a business selling me a franchise that claimed they knew the secret of marketing. Again, though I had to find my own way to make those franchises work, more on-the-job learning. If it's your business then on-the-job learning is the most expensive learning you will ever pay for. Back at University we had studied systems and that's what I realised I needed in my business, a system to attract new clients. I had been trying what I thought might work best, closing my eyes and hoping for best. Any success I had had been accidental and worse I could not reproduce it. My marketing had been erratic, occasional and based on the latest fad. I was now ready to adopt a No-Bull approach to marketing. **************************************************************************************************** "I got more out of attending your workshop than any other training I have ever been on." --- Andrew Levison, Chief Executive, Sternberg Reed Solicitors **************************************************************************************************** My keys to success is a belief that "Persistence Pays "and to"Be different, not better!" To relax I enjoy sailing and the life time challenge of striking a golf ball straightListen!



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Fraser Hay

"Ive got Rod's Book - "121 marketing ideas", and I think it's excellent. A thoroughly genuine and helpful chap and a good sense of humour. An excellent addition to your network."

Helen Winder

"Rod came to one of my NetworkXpress meetings and presented 'How to Barack Obama your business'. His presentation was outstanding and enjoyed by all who attended. The techniques were simple but very effective. What was great to hear was people talking about the presentation after the event and commenting on how they will apply what they had learned that night to their business. Thank you Rod so much :-) Helen"

Jane Gelleburn

"I wanted to say thank you very much for your time and advice last week. You have certainly given me lots to think about re my marketing - lots of things I had never considered but made really good sense. Thanks Jane"

Gordon Wheaton

"I went to a seminar run by Rod called "How to Barack Obama Your Business". It was fantastic: very insightful and informative. But there was also just the right level of humor to make the seminar even better. I would gladly go to another one of his seminars. Thanks Rod "

Maria del Pilar Diez Calderon

"Rod is a friendly, approachable and full of imagination fellow since we first met in a Steve Trister's workshop. In the twalk, Rod shared his time with me, being a highly recommended companionship."

Antonio Farruggia-Bochnak

"Hi Rod, Its great to have you as an Ecademy contact - the video on your profile made me laugh :) Please let me know if there is anything I can do for you especially re marketing using video streaming. All the best, Antonio Magico "

Jennifer Bloom

"I'm pleased to count Rod as one of my contacts here on Ecademy. Changing Lives, Jennifer "

Thomas Power

"A new man. Completely recycled since I first met him. Thoroughly recommended."

Mark Lee

"Two years ago I attended one of Rod's seminars and gave him a well deserved testimonial. I've come to know him a little better since then and can't help but admire his straight talking, direct, no bull approach. At a recent BlackStar Boardroom meeting he expressed surprise about some wording I had included on a promotional flyer for my Tax Advice Network. He was short, to the point and right. He so often is. I made a mental note to remove the wording when the flyer was reprinted - which occured this week. It's a definite improvement. Many thanks Rod."

Christine Miller

" I've known Rod for over ten years now, we first met at a BNI meeting and live in the same London borough, sharing a taste for the same Indian restaurant, too - and I've watched in appreciation as he has continued to develop his talents as a speaker and trainer. He is generous, well-informed and innovative - and as other attendees at his recent 'Barack Obama Your Business' seminar have commented, he offers some compelling ideas to propel you forward in your business. I came away with a useful synthesis of simple, (though not necessarily easy, to quote Rod!) tactics which I'm applying now. Connect, meet, listen and implement - you'll undoubtedly benefit. "

Phillip Khan-Panni - Wordsmith

"I was at Rod's imaginatively titled seminar, How to Barack Obama Your Business, and was both impressed and informed. He not only reminded me of the things I ought to be doing, but gave us some new ideas which I am in the process of implementing. I have even recommended him to a major client of mine in the Middle East. Well done Rod. And thanks."

Claude Bonte

" I've known Rod for some years now and I went to his "How to Barrack Obama" your business. I was impressed and inspired because I learned a very valuable lesson from him. "Love and serve your prospects well !" seems crazy in this get rich quick world but that's what really came through for me. His study and demonstration of the components used in the "Obama" campaign were compelling and provking. I was reminded of all the things I could be doing to promote my own brand. Like others it highlighted my own laziness so as we speak I'm drafting a postcard and preparing my next speach. Thank you Rod."

