Simon Harding

Simon Harding

Chairman, Chronos Consulting Group


Chairman of the Chronos Group of companies with operations in over 70 countries in alternative energy, oil, gas, uranium, nuclear, power generation and mining recruitment. Also investor in agribusiness and Formula 1 promotion. DD, MTh, MSc, MA, BA with post doctoral work in Human Evolution, Botanics, Human Anatomy and Physiology and Marine Biology. Over 16 years experience in alternative energy, oil, gas, nuclear (trained at the UKAEA), energy and manufacturing recruitment. Chronos and its subsidiaries operate wholly owned offices in USA (3), Argentina, Mexico, Brazil, Venezuela, Peru, Chile, Costa Rica, Switzerland, Spain, Portugal, Hungary(3), Romania, Poland, Russia (2), Bulgaria, Turkey, China, India, Sweden and South Africa. Also founder of Chronos Trust and the Biblon organization, Invest in Africa, Invest in Mexico, Argentine Oil, Brazil Oil, Peru Mining and Energy and the ThinkOil ! group. Active in hydrocarbon and mining recruitment, publishing, agribusiness, information technology, sports investments. Also turned around loss making business and after 2 years sold to MPS Group (NYSE:MPS) SpecialtiesSoftware development for Fortune 500, alternative energy, nuclear, oil and gas recruitment, power generation recruitment, mining and natural resources recruitment, publishing and state lotteries. Development of agribusiness in Argentina, Spain and Central Europe in biodiesel, methane, ethanol and algaculture. Member of the Royal African Society. Member of the Royal Forestry Society. Recent work: "Extra Heavy Crude Oil in Venezuela - an essay on Non-Conventional Reservoirs" Oil Journal 2008. The Chronos Trust was established in 2004 to help children in Hungary and the Czech Republic with all donations being passed on to either orphanages or specific children's medical projects. The Chronos Trust has now contributed directly to more than twenty projects for orphanages and children's medical needs and has extended its activities into Poland, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Romania, India, Kenya, Sudan, Niger, Gambia, Uganda, Bolivia, Mexico, Colombia, Brazil, Argentina, Burma and Thailand. A complete list of our projects is available on request. Also interested in investments in the recruiting industry, joint ventures, M&A in the oil, gas, mining, engineering fields. Recently acquired assets of listed oil and gas staffing company. Chronos Activity Map create your own visited country map or write about it on the open travel guide



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Dennis Obi Ekunie

"A core Investor Indeed !, I am really and greatly impressed by such an excellent character, called Simon. I am really pleased by this our mutual connection and i am looking forward to a fruitful working relationship in our core areas which is Oil & Gas - Energy, Shipping & Logistics, Real Estate & Markets Development, Which is the core operations of Atlantic Energy Group, Nigeria, I am most delighted to describe Simon as the foremost 21st Century Investment Guru. Simon, Please, think of Nigeria, Think of another investment heaven."

Lucas Wyrsch

"Simon is an open, random and supportive networker! Simon understands that we have to mitigate our energy risk, that we have to diversify from finite fossil and nuclear forms of energy into infinite sustainable, renewable and alternative sources of energy! He advocates for clear tech and green energy in an exemplary and proactive way! Simon has extensive experiences in clean tech and green energy! I am happy to know him as one of my professional contacts. I recommend him to all my colleagues, peers and friends! I wish Simon a wonderful and successful future for a cleaner and greener world! All the best and kind regards Lucas Swiss Business Club"

Mwebya Joab

"Dear Dr.Simon, Thank you for everything the Lord enables you do to us as Buikwe Full Gospel Community. We shall continue to pray for you and your concerns. it's my pleasure to be in your contacts. Regards"


"Hello Simon, Thank you very much for inviting me in your network and excited to learn about your enterprises. I am very happy to know that you shall soon be extending your enterprise into India for which I extend my warmest welcome and extend my very best wishes from India. If I can be of any personal use to you, it shall be my pleasure and blessing. Regards, Sincerely, Sumit"

robert anfang

"Hello Simon Your website is very nice Greetings from Austria R;-)bert"

Hanno Reitschmidt

"Mr. Simon Harding is a great networker and his profil shows me that he has extensive experiences in his business. I am glad to have him as a professional contact. Thank you. Have a great day! Best regards, Hanno"

