Stephen Harvard Davis

Stephen Harvard Davis

Founder and owner, Assimilating-Talent

St Albans/United Kingdom


I’m passionate about developing new and restructured teams so that they maximise their productivity. This passion began when I discovered that 4 out of 10 restructured teams unnecessarily fail to deliver expected results leading to disappointment and lost energy and it's this reason why I’ve spent the past twelve years focused on this very specific but vital area for business success.

As a result I firmly believe that it's TOOLS NOT RULES that help a team understand and reach their mission critical results faster and more effectively.

I’ve loved the years of research and learning all the time from each team's unique experiences during start-up, new projects, expansions and contractions, the M&As and all the other aspects of business that involve team restructure. All this brings to life the many conference keynotes, the broadcasts I've delivered and the articles written for business magazine .

By now you can probably tell that I have an insatiable interest about improving team capability so was thrilled when I was told by CB, "I am a strong advocate of your material. Mainly though I think the content is vital. It has demonstrable ROI and is hugely relevant in this time of constant change. I would recommend it to anyone serious about the long-term success of their business"

Now I know you don’t know me but that’s no reason why we shouldn’t talk. So if you feel that I can help with your team or people restructure then email me or better still Skype or phone because there’s no substitute for a two way conversation and so that we can explore whether I can help you and your team or not.


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Specialties: Team Strategist, team restructure, team recovery, team doctor, team change, team development, human capital management, executive mentor, sales growth, change calalyst, broadcaster, conference speaker, keynote speaker, conference moderator, management consulting

Work delivery:
I work for large as well as very small businesses and even individual senior managers. Including BBC for Business, Cancer Research UK, The Cost Reduction Partnership, The Doctors Laboratory, The Institute of Credit Management, The Office of The Rail Regulator, The Strategic Rail Authority, TCS Publishing in Amsterdam, Radio Times, Three Valleys Water and Violia Environmental.

Business Speaker and writer
As well as managing Assimilating-Talent I'm also a business speaker and writer on job transition I love sharing my expertise with other entrepreneurs and business leaders.

I was delighted with the feedback from Caspar Berry: "I have seen Stephen speaking on more than one occasion and am a strong advocate of his material. The talk is fun and engaging with a deft touch. Mainly though I think the content is vital. It has a demonstrable ROI and is hugely relevant in this time of constant change. I would recommend it to anyone serious about the long term success of their business".

I'm flattered flattered to have been invited to speak at The Said Business School at Oxford University, Loughborough and Hertfordshire Universities, BBC for Business, CIPD, Insitute of Credit management, Institute of Directors, CBI, Institute of Leadership and Management, Business Links, B2B Show, Women in Business forum, Arsenal Football Club, Clydesdale Bank and SumTotal Systems at BAFTA (British Academy of Film and Television Arts), amongst others.


Personal stuff
I enjoy golf, swimming, cooking and eating good food. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .



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Adiel Solomon

" Stephen has been extremely encouraging to me - a new member of ecademy; his comments were invaluable. Thanks for that! "

Dr Ravi Jain

"When I met Stephen at a brainstorming session in Blackstar, the advice he offered was so impressive I knew it was well worth my while to spend some time with him. He is an extremely good listener and spends time listening as a friend and as an advisor. I was fearful that my issues were too insignificant for him as I understood he only dealt with top end corporate employment issues, but Stephen constantly reassured me that the problems are very similar with CEO's and admin staff! As a result he could apply his expertise to any level. His manner was reassuring and also flexible. He was approachable and always reminded me that I should call sooner rather than wait for the next meeting. His follow up after each meeting was comprehensive and much appreciated as I then hard electronic copies of what we discussed! As a result of working with him, I now have a much happier team and I am enjoying going back to work again, something which had eluded me for a few months. Take you time to meet with Stephen, and you'll then try you best to find him referrals as he's such a good bloke. Dr Ravi Jain - Cosmetic Physician T: +44 1582 762877 W: The Celebrities' Best Kept Secret"

Mark Lee

"I first posted a testimonial for Stephen two years ago after we first met. I've since spent far more time with him and have got to know him better. My first impressions were spot on and I'd like to think we have assisted each other on and off over the last couple of years. This testimonial follows a lengthy chat we had earlier this evening. Stephen had earlier explained how his speaking career had developed recently and very kindly agreed to share the details of this with me. The objective being to see to what extent I could replicate a similar approach in my own discipline. As usual with Stephen this then evolved into a wider ranging brainstorm and I came away with my head buzzing with inspred ideas thanks to Stephen. Many thanks mate."

