Siegfried Sommer

Siegfried Sommer


I'm a Social security Disability lawyer for German Pension System and represent clients nationwide in proceedings before social courts and higher social courts in Germany. I represent clients nationwide (Germany) in social security issues in the statutory pension insurance, statutory accident insurance, compulsory health insurance, nursing insurance law, disabled rights, social justice and compensation officials such as: - Mesothelioma Lawyer, - German pension system, - Social security law, Social Law, - Full disability pension, - Pension for partial disability, - Pension for partial disability by invalidity, - Injured pension because of accident of work or occupational disease, - Disability for service, - sick benefit, - Injuring money, - Victim Compensation, - Level of care, - Accounts declaration in the statutory pension insurance (education, teaching ...), - modest Testing to clerical and computational errors, - Optimization calculations, - Retirement counseling, - Advice on early retirement with minimal discounts, - Pension - application, - Widow's pension - application, according to income, optimization calculations, - Orphan's pension - application, - Legal status of social security procedure (or self-insure)



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