Kedar Neupane Nepal Trekking ,peak

"Hello,simon, Good morning from Himalayas just sweat remember to you. how are you these day? Bichar"

Neville Daniels

"I am glad to count Simon as one of my contacts in my network. Simon is a much appreciated part of it. Best wishes. Neville A. Daniels World-Wide Business Learning and Personnel Development "

Mark Kitchener

"Hey Simon! Thanks for connecting! Expanding to Australia eh? Fantastic! How may I help Sir? Feel free to visit my websites and I can see some synergies there already, hope you do too. Take care, Mark Kitchener e:"

Ekaterina Chizhova

"Dear Simon, I am very appreciate to be a part of your network! I hope I can be useful for you:) What kind of help I can do for you? Kathrine "

Kekulina Babirye

"Nice to have you involved in Buikwe (Uganda)"

Christine Nassuuna

"Great to connect with Dr. Simon and for what you're doing in Uganda too."

jagan mohan

"dear simon....thanks for adding and inviting me to your wonderfull circle of friends in ecademy...i admire your vision and your business acumen. " vision is the art of seeing the invisible " there is nothing in the caterpillar that tells you that its will become a butterfly." sure come across as a man with extraordinary vision and abundance of enthusiasm. ..i would be happy to support you in anything from india. ..i feel true networking is adding a bit of yourself for the other persons growth.hope to share some positive ideas,thoughts and anything of common interest. with kind regards jagan mohan greenscene landscapes"

Scott Wilson

"Hi simon thanks for the invite, you have done it all. Much more than myself, im flatterd you took the time to dig me out;) Is it still drilling you are into, u seemed to have diversified? when you were at the wellhead did you ever see a decent autocad prg for making/changing and webcasting in a second drawing systems for isometrics/technical plans etc for MAINLEY PIPEWORK SYSTEMS THAT was fast? Once again thanks for adding me to your list"

Bunny Parkinson

"Yellow Simon~ My joy to connect~ Be a while to get back but I made~ GREAT PROFILE~ HAVE A MARVELOUS MONDAY~ Bunny~"

Karen Jones

"Simon, It was wonderful to read your profile and see the work with the orphanages. What a GREAT job is being done. I applaud you and your associates for the outstanding opportunities that are being provided for these children. If there were more people like you what a better world this would be. Please review my site at to see what this company and the distributors are doing with the MORE PROJECT under company. Our program helps provides food, clothing, shelter, education, etc. to disadvantaged children. I would love to see you become apart of Monavie and if not you maybe someone you know. You can contact me at with additional questions if you have them. Regards and Best of Luck Karen, INDEPENDENT DISTRIBUTOR"

Hans Joergen Gylling

"Hi Simon Thanks for joining my network at It's a true honour to have you in my contactlist, and I hope for some serious networking in the future. Please let me know if I can be of any assistance to you . It would be a true pleasure to support you! Have a great day kind regards Hans Joergen"

Olaf Falk

"Thanks for the connection! Regards Olaf Falk"

Cally Jones

"Hello Simon, I hope you are well and managing to fit some R&R into your busy working life : ) Thank you for inviting me into your Network, most obliged Regards Carolyn"

Olga Korshunova

"Dear Simon, Thank you for adding me in to your network & contacts, I believe this network engine will support and help as build & develop successful entire business, It is always great to associate with other members. If you need my assistance, please do not hesitate to contact me at any time. Best Regards Olga "

Adelino Cesar L. Costa Silva

"It´s a pleasure to count with you on our network of contacts. I'm certain we will have opportunities to network and exchange ideas on the network. I wish you continued success. Greetings from Rio de Janeiro/Brazil."

Michele Stoessner

"Hello Simon! Thanks for networking with me! Please let me know if there is anything I can do for you in Colorado. Make it a great day! Michele Stoessner Broadway Investment Group "

Jos Konincks

"Glad to be connected and that you are part of my circle of connections on ecademy. I rated you good."