Ferdinand Felix Casantusan

"Rod is a highly appreciative, proactive, responsive, professional and an open-minded and an optimistic ecademist. :)"

Lisa Maw

"Dear Rod Just listened to your Podcast on Simplicity and agree with your comments. I believe that people would rather choose to do something that looks simple than something that may look more complicated. As you rightly say it may not be easy to do but is simple and I agree that it is experience that makes something look simple. Kind regards Lisa "

Sue Geeves

"Rod is simply brilliant! Just a few hours spent with Rod and he has simply transformed the way I am marketing my business. Easy to apply,practical and simply the best at marketing."

John Rickard

"Been at an evening event where Rod delivered a speech, very good, worth listening to. "

Mark Baker (speaker )

"Rod is happy to help and nothing is too much trouble for him, there should be a picture of him under the word "networker"in the dictionary, thanks Rod. "

Mindy Gibbins-Klein

"WHAT a fantastic bloke! I have known Rod for a few years through Ecademy BlackStar and the Professional Speakers Association. I worked on getting his book published and have nothing but the utmost respect for this man. Today he surpassed himself: I had asked him if he could advise me about promoting an upcoming event and he replied FROM FLORIDA where he is on holiday, not only saying yes, but he had already copied my Marketplace listing and posted it in another club. Rod is a Star/Supporter and I saw the Supporter come out today - big time. Get to know this man, and by the way he can help anyone improve their marketing. Just try him!"

Keith Cooper

"A five minute phone call and Rod comes up with an ongoing marketing idea that was just not in the areas I'd been thinking of. Simple, very relevant, easy to implement and I can immediately think how it could work... Thanks!"

Keith Hern

"At a local networking event last night Rod gave a presentation on marketing - 'no bull' is a great description of how he simplifies a subject made mind-boggingly confusing by so many. Excellent presentation - should be seen by anyone at all worried by the idea of marketing and promotion! Keith"

Pat Bensky

"Rod is very insightful and seems to be able to hone right in on what's needed to improve your marketing efforts. Highly recommended!"

Rob Hook

"Rod answered a call for help. He gave expert advice by first understanding the issue and then using his knowledge to find the best way forward Thanks Rod! Rob"

Jim Ziegler

"I know the man and I've seen him work magic. Rod is a guru...a marketing wizard. He's attended my events and I his...The Best...JIM"

Jean Flower

"I had the pleasure of listening Rod speak last night and have to say that his No BULL approach to marketing really makes sense. It amaxed me how some fundemental basic changes can have a huge impact on the success of a business. I would recommend that if you get a chance to hear ROd speak you should. Well done Rod a great speech / presentation."

ute wieczorek-king

"I thoroughly enjoyed your talk at the Henley Ecademy meeting last week. It was simple, practical and to the point and has already sparked off a few new ideas! Thank you. "

Martin Shepherdly

"Rod is a marketing dynamo! He very kindly drove 50 miles to speak to "The GU33" and gave some great advice and ideas to the group - with 'no bull' (as promised). He also gave me a copy of his book "121 Marketing Ideas" - I recommend you read it. Book him as a speaker - consult him on your small business marketing. Thanks Rod."

Claude Bonte

"Rod is an all round good egg. A straight talking marketing genius with a wealth of experience and applicable knowldege. I found Rod's clear simply advice very helpful for marketing myself as a professional speaker. Here's to you Rod, You're a ture gentleman and a scholar ! Thank You."

Gavin Meikle

"I was at the Petersfield (Liss) Ecademy meeting last night and I just wanted to email and say thanks for an excellent and action provoking talk. I say action provoking because your ideas have prompted me not just to think but more importantly to take action! Unlike many business gurus, you didn't bombard us with a multitude of ideas and tactics. Instead, you give us a few simple practical tools that we could focus on and implement. I find your approach very refreshing. Your comments about persistence, the need to focus on a core target group and the sense of sticking to three main marketing methods really struck a cord with me, please keep giving us "no bull" advice. Gavin "

Lesley Howes

" Dear Rod, Thank you for a very witty & interesting presenation last night - it was nice to sort of meet you! I would be very happy to receive your template for a marketing plan please. Many thanks Best wishes, Lesley "

