Stuart Beattie

Stuart Beattie

Managing Director, Black Opal Systems

Stevenage/United Kingdom


I managed 3 months holiday, as an annual average, during my adult years of employment in the corporate world. Quality of life matters: we are not living in a dress-rehearsal.

A Master in the Art of Living. "I draw no sharp distinction between my work and my play, my labour and my leisure, my mind and my body, my education and my recreation. I simply pursue my vision of excellence through whatever I am doing and leave others to determine whether I am working or playing. To myself, I am always doing both." Author unknown

My business specialises in enabling experts to sell their knowledge online. See here for a collaboration with Employment Law expert Guy Thompson.

What I am most seeking from other members is contact with people who want to sell their expertise online.

In 2006, at age 46, I got married for the first time - thus surprising a great many family and friends. Jacqueline and I had missed each other by two days on a kibbutz 22 years prior to meeting again via internet dating in 2004.

I gained a degree in Astronomy from the University of Sheffield. In the twenty five years since then I have averaged three months each year on holiday, back-packing my way through more than fifty countries - mostly in Africa. I worked as a VSO Volunteer for three years in Namibia and recently converted from skiing to snowboarding. My background is a small village in deepest rural Northamptonshire where my father, grandfather and great-grandfather all lie buried in the local churchyard. My niece went to the same school that I went to, my mother went to, my grandmother went to and my great-grandmother went to.



Phone: +44 2 070 960 659
Skype: fleethouse
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Bob Nicoll

"Stuart was a member of an extraordinary BlackStar Boardroom and I am very impressed with his professionalism and commitment to help others. Thank you for a great day. Be sure to connect with this first class member of the Ecademy family. Best regards, Bob"

Stella Holman "The Connector"

"I enjoyed meeting Stuart this week at the Blackstar networking day. He's friendly and helpful and I'm glad he's in my network"

Steve Armitage

"Great to meet up with Stuart. A breadth of experience and willing to share! I look forawrd to working on some mutually beficial opportunities."

Georgeanne Lamont

"Stuart is simply outstanding - a man of wisdom and deep integrity that quietly helps you on your way. To spend time with him is a privelege. Georgeanne"

John F Galvin

"Very sharp and amiable guy. Within a couple of minutes of meeting him Stuart was completely in sync with my issues and gave me some excellent suggestions."

Bill Morrow

"Top bloke ..... very generous with his time and thoughts and rarely, in my experience, someone who is in touch with his values and who lives them. Stuart is well connected and will go places."

Vicki (The Property Mermaid) Wusche

"On a personal note - I would just like to say what a pleasure it is to know Stuart, We joined Blackstar around the same time and often bump into one another in strange locations :) He is a kind, generous and astute man, make sure you don't miss out :) very best wishes Stuart for all your support Vicki :)"

Mark Lee

"I've long thought that Stuart talks good business sense. Yesterday he provided good positive feedback to a business question I posed to our BlackStar Boardroom table. He has also very kindly taken the time to revert to me again today with some further thoughts along the same lines, for which I am extremely grateful."

Simon Joss

"Mr Beattie You have , every time we have spoken, given me sound advice as to how to deal with the business world as a whole and tips on improving myself. For this I thank you. For any new members that are a little unsure of what to do, who to talk to, you could do worse than speak to Stuart. The Chair Man"

Richard Bellars

"First, every time I connect with Stuart I am grateful for having done so. Second, I recommend you connect with him too. Third, the quote in his profile could not be more apt, especially the part on his pursuit of excellence in all that he does. When leveraging his Lord profile, Stuart provides crystal clear thinking and vision for miles (picture the view from a mountain on a clear, crisp winter's day...) Much more than this, his integrity is without question and he combines genuine interest in people and their success with compassion, dry wit, huge experience in project managment and leading edge software development and a depth and breadth of "life experience" that includes backpacking round Africa! He is here to make a difference (including the likes of Salt of the Earth) and he does so daily by being who he is. It is a privilege to know both him and his wonderful partner in life and business, Jacqueline. Speaking to them both on a regular basis is always an enrichening exprience. Thank you."

Carrsten Johan Thessen

"Hi Fellow Ecademist ! Just meet Stuart !!! - And what a nice surpriseĀ… I felt very comfortable in his company - and business became very secondary for me.. He has a very exciting product range - and in combination with his pleasant disposition it just got to be a success. Kind Regards Carsten Thessen "

Almira Ross

"Stuart was one of the very first persons I met when I joined ecademy. Over the past few months, I've come to realise that Stuart is always there, stepping up and contributing in a way that only he can. It may be his Lord profile, I don't know, but I find his approach refreshing and grounding, sensible and measured. For someone like me who tends to fly high, it's a real treat to find a sensitive and caring man who easily and effortlessly keeps me grounded and focused. He's not afraid to speak his mind - in a way that is always respectful of who you are and what you value. Do connect with Stuart. You'll be pleased you did."