Tathagat Varma

"Thanks for the connect invite Simon. You have an extremely impressive profile. I look forward to interact with you over something of common interest one of these days. If something about India / Bangalore / Software is of interest to you now or later, do let me know. regards, Tathagat email blog"

Emil Pop

"Gee Simon, Impressing profile, I felt like under attak of a buldozer, so I had to step back from the computer (I guess I over reacted!) I can see you massively invest in the future. Unlike you the future I create it, but hey, we both live and work in the future, ain't that something? I just rated you good! I am honoured to be connected to your network. I look forward to our closer friendship and mutual business relationship. Don't forget to drop by in Plaxo and, at my profile to have a glimpse of the things I do, as pictured in the photos I placed in the albums. Drop me a line at: after you scouted on my plaxo profile. If you are not in Plaxo yet let me know, I'll invite you, let's connect. Enjoy life, Emil. P.S. If you think you could make money by helping me making money out of my inventions, give me a hint! See wether our futures can produce synergy, can't wait to hear from you!"

Shawn Howard

"Simon, Thank you for the request I look forward to connecting with you. "

George Joseph

"Dear Simon, Thank you so much for accepting me as a network partner. I am happy to have found YOU, as a person not only interested in your life and profession but also interested in the life struggles of others. I am confident that you will one day visit us. In the meantime, please visit our website for a better understanding of my life and work: With much good wishes and looking forward to networking with you in the days to come. George "


"Great to be connected with Simon. Power Networking is the trend of the new Gen Businesses...and this makes sense in connecting with great professional like Simon. Hope our connection on Ecademy manifest into some mutually beneficial relation. Wishing you all the best in your ventures. Warm Regards, Nadeem (nadeemfarooque @ g m a i l .com)"

Mark McCulloch Success Coach

"Thank you for the friendship here on ecademy it is much appreciated and may you have health, wealth and of course SUCCESS. After 8 years full time in network marketing and earning multiple 6 figure incomes online and offline it is a great reward having helped so many others along the way to duplicate that SUCCESS. http://www.MarkMcCulloch.Com"

Arup Bhanja

"Thanks for rating me. Wish you all success in Ecademy. Happy networking! Regards, Arup "

Cat Pratumtod

"Thank you for inviting me to join your network. I look forward to networking with you in the future. Please contact me with any questions you may have about our services. I will be more than happy to hear from anyone who has an interest in relocating, retirement and investing here in Pattaya, Thailand Cat "

Lucky Sadkong

"Thank you from the "Land of Smiles" for you request to join your network It is an honor for me to be in your network. I look forward to networking with you in the future. Please contact me with any questions you may have about our services. I will be more than happy to hear from anyone who has an interest in relocating, retirement and investing here in Pattaya, Thailand Lucky "

ms. park

"Hello Simon, Thanks for connecting and rated me 'good'. Bless your missions to other contries. Regards, Park"


"SIMON HARDING DD, MA, MSc is Chairman of the Chronos Group in the USA with operations in 70 countries. A man of Enterprise with a definite development focus. This includes CREATIVITY with his Specialties Software. In 2004 Simon established the Chronos Trust to help CHILDREN in many parts of the World. This is to be admired. +Michael A Riddell, Artist/Producer/Writer Global Village CREATIVITY CENTRE Australia"

Subhash Kandpal

" Hi I am very happy to connected with you. Looking forward to do business with you in future. God bless you. Thanks & Regards Subhash Kandpal Web Design Company SEO Company India"

Alyne Dawson-Washington

"Simon, it is a pleasure to be a part of your Network. This marks the beginning of a great relationship. I hope we can share ideas and garner information that will be helpful to us both. Alyne "

Aaron Kriss

"Simon, Thank you for your invitation to connect, I have now accepted it and welcome to my network on ecademy. See if this could be of your help as well - 1. (Find4Biz-Partnerships) And should you require anything that my business can assist you with, please do not hesitate to contact me - Available Online for quick correspondence: Skype - aaron_kriss, Google Talk: aaronkriss07 and MSN - / Email me: Best, - Aaron Kriss | Jesus Love All "

zorro potion

"Hi Simon . . .Viva Las Vegas!!!!Pleased to be connected with you. . .Zorro"

Jennifer Bloom

"I'm pleased to count Simon as one of my contacts here on Ecademy. Changing Lives, Jennifer "

