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Stuart Harris


THE BIG QUESTION THAT STARTED ME ON MY WAY "What does it all mean?". This question or something like it has influenced my way of thinking and dealing with the world ever since. HOW I EARN MY LIVING Clients pay me to raise their game through my writing and interaction. What I do I ghost-write high-value written materials: blogs, reports, presentations, articles, speeches, white papers, chapters of books and occasionally whole books. I develop and deliver custom-made training and coaching to raise people's game in whatever way they need it. I provide a catalyst and counterpart for richer conversations that help businesses connect more effectively. My clients are typically at a senior level in big multinational companies. I also work with smaller companies that have sufficient budget and ambition. What makes me good at this I've always been a deep and broad thinker, and a compulsive communicator. I balance all the intellectual inner-world stuff with a lively interest in acquiring skills and doing things. I've got a knack with languages (6 including English plus stuttering knowledge of several others) and I've worked in journalism, market research, brand planning, coaching and writing. The benefit for clients is being able to get reliable, dedicated thinking and writing to their requirements, delivered reliably to a high standard. This stimulates their thinking and action internally, and gives them materials to raise their profile externally. The ultimate benefit is that my immediate clients have a thinking partner on tap who can help them raise their game, their profile and their reputation. I help businesses understand problems and see opportunities they're not seeing clearly - or not seeing at all.. MY "SECRET SAUCE" I combine and balance a lot of opposites, some of which are: - Good with Words + Good with Numbers - Good with Concepts + Good with People - Seeing the Big Picture + Noticing the Detail - Intellect + Intuition - Analytical + Creative - Compassion + Detachment - Systematic + Chaotic How people and things work, how they fit together and how they influence each other has always fascinated me.  Over the years I have explored the world widely - financial markets, technology, photography, psychology, sociology, religion, nature, music, sport are the main ones. I keep exploring and finding out more until it begins to make sense to me, until I understand.  The incentive is the Aha! moments when meaning becomes clear. WHAT DOES "MEANING" MEAN? "Meaning" is what you get when information connects and creates an emotion of understanding. As a Meaning Maker, I put information together and communicate it in a way that "clicks".  I make meaning by paying attention to what's happening, identifying the relevant bits and establishing a structure / relationship between them. My background is languages, journalism, market research and advertising, with quite a lot of psychology in the mix. In practical terms that means: - being able to hear lots of unfamiliar sounds (foreign language) and spot patterns - interviewing lots of people and distilling common themes from what they say / do - looking at masses of data, seeing patterns and turning them into hypotheses - digging deep in individual conversation, helping the other person understand themself or their situation in different ways. WHAT I CAN OFFER YOU NOW - try one of the following .. 1. Serendipity : Knock three times, ask for Stuart and I'll send you a thought, an aphorism, a hyperlink, a quip, a tip, a lyric ... Pure pot luck. You won't know unless you try me. 2. Quick click: Some very funny advertisements that were never allowed to go public. Not for the faint-hearted. Click here for the first page - the "next page" links are at the bottom right of the text. If you're feeling really bold, go straight to this one 3. Uncertainty: It's where the good stuff is to be found 4. Photos Have a look at my online gallery where there are some weird and wonderful things to be seen.