Mark Elliott

"Rod, I enjoyed your talk last night. Simple, clear and practical advice works best for me. Thanks. Mark. "

Nigel Temple

"If you want to improve your marketing results: talk to Rod Sloane. He will provide you with creative, practical, proven marketing ideas for your business. Highly recommended! - Nigel Temple "

Dexter Moscow

"Rod Sloane's presentation at the Hertfordshire I.O.D. Laconic, sardonic, Blackpool bucolic - That was his delivery. Emphatic, specific, realistic and pragmatic - That was his content. Did I learn anything? Oh boy did I I now have a design and content for my postcard and a tag line. Thank you Rod. "

Shelley Fishel

"I have just come home from a meeting with Rod. He gave me an hour of his time and we had a great coffee to boot!! Rod has given me loads of ideas and helped me to focus in a different way on my marketing. Being new to Marketing I have been struggling with what to do first etc. Rod asked me several really powerful questions and now I have ideas and the creative process can begin. Thank you Rod for being so generous with your time and your advice. Connect with this gentleman you won't regret it. Shelley The Training Surgery "

Fran Moscow

"I saw Rod Sloane at the IOD recently.He commanded a powerful presence in front of the room. Rod made learning fun, the combination of his accent (why is it that people with accents are much more fun to listen to?) mixed with his very dry sense of humour was a strong potion enabling his audience to relate to generic and very relevent material. The audience was in no doubt that we were his target market and he understood the challenges of SME businesses. An immediate 'win' for Dexter and I as a result of this one hour workshop - using Rod's guidance we finally designed our tag line over the following weekend. Something we had both been struggling with for a while. Thanks Rod, I hope you made some very good contacts. You certainly deserved to! Fran "

Ian Moncrieff MacMillan

" I saw Rod speak at the IoD, and he was regreshingly down-to-earth. Rod gave us a practical approach to marketing - I'll start using his one-page marketing plan immediately. Ian Moncrieff MacMillan Interim Manager"

Phillip Khan-Panni - Wordsmith

"Rod is an amazing man. Full of ideas and energy. He may not suffer fools gladly, but he is very sound, and a speaker worth hearing. He's a great example of a man who decided to make his mark as a speaker and marketing guru, and went about it in a methodical way, with impressive results. If your marketing is in the doldrums, (and if you can take plain-speak) talk to Rod. Phillip Khan-Panni"

Corinne Morris

"I met Rod on a 1-2-1 and he shared some useful insights as well as gave me a copy of his 121 Marketing Ideas which are bite sized tips on various aspects of promoting your business. Easy read. I've already learnt a lot of useful things in just one afternoon. Grab yourself a copy while stocks last! Thanks Rod for your time. Corinne Morris"

Mike "Freddie" Gordon

"Since joining ecademy ... our paths have crossed on several social occasions. Only Brief Encounters (so to speak ;)) There's a firm handshake ... a ready smile ... and usually a wager on some coming sporting event. Some day we'll get round to talking or doing business ... but hell ... we've got a lifetime together :) Connect with Rod - NO BULL !! "

John Brooker

"I met Rod at the London meeting last week and he gave me some of his time for a 121 which was welcoming of him. He gave me some useful insight in to my tag line and threw in a free copy of his book, which was much appreciated. That he is willing to give of his time to new members and make us feel at home is welcome and appreciated!"

Sue Searle

"I attended a couple of Rod's seminars at the Surrey Business Link Enterprise Show at Kempton Park and found them really useful. He captures your interest from the start and has a great sense of humour. I look forward to learning more as my business develops. "

Robert WoW De Souza

"As many of my friends have confirmed, Rod is a star giver who loves to make a Big Difference to peoples lives. I am glad to be part of his network and look forward to learning more about his amazing gifts, talent, experiences. I wish Rod every success as he truly deserves this."