Carla Masterson

"Simon, I commend you for what you are doing for children through out the world. This is a rightous cause. Simon, I too am dedicated to the well being and safety of children and I am doing my part with my children's book as well as the movie I am in the process of getting funded and produced. This is my passion and my purpose. I hope all is well with you and yours. Again, thank you for what you are doing to make this a better world for our future... our precious children, God Bless, Carla Masterson Http://"

Muhammad Siddique

"Glad to be connected and that you are part of my circle of friends. You are a valuable part of my network, and thank you for being part of ecademy. Sincerely, Siddique Writer at"

Dominic Verbruggen

"Simon, you are a valuable asset to any network! That's why I would like to invite you to join me at my website "

Venu Pedamarla

"Glad to be connected."

Karoly Domonyi

"Hi, Just dropping by to say Hi and Welcome to Aries Network. I look forward to developing a friendship and networking with you. Let me know if there is something I can do to assist you with your business. Wishing you success in all your endeavors. Peace, Health, Happiness and Success. With Regards, Karoly Domonyi Hungary Aries Network "

Vipul Tank

"Hi, Thanks for your interest. Glad to connect to fine people like you seem to be ! Great net worker, trustfully, friendly & wonderful person. It's a pleasure to stay in touch and to be friend. Have a great day and thanks again ! Keep in touch... Take Care.......... Thanks…!!! Have a Good Day…..!!! With Best Regards, VIPUL K. TANK Document Controller "

Tord Sand

"Simon , an honour to be a part of your network! I can feel at this early stage that you are a real intresting and honest personality, and i will for sure recommend you to my network any time you need a good contact or backup in Sweden or International. Feel free to ask me for support, if there is anything you think i can do for you? Respectfully yours Tord WellnessCoach & Founder "

Shirley Marie Bradby

"Thank you very much for adding me to your wonderful network! It is indeed an honor! : ) I wish you all the best in your personal and professional life! "

Dr.Larisa Varenikova

"I am proud to say that I know Simon personally. He is a great manager, remarkable top level specialist connecting to clients and partners in a very intelligent way at both strategic and tactical level. Simon has brilliant entrepreneur spirit every business wants and needs. Highly recommended! Dear Simon, I want to take the opportunity to wish you a brilliant year, with good health, a lot of happiness and outstanding success! "

Shabbir Hussain

"Hi Simon first I would like to thank you for including me in your network. I am honored. wish you and your loved ones a very happy and prosperous new year Danny "

Carl Willy Carlsson

"Simon is a positive networker with a personal connection to Sweden who we welcome in our network and recommend others to have in theirs. CWC"

Ramesh Shankerlal

"Dear Mr Simon Harding! Wish you & your Family, a Happy, Prosperous and a very Successful New Year 2009! ……….. It is great to have Serious Honest and Genuine Ecademians with us, who are, as defined in their profile, like you.... I feel proud and honored as you are one of my valued contacts now. I recommend one and all in my network as well as outside, in this Ecademy to join you and have you as a contact in their network. I look forward to network with you for discussing business that is legal and profitable as well as mutually beneficial for both of us Best Wishes Ramesh Shankerlal Ransae Exim Skype: ransae Join me here if you haven't yet:"

Krishna Prasad JP

"Hi Simon Harding, Thank you so much for connecting to me on Ecademy, I am honored! It is a privilege for me to be connected with a nice person like you (especially from US). If there is anything I can do for you, please do not hesitate to contact me. To show my appreciation I have also rated you "good". If possible please do the same favor to me also. Can i have the previlage to look at for any opportunities whether in real estate or in mining,Power projects. Currently we are holding large licenses of Iron ore mines in NEB (North Eastern Block ) in Bellary,Karnataka the percentage is 62 % grade and above also. e Have some high contacts in southern states . We have some power projects in nepal which we hold the mandates along with ppa agreements.if u are intrested we can proceed further. Areas of mining Deposits : India - Karnataka , Power Projects : Madagascar, Nepal. please let us know any good opportunities if any Thanks & regards J.P.Krishna Prasad Email - - Mobile +919944322589"

Clarice Brough

"I appreciate your kind message. What a great opportunity for us to network and learn more about each others activities. Thank you so much, I am most happy to help where I can, Happy Holidays! Clarice"

Dhananjay Bhosale

"Hi Simon, It's a pleasure to be connected with you. Merry X-Mas & Happy New Year 2009. Best regards, Dhananjay "

Susanne Hottendorff

"Dear Simon! Thanks for your connecting! From Andalucia Susanne"

Nilesh Roy

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Gregor P. Lehmann

"Hello Simon, Great to have you connected by the ecademy. Welcome to the network. Gregor P. Lehmann"

Zahir shamsery

"May I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Regards, Zahir shamsery "

Ronald L. Taylor

"It is an honour to be connected with you on Ecademy. I look forward to our networks being of mutual benefit to one another."