WHAT YOU CAN OFFER ME: - Commit a random act of kindness somewhere, sometime soon - Interaction - Steal some of my ideas - Fun and play ABOUT ME - some bits and pieces of information about me Following are four comments about me by people I respect a lot, so their words mean a lot to me: Very intellectual and down to earth at the same time! - Nighet Nasim Riaz If Stuart didn't exist, it would be necessary to invent an alternative. Stuart excels at catalysing insight and movement without adding himself into the equation, at creating spaces and opportunities for people just by his being in the world. I suspect this is not something he has learnt, I believe this to be something that resides at the very core of being Stuart. If you haven't yet connected with Stuart, do so... your life will be the richer for it. - Adam Sargant, Ecademist Stuart Harris has the rare blend of intelligence, competence, humanity, and humor necessary to be a world class trainer and coach. Whether it is through his elegance as a presenter or his precision as a coach, anyone who works with Stuart will benefit from his honesty, dedication and skill. - John Overdurf Stuart helped us modify our strategic thinking, he added strategic value by re-formulating it to make it more understandable and hence more able to convince the entire organisation. Stuart is easy to work with and his attitude and style enables a team to provide best results. Thanks to Stuart Toyota managed to strengthen its strategic focus" Mark Rauch, Toyota Europe NLP and Hypnosis NLP Master Practitioner and NLP Coach (certified by ITS in London), NLP Trainer (certified by AND in California) and Hypnosis Trainer (certified by Neuro-Energetics in Lancaster, Pennsylvania). I have a certificate in hypnotherapy from the London College of Clinical Hypnosis. In my coaching work clients get some great results with the HNLP coaching model and the Beyond Words patterns developed and taught to me by John Overdurf and Julie Silverthorn. Working away My first experience of "abroad" was at age 14, when I spent three weeks with a French family near Orleans. They spoke no English, so I had plenty of incentive to get my French up to speed. We're still great friends, 40 years later. It convinced me I had a knack with languages (see 50 words above) and gave me an abiding love for France in particular and "abroad" in general. I worked as a foreign correspondent in Holland and Italy then the London International Financial Futures Exchange, then doing face-to-face market research with an commercial anthropology spin in most of Europe, bits of South America, West Africa and Asia, then quite a stint working with Japanese colleagues and clients on Nissan, Canon and Toyota business. Favourite places are many and would include Granada in Spain, Baja California, Taos in New Mexico, Stockholm, Rome, Solsbury Hill near Bath, Hanoi, Bali, and all the bits of Colombia that I've managed to see. Looking forward to seeing more of this amazing planet. Off the job - Personal Stuff Married "late" at age 39 in Las Vegas, now father to three very bright and quarrelsome kids aged 14, 13 and 10 who are now getting used to living in the country of their passport for the first time in their lives - we lived in Holland and Malaysia for 10 years. We all started learning piano a couple of years ago. Music of all sorts has been an abiding passion of mine since I was a kid - pop, rock, jazz, classical, world, ambient, but not so much thrash or gangsta :) - I particularly go for music where you can hear each instrument clearly and/or music where there's a lot of inventiveness and/or music with counterpoint, meaning several melody lines interacting. I learned flamenco guitar for several years but I've switched to piano now and I'm feeling pretty smug and excited because I've more or less got a couple of Bach preludes cracked. I have the good fortune to learn with a wonderful piano teacher, Sophie Yates, who's a performing harpsichordist, expert in early music and a truly wonderful woman. Physical activity is an important part of my life, all the more so since I sustained a nasty ankle fracture and dislocation in April 2004 - ouch, to say the least. It's now mended, so I can enjoy tennis up at Bath University and cycling up and down the roads and tracks of the lovely Avon valley between BoA and Bath. Thanks for reading - create your own visited country map or check our Amsterdam travel guide

I'm a STAR - it's official.



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Mindy Gibbins-Klein

"Stuart was very quick to help me out when I wanted to be connected to someone here at Ecademy. Not only did he make the connection, but he took the time to write a nice email and put in a good word for me. That's exactly the sort of person he is - responsive and kind."

robert anfang

"Hello Stuarte Thanks for the invitation your website is very nice. I am happy to be in your network Greetings from Austria R;-)bert"

Andrea Prince :-)

"Love reading your blog comments - thanks for keeping Ecademy Entertaining lol Warm regards Andrea :-)"

Nighet Nasim Riaz

"Stuart is a genius! Sometimes I do think us mere mortals must bore him terribly...... We have interacted online for a few months, reading and participating through blogs and I have noticed how much more alert and thoughtful my responses became through these discussions. I recently asked for some help with a university paper and his feedback was very constructive. Its at times like this, you appreciate the nature of this platform and reading the testimonials here, I can tell how highly regarded Stuart is here. I asked someone who I considered a close friend to give me feedback on my paper who emailed back saying they didn't have time, and Stuart who I have never met, who without any ado, said, 'ok, leave it with me and I'll see what I can do'. Thank you! :o) "

Mark Sinclair

"I've just this minute finished a project with Stuart. It's my first with him. It certainly won't be my last. A great piece of work thank you, and a very interesting man to work with. He comes highly recommended."