Martin Watt

"Last week I spent 3 hours learning from Rod how I should be marketing my business. Rod offered his expertise to a group of entrepreneurs via Skype, and I found the way he got everyone involved in giving feedback benefited me greatly. I found Rod's sessions extremely useful for developing my marketing ideas, but more importantly I was encouraged by Rod to capture these ideas into a Marketing Plan which I can really work with. For "No Bull Marketing" advice, give Rod a call. "

Tom Evans

"Do you need help with your marketing and are you fed up of all the fads and latest crazes ? If so, employ Rod - he exudes no nonsense marketing advice that is not only understandable but is easy to action. Perhaps you can't afford his daily rate, if so just go and see him speak - apart from anything, he's a great presenter who will leave a smile on your face So you can't afford him or get to see him speak ? Well at the very least you can buy his excellent book - 121 Marketing Ideas It's only £15 which is about 12 pence an idea - now surely you can afford that ;-)"

Andrew Wilcox

"I have just finished 3 one hour on-line sessions with Rod where he and the four other particpants helped each other to develop their marketing plans. Rod's process, usefully awkward questions and common sense suggestions have helped me to focus and enrich my marketing plan. I am sure it would work equally well from scratch. The interaction and development of four other diverse businesses was very beneficial. The group exchanged many great ideas, suggestions and balanced criticism. The sessions really got me thinking about fresh marketing activities and rekindled some of my dormant ones. I highly recommend Rod's "How to Craft your Marketing Plan in Less than 3 Hours". You will regret not doing it!"

David Petherick

"Rod recently made himself available for three hours, split across three lunchtimes, to create a marketing plan with me for my business, which also allowed me to gain input and share ideas with other business owners, all without having to leave my desk. He brought humour, focus, clarity and insight, and got rid of the bull from the start. As a result, just three hours later (with a little bit of homework) I have a focused, simple ONE PAGE document that I know is fit for purpose, which will increase my income, and as an added bonus, it has inspired me with a raft of achievable new ideas that fit into that plan. My customers are going to benefit from this, and that's why Rod's approach is so valuable. Hire Rod, and you'll get results — not bull. "

Richard White

"I like Rod Sloane and No Bull Marketing is what he is all about! He walks his talk, tells you how it is and does it with a great sense of humour "

Vicki (The Property Mermaid) Wusche

"I just want to say what a pleasure it was to meet Rod for a one-to-one at my first Blackstar meeting. I had a brilliant 30 minutes and Rod gave me some invaluable feedback. If you ever get the chance - take the time. Rod is a genuinely nice guy, fully of useful tips and ideas and happy to help. thanks Rod Vicki :)"

Nick Heap

"Rod is down to earth, good humoured, positive and friendly. He went out of his way to encourage me at a recent meeting and I greatly appreciated this. Thanks, Rod"

Huw Williams

"Rod came to Croydon Ecademy and gave us an excellent talk on "No Bull Marketing that simply works" - clear, understandable and memorable. His talk generated a lot of discussion, with many people taking detailed notes and looking to apply the principles to their own businesses. Rod's also good at dealing with challenging questioners ! Huw Williams"

John Rickard

"I too saw Rod at the Bromley Business Club, thanks for making what should be an obvious subject ( but often isn't ) obvious."

Jim Tuffin

"Once again Rod brought his knowledge and sense of humour to our meeting in Southampton. He certainly knows his subject, and without being clever or wordy, he just used his skills and talent as a great speaker, to demonstrate just a few points relevant to how we should market our businesses. These were such simple concepts, that if only all small businesses took these simple steps, I guess their marketing would be even better. Great speaker, very talented person .... Someone you must talk to if you have marketing issues! Thanks Rod! Jim"

Victor Marques

"Rod is a master of networking and great connector. I will be happy to share some wine with him again! Lovely and true man in the real sense of the word! If you come to Portugal, i will be very pleased to meet you up and help and assist my dear friend! Warm Regards"

Gerard Gregg-Smith

"Rod is an excellent communicator, whether at a large meeting, or leading one of his own seminars, or in a one-to-one session. He is deeply knowledgeable about marketing, and makes it clear, simple, and memorable, with a great sense of humour. He gets to the crux of the issues with his insightful questions. I have been inspired to action!"