Fraser Hay

"Out of all the members on Ecademy, you will come across maybe 1 or 2 individuals who stand out from the crowd for the wealth of knowledge, and experience in their area of expertise. Stephen is one of the very few individuals I implore you to contact, and add to your network, for both his extensive knowledge, wisdom and his amazing black book of contacts. He has challenged my thinking, held me accountable for my actions and forced me to raise my game even higher. There is only one Stephen Harvard Davis, and you need to meet him, and benefit from what he has to offer. Truly Exceptional. Rating: 10/10 "

J William (Bill) Moore, HFTC

"Stephen is a super person who is willing to take time to help others. I really appreciate the thoughtful reply given when I asked for an opinion! You would be wise to link up with Stephen. Highly recommended! Smiles and best wishes always, Bill Moore"

Mary Gregory

"I met Stephen at a time when I was feeling really anxious and vulnerable about my business and an event I was planning and all I can say is Stephen is a real master and of that I have no doubt. He is a superb listenner, and possesses an excellent blend of sensitivity and pragmatism mixed with real wisdom. He has loads of experience to share and does so generously without conditions. It was with great pleasure and relief to have met him when I did and his support has been invaluable, not only in assisting me with ensuring the success of my event, but also beyond that in really supporting my whole business success. Thank you Stephen"

Martin "Winetrainer" Straus

"A brilliant operator and great networker. I would personally recommend Stephen and am proud to have him in my network."

Simon Jones "Web Wizard"

"I've been working with Stephen for the past couple of weeks and he's been an absolute pleasure to work with. He is a networker in every sense, has pulled strings and introduced me to a huge number of great contacts (which I'm still working through) His honesty and approachability also makes him a great sounding board, he challenges people in a very positive way and truly puts the 'star' back into Blackstar."

Michael Airey

"Stephen has spotted a pathology that is present in many organisations. He has then undertaken painstaking research to determine how common this pathology is and found it to be widespread. He has constructed a method which he uses with his clients to ensure that the pathology is eliminated in their organisations. The value that this restores to the client organisation is both measurable and significant. Any organisation which wants to improve the performance of their top team should give Stephen and hour and listen hard! Michael Airey"

Marcus Cauchi Sales Management Training

"Stephen is the leading expert in the causes of executive failure and what to do about it. He proved his research and diagnostic model are accurate and incredibly powerful. He can get under the skin of any business that may be suffering from the loss of staff, or worse their top talent, and root out the causes and advise on solutions that will work. His problem is that most C-level executives may not like to admit that they are more often than not, the problem or a significant contributor to their own woes. His understanding of the problem stems from years in enterprise and management coupled with enormously detailed, uncompromising research with hundreds of senior Executives and top talent. If you're lucky enough to secure Stephen to guide you through the minefield of finding, securing, kepeing and developing top talent, be prepared to pay handsomely for the privelege. That said, the cost of not having him is typically between 25 and fifty times higher than his fees and the aggravation, disruption and long term harm to reputation and customer relationships will make bringing Stephen into your company on retainer one of the safest investments you will ever make as a CEO. I've seen hundreds of executives fail over the years in business and recruitment and now I understand why. Ignore him at your peril if you employ talented senior executives or salespeople, if you're about to start recruiting for a key role, or if you have talent who you want to keep and prevent them from going to do you harm at one of your competitors."

