Sharon Eden

Sharon Eden

Founder and Director, The Passion Whisperer



Professional and executive women can often feel stuck, professionally or personally. When this happens, I can provide a solution. I work with professional and executive women who feel stuck to find greater confidence, self-belief, courage and their Passion to create a life they love... Without, necessarily, throwing away their current career and life... unless they really want to!

I outline how to do that in my book, Whack Around The Head - Purpose, passion and power at work right now! And, in over 25 years' experience, knowledge and wisdom in the personal development field, as a coach-trainer-psychotherapist-alchemist-speaker, including a master's degree, my absolute forte is transformation work through the power of passion.

Even more, I believe a paradigm shift in human evolution is occurring.  That there is a push from the collective unconscious for us to be passionating-freedom-honouring-collaborating-oneforall-allforone-peace’n’prospering-humanity.  And while men will, of course, be involved, I believe women will spearhead this shift... You better believe it!

So I am most definitely helping to change the world through helping women change their world with Passion!




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Clare Gillbanks

"Sharon is quite wonderful. I first met her at the London Boardroom in April 2011 when I found myself out of the day job and building my own business again. I literally had no idea what to do next being overwhelmed with some great options but no real steer. She's a fantastic person to talk to and can help you work through complex, buried issues with ease and full support. I'd recommend you connect with Sharon and find out more about how she works with her clients and I'm proud to say she is now a great and fun friend."

Nick Wallington

"Sharon and I shared a boardroom meeting together and I found her to be charismatic, passionate and inspirational in her approach. Sharon offered great advice and gave me leads on who to talk to in order to take my business to the next level. If you seek inspiration and advice all rolled into one, Sharon is the person to see!!! Thanks Sharon"

Tom Evans

"There is much magic in the air right now. The magicians that are the most powerful are those working with both high intent and humility. Sharon is one of those and operating at the sharp end with the source of things ... ... so glad to have re-connected, Sharon. Luv, luk & lux "

Sam Borrett

"Apart from this being her first testimonial which is great in itself, I would like to say how happy I am to be connected with Sharon, a likeminded individual with obvious enthusiasm, intelligence and humour. Thanks Sharon, Sam"


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