Thomas Power

"Solid, reliable, chippy and charming Rod Sloane is someone you want to talk "Marketing" with. He's lived it, breathed it, tested it, tried it and he knows what works and more importantly what does not. Personally I rate him. "

Christine Miller

"Rod Sloane represents exactly what he says he does - no-nonsense, straightforward, understandable - both on a personal and professional level. He's a generous and canny person whose advice is based on fact not flattery, and an engaging speaker with a powerful message. His book "121 Marketing Ideas to Grow Your Small Business" is a fast paced read with a wealth of great practical suggestions."

Mike Ogilvie

"I have heard Rod talk and as a keen adviser on marketing myself, I can confirm Rod offers excellent practical and implementable ideas to increase business income - well worth listening to Rod Mike Ogilvie -"

Abhishek * Internet Strategy * Rungta

"I met Rod in the Ecaemy BlackStar meet. He is a person with an very clear thought process. The best part is that he can communicate the same with the same level of clarity and get across the message in a non-technical easy to understand language. I must admit, this is a rare skill. As a person Rod is a star, very helpful and someone who identifies solution to your problem in no time. Abhishek Rungta "

Mark Bowring

"I have just spent an hour and a half of my day over a cup of coffee with Rod. I'm fortunate that we work in close proximity to each other, however, I would recommend anybody, regardless of distance to take the time to meet him. What a truly pleasant and extremely interesting guy! Not to mention an encylopedia of marketing knowledge. If you value your marketing (Like you can afford not too!) get this man a coffee. Mark Bowring. "

Neil Urquhart

"Rod's a very knowledgeable marketer with a cracking sense of humour. I attended one of Rod's seminars last night and got a great deal of useful and thought-provoking information. Thanks for a great seminar, Rod!"

Andy Lopata

"The best Blackpool Supporting Marketing Expert I know! Rod is a great guy, he is very down to earth and has a sharp sense of humour. As a marketing expert, he offers very practical and sound advice which is easy to implement, which is key. His last session prompted the answer to a question I had been grappling with for a couple of weeks without joy. Can you ask for more?"

Quentin Bailey

"A ten minute conversation with Rod prompted several hours worth of reflection and several days worth of action. If that's not a definition of insight, I don't know what is."

Duncan Taylor

"Rod is not only very knowledgeable about marketing but is also hugely generous in giving advice. I recommend his services to anyone. Many thanks Rod! Duncan"

Caroline Slater

"Attending a talk given by Rod is definitely time well spent. He said not to expect a motivational talk, however I left the room simply BUZZING with thoughts and ideas. Rod makes the direct mailing process seem so much SIMPLER. Rod has so obviously mastered the art himself - sheer genius, elements of his talk really jumped out and bit me! Thank you Rod. "

Vanessa Buck

"Rod Sloane gives you simple, usable marketing ideas. Nothing difficult, but hard hitting in some ways. I sat there thinking I belong in his 'wimp' category with networking, and a rank amateur in marketing. I'm thankful there are people like Rod around to help you get focused and get on with it. Vanessa Buck"

Lynn Tulip

"No Bull No Nonsense - what a title for Rod's riveting talk. The Success in Sussex group have just enjoyed a splendid presentation on Marketing - challenging most of us and certainly provoking necessary thoughts on how best to market ourselves, products and services. Can we make it any SIMPLER? Rod was generous to the end not only with his time, his tips but also his gifts! Thank you - please come down to Sussex again."

Andrew Widgery

"I had my first experience of meeting and listening to Rod at our last Blackstar day. I was struck with his focus on making what is so typically "lots of hype and buzzey words" that so many marketing people like to rely on for a certain image, and in Rod's case, replaced with simple understandable "speak". I have every confidence his service is a reflection of his manner and integrity and a must to have in your network. Thank you Rod for your many contibutions to our virtual table."

Dave Clarke

"Small businesses need marketing systems and Rod is very good at installing them. He is also very good at speaking about marketing so if you need a speaker contact him."

Ravi Arora

"Rod is an outstanding speaker and networker. His presentation on Monday on how to communicate your ideal client to a fellow networker for a future referral was absolutely brilliant. I am certainly going to use the tool he presented at all my future network meetings. Thanks Rod."

