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Thanks for visiting my profile. I'd like to share a story with you...

Once upon a time there was an IT Trainer called Shelley. Upon applying for my first training job at a well established training company I was asked "can you reinvent yourself?" This proved to be a defining moment in my life. I replied, "I have done that several times already!"

We are continually reinventing ourselves, we grow from children to adults, from single to married (or partnered) from taking to giving, from employed to self employed. Shelley Fishel IT trainer The training surgery After 4 and a half years as an employee I ventured out into the big wide world of Freelance Training, still contributing to my former employer as an Associate Trainer and Lead Trainer of projects.

I found the world of the Freelance Trainer to be varied and interesting, and realised that there is a need out there in the big wide world for a different kind of training company.

One that allows busy professionals to learn in their own workplace, without the hassle of travelling to a training centre and crucially, to have short focus sessions.

So In 2007 The Training Surgery was born. As I mentioned in the opening paragraph we are often reinventing ourselves both in business and in our personal lives. We have launched an online training system which will enable you or your staff to learn whatever they need whenever and wherever they are. Visit us HERE where you can book online. We have recently rebranded and are now called The IT Training Surgery; as that is what we do, train in IT Software.

"Quality is also extremely important to me, and that is why The IT Training Surgery is an Accredited Training Provider accredited by the Learning and Performance Institute." Institute of IT training logo
So how do we work at The Training Surgery? The Training Surgery logo
What does
The IT Training Surgery Offer?
We offer three types of face to face IT Training and we also offer Training online, which you can do anytime and from anywhere with an Internet connection Choose from one of our off the shelf courses, a Bespoke course designed especially for your organisation or an IT Training Surgery where your team can come for an individual appointment with a trainer to learn exactly what they need. Our new tag line reflects this philosophy perfectly - Learn only what you need when you need IT.


Shelley Fishel IT surgery at the work place
Take IT Personally
Lasting success
Sometimes we find that an organisation needs to get a group of staff to a similar standard of software proficiency. In this case it is better to run a series of structured courses followed up by a series of Training Surgery days spread over a period of time, to provide ongoing support. Courses can be run in house at the organisation's premises or at our own training rooms, whatever is best for the client.
For more information or to book a consultation please call:
020 8203 1774
or email:
So how do we work at The Training Surgery?
Shelley Fishel IT surgeryfollow me on Shelley@ShelleyFishel



I am very happily married to David - and we celebrated our 30th wedding anniversary last year with a fantastic trip to China - it really  does not feel that long at all.… You can read about our travels and experiences on the blog.

We are the proud parents of four fab adults. Our daughter Elizabeth, our son Mark and his wife Rocheli, and our youngest Jonathan.

In November 2011 we became grandparents for the first time!

I enjoy reading especially detective fiction and I love having family and friends over for meals at the weekends too. Please drop me a line to say hello! I love to get to know people through networking and welcome your connection.



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David Barzaga

"A wonderful person with an amazing amount of knowledge."

Anna Figiel

"Online and offline, Shelley is a warm and giving person. She freely shares her wide specialist knowledge of Microsoft applications, from which so many of us can benefit. Shelley, I believe Ecademy is richer for your very helpful training blogs - thank you! "

Helen Winder

"Shelley is someone you must connect with. A wonderful lady with an amazing amount of knowledge. Her training skills are far beyond what I have ever seen and experienced. I would have no hesitation at all in recommending Shelley to you."

Sharon Eden

" Shelley is a warm, generous and delicious woman. I first met her at a Boardroom and was delighted by her welcoming-ness and her ability to always come up with a tip, connection or insight which is more than useful. I'm now working very successfully with the branding specialist she recommended. If Shelley suggests something you know it's going to be gold! "

Nick Wallington

"In the short I have known her, Shelly has been open and supportive, from advice in the boardroom to contacts with other key players in my field. I hope to have the opportunity to get to know you better Shelly. Thank you Nick"

Andrew Horder

"Shelley really knows her stuff, and just can't help helping - a tip here, a little-known feature there, watching how people actually use the software & what they're missing. I thought I knew more than most about MS Office, but Shelley's store of knowledge & practice leaves me standing!"

Ces Creatively

" I am writing testimonials for all those Ecademates who have really meant something to me in 2009. Shelley, it has been great getting to know you in 2009. I value your friendship and am so pleased to hear such good things about "The Training Surgery" as your warm and caring personality mixed with your knowledge makes for a great business mix indeed. You are an open and supportive networker and I wish you all the best that life can bring in 2010 and beyond. I have loved working for you too :) God Bless, with love Ces xxx email: "

Demos Flouri

"Welcome to blackstar Shelley, its great to have Shelley in my network, she is an inspiration and I am looking forward to a long lasting mutual relationship with each other. all the best Demos Flouri Find Me +44 7985 736 168 "

Madhukeshwar Jaglur

"I'm pleased to have you on my network. it is a pleasure to be a part of your Network. This marks the beginning of a great relationship. I hope we can share ideas and garner information that will be helpful to us both. "

Richard Holmes

"Shelley is lovely and a top trainer. Highly recommended"

Melinda M. Sörensson

"Shelley takes the time to update contacts on her activities and in the process educating them. A wonderful ecademician.:-) Melinda M M Sorensson"

David Willis

"What a wonderful networker, I met Shelley at Ecademy London meeting, we had a really good discussion and she kindly introduced my to a couple of fellow Ecademists where we may be able to help each other - thank you Shelley."

Harrow Shah

"I have great pleasure in having Shelley in my network; she has been helpful and knowledgeable to all my questions on Ecademy. Totally Recommend her Tom "

Jet Shah

"I have now finally met Shelley after a few months at the london ecadamy meeting and she is a very friendly and generous person who is passionate about her Business and very helpfull to all she meets.The web site is great and i would recommend her services without question knowing that the training will be very thorough and tailored to the individual persons needs."

Richard "Video Talk" Street

"I had the pleasure of connecting with Shelley. She is a very open and sincere person who has a great service that can help so many. Please learn and share with her. Kind regards Rich Street Video says it better"

Don Cooke

"There should be more people like Shelley on Ecademy. Thoughtful, supportive, knowledgeable and always ready to engage Highly recommended Don "

Amanda Hamilton

"I am only just getting to know Shelley, and already she has `shown herself to be generous, kind, and thoughtful. She also displays a quality I value enormously, which is she does what she says she's going to do, and faster than I expect. I recommend her thoroughly. Amanda :)"

Sue Smith

"Shelley recently contacted me to help you tell her business story online. As I unearthed The Training Surgery story, Shelley answered my questions with passion, good humor and aplomb. Her desire to change the IT training industry, by adding bespoke training solutions in a world of one-size-fits-all courses is a great advantage for her clients, saving both time and money. If you want to get to grips with IT fast, painlessly and in the comfort of your own office, Shelley should be the first person you call. Sue, Storyteller"

Gary Weinstein

"I have known Shelley for many years in her professional capacity as a desktop applications trainer, as well as a personal friend. I introduced Shelley to ecademy because I knew that not only is she a huge giver, but will also gain so much from the networking relationships. I used Shelley to provide a series of tailored 1-on-1 Excel sessions for my team. The value of these tailored sessions was immense and helped extend my teams capabilities quickly and efficiently. I strongly recommend you speak to Shelley first before undertaking any desktop application training. "

Rod Sloane

"Shelley helped me improve the readability of my Ecademy profile. This lady is a star!!"


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