Sharif "even more helpful" George

Sharif "even more helpful" George

Founder, Cloudberry


Founder of Cloudberry the IT Support and laptop services company that keeps you working no matter what happens.

I am massively into collaboration and co-operative projects and would love to hear from you if you run or are trying to set one up.

Check out my book The Entrepreneurs' Guide to email Marketing where you will learn how to do an email merge right from inside outlook as well as other tips on how to use outlook and Google analytics to get the most from your email

I am looking for speaking engagements - does your networking group want/need a speaker for an event coming soon?  I would love the opportunity to speak - I have 3 talks I can offer including

  • Creative thunder
  • Collaboration the new economy
  • Email marketing doesn't break the bank

Just give me a call!



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John Cassidy

"I recently had a 1-2-1 Sugar CRM training session with Sharif and was very impressed by his knowledge, patience, expertise and enthusiasm (and of course his sense of humour). He guided me through the system showing me in a practical way how I could use it in relation to my photography business and, as a pure novice to CRM, I came away with a depth of understanding that will enable me to be more efficient in running my business. He certainly lives up to his "even more helpful" name and would highly recommend a chat with him. "

Elaine Gold

"When your worst PC nightmare happens, it's a Saturday, your working week starts on a Sunday, you live in a part of the world where good IT support is hard to find, and you need your PC as your life line - who are you going to turn to for help? My rescuer was Sharif George - he want beyond the call of duty to help me over a weekend, and I hope that I can repay him with a ongoing business contract that will ensure peace of mind for our business. No matter where you are in the world, if you need IT support that is professional, highly skilled and delivered by friendly personel - the Sharif's company can come no higher recommended. Thank You again Sharif!"

Victoria Bullis

"Sharif is helpful, there when one needs him, kind, fun loving and efficient. I totally trust him ( SO important...!), and am very grateful for how he set up my office in So Ken. I HIGHLY recommend him. And am getting ready to have him do some more work for me! He's a 10, on a scale of 1-10. Victoria Bullis"

Maria del Pilar Diez Calderon

"Shariff is a highly professional IT helper, the best IT helper. Shariff is at the other end of Skype kindly and ready to be of service in the most friendly way, informing promptly about one's computer needs and one's requirements."

Kevin "Banana Man" Allen

"Sharif, I want to publicly thank you for your help in resolving my ongoing internet problems. Having been offline for nearly a week, then unable to access my website for days, you saw my problem and spoke with me on the telephone within minutes thereafter. Less than twenty minutes later I was back online and able to access my site, when other computer specialists had not been able to achieve this in a week! You are a real professional in your section, who I will highly recommend to anyone who needs help in the future. Many thanks Kevin "

Javier Andres Castro Pino

"I feel very happy to be connected with Sharif. He is a very positive and authentic person. Sharif is an excellent professional, an excellent person and an excellent human being. In addition, I can say that for my it is a great honor and the whole pleasure to have Sharif as a Professional contact and also as a friend. Definitively, I recommend Sharif. Best and kind regards of a friend from ViƱa del Mar - Chile Javier"

Peter Jones

"You will enjoy talking to Sharif, whose mind runs at about a million miles an hour. Fun, a bit irreverent, yet still focussed on my needs, Sharif provided some great advice which should help move me forward on two maybe three fronts. He is not only up at the forefront of technology, as we might hope, but also business focussed enough to relate well to his clients. Highly recommended !!"

Mindy Gibbins-Klein

"Sharif is a wonderful person and he runs a wonderful company. He helped me when I got into difficulties with some software and then I got him to send one of his technicians to the office. They were totally professional and polite, confirming the times, sorting out all the issues and only charging us for the amount of time spent here. I will recommend the Computer Help People to everyone I know!"

Merold Mueller

"I rated him good, because he is a great networker."