Guy Massey

"Stephen Harvard Davis. Don't be fooled into thinking that the name is a disguise, for it is not. Having been lucky enough to spend a number of occasions in recent months in the company of Stephen I have come to realise what a talent the listening skill truly is when in the right hands. Stephen has the most generous of nature, and I was most fortunate to spend what now I realise was some of the most valuable time standing metaphorically outside of my business, with Stephen acting as 'tour guide'. Stephen demonstrates a tremendous ability to get the simple to be uncomplicated, in that he takes a business, deciphers the power beings and the energy sappers, engenders positive reflection, and helps you put the structure back together for the sake of it's future. And the sooner he gets his hands on your business, the sooner you're getting it back on track. If you are the CEO of a burgeoning organisation whose turnover is clearly not being reflected within your EBITDA, or when you line up all of you 'eggs' and something niggles away at the back of your mind and you know you've not got 100% chickens to hatch from these, then Stephen Harvard Davis will give you the best opportunity to correct things back in your favour. You've got a choice - if you don't get SHD in to help you it will likely cost you your best people or the best part of your business, until you do. Guy Massey"

Judith Germain

"Stephen is an incisive, determined individual, happy to challenge the status quo to ensure that the right decision is made. He does his best to steer others onto the right path with a mixture of humour and dogged determination."

Philip M Williams

"I had a fantastic hour long session with Stephen earlier this week and it's clear why he has such a great reputation. Stephen has some exceptional talents but the best of these are his listening skills. The result is that he very quickly gets to the core of an issue. For me this led to some advice and guidance that I know will make a difference in my forthcoming interview. He instilled confidence in my own abilities as well as getting me to see what was needed without telling me what to do. In his profile he says "I work with organisations and individuals to integrate senior people into a new job and as a result reduce the time that it takes a new hire to become a "net contributor". I have no doubt that he would do an excellent job and can see how he earned the accolade "The UK's leading authority on job transition" I always judge somebody by how I feel after I have met them and I went back home in a buoyant, happy and confident mood with a some great new tools. Stephen is somebdoy you should spend some time with if you get the chance."

William Buist

"Stephen is a strongly principled and professional man with a clear sense of purpose. He has a great sense of humour combined with the ability to apply it in the right situation to draw the best out of people and sets them at their ease quickly. I'm delighted to have met Stephen."

Warren Cass

"Stephen is one smart cookie and always impresses me every time we meet. A must connect for anyone with an interest in HR, developing people and retaining top talent. He really knows his stuff! Fab sense of humour also!"

Simon Heywood

"Stephen's views on getting professionals into a organisation are refreshing to hear. If you have an opportunity to hear him speak, do not pass on it."

Pete Dickson

"I've just finished a half-hour skype call with Stephen and all I can say is Wow! The depth and breadth of his knowledge and experience is evident right from the word go, and he is generous with it. I shall be starting my new job with a very clear plan of action to establish the right sort of internal connections and gain the right sort of knowledge about the company that will enable me to be as effective as possible in the shortest time. If you are moving into a new executive position, you MUST talk to Stephen. Even if you've been successful in a previous post, you'll be amazed what you didn't know! Thank you Stephen for the boost in confidence. I'm looking forward to reading your book. Warmest regards Pete"

Mark Lee

"Stephen is an absolute joy to spend time with. I met him for the first time yesterday and was amazed at his willingness to share and to offer constructive ideas and help. It's an attitude and approach I try to adopt too but Stephen has obviously been doing it for longer than me. He has a wealth of experience and knowledge that he freely shared with me and I am so grateful to him for his insights and assistance. What a really really kind guy. I am delighted we have met and that we got on so well. "

Phil[customs duties) Brigstock-Bates

"I found Stephen very willing to share his time and the insights of his considerable experience with me. What was striking was just how much of Stephen's experience in understanding what affects successful transitioning by individuals from one role to another (whether in the same or another business) is also applicable to me as a professional business consultant in planning how to manage the initial stages and on going development of client relationships. I believe that exposure to Stephen's experience and ideas - whether through Ecademy, his articles, book or other contributions - can add significant value for many of us in business. Thank you Stephen! "

Judith Germain

"Stephen's book 'Why do 40% of Executives fail?' is fantastic - definately a 'must read'. This should be mandatory reading for all new executives. Stephen is an engaging, intelligent man and enjoyable company."

Michael McNulty

"I am proud to say that Stephen and I are just about to embark on a joint mentoring relationship and I am really excited by the prospect. Stephen is all things that Ecademy means to me. Firstly I am growing to trust him and realise that he has an immense pool of resources through his experience and application. His book 'Why Do 40% of Executives Fail?' is a great insight particularly for people like me who have recently moved into Chief Executive positions. It gives you a fresh Big Picture perspective that is informed and reassuring at the same time. Contact Stephen and get your copy NOW!"

