Ruth Cheesley - Joomla SEO Specialist

Ruth Cheesley - Joomla SEO Specialist

Director & Web Design Manager, Virya Technologies Ltd.


Hello! My name is Ruth Cheesley  and if you hadn't guessed, I run Virya Technologies, which specialises in open source technology - specifically the Joomla! Content Management System and Linux-based server support. Follow me on Twitter

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As we specialise in Joomla! this is mostly what you'll find me talking about .. and believe me I can talk for hours! I run the local Joomla! User Group in Suffolk, organised Joomla!Day UK 2010 and was part of the team for the largest Joomla!Day UK yet - Joomla!Day UK 2011 London. We are just starting the planning for the 2012/13 event.


Virya Technologies are a small company of seven working on everything from small websites for local startups through to supporting massive international news portals and carrying out large-scale database migration. We also specialise in providing emergency linux server support for those moments when your techie geek can't fix the problem!


We release our Joomal! Extensions at Virya Software - this is a fairly new venture and we're building up the extensions we offer at present, focusing on providing high levels of customer support as well as top quality software.

About Virya Technologies

Our office is located in Little Bealings nesr Woodbridge, Suffolk, at a really cool business centre which is a converted railway station. Virya Technologies is operated as an ethical 'Right Livelihood' business, along the guidelines by which Buddhists live their lives. I am a practicing Buddhist with the Triratna Buddhist Community and am training for ordination - quite a challenge while running a business!

Buddhism in business?

(skip this bit) Virya Technologies is based on 5 principles or values. We formulate these in general terms (rather than specifically Buddhist ones), so as to make them accessible to all our staff and clients, and allow us to explain them to others in the business world. If you want to know more about Buddhism and the Triratna Buddhist Community, please visit

  1. Generosity

    The first principle is generosity - we are in business to make money in order be able to provide a free or heavily discounted service to charities and not for profit organisations. This is fundamental to the purpose and ethos of the business. Roughly half our profits are ploughed back into the business. We intend to further develop this as the business grows, to enable us to give money to organisations who need it - primarily to Buddhist projects around the world and also to social projects in communities.
  2. Ethics

    The second principle is ethics - we intend the business to be a tangible expression of Buddhist values in the modern world and for Buddhist ethics to be practised through all the interactions involved in the running of the business. As well as being Buddhist these are basic, human values that can be summarised as kindness, honesty and awareness:
    • Kindness here means trying to develop and maintain an attitude of goodwill and care towards each other and towards anyone we encounter in the course of the working day, for example our clients. It also means care and consideration in relation to our use of the natural environment.
    • Honesty - in the sense of not taking things without permission, and in the sense of telling the truth, is crucial to developing trust amongst ourselves and with our clients and suppliers.
    • Awareness as an ethical principle is concerned with being aware of other people as human beings, with feelings, thoughts, needs and qualities, rather than merely as objects that help or hinder us in our pursuit of our own desires or clients who pay our bills. This kind of awareness is needed in order to be kind and to be honest, and to develop the atmosphere of trust and care that we aspire to maintain in the business.
  3. Personal Development

    The third principle of Virya Technologies is personal development - the business is based on the Buddhist belief that all individuals can change, grow and unfold their potential, moving towards what Buddhists refer to as Perfect Wisdom and Compassion. We aim to promote the personal development of all our staff, from training in a new task or learning better communication skills through to supporting spiritual practice in a range of ways.
  4. Collectivity and communality

    The fourth principle is collectivity and communality - we aim to be a community of like-minded people, supporting and encouraging each other in our collective project of making money to give away. At the same time we also aim to support each other's personal development and ethical practice. We work together within our own team and with other teams, co-operating and collaborating with each other as creatively as we can in order to achieve the collective aims of our own team and those of the wider business.
  5. Commercial viability

    The fifth and final principle is commercial viability - we are running an ethical technology business and it needs to make money and be commercially successful for us to accomplish our purpose. The Buddhist purpose of the business and the manner in which we operate cannot be separated. This is the case with regard to our internal relations and in our relations with those outside the business.

About me

As well as my Buddhist activities I enjoy being outdoors in nature, and am an accredited assessor as part of the Duke of Edinburgh's Award for Bronze & Silver.

Due to health problems (I have hypermobility syndrome, a form of Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome which means my joints are more bendy than they should be) I can't walk as far as I would like to, but I still enjoy getting out in the hills and camping in my 'mousetrap' North Face Tadpole tent! I also do a bit of card making, glass painting and cross stitch in my 'spare' time!

I live with my long-supporting partner of 9 years in Ipswich, with our two cats Lucy and Louie. I am not on SunZu to accumulate lists of people I have no connection with - I am here to meet people, network with people, and make reciprocal connections. Tell me about what you do, why you're here, and how I can help your business - that way I know what you do and how I can help you build your business/organisation.



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Gina Minton

"I have not met Ruth but I have heard a lot of good things about her from a friend who has been her client. She talks of Ruth's expertise in her work and highly recommends her."

Jo Lunn

"Ruth is currently working on my website and she is fantastic. She is certainly a Joomla! expert and the service, professionalism and customer contact is first class. If you have any Joomla! issues I can most certainly recommend her to one and all. Thanks Ruth, with you sorting my website out out, you can be assured I'll want to find you more to work on."

Martin Kent

"Ruth has over delivered many times over with what I originally required. Her help and advice has enabled me to avoid the problems of setting up a web site using Joomla that I would have hit head on without her help. This must have saved me many weeks of trying to do it alone. I am looking forward to continuing to work with Ruth. I recommend that if you want help with Joomla you contact her, but make it soon because she should be rushed off her feet once her name is known. "

Lynne Bailey

"A lady who knows where she wants to be and is not afraid to take the appropriate decisions to help her get there."

Craig Wright

"I hired Ruth to redesign my website. She delivered more than I could have wished for, with a gallery feature, search tool, user accounts and much more. Now I have a website I can be proud of and it is all down to Ruth's skills, commitment, and understanding of what makes a website work. Highly recommended."

John Edmonds

"I needed a simplistic web site where people could pay online to download my videos. I was confronted with a lot of people sucking through their teeth and explaining why it would cost me many thousands of pounds. Then Ruth came along through Ecademy. I selected Ruth due to her belief that she could achieve what I wanted and I also admired her enthusiasm, and I have to say that she's completed the job, exceeded my expectations, and charged a very competitive price that didn't cost me my arms and legs. (See SO, If you need a web site and have been worrying about cost and capacity to do what you need, then discuss your needs with Ruth. She's done a great job for me."

Rusty Zimmerman

"Ruth has been a customer and service provider of mine for several years now. Her design skills are great, as is her dedication to her work. She has been a great asset to my company in the past and we look forward to working with her more in the future. Thanks Ruth for all of your hard work and for your business as well. Sincerely, Rusty "

Jay Blake

"Ruth is fab! We have been working for a while on a new website I am going to launch for a new business venture (see more on my profile) Ruth is always available to discuss the smallest detail and appears to have the same passion for what I am hoping the site will achieve that I have for it. We are still in building phase but I am confident that the final product will exceed my hopes and expectations Thanks Ruth - your a star!! Jay"

Kantor Michael Poths

"Ruth has an open heart, she is a kind and helpful networker! It's great to be connected to her! kind regards Michael"


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