Amanda Vlahakis

"I'm so pleased I decided to give The Computer Help Company a go. I felt convinced enough to try them out after reading Sharif's testimonials here at Ecademy. To me trust is a big issue when using any service provider, and the testimonials here helped me to reach a level of trust sufficient to try them out. My computer was going far too slow and dragging down efficiency for me, and Sharif's team fixed that very swiftly for me with a no hassle service, and outstanding value for money (and a dab of free advice thrown in also). I cannot recommend them enough, and will recommend them to all and sundry from now onwards. Thanks from a very happy customer! :)"

Rhidian Jones

"Sharif does all the IT support for Route-to-Market and does a blinding job! His team are excellent and personable. They are helpful and friendly (with a wicked sense of humour!) and even ring us to make sure we are happy with what they've done. Great customer service. More to the point, every person I refer to Sharif thanks me for the referal with tales of how major problems which stopped them from working were fixed quickly and efficiently. I'll keep referring to him because he's very good! Thanks Sharif!"

Judith Germain

"I have always found Sharif to be a good networker and have enjoyed our conversations. Sharif recently responded to an urgent text when my PC failed me; within minutes he was on the phone guiding me through the stages that I needed to undertake to get me up and running. Helpful, amusing and reassuring, I was very pleased that Sharif was in my network! Since then I have become a client of Sharif's and can report that his employees come across to me as helpful, professional and understanding. The very embodiment of his company's values."

Simon West

"A very very helpful man! Sharif's computer support operation is superb and I strongly reccomend that you give him a try. His staff could not be more helpful - and they solved the problem as well... Thanks mate! Simon"

Babs Saul

"Following on from my earlier testimonial - I've just been helped by Sharif's really, really helpful computer help and support team - very polite, I was kept informed at all stages, and they sorted my problem. The experience could not have been better - very impressed and highly recommend this service to everyone. Thanks for setting up the perfect IT support team, Sharif"

Christine Miller

"Sharif is truly exceptional in his knowledge and expertise - he resolved a major issue for me in a matter of minutes, out of normal office hours (I don't think he knows what they are) when I was reeling from losing 9 months of emails - plus giving me advice on how to avoid any repetitions in the future. He is also a highly likeable and very human presence both on the phone as a professional, and in person at business lunches as a funny and entertaining companion. I will certainly be recommending Sharif and the Computer Help company wholeheartedly, to all and sundry - and the advice given below to connect is priceless - rather like the relief at getting back all that crucial information!"

Jesvir Mahil

"Sharif came to one of the Ealing Ecademy Mastermind events last year and was bursting with advice for everyone...I had to ask him to control himself once or twice! :) :) He was an absolute delight and made a favorable impression on the mastermind group with his expertise and know-how about various business matters. He picked up on an forum request I made recently and I appreciate his willingness to share his time in responding with a solution. Thanks Sharif, Jesvir"

Rachel Henke

"Hi Sharif Congratulations!! Abigail is a beautiful biblical name and I'm familiar with its meaning in Hebrew. You will be busy...! Thanks for your offer of help. What is the origin and meaning of Sharif by the way? In the meantime I am enjoying Ecademy and meeting many wonderful people :) Cheers Rachel"

Elaine Gold

""We have recently recruited new consultants to the company who were experiencing difficulties in setting up their Synergy Global email signatures and accounts. The team at The Computer Help Company have been exceptionally helpful. Not only were they able to fix the problem, they have gone the extra mile in making suggestions to improve the running of one consultant's PC and given advice on those irritating IT issues that though minor, take up a lot of time trying to fix! We have had contact with a number of different team members from the Comptuter Help Company and every person has been professional and competent. Added to this, they have excellent follow up systems that means the customer feels valued and a real person ,not just another IT problem to be solved. I would have no hesitation in recommending The Computer Help Company, whether you are an individual wanting full IT support, one off problems fixing, or if you are an organisation with a number of people and machines to service" "

Iain Gray

"Sharif is a rarity in the IT support world - someone who understands both the technical aspects of the IT business, and enjoys dealing with his many satisfied customers. He's also great fun to work with! Iain"

Lesley Morrissey

"I had to do this again - my computer is brilliant (see below), but now Sharif has referred lots of people to me too, so it's working overtime. I'm going to need another one soon! What a (Black)Star - and how very, very, very, very, very, very, very HELPFUL he is!"

