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"Live as if you were to die tomorrow, Learn as if you were to live forever" - Mahatma Gandhi Hi and thanks for dropping by. I'm here in sunny Singapore, which is my base for travelling around Asia. Every week we're in different countries, meeting new people. I spend most of my time connecting extraordinary people to the XL Group and our purpose of World Wide Wealth. Except when I am with the loves of my life at my home in Bali, Renate, Kathleen, Theresa and Luke. We're here on a big mission, XL2020. I'd be very happy to connect with anyone who can resonate with this. As with any purpose, it keeps us single minded and open hearted! So drop me a line. WORLD WIDE WEALTH World Wide Wealth is the concept of creation and contribution through social enterprise. The goal of our organisation - XL Results Foundation - is to empower networks of individuals in their wealth creation and contribution. By increasing the level of creation and contribution, we have the intention to effect change on a global scale. In 2007, we are running 1,000 XL Events in 50 cities around the world. We are connecting social entrepreneurs together to leverage their resources and expertise. My Facebook Profile: My Changemakers Profile: My Social Edge Profile: My LinkedIn Profile: My You Tube Channel: My Twitter Page: My Wealth Dynamics Twitter Page: Take your Wealth Dynamics Profile My XL Blog: My Wealth Dynamics Blog: My World Wide Wealth Blog: Visit my Wealth Dynamics Webstore Find out more about what we do from one of these links: Or if that all seems like way too many sites to visit, just mosey along to my personal site... Make magic, Roger Hamilton Chairman, Ecademy Asia Pacific Chairman, XL Group



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Gyula Julius Reznicsek

"Thank You for the add :) I'm proud to know you in my friend yard :) Yes, The Impossible takes a little bit more longer.... Lets UNITE 100's of nations.... Lets UNITE 100's of nationalities...... ALL AROUND THE CLOCK ! "The world could be a better place... No countries, only one race... No borders, only tropical trees... NO oceans, only one sea..." by Mr. Victor Marques Beyond the above, Hold Each Others Hand and Move On... :) Together We Stands and We Take Their Hands With A Little Help From My Friends Must Be A Place Under The Sun "It's all about social business networking, family, friendship and fun" Helping Others Online :) and Hierarchy of Needs Up to Down... :) Because We Are One Family... :) The Spiritual Connection... :) Not a Power and Rights ! ! ! But the Responsibility ! ! ! Alea Jakta Est - The Die Has Been Cast :) We don't have a choice on whether we DO social media The question is How WELL we DO It. Social Media isn't a fad, it's a fundamental shift in the way we communicate. Collect and Share :) Amazing Environment Have To Be :) :) Not only does God play dice, but He sometimes throws them where they cannot be seen... The Ecademy on Facebook :) FOLLOW ME on Twitter :) JOIN ME on Facebook :) Don't be forgotten ! The safety is more welcomed :) :) :) Best, Julius The Openeyed Daydreamer "


"Welcome to all my networks and clubs"

Solveig McCormick

"Like Rich who lost the Hard part of his name and his life while looking for the well of wealth, I too feel as if there is something yet to be discovered. Something so enormous that has always been right there in front of me and never noticed before. Roger is an exciting speaker and I "bought" the concept straight away with an intuitive leap of faith that surprises even me. I am still feeling my way in the dark but know that there will be a burst of brilliance any minute now. Thanks Roger! "

Assia Salikhova

"Meeting Roger three years ago changes the way we do business, build teams, in fact it made positive impact on everything I do now. Roger is a fantastic thinker, listener and an ultimate ideas creator. Now in times of change for many people (in business or not) I'd like to recommend Wealth Dynamic experience as an essential experience to make better decisions for the future. Thank you, Roger for your inspiration and the true wealth in networks you create. If you had not listened to Roger's 12 weeks investment plan, I urge you to do so now - today is the best time to start your investment plan."

Debourah Borg

"Wow Roger Hamilton...its been awhile but I was at Rogers presentations and to see this mans passion and knowledge and charm just blows you away...his work is amazing...I am a Star Creator Supporter in Rogers profile of wealth creation.... I love his work and its so easy to get a handle on....all the ah ha goes off in your head when the penny drops and you understand yourself alot better....Roger showed me that the path for wealth creation was for me to use my branding of myself and boy has it paid off...yes I made very good money in my colour and Image business but I have really made real money in promoting my hobby business as it has allowed me to travel the world for free and make money at the same time... Suits me being a high yellow as well....In fact the man that is looking after my website is Kevin Gossling Is a lord mechanic and the reason we got together was through Rogers fantastic networking skills at one of his events where he encouraged us to hook up with one another and go for it.... This man is amazing and I refer him even now to all my networks and I am very happy that he is in ecademy as well... Keep on going with this Roger your work is fantastic and life changing....Roger is an inspiring speaker.... To met him is to love him... Yours for a Better Image, Debourahx"

