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Simon Phillips

Managing Director, Champions Club Community


Call +447767650543 to double your effectiveness and to make change happen in your workforce, team, organisation or community. Text me if you get voicemail. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Latest news: 16.10.12 Today, we've launched a FREE eBook called My Mentoring Handbook to provide a complete overview of everything you need to know about mentoring; from seeking out a suitable mentor through to getting the best out of every interaction.

05.03.12 This week, we are launching the online development programme for Mastering Time a complete multimedia course to help you double your effectiveness, work less and have a lot more fun!

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SIMESCO MISSION "Our mission at Simesco is to develop a community of DELTΔ™ Change Agents, fully enabled to make a difference in their world."

"CULTURE CHANGE ON PURPOSE" - MOTIVATION & ENGAGEMENT PROGRAMMES THAT WORK "Simesco understand how to get more for less out of organisations, teams and individuals. Their knowledge of how to deliver sustainable improvement and their willingness to share is exemplary." - Jane Pike, Director of Service Improvement, Dorset PCT A lot of business leaders are intimidated by the very topic of corporate culture. Culture is "squishy;" it smacks of Kumbaya. It's hard (if not impossible) to measure, completely impossible to chart on a graph and slip into a powerpoint for the board. That's scary! Relax. No one's going to ask you to hold hands and sing around a campfire. Culture isn't nearly as mysterious or frightening as all that. Culture is nothing more than a widely-shared outlook backed up by widely-shared habits. It's the way things happen around your organisation. Improving it can be difficult though and is fraught with many perils (not all are insurmountable but one or two can be hugely disruptive). At Simesco, we've developed a unique culture improvement process that is effective, sustainable and repeatable. We have the tools to pinpoint where your culture is not working, where engagement and motivation is most lacking and also where you have models of excellence. Then, our team of experienced change managers, facilitators and coaches can help you design, plan and implement the culture you desire; a culture that breeds confidence amongst your stakeholders and is focused on achieving the bottom line goals of your organisation. For a free initial consultation to discuss how you can develop an engaged and motivated workforce, call us on +44 7767650543

TALENT MANAGEMENT Very often it is the people we value most in our organisation that we do least to keep - the stars of the future, the high potential managers, the naked talent. How can you demonstrate that you value these individuals? How can you develop them effectively? These are the challenges that we help companies to overcome. Building on many years of experience in the development of executive potential, we can design a programme that meets the specific needs of your organisation and, more importantly, the very individuals you are seeking to support. "Better than an MBA" is how one client descibed our Stategic Professional Development Programme. We will inspire your talent to become Strategic Thinkers who are capable of:

  • shaping the way that the industry develops through innovation and the development of new paradigms
  • thinking across silos, challenging appropriately and knowing how to make the vision a reality
  • spotting, nurturing and championing talent in your organisations, creating a succession of future leaders
  • knowing how to project a good image, balance their lives and lead by example!
  • However, unlike most companies in this area, we do not just focus on the strategic level talent in your organisation, we understand that you have talent at every level and can help you design the processes and infrastructure you need to manage your talent pool effectively. Through our expert team of consultant trainers we offer a suite of tailorable solutions that can accelerate the development and improve the performance of your talent in months not years. For a free initial consultation to explore your requirements, call us on +44 7767 650543

N-CODE® What's your core talent and has it been N-Coded®? "My N-Code® works for me, it makes me happy. It resolved what I am here for, it made it OK for me to be who I have always been. It resonated with me on a very deep level and sewed up a number of holes in my confidence." - Sarah Dodd, Director, SDPR Ltd Wouldn't it be great to be able to call on a peak performance at any time? That's exactly what the N-Code Journey is all about. Understanding your core talent and then integrating it into your daily activities. "Don't aim for success if you want it; just do what you love and believe in, and it will come naturally" - David Frost Eleanor Roosevelt said - "What if ... Somehow we learn who we really are and then live with that decision? If we could make this alignment, would it be this that made the difference?" What is your N-Code® - Your Core Talent? Discovery of your N-Code® enables you to fully integrate what you do with who you are to control your core talent in a direct and powerful way. Results can be quantified and guaranteed if you choose to undertake the full N-Code Journey. N-Code® is about becoming conscious of that which is currently unconsious and then using those insights to achieve bigger and better things. Discovery of your N-Code® - your Behavioural DNA, builds on Covey's work 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, especially Sharpening the Saw, and can become the bridge between effectiveness and greatness that Covey is leading us towards. Integration of your core talent can have a profound affect on your personal life and it has also helped executive and strategic level teams or partnerships to dramatically improve their performance.