Steve Armitage

"What a fantastic chap - personable and easy to work with - a testament to networking works "

Neil Urquhart

"He really is "very, very helpful" and very, very good fun to be around :) He also knows a thing or 2 about computers so a good man to know before your PC network crashes. A++"

Thomas Power

"Cheeky, naughty, child-like and incredibly intelligent Sharif is a man who likes to make money while he laughs. Considered by the BlackStars to be one of the best technical support in the network Sharif keeps you working. If you don't know him and are not connected to him it's quite simply foolish as your system will breakdown one day ...they all do! Just connect. "

Rhidian Jones

"Sharif is a star! I've referred several clients to him for IT support and they've all said great things. Sharif doesn't take life too seriously and when you're dealing with frustrated people with IT problems it makes all the difference if you can make them laugh. In the past I've referred clients to various IT support companies, but I now only refer to Sharif. I've found my clients have a universally high opinion of him and that he takes good care of them whether it's a one man band with a laptop or 60 users in Canary Wharf. If you want great IT support with a human face call Sharif George."

Nigel Whittaker

"This is THE person you want on the end of the phone when your PC isn't doing what it should, not only does he know his stuff, but he is helpful, friendly and efficient as well. Just what we all need someone to put the problem right quickly and without fuss! "

Lesley Morrissey

"I had a 1-2-1 with Sharif last week and, somehow, found I'd bought a computer. Being a technodummy not only had I not realised that my laptop was on the verge of extinction, but also I didn't know what I needed. Sharif asked me a few questions and reeled off a list - it just seemed sensible to let him get on with it. Less than a week later, not only had my computer arrived, but so had one of Sharif''s team who spent a couple of hours transferring files, software, setting things up and everything is going swimmingly. How painless was that? VERY! I couldn't believe that level of service still existed - very very helpful hardly seems to cover it! More like 'absolutely wizard!'"

Christine Clacey

"Sharif is INCREDIBLY helpful!! He very kindly (and cleverly) resolved a virus issue on my laptop, helping me even though I got in touch with him well after office hours!! My sick laptop and I spent the day with Sharif and his team - who are real experts that don't give up until they have incredibly satisfied customers. With their expert service, my laptop made a full recovery. If you are looking for exceptional customer service, make sure you connect with Sharif. He is a real star, generous with his time and advice, and a great networker too. "

Duncan Taylor

"Sharif is hugely generous in providing assistance and advice. Many thanks for your time! Duncan"

Michael Birley

"If you are looking for friendly, open and eminently likeable people to connect with, then look no further. He's also excellent in an IM space.... :-) Best Michael "

Babs Saul

"Very friendly, talks plain English and not "geek", and helpful. Thank you for your help, Sharif - simple and effective. Very happy to recommend him (and I don't do that lightly)."

David Walters

"Sharif gave me excellent advice just when I needed it. Thanks."

Keren Lerner

"I just wanted to stop and write a GLOWING testimonial for Sharif and the Computer Help Company. I met Sharif at an NRG event last week and we had a great chat - I could tell he is enthusiastic and client focused. Then I had one of his engineers come and setup my new computer. I was worried about switching computers, but it was painless - I was out when the engineer was here, and when I came back it was ready! It was practially seamless - except of course my new computer is better, newer and faster. Thank you for your help, your speedy response, affordability and professionalism. "

Vincent Polding

"Very pleasant. Clear. Knows his product."

Colin "Proactive Accountant" Davison

"Responds well to support and advice. Sticks to his word."


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