Owain Powell-Jones

"A true Ecademician Great to have you in my network Owain "

Michael Reid

"Stephen is very helpful in pointing out directions to go to find out information and advice. It is reassuring to have someone of his experience and knowledge in the network."

Cathy Rhodes

"Stephen's book "Why do 40% of Executives Fail" is a must read for anyone making senior-level appointments - or indeed those being appointed into such a role. It covers a whole range of considerations and questions that help maximise the chances of a successful appointment. Stephen is also a very nice and helpful man. I look forward to getting to know him better over time."

Marcus Cauchi Sales Management Training

"Stephen demonstrates his talent at finding the nub of an issue every time we meet. He is clealry an expert in executive success and understands the reasons for executive failure better than most. Read his book. NO senior executive can afford to ignore his direct and sensitive advice. If you're a Chief Executive your personal vision is under threat by executive failures. For every month that goes by when you have the wrong person in that key job, your legacy is jeopardised. Are you surrounded either by "Yes"-men or people who want your job? Do you ever feel vulnerable to the competence of your executives? How frustrated do you feel that your plans can't be realised because your people aren't up to the challenge? Stephen can help you. He's not cheap; in fact he's very expensive, so ask yourself .... why do your peers and your competitors pay him so highly for his advice? If you don't bring him in to advise you, what is that really going to costs you? Do I Need Stephen Harvard-Davis? 1. Am I 100% confident in the people I'm surrounded by? 2. Is my career safe, based on the performance I can deliver in this job? 3. Will my vision survive if 20% of my key executives fail? 30%? 40%? 4. What will my legacy be, if 60% or less of my vision is realised? 5. Do my competitors fare any better than me when it comes to executive hires? Does that matter? 6. When I hire someone to an executive position, how do I know they'll work out? What safeguards do I have in place? 7. Is time an important factor for me? Do I spend too much of it on activities that are not core to my vision? Do they get in the way? 8. Do I find solving personnel issues instead of driving my business forward ever slows me down? 9. What do I do to support my executives in their success? Could outside help be an answer? Stephen know s his stuff. He clearly understands and can help prevent the reaosns for executive failure and will help you deliver executive sucess. Call him. Invite him in. Now. "

Chris Street

"Having attended a few networking sessions and a training event with Stephen, and spoken to him at length regarding his business, his presence, professionalism and passion stand out a mile. He has the commercial background, heavy-weight senior management experience, and pure delivery capabilities, to make a substantial difference to businesses looking to keep hold of executive talent. He is also an incredibly genuine person, with one of the best senses of humour I have come across in business! A pleasure to be around, and I look forward to increased contact in the future. Many thanks for your connection Stephen, and I am sure your business will fly in 2005. Very best wishes."

Neal Parkinson

"Stephen has been extremely encouraging to me - a new member of ecademy; his comments were invaluable. Thanks for that! "

Ian Moncrieff MacMillan

"Stephen really understands the problems associated with making the transition into a new job at senior exec level. His book contains a succinct toolkit to allow both exec and organisation to avoid the pitfalls that cause up to 40% of senior exec transitions to fail. Even as an experienced interim programme manager, I found helpful advice - I effectively do a 'transition' for each new assignment I take on. Stephen is a very pleasant person to talk to, and is a very good person to know. Regards, Ian... Turning Strategy into Reality through Best Practice Programme Management"

Simon Berkley

"Stephen is a gifted man. His understanding of what it takes to develop individuals and the pit falls that so many of us have fallen into (face first in my case!) is inspirational. He is also a crackingly nice guy and well worth connecting with. Simon"

Andy Lopata

"Having worked with Stephen on our forthcoming book 'Building a Business on Bacon and Eggs' and being in the same speaking Mastermind Group, I feel very comfortable praising both his professionalism and generosity. A very warm person, Stephen is certainly worth meeting and worth working with."

Philip de Lisle

"A great guy who has been extraordinarily helpful to me as I get my professional speaking career off the ground. A pleasure to know and a privilege to call "friend" Philip de Lisle"

Penny Power

"Stephen made an excellent speach to our members at a London Ecademy night on 3rd November 2004, he has many stories to tell and a good mind, it is worth meeting Stephen to see what he has to say."


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