Shirley Cooper

"Roger is truly inspirational. A warm, caring, humble person I first met at a seminar. On receiving the invitation I felt that though it was across town, in the night, I just had to meet this wonderful person. I invivted a friend who had already refused to run around to all these 'get rich quick' schemes that I get invited to. Surprisingly my friend said, "Yes" I felt so good at the end of the night and decided to stay in a hotel near the venue so that I didn't have to travel too far for the 7.30am breakfast. I had to push the bed near the door as the room was in a block in the car park, the gates were unlocked overnight and the front door couldn't be locked as the key had gone missing. I wasn't impressed by the service and paid for a breakfast that I didn't want but anything was worth being near Roger. I sat next to him at breakfast and listened intently to all he had to say. When he went to speak I sat in his chair. I was impressed. There is something about succesful people that is catching / addictive. By osmosis I too will get there. Roger and the other attendees were warm, supportive and encouraging. I left the breakfast ready to make more changes in the world. Later, I was going to a meeting with some South African women who wanted to set up an orphanage for HIV/Aids orphans. I told someone on my table. within minutes I was brimming with advice. Roger's story is empowering. As a child I was told I wouldn't make it either. I am proud of Roger. He's helping to change the world for the better. "

Andrew Wilmot

"I keep referrring to Roger's work time and time again for Health and Well-being .... attractive gardens, being in your flow and of course the Wealth Dynamics profile ..."

Brendan Yong, CFP

"Roger showed me a whole new paradigm of looking at life and wealth in 2003. I've been living it ever since. Thank you Roger for your passion in what you do. Keep impacting lives."

Richard "Video Talk" Street

"I decided two months ago to say yes to anything that came my way that I thought could move my life forward. I received an e-mail to Roger's event in London this week. So I said yes, I am so grateful to Roger and his team..If you want to understand how to improve yourself and understand how to truly connect to others you MUST attend one of these events. "You make a living by what you get, you make a life by what you give" Thank you so much Roger Kind regards Rich Street Video says it better "

Jean Flower

"I met with Roger sometime ago now - very sceptical - in that I thought all was an automated marketing machine - how wrong was I ! trust and believe ! follow you intution - you will - move forward and onwards ! Roger has an ethical and organic business which is pure source based I am a heathen inthat I have not yet joined but I have many friends and professional connections that have and only endorse this statement ! What goes in comes out ! regards "

Lindsay Hart

"If you want to REALLY know how to improve your business and the world the don't miss Roger any time you have the chance to hear him. His insights into the human psyche are truly phenomenal and he will and does share them with you. Go see/hear him as soon as you can. His presentation at Akasha was truly inspiring - standing ovation inspiring. Find out when and where you can tap into his wisdom and DO IT NOW. Truly life changing. Thanks Roger Lindsay x"

linda grandson

"Roger has reawakened my faith in humanity.The immediate support and guidance offered by himself and the XL community has been awe inspiring.The world truly is a better place because of his commitment to creating World Wide Wealth and eradicating poverty. My advise to everyone is, when you get the chance to go to an event don't hesitate.It will connect you to a world of amazing people and opportunities, both to enrich your own life and for you to enrich the lives of others. A very simple concept but the most powerful one at work on our planet. I thank you Roger from the bottom of my heart. Linda Grandson. "

Laura Milne

"I attended the Akasha event in August 2007 and was truly inspired by Roger. Amazing man and if you can get the opportunity to hear him speak it is certainly well worth it."

Ben Tristem

"Roger is a wonderfully energetic, insightful and wise man. His Wealth Dynamics and other models of the world are deep and meaningful. I strongly recommend anyone to connect with him."

Steve Bradbury

"Roger is an inspiration. His passion, energy and commitmment to social enterprise through the XL Results Foundation is an examplar to us all. Having watched Roger speak, he is dynamic, enthusiastic and certainly thought provoking. I commend anybody reading this to undertake a Wealth Dynamics Event and highly recommend that you get out and see this man."