Fraser Hay

"When I first got introduced to Stuart, I could form no judgement or opinion. Nearly 2 years later, I can hand on heart rate him as one of the most astute, and intelligent professionals I've come across on Ecademy, and one whose opinion and constructive criticism I not only value, but regularly seek out & act upon too.Strongly recommended. Rating: 10/10."

Cora Stam #4

"Through his blogs Stuart represents himself as cautious and passionate as well. Dedicated. Thoughtful. Connoisseur of music. He puts forward his opinion, but doesn't preach. Above all: he keeps his distance, goes his own way. Ecademy would be different without Stuart. "

Marcus Cauchi Sales Management Training

"Stuart will hate what I'm about to say about him now, but as I see him, he has all the makings of an excellent salesperson. He listens more than he talks. His starting point is always in the other person's position whether in person or in writing. He asks both disarming and intelligent questions to get to cause and motive and talks about the other person for at least 70% of the time. His credibility is enhanced by the questions he asks more than by the informaiton he gives. Whenever he talks about himself, he's understated and authentic and always manages to get the subject back to the other party in a conversation. He gives information carefully and never forces his opinions or agenda. And whenever he's under attack, he falls back and uses his protagonist's momentum against themselves. Stuart doesn't let his emotions get in the way of clear communication and by taking a balanced approach to both his life and his work, he maintains a strong reputation at home, in work and in his network. His careful and considerate behaviour makes those who know him realise his care and interst are genuine, investing heavily in his relationships with others. He's also a sly old dog with a sharp wit and keen eye. If you've never seen some of his copywriting or advertising links ask him to point you in the right direction. A classs act. "

Chris Mitchell

"I had a very high opinion of Stuart before I met him based on his intelligent and thought provoking writing. Once I met him though I realised that I had fallen short of the mark, he was, in fact, even more impressive in person. Stuart it was an honour to meet you and I look forward to doing so again soon."

Neil Urquhart

"I've only spent a very short time with Stuart but it was extremely valuable. With gently probing questions, he enabled me to get to the heart-of-the-matter quickly, despite me not knowing exactly what the issue was. Someone to help guide you back to your True North with sensitivity and warmth and someone you should also go out of your way to meet. "

Rhiannon Hill

"Stuart is special for many reasons. I believe he is that rare creature who is connected to Spirit yet truly lives on the planet. Always worth reading his comments amid the mounting dross. "

Guy Massey

"I, for one, am quite convinced that as the whirlwind of online social networks rises and settles, there will be many that look back and mention Stuart Harris for his ability to successfully combine the online social with the offline business networking person; by which I mean, Stuart has been instrumental in one wing of online social and business networking that brought an entirely new aspirant to the world of online networking, leading from the innovative front as first President of the BlackStar networker organisation. Quintessentially a thinker's thinker. Stuart has repeatedly captured my attention on numerous occasions, as his personable nature and phenomenal yearning for knowledge and group discussion is unmatchable. Undoubtedly a leading light amongst all peoples. Guy Massey"

Rob Hook

"One of the best. I called Stuart for an opinion and got more - much more. He is a treat to talk to. Intelligent he may be, but he also has a heart of pure gold Talk to him, you will not be disappointed Rob"

Thomas Power

"One of the most intelligent people in Ecademy. A dark horse with varied opinions and mixed actions. Likely to stir your mind deeper than the majority. A solid walker. "

John F Galvin

"Stuart is a truly impressive individual who has an altruistic approach, always approachable and insanely insightful. Its worth joining ecademy just to meet him."