Win Thomas

"I met Rod at the Ealing Ecademy event last night, where he was guest speaker. The talk on referrals as a marketing method was direct and to the point and anyone who wants to expand their knowledge and business will benefit from Rod's expertise. He is a great communicator and I am grateful to him for sharing his knowledge and advice on Ecademy with me. "

Nicola "Creative" Gaughan

"I met Rod last night at the Ealing Ecademy, where he gave a very informative talk on Referrals as a Marketing technique. He'll tell you as it is (as he sees it) not as you think or want it to be. I'm definitely thinking about taking one of his workshops."

Phil Pearl

"I met Rod at Ealing ecademy and found him very insightful and challenging, even though I only spent a short time in his company it was very beneficial and I will make changes in my marketing approach based on his insight. "

Laurence Lowne

"Thoroughly enjoyed your presentation at SLED. It got me thinking, which I suspect was the idea. So in my book, that is a big well done."

David Duncan

"Thanks for your talk on Thursday at SLED it provided a great insight into perfecting your marketing message. Rod makes the message sound simple and understandable, yet forces you to think in a new way about your message. Rod would be a great speaker for any meeting, thanks again."

Tom Evans

"I've seen many people expound on many aspects of marketing but each time I see Rod, I understand it and can act on it as his message is clear, simple and non-marketeers like me can act on it If you want to double your business tomorrow - meet with Rod - & he knows a thing or three about running seminars too "

Fergus "Voiceman" McClelland

"Every time I speak to Rod he gives me a raft of excellent ideas for developing my specific business, and how to implement them in effective ways. He has a way of understanding challenges and how to market your business in such a way as to stand out from all the rest. Original thinking, focussed and makes complex areas easy to understand. Thanks Rod."

Nancy Williams

"Rod's workshop was a fantastic wealth of information, not just on getting referrals, but getting quality referrals and translating them into business. I would recommend attending one of his seminars to anyone in business. His methods, experience and knowledge capped by his personality make his seminars essential for success."

Linda Zack

"Rod gave an illuminating workshop on how to come up with a referral system you can implement in your business. If you need help in this field or any other aspect of marketing, Rod is your man. I recommend him wholeheartedly."

Mark Lee

"Rod knows his stuff about referrals. I thought I knew a lot already but his course opened my eyes to a much wider range of practical, commercial and easy to adapt ideas that I am certain will be of tremendous value to me. I also intend to introduce him to a number of law firms I know who could benefit from his expertise and advice"

Christine Clacey

"Rod will give you honest, straightforward advice when you want it, enabling you to benefit from his own experiences of what works and what doesn't. He is very genuine and is generous with his time too."

Ian Hanson

"Rod gave a great seminar to Newbury Ecademy members and gave us all great ideas on how to structure our marketing so that we can maximise our efforts. If anyone gets the chance to attend Rod's seminars or training don't hesitate to attend. "

Mullene Cato

"Rod is a Gem, His workshop has been a great help. I recommened that if you are having difficulties in marketing/referrals then Rod is the man. Thanks Rod"

Stephen D'Aulby

"Rod gave an evening seminar for Ecademy members at Hammersmith in February. I found it changed my whole approach to marketing. He has a good personal story to tell of how he got where he did, the mistakes he made along the way and now shares what he's found out about effective marketing with others. If you want to improve your marketing and more importantly you're prepared to look at what you're doing that isn't working and change it talk to him, go to one of his talks or employ him. Stephen D'Aulby Sensitivity, Integrity, Precision"

Olu Odeniyi

"Rod spoke at the Maidenhead ecademy club and gave a very compelling presentation packed full of proven tips, case studies and invaluable advice for any business who wants to take their marketing seriously. Rod was also highly professional, held the audience very well and comes across as a pleasant chap to know - connect with this man. Thanks again Rod."

Andy Chitty

"Providing a presentation that holds a groups attention is always difficult task. Giving a presentation when you're competing with the loud hum of background noise is nigh on impossible. When Rod came to present at West London Ecademy, I confess I was slightly nervous how successful it was going to be. Presenting in a dark suit Rod portrayed an air of professionalism from the moment he stood up. The background became irrelevant and Rod held the attention of his audience throughout the whole hour he was talking. Rod presented "How to Attract Profitable New Clients!", a powerful insight in to marketing. I feel a presentation has been successful if I leave with a single insight or good idea. I left Rod's talk with a few more than one! I'm looking forward to having the opportunity to hear Rod talk again and would highly recommend him to anyone. Thank you very much Rod. "