Caroline Newman

"I attended Roger Hamilton's Wealth Dynamics Weekend on 11-13 November 2006 in London. Roger is a very wise and experienced entrepreneur. He is generous with his time and his expertise. I have also read his book "Wink and Grow Rich" several times. Each time I get a deeper level of learning. The information that Roger shares will empower you and educate you to leverage value and reach your true potential. This helps you to find your flow.. your true and effortless path to wealth. Thank you Roger for inspiring us to be in our flow Caroline "

Matti Hemmi

"Fantastic weekend in Earl Court!! Amazing stuff!! I could not believe so much could be learnt in such a short period of time after having been through a lot of training in the past. I have discovered my true purpose, how to contribute to the world, and which are the steps I need to, and will, follow to take off and enjoy a new life full of passion. Thank you, Roger. Un abrazo Matti"

Michael Birley

"I have just been on the XL Wealth Dynamics Weekend in the UK. I was WOWed. Roger presented his material superbly - it was challenging on many levels, but ultimately thought provoking and affirming. It provides a comprehensive platform from which Entrepreneurs can assess, reference or plan their personal path to wealth (What you have left if you take away the money!). I was made aware of things I didn't know, it confirmed the things I did and made me aware of things both good and not so good that I was doing. Thank you Roger - I loved the Cam Rowing Story! Bestest Michael"

Andy Greenhill

"Roger is quite simply a divine person. Deep down I believe we all wish to contribute to a better world but so often we are unsure about the best way to go about it. Roger has helped me to fully embrace this aspect of my being and channel the awesome energy that it connects me to. He has such a profound understanding of the principles that have guided our existance since the beginnings of time and an effortless communication style that means you can't fail to grasp each and every concept. This man devotes his life to enriching the lives of others, I feel blessed to be one of those. If we all managed to contribute as much as Roger, then we will really be leaving a legacy to be proud of. Thank you Roger, Andy"

Pauline Crawford

"Roger - you are energy spirit and pure gold, your words and actions have totally inspired me to action and to work even harder to change the world for the better! You transform people's lives and the world with that tipping point... I will do whatever it takes to kick the complacency out of the British workplace where it is no longer good enough to put people under pressure that damages their bodies, let alone their souls - my goal - to put smiles back on everyone's face!! Thank you a million. "

Penny Power

"Roger is a true magician. I have now experienced the magic of Roger in Bali and the Entrepreneur Business School. If anyone gets a chance to do this in 2006 you must. It will change your thinking, enhance your life and make you a far better person than you ever thought possible. Roger's passion and love for people is extrodinary, the energy he emits and gives to others is awesome. He really can change the world bit-by-bit! Thank you Roger for the magic you gave me."

Akhil Shahani

"Roger is one of the most fun & inspiring people I have met. His simple story telling style hides many insights. Many of which I have benefitted from. This is one guy who needs to be better known around the world! Ask him about "Tanah Lot" when you meet him ;-) Akhil Shahani"

Marieke Hensel #4

"It was a life changing event in London for me & my husband, Rutger. I have found my purpose and am very thankful for that. You are inspiring - interesting - fun ! Thanxalot! "

Pei Mun Lim

"Thoroughly enjoyed the Wealth Dynamics seminar last week. Two most important lessons I learnt were about creating value - the 6 internal values and 4 external ones, and about living in the flame. Having loads of fun and learning an incredible amount - I can't think of a better way to spend the two days I spent with you. Many thanks for the inspiration. Pei Mun"

Andrew Horder

"Roger's Wealth Dynamics Workshop really challenged me to think about how to build the basis of my future wealth - with clarity and humour, but most of all fire and dynamism - just what one would expect from a Star! "

Paul Buckley

"I have just attended Roger’s Wealth Dynamics Weekend and what a truly amazing experience it was. I have never learnt so much in such a short space of time - and had so much FUN! Even after several days my brain is only just starting to absorb and assimilate everything properly, but I also know the best is yet to come. Roger is simply awesome. Two full days on overdrive, maximum energy, so much knowledge, so many experiences and absolutely inspirational delivery, never to be forgotten. Just awesome. If you have the opportunity to attend this, don’t ask any questions or hesitate, just do it – you wont regret it. My eyes have been opened. Thank you Roger! "

Cathy Rhodes

"Roger's Wealth Dynamics workshop is considerably more than a pathway to financial wealth, it is more an approach to life and the richness to be enjoyed on life's journey. I, personally, was left with a feeling of both excitement and calm - excitement that I could truly achieve wealth in all aspects of my life - and enrich numerous other lives on the way - and calm that I would be true to my passions. A tremendous start to a fascinating journey. Many thanks, Roger. Cathy Boddy"

Adrian Gilpin

"Roger is a world class, inspirational teacher whose work deserves a much wider audience than those merely seeking financial wealth. Roger's wisdom shines through his models and processes - and his audiences take massive strides towards their goals and dreams."

