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Senior Executive Director with considerable international experience in outsourcing and expertise in systems, solutions and services-based marketing. Applying it all now to "growing great ideas into incredible achievements". Contact me on +44 (0)7860 851128


The three principal things that you need to know about me are:

  1. My family - both immediate and extended - as they are why I am who I am today and why I do the things I do.
  2. Why "growing great ideas into incredible achievements" is more than just a memorable strap line
  3. Why I believe Penny On to be the most brilliantly simple way to effect massive, positive change globally, through effortless giving.

Hello and thank you for your interest. I find myself being humbled and honoured on an increasingly frequent basis these days. It wasn't always this way. What matters most to me is to see the people I help achieving the positive outcomes that their imaginations, ambitions, intents and efforts entitle them to achieve. I am a professionally qualified marketer with substantial experience in outsourcing and IT Services. I used to think that I wanted to be the leader of a 100,000 person organisation. I now realise that what I'm far better equipped to do is help 100,000 people grow their 1 person organisations into incredible achievements.I used to think I had great VISION. I'm discovering that whilst I may have vision, it's relatively average. Now it's becoming clear that the true unique talent I possess is in fact INSIGHT. So, the question I'm continually mulling over at the moment is: How can I use my insight to make this vision become a REALITY?...

The Business I'm In

Penny On

Penny On ( is a fund-raising brand that makes it easy for every individual to contribute, utilising modern technology in a new model for fund-raising. With a brand message enshrined within the school curriculum, young people will drive awareness throughout families and communities, through social networking and mobile telecommunications. Imagine fund-raising through EFTPOS, through pay per click, through text messaging and across global boundaries. The opportunity to align with this global phenomenon and drive awareness of CSR, for an organisation operating internationally, through retail, online, within schools and local communities is huge. Penny On is a community wide strategy that is both compelling and sustainable. It is the single most brilliantly simple way of enabling effortless giving there has ever been. Imagine ending global poverty by just spending a penny! Visit the Penny On website

The Business I Own

Atlas GOSS Ltd

Atlas-GOSS was founded in September 2005. Atlas-GOSS is a support services company focusing primarily on the needs and requirements of Global Outsourcing Service Providers. Read more about Atlas-GOSS

The Basis of My Success

Success is relative; I've always succeeded at everything I've set my mind to doing. W Alton Jones explains it well:"The man who gets the most satisfactory result is not always the man with the brilliant single mind, but rather the man who can best co-ordinate the brains and talents of his associates." I have a lot of associates and for me, it's not who I know that's important. It's what I know about their aims and goals that's really important.

Contact Me

Email me at addresses.hidden.for@non.subscribers Call me on +44 (0)7860 851128 Atlas-GOSS: Penny On:



Skype: stephen.bailey-AGMD
Website URL:

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Phillip Khan-Panni - Wordsmith

" I consider Stephen one of the most amazing people in Ecademy. He is caring, energetic and direct, always prepared to examine and even challenge a person's claims, but only because he is willing to be incredibly supportive. My personal experience of him is very positive. I have found him to be generous, insightful and helpful. He is a man who wants to make good things happen, and will be the first to step forward and offer a helping hand. He is a valuable asset to any community."

Dean Grimshawe

"I first met with Stephen after getting in contact with Martin Dewhurst and asking how I could support 'Penny On'. Before long he suggested that I meet Stephen and that I prepare to be 'Bailey'd'. I had no idea what he meant. Meeting with Stephen has been very powerful. He has an uncanny skill of getting to the crux of problems and facilitating powerful solutions. He makes complex scenarios very simple with his vast knowledge and experience and shows how vast goals can be achieved with whatever resources you have. If you haven't taken the time to connect with Stephen then you are definitely missing a trick. I will be staying in close contact with Stephen as he is a very valuable person to network with."

Penny Power

" When you have a big vision, that will take time, money and expertise to bring to market it can be lonely. To begin with you are the only one who see's the benefits to others of this vision and you are often locked inside your head with voices, tasks, emotions, fear and excitement; the adrenaline produced on a daily basis keeps you awake at night. Then a person comes into your life and says 'I believe in what you can see, I believe in you, I see you strengths and I can live with your weaknesses, in fact your weaknesses, are my strengths'. When this day happens you can sleep at night. The load you carry is shared, the moments of excitement are shared, the set-backs are shared, and finally your vision becomes an executional real and profitable business. This is what Stephen Bailey has done for me, and for that I am grateful and have the utmost respect for. Thank you."

Milton Rodrigues

"I must pay Tribute to a really Special Session with Stephen Bailey. Inside 1 hour, he has provided me with the most Invaluable Business advice in my time here as a member of Ecademy ! Thanks, Stephen. You're a Star ! A Very Special Man."

William Buist

"Stephen does what many others say they should do, but need a catalyst like Stephen to make it happen. He identifies the action that's required, and then locks in the incentive and motivations through what I'd call "Strategic accountability". For example, don't tell Stephen you want to write a book until you are ready to be accountable for delivering it. But when you want to be sure you will make it happen then tell him and watch the impact that will have on your motivation and determination as you become strategically accountable for the delivery. Inspirational, funny, open, and real, Steven just makes things happen, a great guy to know."

Lucien Meert

"Dear Stephen, I am glad to count you as one of my contacts in my network. You are a valuable part of it. A great connection, I appreciate !! Best wishes. Lucien "

William Rogers

"Who is Stephen "Keyser Soze" Bailey? It seems at every other conversation I have he is there. At each event I am at something I have seen via some network of his he is there. Something he supports or instigated seems to cross my path at my every turn. Each time I go to start doing something someone refers me to him. And although I think I saw him at an event recently.. it could have been a trick of the light and the wind. Whether he exists or not he is most certainly a force of nature and its good to have his influence on the world and networks in which I reside. "

Adele Theron

"Stephen is a very inspirational person. He is a business mogul, devoted husband and dad as well as philanthropist and visionary. It's great to have someone like this in your network to keep blazing those trails and inspiring the socks off of you! ;)"

Victor Marques

"Stephen is a true giver in the real sense of the word! Like me he believes that networking is about farming not hunting! I will be very happy to meet him one day and share some of my products! A contact that you cant miss, please kindly connect with him! Warm Regards! Victor Marques"

Jason Elton

"Great perosn to connect with. A pleasure to talk and listen to. Thanks Jason"


"I cannot claim to know Stephen well… in fact, I have only had a few live conversations with him. Yet, this is exactly what is remarkable about Stephen Bailey. He approached me out of the blue… and he has selflessly offered his time, his business expertise, his ability to see beyond the obvious, and he has blown fresh air onto my barely glowing embers. I am honoured and feel exceptionally supported by his gracious attention. I would recommend to anyone that he is worthy of a conversation… and if you are lucky, there will be more than one. Thank you Stephen."

Lindsay Hart

"What an amazing man! So much energy and you give so much, awesome. Stephen thankyou so much. Can't wait to see what you make of the answers I will find!"

liz adams

"Stephen, WOW, thank you for the magic you make happen, for giving yourself totally to us, for multiplying Immense value, and for my new great title!!! Chief Stress Reliever! Yes, I am putting CSR into corporates!"


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