Mike "Freddie" Gordon

"In the past 18 months .. I've interacted with Stu (and his Clubs) … online and offline … more than with any other ecademist … but had not yet "got" him … time and place never quite allowing … So when serendipity provided an opportunity to experience his one man show … on his home territory … I grabbed the chance … even battling through a Wiltshire blizzard … to be with him last week … He was in sparkling form … 4 hours without a breath … a flawless performance .. word perfect (of course) … He's a simply wonder-full human … being Stu Harris … writer .. musician … family man and friend .. and I'm delighted to be in his awe-dience !! Gotcha' XXXX "

Kevin Hardern

"Top quality blogger, always worth a read and an active contributor of good content on Ecademy. Long may him and his ilk thrive here, we need them all."

ruth allen

"A wise, warm and clever man who knows his stuff and will always go a lot further to help and encourage people with alacrity. Stuart contributes boundless energy and inestimable value as a networker and a contributor to Ecademy, Black Star and too many clubs to mention. A consummate professional, talented writer and researcher who can elegantly simplify the complex. Stuart is the kind of person you hope you get stuck with on a plane for a long haul flight to Outer Mongolia. There wouldn't be a dull moment. I am glad I know you Stuart."

Shamus Doherty

"In normal day to day life ours paths are never likely to cross however that has not stopped us from being able to connect and always a pleasure to read his blogs on the FP when he was much more active there as they were top quality."

RealSteveHolmes Fading away soon

"Exceptionally bright and talented individual, morally as well as creatively and in business terms. A great friend that I made through Ecademy."

Mehul Patel

"one of my first contacts on Ecademy Stuart, I believe my Blackstar screen con call was with him as well, it was a grt exp to know Stuart and understand the overall vision abt Blackstar and Ecademy...I am more then glad to know him."

Eric Eraly

"Thanks Stuart for your great help with a very complex and contradictory issue!! Cheers Eric Eraly"

John Cave

"I have learnt a lot from Stuart. His combination of wisdom, tact and integrity combined with an incisive intellect make him stand out from the crowd - I've not seen him put a foot wrong - quite an accomplishment considering the work he has done. I've spoken to and met Stuart a number of times over the last year, but have only recently made time to start to get to know him. It was time very well spent. It is one of the wonders of Ecademy that you can meet people who give you a new perspective, and I thank Stuart for that. I have not met anyone who has anything but good things to say about him and it is because of the way he conducts himself. I'm happy to be a padawan if Stuart is the Jedi Master....."

Andrew Widgery

"I have had the privilege of getting to know and work with Stuart in the course of the last 12 months. His abilities in leading BlackStar have been nothing short of impressive as are his range of endearing qualities. He is a very intelligent and eloquent man, humble and kind too only surpassed by his integrity which is of the very highest order. I like this man enormously."

Glenn Watkins

"I would like to say a huge heart felt thanks for the outstanding job of running BlackStar membership on Ecademy and shaping it to what I believe to be a very solid future for all existing members and new ones alike. You are a man of the highest values, intelligence and integrity and a pleasure to do business with. Glenn Watkins Chief Executive Ecademy"

J William (Bill) Moore, HFTC

"Great guy who does a great job of running BlackStar. Glad to be on his team! Best wishes, Bill"

Ian Plumbley

"Honesty, integrity and genuine care for the truth, is some of Stuart's strong points. He is a very bright, witty and articulate individual who can see things others don't and has the ethics most wish for. I for one trust Stuart and would recommend him to anyone. The problem Stuart has he needs to get out more... LOL (private joke)"

Clive Taylor

"Stuart is a tireless giver and a voice of reason. He puts in a tremendous amount of effort behind the scenes, for which I am very grateful. Thank you, Stuart."

Freddy Daems

"We had a very nice talk on my way to BlackStar. He really is a nice and understanding guy."

Michael McNulty

"Being new to Ecademy, Stuart has been instrumental in welcoming me in. My response to that has been to apply for Black Star membership. A fantastic example for the world of Ecademy."