Una Doyle

"I've worked with a lot of solicitors and there is no doubt that with the changes in the profession it's the ones that know how to promote themselves that will still be around in years to come. While I work with the 'inner stuff' of helping people to feel confident when in these situations (such as pubic speaking and networking), Rod clearly knows what he is talking about with the 'outer stuff' of what solicitors need to do to get and keep clients. They are simply two sides of the same coin... Unfortunately many marketing people are trained in how to market the likes of Coca Cola but that knowledge doesn't help a professional services firm to get clients. Rod not only knows his stuff - he practices it in his own business! :-)"

Enasha de Zoysa

"Rod did a fantastic presentation at the West London Ecademy on Tuesday night. I knew nothing about marketing and he gave some fantastic tips and insights onto how to get started. Brilliant, entertaining preseenter - thank you very much! "

Izabella Chaves

"Rod Sloane, you are an amazingly generous man... Many thanks, indeed, not only for agreeing to be a guest speaker at the West London Ecademy networking event last night but also (and especially) for delivering an insightful and most valuable seminar on attracting profitable clients. Simply outstanding!"

Sheryl Coronel (eMarketing)

"It was 2am in the morning and Rod and I were wide awake talking about Donald Trump (and how it was for us working with the Donald and his team) but more importantly how to market our business in the cutthroat competitiveness of the website development industry. Rod has given me a wealth of marketing tips that got my adrenaline pumping. Thanks very much, Rod! It was great brainstorming with you! "

Andrew Trickett

"Rod provided a 40 minute master class on how to obtain new clients and opened my eyes to the new opportunities available to me. As a fellow PSA member, I'd highly recommend working with Rod in the future when it comes to law firm marketing."

Samantha Jung-Fielding

"Rod gave an outstanding presentation at the January meeting of Weybridge Ecademy to well and truly launch the new year for our club members! His presentation was full of useful tips which are immediately implementable by any business, no matter what their focus area. I believe marketing must produce sales - and to this end, Rod's advice was right on the button. Rod is eloquent, entertaining and easy to understand, a truly winning combination. If you haven't yet heard Rod speak, be sure you do. His strategies could make 2006 your year! "

Keith 'Write Stuff' Grover

"Just a note to say thanks again for your presentation at Weybridge Ecademy Club yesterday. You gave us plenty of sound, practical marketing advice, entertainingly delivered, and I had a couple of 'light-bulb' moments - not bad in 45 minutes! Look forward to getting your newsletter... Keith"

David Marks

"Roderick is living proof of the Law of Attraction. David Marks"

Carl Legge

"I have just spent a thought provoking and entertaining hour on the phone with Rod. He clearly has in-depth knowledge and a pragmatic approach to marketing. Rod was generous with relevant advice, suggestions for further activity and contacts to make. Rod gave me many new ideas for on line promotion and tips about how to make the most of ecademy. The conversation was very useful indeed. Many thanks Rod Cheers Carl"

Arvind Devalia

"Rod, You really helped me with some great ideas for promoting my new book "Get the Life you Love and Live it". Thank you Arvind"

Robin Myers

"You really helped me generate some useful ideas for marketing. Your surgery hour was worth it. Robin"

Martin Truman

"Heard Rod at a workshop in Bristol and liked his style - a licence to be different. His ezine is one of the more thought provoking around too. Get to his events if you can. Sign up for his newsletter."

Michelle Jones

"In the brief 15 minutes of speaking with Rod on the phone he gave some excellent new suggestions re promoting my business and for me to look at some of my existing marketing & promotion from a different angle. I do have contact with several law firms and I am sure I will be recommended Rod very soon."

Frank Kanu

"When it comes to marketing, Rod is a genius. He immediately knew what I wanted and what I need. Work with him and you get things done. Fast!"

Sharif "even more helpful" George

"I just got off the phone to Rod, he's a great guy!! He really made me think about the content of my marketing and also asked questions that were pertinent and pointed me in the right direction. He knows what he is talking about. - A great asset to ecademy. Sharif"

Monte Arora Registered Auditor"

"Rod has been an inspiration! His knowledge of marketing professional services is diverse. I would strongly recommend him to all my clients."


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