Kenneth Aifuwa

"what an extraordinary career. Its a pleasure to connect with you."

Zahir shamsery

"Dear friend, Thank you very much for your kind co operation. It is my honor to be a friend of yours. Honestly, it is a grate honor. Surely I am here in Ecademy for business but simultaneously looking to different people from different culture, faith and professional verticals. Friendship is one of the ways to remove hatter from mankind's mind. I am not author, I can not express my honest feeling, I wish to read and learn. Communication can play a great role to make the world friendly. A true friend can do a lot for other friend. You can get my brief profile here: Here is my primary e mail address : Wish you will mail me. Kind regards, Zahir "

Barbara FOBERT

"Simon; Thank you for the invite. I gladly accept. Wow, what wonderful accomplishments! I look forward to working with you in some capacity. Barbara"

Eileen Wong

"Hi Simon, Great to connect in Ecademy. Hope to learn more about Chronos Trust and your involvement in Formula 1. I am sure you have brought smiles to many orphans. Best regards, Eileen"

Mark Robinson

"Great networker to connect with!!!"

Fatma Kaya

"I am pleased to be able to rank you among my contacts. Kind regards, Fatma Kaya "

John Nematalla

"Simon, what a fantastic profile and how wonderful to see that you're into spreading the generosity. John"

Alfredo Martini Junior

"I´m happy to have you in my network. Looking forward to hearing from you. Kind regards. Martini."


"Thanks for your friendly contact and invitation to connect. Hopefully we can be of assistance to one another in the future"

Ross Ibrahim

"Hey Simon, Greeting from Singapore!! Thanks for your contact. I was taking a break from the 'market' and spend time on ecademy... I trade Hang Seng Futures Indices (Hong Kong Market). Let me know if you are keen on futures...(?) be happy to share 'em with you In the meantime, if there is anything that I can be of your assistance from this part of the World, hey... you can count on me! Best wishes and God Bless... R@$$ "

Chey Mann

"Great networker!"

Shouaib Ali ...

"I am pleased to have made contact with simon Appreciative, Proactive, Responsive and Optimistic! Thanks for connecting I'm so glad to be connected with smile"

Fatima Tayyaba

"Simon, Its pleasant to add you in my network. You are the one to write me a 1st testimonial... :) Thanks and be in touch Fatima Tayyaba"

Syed Tanvir Ali

"Dear Simon, Hope you and family are fine. Thanks a lot for making me a contact. In future I would love to work with your company regarding Oil and Gas sector in Pakistan. Also to be sole distributor of your company software for Pakistan. You can contact me : tanvirlodi at yahoo dot com. Take care, Warm regards, Tanvir."

Syed Tanvir Ali

"Dear Simon, Hope you and family are fine. Thanks a lot for making me a contact. In future I would love to work with your company regarding Oil and Gas sector in Pakistan. Also to be sole distributor of your company software for Pakistan. You can contact me : tanvirlodi at yahoo dot com. Take care, Warm regards, Tanvir."

Arif Aziz

"True ecademist, I am pleased to be connected with Simon."


"Dear Jenneie, Please request Simon to work with me on some projects connected with Nuclear energy from India. Thanks! Thimaiyas"

Jennie Lawrence

"Hello Simon its nice to meet you in this fashion on ecademy I can very well recommend this network as a very good place to meet The most interesting group of people that are learning just like I am To reach out and touch someone else's life in the best possible way Connecting with others instantly via messenger or Through these mails and getting to perhaps become friends as one tries to Mix business and its a pleasure in what I do these days that brings a smile to my heart Today has been a day of starting an installation of VMukti into and Its all good ... Today's the present and tomorrow's a gift Jennie "


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