Roy Law

"Stuart is always worth listening to; be warned, though, it does become addictive. Despite the latest illustration, Dancing with Horses is neither with 3-legged quadrupeds nor is it suitable for 1-legged bipeds (they would have rewritten the 'Tarzan' sketch). Seriously, this is a must and my experience earlier this Summer has enriched forever my relationship both with horses and others that I need to "lead". "

Akhil Shahani

"I've met Stuart just once at a Blackstar meeting. However, am fascinated by his concept of creating "attention" as a product. I also find much of what he posts very insightful"

Jim Tuffin

"Stuart recognised an issue I had and kindly jumped in with both feet to help find a solution to resolve it. He clearly indicated what the issue was and why I had got myself in this situation. He then left me to find a solution, which is a great approach, as it means that I have to resolve it. The problem is identified so a solution is easier to find. I highly recommend Stuart to you, as he has a sharp understanding of things and a kind and gentle way of telling you where you may have gone wrong. Thank You Stuart."

Bryan Barrow

"Stuart is simply brilliant! In the space of a relaxed lunch he demonstrated the amazing potential we all have if we keep our minds and our hearts open to change. He's also generous with his support and crystal clear with his vision. I'd thoroughly recommend Stuart to anyone. Bryan "

Vaughan James

"A fine, generous person whom I admire and very much welcome as a friend. Vaughan"

Nick Heap

"Stuart is warm, friendly welcoming, intelligent, open minded and fun. He has helped me feel a valuable member of Blackstar in no time flat. I can't think of anything else he could have done. Cultivate him!"

Richard Alberg

"Stuart is a great guy. He is intelligent, helpful and unassuming. In a caring and low key way, Stuart will help you work through problems and determine possible solutions. At the end of the process you will feel that you have arrived at a better set of options than you would have on your own. Stuart's low-key style makes him a pleasure to work with I thoroughly recommend him."

Adam Sargant

"If Stuart didn't exist, it would be necessary to invent an alternative. Stuart excels at catalysing insight and movement without adding himself into the equation, at creating spaces and opportunities for people just by his being in the world. I suspect this is not something he has learnt, I believe this to be something that resides at the very core of being Stuart. If you haven't yet connected with Stuart, do so... your life will be the richer for it."

Maurice Watts, the Marketer

"Having spent two days on and off working with Stuart I just like the man and admire his calm, rationality and stability. Regards - Maurice"

Warren Cass

"Stuart is highly intelligent with great communication skills. Conversations with him are thought provoking, insightful and a lot of fun. I am pleased to have him in my network."

Simon West

"I met Stuart last night and was struck by his ability to make sense of complex subjects and then explain them in simple enough terms for me to understand. What a rare gift! "

Ellis Pratt

"Unlike a number of seriously clever people that I know, Stuart is clever and sociable. He is in the business of freeing organisations that are stuck with stale thinking. He knows a lot about a lot. "

Thomas Power

"Stuart might be the cleverest person in Ecademy. His ability to see the future ahead 10 years is like no other I have met. What's amazing is that Stuart has a charming, warm smile and total intimacy when you are with him. Learn from this man, offer to carry his bags I do. "

Ronald Wopereis

"Just a quick note after we finally got to meet, Stuart. My observations about you being a samurai are even more correct than i could possibly imagine. While your mind (ego, persona, whatever name) tells me that you are a sceptic, your true self reveals the opposite. I am sure you would take the red pill instantly.It is great to get in touch with the amount of sensitivity that you have developed. Best regards, Ron "

Nick Ingram

"After having enjoyed Stuart's contributions to blogs since I joined Ecademy, I was keen to meet him in the flesh. Last Friday we met for lunch and spent an hour or more chatting. Educated, informative, witty, fun. Next time we meet, I hope that it won't be on a week day and we can share a bottle of wine. Top-bloke. Cheers! Nick Ingram"

Roger Croft

"I would like to thank Stuart for providing an excellent workshop on branding for Entrepreneurs South West. Not only does he have a very clear and engaging style, but he was able to engage and get people working in a very short space of time. Having listened to him I would be very happy to reccomend his services to anyone who wants to develop their brand, and wants professional help. "

William Buist

"Stuart has a fascinating outlook on life and the ability to see the big picture with insights, and the ability to explain complexity easily, a rare skill, seek him out. Thanks for your help Stuart, William"

Colin "Proactive Accountant" Davison

"A very committed guy."

