Simeon Quarrie

Simeon Quarrie


I'll keep it simple. I own VIVIDA Photo & Cinema, one of the leading event photography and cinematography service in the UK. We are now engaged in Medium and Hi-End corporate and commercial shoots. -End- Simeon Quarrie ;)



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Jon Hamilton-Fford

"It was once said of a Native American Indian that: to truly understand someone you must first walk a mile in their moccasins. I am therefore glad that I do not have to follow in his footsteps as I am sure that the road was rocky and hard. Good luck for the future and I hope to one day shake your hand and truly call you a friend."

Manoj Patel

"Thank you for your kind note. He is right communication guy. He will make it someday. Thanks."

Andy Lunn

"Always at hand to help when I have a question. Simeon had helped me gain a better understanding of the business way of things. A genuine guy. He will go far. cheers Bud."

Matt 'Music +Studio' Condon

"A sincere and good bloke. "

Richard Melville

"Simeon: Your Stellar DVD was appreciated by one viewer so much, that he immediately had confidence in the client's abilities. Reason... you included a natural 'take' of the client saying "Was that OK?". The viewer then felt he would be dealing with 'real' people, not some trained actor to say the right words. Well done! Richard "

Anthony Photographer" Jones

"Hi Simeon, Thank you for taking the time to visit my website and for your feedback. Please do consider me when you next require a photographer. Regards, Anthony "

Linda Ryder

"Hi Simeon Coooooooooool profile! Regards Linda"


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