Shelley Collins

"Staurt is man of integrity - honest and trustworthy and an excellent business advisor. What makes him special? First of all, his willingness and ability to listen to burst of excited ideas - without dismissing them - yet at the same time he will ask some simple but penetrating questions - to help keep your feet on the ground. Secondly, one of the things he said to me was "until an idea has been thought through, costed and it has a clear implementation plan (who, what, when, where) - it always remains just that - an idea". That simple statement - has allowed me to be grounded in my business planning. If you want to learn how to prioritise, to consolidate, then make sure you get to spend some time with Stuart. He gives you the space to be who you are - and discover your potential - without fear of ridicule for being a dreamer/creator. He will help you turn your dreams into a reality. Finally - Suart has a great sense of humour and is a really nice guy. Thank you Stuart for being who you are. Shelley Collins "

William Rogers

"So... It seems I've had the pleasure of getting to know Stuart as the months have passed. It seems he is the person that dots the i's and crosses the t's. It seems he is the person that ensures things finish when they have been worth starting. It seems he has process and aptitude for completion stamped on his every doing. The outcome is a man more reliable and dependable than many I have come across. Invariably it will be him I am greeted by at the door to each event I attend - not because he is the bell hop but because he is cordial. He welcomed me into a community that presents itself as well intentioned, experienced, financially competent and warm hearted. In the community that has mostly been my experience - with Stuart... Always. He reminds me why I'm there and insists that there is a way to be an adult that doesn't sap the life from life and the heart from business. I've been trying to figure out a way to be of use to Stuart - but it seems I am.. he just takes pleasure in knowing others are fulfilling their potential. It seems and is true to say that Stuart is worth getting to know."

Julian Woodward

"Stuart is energetic, enthusiastic, and thoughtful: a powerful combination, and a good person to know. "

Dexter Moscow

"I have just spent a fascinating 2 hours with Stuart following on from our first 1-2-1 at BlackStar. I couldn't wait to hook up with him again and I was not disappointed. He is one of those rare people who has a generosity of spirit, a generosity of heart and an actual financial generosity. He is actively involved in provding funds for village projects in India. Not only are his charitable involvements enthralling but also his commercial projects. You need to take the time to meet him, listen to him and assist him in his ventures. I have yet to meet his wife, Jacqueline his soul mate, but can't wait to. A great Lord. "

Peter Urquhart

"Stuart is a tremendous character who always gives to others far more than I am sure he realises. His knowledge of who he is and how he capitalises on these strengths have offered great insight for me and I am sure many others. His warm and calming presence is a great attribute that both aides discussion and decision, and endears him to all he meets. I look forward to a long association with Lord Stuart, as it has been great to have known him in only this short time."

Simon Joss

"Stuart gave me some sound advice and I have now used that to expand my business and the services that I offer. a great down to earth guy that is willing to help. Thank you."

Marcus Sunsplash Edwards

"The warmest Lord you could ever find!"

Thomas Power

"Solid, reliable, generous, focused, thoughtful and likeable. "

Richard James

"Stuart is a warm friendly individual who is always ready with a thoughtful contribution. He can also be provocative, using his aptitude for detail to point out things which those of a Star profile might overlook! A great team player and someone I'm pleased to call a friend."

William Rogers

"I find Stuart very protective. There is a gravitas to conversations with him that can presence you immediately - and despite gravity often being seen as something to slow your process I find it a way to recognise where I am, take a breath and move forward. This lack of urgency is refreshing and a pleasent and effective moment to take when you are in business. Anyone that can facilitate this state - whether you are a contemporary seeking advice, a ship passing in the night, a customer or a friend - is someone that should be valued. A good gauge of the care someone will take with their customer relationships, is the care they take in their conduct with those closest to them. From what I have observed of Stuart's conduct with people he is close to - he cares for his customers very much."

Graham Emmett

"Stuart is thoroughly professional in his approach to business and his diligence and application are among his great strengths. Added to that he's an all round good guy and I'm happy that we have been able to help each other. I can recommend that you connect with Stuart and find out more about what makes a Wealth Dynamics 'Lord' tick. Warm Regards Graham Emmett "

Mica May

"Stuart is a kind compassionate man; I have personal experience of this . He combines thorough attention to detail with a clear insight and obvious inelligence. Added to this he is warm and witty with absolutely impeccable integrity. What more could anyone ask? It's great to know you Stuart. Mica"

Daniel Priestley

"Stuart is a great guy to be around. He is passionate and open and interesting to talk with. He and Jacqueline are an awesome team and bring so much energy into the room. So great to have you at the event last weekend. Dan"

mark wing

"Thanks again Stuart for your kind generosity towards me. You and your wife make an exemplary team... you're great!"

Michael Birley

"Stuart is a real asset to any team and quickly adapts to whatever the situation requires to get the job done. His strengths are attention to detail, a very warm personality and positive outlook in pressure situations. I very much enjoyed 'working' with you this weekend and am looking forward to doing other projects together in the future. With best regards Michael "


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