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Tim O'Donnell

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Tim O'Donnell

I was born in England and grew up near Chester, on the Wirral. I first came to Italy in September 1983 to study in Rome and have been in Italy for most of the last 25 years. I am a businessman and have set up and manage a couple of companies. I am always interested in new ideas and propositions and if you're interested in doing business in Italy why not get in touch?

English in England

In 2005 I launched a start-up which became formalised in Study English in England Ltd in 2006. This is a company which operates in Italy, England and Ireland and organises study holidays for Italians in the UK and Ireland. We provide an excellent customer service which includes a 24 emergency help line. We are still growing! www.corsi-di-inglese-in-inghilterra.it www.corsi-di-inglese-in-irlanda.it www.corsi-di-inglese-a-londra.it www.vacanza-studio-in-inghilterra.it www.vacanza-studio-in-irlanda.it

English in Italy Building on the success of English in England we created English in Italy. This is a language school that we opened in my town, Borgoricco, in January 2008. We teach mainly English although we also have some Spanish and Italian lessons. If you would like to learn some Italian, why not drop me a line? www.englishinitaly.it

The ODAS Group I am a Senior Partner in ODAS International Ltd, a business and management consulting company founded in England in 2000 and in Italy in1993. We work throughout Europe and the United States. We help companies reduce their costs by eliminating waste and improving their management skills. We implement various techniques such as Lean Manufacturing, TPM, and we are considered experts in Managing Maintenance. You can visit our website on www.odas.it

The Open University

ODAS International Ltd also represents the Open University Business School in Italy. The Open University Business School is the largest business school in Europe and the Open University is considered the benchmark in distance learning methodology. I did my MBA with the Open University and I tutor on the Fundamentals of Senior Management (B713) and Managing Strategy (B820). I have tutored in Italy, England, Luxemburg and Slovakia. You can visit the Italian version of the Open University Business School website on www.open.ac.uk/italy/home.php


We send newsletters to over 3,300 people and use Aweber to manage our list and send our messages. if you are interested in managing your newsletter then why not click on my affiliate link below to find out more:

What I can do for you - Give you the benefit of my 20 years experience of Italy, Italians and the Italian market :-)

What you can do for me - Leave me a testimonial if I have been of use or helped you - Bring me some English mustard next time you pass near Padua :-)



Twitter: @TimItaly
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Skype: odonnelltim
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Website URL: http://www.englishinengland.it

Maurice Poole

"I met Tim in person today. Called at his house and my wife and I were very kindly received by Tim and Laura. We were delayed and arrived too late for lunch out so they treated us. Lovely meal. To the point. Found Tim to be that useful mixture of a no-nonsense, sensible character whose ideas are always likely to be worth heeding, and kind indulgent person ready to help and support. He is an asset in my network - oddly a new contact whose remark in a fairly recent blog comment brought me to realise we had not connected yet - and would be to anyone ready to appreciate those qualities. To all: don't dismiss out of hand criticisms from Tim: they are always likely to be constructive. If you do you will probably be guilty of defending the indefensible. Neither he nor I would want that... would you?"

Victor Marques

"Thank you dear Tim for being in my network. I wish great abundance for you and the ones that you care and love. One of my poems: Life is like a trip on an old train, Being alive enjoying the sun, the rain.. Glimpses of sun every day, Love for the universe , I can say... The heart that everything complete, Green hill, always epic, Rainbow with colored lights, up the sky, Never give up, make another try...! Friends are a rare and precious gift, I will be your friend, we will meet, The river still there, the hill side too, Lets have a glass me and you.... Thank you so much for being my friend. Kindest regards. Victor Marques "

RealSteveHolmes Fading away soon

"Good hearted, good fun type of bloke with a broad mind and a mature line in witty self-deprecation. Lives abroad but he's the best of British."

Andrew Handrick

"Hey Tim, Sounds like you are doing great work.. If you are around my part of Italy sometime, lets meet up.. best wishes Andrew"

Emil Pop

"Sorry Tim, the only mustard I can provide is Romanian, they sell it in Treviso, tasty. I can provide it only at a barbecue with romanian mici (skinless sausages of pork, beef and spices), where I cook and you eat! Great job you do in Italy, keep on doin what you are doing, the world needs you! Keep in touch!"

Ian R McAllister

"If I wanted something in Italy, I wouldn't start with the Pope or the Prime Minister - I'd start with an espresso with Tim. I like good and fair people, who also know and can deliver business. Tim adds to this with his natural charm and understanding of people, and a fair but firm view of what the issues are and how to get the people orientated result. A great guy and a huge asset to any community or project."

Steve Jones

"Tim is open mind person and flexible enough to discuss on tech business without considering geo boundries. :)"

Barrie Cripps

"Tim has made some very useful practical suggestions that I am acting on. Encouraging, a great bloke to have in your corner."

Andreas Wiedow

"I've asked the community for a favour without questions asked that included some blind faith. Tim was one of the first who replied and although we don't always share the same opinion he unreservedly gave me his business time and trust which helped me to pull my business on a higher level. That shows a great networker. Thank you, Tim."

Sally Church

"Tim is someone I consider an online friend; he makes me laugh even when I am mad about something (usually my own stupidity) :) He's very generous with his time too and gave me some excellent advice on how to use Google to better effect, which I appreciated most sincerely. I hope to meet him one day and share some wonderful Italian food and wine, might need a custard pie too though!"

Heidi Heyns

"I loved Tim's ingenious and hearty Thank You on Ecademy disguised as another Shocking Complaint! Bravo, Tim!!! Whooo-hooo! What a way to draw attention to the GOOD that gets done around here! "

Cora Stam #4

"Tim shows a sincere interest in his fellow men. He is straight-forward and has a keen common-sense. A real bonus member :)"

Massimo Cotrozzi

"Tim has been my teacher while at OU Business School. He's a great person and most important always gives more than what you're expecting while putting you through the smallest and secret nooks of business strategy. More than that, he puts inside that human touch which is really priceless."

Tina Jonasen

"Just wanted to let you know how much I value our friendship here, in hope of mutual benefit of our future network together ! I now got fully settled in here in Denmark and work fulltime online, so: Remember that my inbox is always open, if I can assist you in any way !!! Have a great week, all the best Tina Jonasen www.worlddect.com"

Olga Lapshinova

"Tim is a nice person. Very positive and helpful. I am glad I know him:)"


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