Steve Prior

"Fancy that, two great decisions in the space of a few days! One was to join ecademy and the second was to attend Roger's Wealth Dynamics course held in London. Life has been playing a lot of games with me. A failed business around 20 years ago and even when I decided to go back to the Corporate school I managed to upset a few of my bosses so much I got fired three times! Now I know why, it was always in my makeup to challenge the status quo. As a Mechanic, I will always look for a better way to do things. Roger, a huge thank you for a great course, it went way beyond my expectation, now I'm ready to fly! Many thanks Steve"

William Buist

"Fantastic, This man has given me so much to think about. He has a increadibly self consistent view of how wealth is generated and how to identify what you need to develop your own wealth. If you miss him when you could see him then you are making one of the bggest mistakes you can. Thank you Roger, the course was out of this world. "

Rob Worth

"Roger has something to say. To everyone. The concept of the Wealth Dynamics Profiles is very powerful and is not just a labelling mechanism, it is a pointer to how to create wealth in your life. Two days after attending a two-day seminar of Roger's I have already acted to increase my wealth and I have many other things to do. To know and not to do, is not yet to know. Thanks Roger. Rob Worth"

John Seaman

"Wow! What can you say about Roger that doesn't sound over the top ? His ability to explain things concisely, simply and profoundly is amazing. He doesn't need all the razzmatazz and showmanship and short-term motivation of other speakers and neither does he spend lots of your valuable time promoting other programs and events. His Wealth Dynamics event is understated, great fun and provides long-term motivation by enabling you to discover for yourself how seemingly small steps can create long-lasting change. Everyone should go at least once to experience this for themselves."

Marcus de Maria

"What else is there to add to what so many have said already? Seek out this man, for he will improve the quality of your life with his sound thoughts and advice. Don't hesitate, take action. Thanks again Roger for sharing all your wisdom. Marcus"

John Joint

"Roger is a man of enormous energy and passion, who knows his flight path and has spread his wings. He seems to have found his value and is now leveraging it, swinging from yin to yang as he steps along life's pathway. To hold 80 people entranced and having fun for two days is no small feat and Roger does it with magnificent metaphors, an enormous sense of fun and a model that brings simplicity and undertanding to an otherwise complex and intangible aspect of life, the universe and everything. There were many flames being lit last week. Many thanks Roger. I wish you bon voyage and clear skies, and I look forward to getting to know you."

Richard White

"Roger is truely inspiring. He is a great showman and the Wealth Dynamics approach is incredibly simple and yet incredibly complex. A true paradox. Roger is a man on a mission and the world needs this material. If you are an entrepreneur that is working hard and yet your business never seems to take off then I recommend you attend a Roger Hamilton Wealth Dynamics event as soon as possible."

Wouter Havinga

"Through delivering his 2 day Wealth Dynamics course June 2005, Roger reaffirmed my favourite quote "Spiritual transformation rarely results from overcoming difficulty. It comes from finding easiness" (by Deepak Chopra). Rogers message is, do what you are good at, find your team members that complement your talents, stay in the flame, and make unbelievable contributions to society. He is not a pilot but a rocketman! "

Ronald Wopereis

"I met Roger in London in Januari 2005. His introduction to wealth dynamics clearly shows how intensely he has studied life itself. Being highly gifted as he is, he has found a way of turning his passion for wealth into a gift to the world. This is a dream to realize for all of us. Roger thank you so much for being with the team. Best regards, Ron."

Jim Tuffin

"Once again Roger performed his wealth magic on us at the Wealth Dynamics Workshop! Great two days packed with information which will help to change the lives of everyone who attended. I highly recommend this event to anyone who really wants to try and understand what wealth is really all about! It can't be beaten! Well Done and Thank You Roger, Jim Tuffin (Chairman Waggle Ltd)"

Clive Taylor

"If you want to understand wealth. If you want to know the rules of the game. If you want to develop your strategy to win. Then look no further. Thank you, Roger, for putting me in the flame."