About Simon Phillips Born and bred in Barry, South Wales, I studied history at the University of St Andrews and originally wanted to go into TV as a researcher. 3500 redundancies in the year that I applied to that industry resulted in a move into business consultancy (not sure if that was a logical journey!?!?!) . Working alongside individuals experiencing major change in their jobs and careers made me realise that if you want any sort of control over your life then you have to be proactive. In my case that meant becoming my own boss. My passion is helping people realise that whatever their personal circumstances they have the power to change them if they want. That change can start with a simple decision just to view their circumstances differently. Whatever happens, I really believe that if we all take more personal responsibility for our lives (not just our actions) then we can relieve stress, feel empowered and achieve a degree of happiness that eludes those that suffer from "victim mentality". Phew! Got a bit heavy there - onwards! Most of my time these days is spent working out ways to "bunk off" work and spend time with my boys. I made the decision to build a career that would mean that I didn't spend extended periods away from home once children had arrived and now that I have them, I'm glad I did. Apart from that, my life is about (in no particular order), cheering on Wales (rugby), Wales and England (football) and Arsenal; dreaming of driving an Aston Martin DB5; spending time with the folks and friends dotted all over the country; eating rhubarb crumble; teaching my sons to do Elvis impressions!

ENFJ - "ENFJs are charming, warm, gracious, creative and diverse individuals with richly developed insights into what makes other people tick."

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The Business I formed my company (Simesco Limited) in 2000 to provide a host of services to help individuals, teams and whole organisations double their effectiveness. With a growing band of incredible associates, we utilise a range of innovative solutions, products and services to help solve most of TODAY's business challenges. I emphasise TODAY because the world is constantly changing and we aim to address the real issues that affect us all - such as flexible working; virtual and home working; work life balance; utilising technology such as mobile social media and uptodate approaches to building teams and creating momentum in your business. We're proud to work with some of the best companies in the world including Accenture, Barclays Bank, easyJet, Glenmorangie, LloydsTSB, Reckitt Benckiser, Unilever, United Utilities and The Wrigley Company. We are also honoured to work with the professionals that work inside our fantastic public service and charitable sectors. I've run workshops and spoken to crowds of several thousand people about the stuff in this profile, so don't hesitate to get in touch if you'd like to explore any of this further. Thanks for taking the time to read my profile. If you've got this far, at least send me a message to say "Hi" - I'd be delighted to meet you. hit counter script



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Gerner Petersen

" Dear Simon Thanks to join me to your contacts and share network, its my pleasure to have you in my friends list. Feel free to contact me, if you think there is something I can do for you. :) Kind Regards Gerner"

Laura McHarrie

"Simon delivered two truely memorable Working the Room workshops in January 2007 back to back as the first one sold out. There are Dorset business people who attended still talking about it now, which prompted me to write. No wonder he is an award winning trainer!"

Andrew Wilcox

"I have had a few conversations with Simon over the last three years and each time he gives me a new perspective on something. A valued member of my network. "

Mark Lee

"I was remiss last year in not giving Simon a testimonial after experiencing a number of his CEN meetings which he runs well and ensures they are of value to the attendees. Simon and I haven't spoken or been in touch for months. Nevertheless he has just recommended me to one of his contacts - and it was a perfect referral. What a memory! Thanks again Simon."

Sven Ringling

"Simon does a great job running the CEN (Consulting Ecademist Network) club thus adding huge value for consultants on ecademy by leveraging knoweledge sharing and collaboration. Moreover, he seems to be a very knowledgable consultant in his field himself and offers his wisdom in the CEN forum and on his website and blog, which I recommend to visit."

Daniel Roberts

"Simon has set up a good Club. There is scope for co-operation amongst consultants. No-one has all the answers!"