Deirdre Dee

"Hi again Stuart well done!....How do I get/ download the hungry week logo? It draws so much attention, is so goes so well with the event we are promoting later in the year, all our initial correspondance could feature this logo as well as the one world party logo. I've signed up and will feature hungry week on all our emails, inside and outside of Ecademy What do you think Dee"

Paula Rist

"Thanks again for being really helpful. Regards Paula"

Charles Gregory

"One of the wiser guys in ecademy. Takes time to post his blogs, as you can always see it carries lots of weight and a wonderful team player. "

Terry Toms

"Stuart is a great asset to ecademy and his Hungry Week idea is inspired. It was a pleasure to meet you. With best wishes Terry"

Fay Olinsky

"I support your efforts Stuart, keep up the good work. Fay"

James Coakes

"Stuart is one of the good guys in Ecademy."

Andy Coote

"Originator of the idea for Hungry Week. That middle name is well deserved. Stuart is an approachable, helpful person and a great Ecademist. When Hungry week is successsful it will be, in no small measure, down to him. I hope to work on other projects with Stuart - you should, too. An asset to every team."

Ronald Wopereis

"Stuart, you are one of these persons ready to give up their knowledge instantly. I call these people "samurai". You told me that you don't think of yourself this way, you said: FYI I'm quick to examine and try out new ideas but I take an awful lot of convincing. But in my experience, the truth usually comes both ways. One way is the visual - that what your perception tells you. The other way is the invisual way - usually the complete opposite of the other. The invisible way i mentioned before is about this samurai attitude of yours, to join me on my road towards understanding life. Neither of us knows where it is taking us. Nevertheless, you said: It's fun not to know. It's more creative not to know. I'd love to have "I don't know the answers" as my business proposition. This is what i mean with the samurai spirit, Stuart. It feels great to have you as a companion. Warmest wishes, Ron"

RealSteveHolmes Fading away soon

"You really are an ideas man and it's great interacting with you on Intellectualize - very stimulating and profound in terms of the way you handle concepts and feelings. Glad to know you. "

Paul ArtforArtsSake Mansell

"Stuart's 'fun' links on his profile made me laugh out loud and cheered up a somewhat dull day ... "

Perry- Art Director-Taylor

"Stuart is Mister Energy. He doesn't beat around the bush and inspired me to try harder at my networking. The Glocalisation Club dares the Ecademy to be so much more. Embrace it."

Christopher Hurtado

"I took Stuart up on his free serendipity offer and got results. Try it, you'll like it! Thanks, Stuart!"

Anders Abrahamsson

"I think Stuart's initiative of his Glocalization club holds a crucial development aspect for further proliferation of Ecademy. Good initiative! Anders"

Rob Hook

"I am in the process of writing a book on practical networking and mentioned it to Stuart. Within 5 minutes he had me structured, a system in place and then he said that he would bug me until it was complete. Sometimes thats just what you need, a good kick up the backside to get on with the work. Thanks Stuart"

Judy Rees

"When I was in a pickle trying to picture an "unknowable" future, Stuart volunteered some ideas and metaphors that set my thoughts off down some unexplored pathways. Just the right encouragement, at just the right time :)"

Rodney (Rod) Wood

"Like the globalisation club, excellent idea & a fair bit of debate already on day 1. Well done"

David Food

"Straight talker"

Leadership Training David Harris

"Stuart has been my coach for a number of years and is superb, I would highly recommend him "


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