Heather-Jane Gray

"If you haven't attended a Wealth Dynamics workshop yet, get one in your diary now! Roger walks the talk with passion, energy and warmth - but it's not all about charisma. His model is original, dynamic, and full of practical wisdom. Value x Leverage = Wealth (and not just money). Use it or lose it! Thanks again. Heather-Jane Sears, Change Leadership & Effectiveness"

Ellis Pratt

"It would be misleading to call Roger a motivational speaker because it conjures up an image of Americans with perfect teeth getting everyone to whoop. BUT he does motivate me. Not by giving me an emotional rush, but by giving me the rules of game and by showing me the path to finding wealth. It's a path based on focusing on doing the things I am good at and the things that are valuable - what I enjoy, what I find fun. That's a great thing to look forward to. His Chinese/Western perspective is very valuable, particularly as the Asian economy is influencing the West more and more. Listen, learn and earn from Roger's expertise. "

Andy Coote

"Awesome content, top drawer delivery. Wealth dynamics and Roger Hamilton - a combination that made a step change in my perception of how I develop my value and how I leverage it. Thank you for two days of maximum energy."

Matthew 'Hotels for Sale' Barnett

"I have just spent 2 days on Roger's Wealth Dynamics course - possibly the best investment of two days of time that I have ever made. Roger is an inspired individual with a huge amount to give in terms of insight into the process of creating wealth and the different 'games' to play to get there. I thought I was focussed and self aware before the 2 days. This event has now taken my thinking to a whole new level. Roger, I can't thank you enough, you are a Star!!! (well, actually, no, you are a Creator, but you know what I mean). Thanks again, Matthew Barnett Entrepreneur PS To the other people who attended, don't forget to join the club here "

Stuart Harris

"I can't believe that I'm just the 12th person to post a testimonial to Roger. Maybe people are so blown away by his workshops that they go from stunned AHA to wealth-generating action and forget to tip their hat to The Man. Roger has mojo, and lots of it. His material is fresh, insightful, provocative and has depth. His delivery is polished, energetic, engaging and not at all American. And the Wealth Dynamics event that I just attended with 80+ was full of fun, challenge and warmth. This is a man to watch, to learn from and to connect with"

Rod Sloane

"I have just come back from the Wealth Dynamics Seminar in London. Roger is a mine of information and a great guy to spend two days with. His course revealed why I am not as successful as I should be in my business. I need to create a lot more value to the marketplace. If you want to generate more revenue and wealth from your business, then spend two days with Roger. A real STAR!"

Dean Carlton, MIBC

"Roger has made a phenomenal impact on Ecademy and its development / direction since he arrived - I look forward to learning from him further once I progress to Black Star. Best Regards Dean."

Stu Dunn

"Roger, Your Wealth Dynamics needs to get out to the World, I think it should be essential learning! If there is evr anything I can do to help this happen, please let me know! Are you looking to leverage your time by training someone else to teach Wealth Dynamics? *hint hint* Thanks Roger, Stu Dunn "

Simon Warman-Freed

"I have had the pleasure of meeting many highly successful business people in my life bit Roger is by far the most impressive. He is inspirational in style and highly thought provoking. Roger has this natural gift to present highly creative and intellectual principles at a level everyone can understand and use. You have certainly made me think! Thanks a million."

Marcus Cauchi Sales Management Training

"Roger is an inspiration. His training is superb, his business insights razor sharp and his contribution to group discussion advanced & accelerated them far beyond where they would otherwise have been. Attend his programmes because you will almost certainly see an immediate return on your investment that lasts a lifetime."

Philip de Lisle

"This man is unbelievably clever - he quite literally changes lives. His Wealth Dynamics programme is fascinating. What is astonishing is Roger's willingness to share. Add in his ability to wrong foot people and you have a truly remarkable man. Thank you for showing me (and other BlackStars) what "it" is all about. "

Patrick Moore

"It's difficult to put into words what Roger brings to Ecademy, his own networks and the world at large, but I shall try. Roger has taken some ancient wisdom, some new wisdom and a strong thread of his own, and woven it into a rich and powerful fabric for us all to use. His Wealth Dynamics methodology goes way beyond mere material wealth, and moves deeply into the realm of why we are on the planet and the legacy we seek to leave; in other words, he asks, and attempts to answer, the BIG QUESTIONS! Meeting Roger this week has been both a pleasure and a privilege. In short, life will never be the same again. Thank you, Roger, for everything you give to the people around you, and through them the rest of the world :) "

Andrew Widgery

"Roger, you have a very special gift in the inspirational knowldge you have to impart balanced with humility. I have listened to many speakers and consider you one of the best I have heard. Thank you for your time, thank you for your counsel and for your wonderful input at our inaugural BlackStar event in London this week; you have rattled a lot of cages in a very postive way!! My best wishes for your continued success and thank you also for your book Wink and Grow Rich in which I found many gems of advice which I intend to use."

Fay Olinsky

"Roger! You were truly amazing and inspirational. Thank you so much, I can't wait to hear you again soon. Fay Olinsky "


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