Judith Germain

"Having seen Simes deliver his excellent Strategic Management programme I was impressed with his professionalism, charm and ability to impart key learning to the attendees. On a personal note, Simon is fun to be around, a keen and active networker and good friend."

Kevin Hardern

"Simon takes drives CEN, the Consultants club with much enthusiasm. When he feels he can he goes out of his way to help others, without any agenda but wanting to add value."

Davinder S Virdi

"Having met Simon earlier this year through a fellow Ecademist, I found Simon to be very 'down-to-earth' in his approach & style and he made me feel very welcome at our first meeting. Simon has obviously achieved much success in his field and is undoubtedly a seasoned and very successful networker. I hope to learn from Simon's wisdom and achievements and more importantly develop a long term association with him. I look forward to devloping myself with Simon's expert guidance as a new member of the Ecademy family, and also in working with him in the very near future. "

Chris Mitchell

"Simon is one of the truly good guys! He is an exceptional networker and well known on the south coast as a great organiser, connecter and person of sound advice. He combines all of this with his professional career as a management consultant and coach in an effortless way that makes me quite jealous! If he is not in your network, then he should be!"

Thomas Power

"Simon is a true delight to be around. He is intelligent, sensitive, aware and yet at the same time no-nonsense commercial. I like all these attributes in a single person. He is on a journey to a new world through Ecademy and particularly through BlackStar, I am interested to visit the place he arrives at. "

Neil Urquhart

"Simon led a fantastic team-building and leadership session yesterday as well as handling me very well when I roleplayed a negative and defensive team member! He clearly not only knows and embodies his stuff but is witty and friendly on top. Class act. "

Mikael Baghammar

"I listened to Simon's presentation on a BlackStar day. He has a fantastic ability to capture an audience. It was fun, interesting and relevant the whole way through. He masters his subject very well. Never a dull moment! Take the opportunity if you get a chance to see Simon in action."

William Buist

"Simon is a professional at many levels, and he can see a side of most situations to put you at your ease. As others have said his presentation and organisational skills are top notch. Seek him out."

Fraser Hay

"Simon's Time Management Expertise is unparalleled. His solid Corporate, Professional and Strategic Advice are very welcomed and highly sought after. Seriously top bloke, well connected & an excellent addition to your network. Rating: 10/10"

Nigel Whittaker

"Simon presention skills are superb, in a recent presentation to us he amused, informed and interacted in a way that is truley rare. Take the time to meet him for yourself."

Barrie L Clarke

"Friendly guy and easy to get on with. I am looking forward to networking more with him"

John Cave

"Simon is a gem. His very sharp wit and quick mind make him an easy person to sit back and relax with. He has an excellent business mind, and truly is (instead of self proclaimed) a top class trainer. Although we have only really met a handful of times he already feels like an old pair of slippers... Well worth getting to know. "

Ashkan Parsa

"Simon is extremely friendly, enthusiastic, and dedicated as a coach and mentor. At a stage when I needed guidance with setting goals and finding the right direction for my business, Simon's advice, tips, and mentoring was a tremendous help. Also I found the Pocket Mentor 24/7(TM) system to be a good source of inspiration and a useful tool for my daily planning."

Rob Hook

"Simon generates an enormous amount of energy into whatever it is that he is involved with. That energy stems from his passion to deliver. A great guy! "

Ian Cleverdon

"Simon is one of the most reliable and enthusiastic training consultants that I have had the pleasure to work with. He inspires me, which as a trainer and performance coach, even I need every so often! His new Pocket Mentor 24/7(TM) system is definitely worth checking out - inspirational stuff."

Trevor Jenkins

"Simon is a great guy to work with. Full of enthusiasm and ideas and he is there with the support and stamina when things get tough."

Hayley Hall

"A credit to the BlackStar status! Very responsive and helpful. I look forward to more connections with Simon. "

Nick Heap

"Simon is warm, friendly, full of energy, connects easily and has lots of interesting ideas and processes. I particularly appreciate the generosity and grace with which he acknowledges and accepts help. This is rare and very difficult."

William Buist

"Simon is prepared to step forward and be counted, thanks Simon."

John Landells

"Great networker - very responsive. A credit to Ecademy! :)"


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