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Victor Marques

"Thank you dear Tony for being one of my great friends here on ecademy. I wish you a fantastic Christmas to you and your family. One of my poems: When things go wrong and you can't pay the bill,, Lost everything even your true will, Just look at the sky… blue sky. Make your last try… Life is a secret in every sense, The moon and the sun are intense. We plant seeds to grow.. Please make another blow. Life is a constant fight, You will see the light sometimes you feel not so good, down, Next day you have a golden Crown... Life with clouds of doubt, and you never know what comes about. It may be near when you think that everything goes away, You just discover peace and God in a true way. Warmest regards. Victor Marques "

Thomas Schmitt

"I'm honoured to be part of your friends. Indeed you are warmful and you take care of people around you. You are a good advisor and facilitator. Also, you are a great professional and networker. Your love of life is one of your key to get what you want for you and your family (and friends). If you need any assistance from Germany, just let me know. Thomas Schmitt _________________________________________________________The future is now!_________________________________________________________"

Jennifer Bloom

"I'm pleased to count Tony as one of my contacts here on Ecademy. Changing Lives, Jennifer "

Gurumurthy Mayavan

"I am very glad to be connected with Tony Hine in my professional network. Thanks Tony Hine. - Guru."

Marzena Melby Twin Cities Homes

"Tony, It's wonderful to connect with you, thank you! I look forward to many networking opportunities for us in the future. :) Marzena Melby"

Freddy Daems

"I had the privilege of meeting Tony last weekend during the Optimism Weekend in Belgium. Really a person you need to meet : genuine , thoughtful and always ready to listen. Perfect in his approach , definitely a man you should add to your network. Thanks , Tony , for your presence. Warm regards Freddy "

RealSteveHolmes Fading away soon

"Straight up decent bloke with a dangerous side and a ready tolerance."

Antonio Falco

"Have known Tony for a while having met through this network. He came to an Ecademy event where I was the guest speaker and has been supportive and encouraging ever since. He's what we all need a very nice chap, knows his stuff and great point of refferral. "

Rob Data Analytics Maudling

"Tony helped out on a MS Access problem I was having. A great guy, very helpful and well worth having in your network. "

Cora Stam #4

"Tony is a helpful and compassionate person. Often he comes with interesting issues and he is not afraid to be outspoken. He has a wonderful, dry sense of humour. I'm glad to be connected with Tony :) "

Romany Thresher

" Tony is an excellent helpful guy. I needed some help with my profile and Tony was quick to the rescue. Prompt and efficient. Thanks Romany"

Don Cooke

"Extremely helpful .. taking the time to put together a detailed video demonstrating a very useful feature of the Ecademy platform. I look forward to meeting Tony in the future"

Thomas Power

"Controversial, challenging, provocative much needed in a social network. "

Thomas Power

"Tony was so considerate, helpful and informative during my tooth hell pain. What a great guy, thank you so much. "

Chris [SharePoint] Dalsgaard

"Tony help me with a access issue and boy was he fast:-) Tony is very friendly "

Rob Killen

"Tony Hine is a throughly decent man - warm, very friendly and would spare you the time of day. His expertise is outstanding and that coupled with a genuine sense of human compassion makes him someone I'd want in my team. regards, Rob."

Neil "video podcast" Fairbrother

"Highlighting some of my blogs in his "Blogs I like" Blog. Thanks Tony! Neil"

Sally Church

"This is long overdue as I mistaken thought I had already written one for Tony. He is everything everyone has said so far and more: witty, bright, smart and downright funny with his dry humour. Tony is also very good with computers and won't sell you a database if you don't need one. He has extremely high integrity and has my respect."

Victor Marques

"Ecademy is about giving! Networking is about farming not hunting! I had a chat with Tony and im delighted for the connection! Can you kindly connect with him ! He is a contact that you cant miss! See you one day and have a bottle of my wine. Warm regards! Victor marques "

Colin Sanders

"I don't know Tony that well (yet) but I commend his dedication to helping others and his imagination in coming up with ideas to do so."

Martin Dewhurst

"Tony ... you are a star!!! Thank you Martin"

Robert WoW De Souza

"Tony has a heart of gold. He is a giver who wants to help others as many of the testimonials confirm. I am glad to be part of his network as he has shared some great ideas. I wish him every success. Robert De Souza"

Dannishifu; See-Toh

"I always enjoyed reading messages posted by Tony at the Nr. 1 Club and at the blogs. He is witty, sharp and helpful to others."

Semir Johar

"Tony is a great individual who is very thoughtful and open minded. Very inspiring! Thank you Tony, let us continue to keep in touch. Semir www.rimessolutionsltd.info "

David Guzmán

"Tony has a wit that never quits. I truly enjoy his postings and interactions."

Ann Andrews CSP

"I was so impressed - I posted a thread on the Franchise site and immediately Tony came back to me with an introduction. Really appreciated that......Ann Andrews (New Zealand)"

Maria "Thrilla from Manila" Thomson

"Tony is one of those quiet people who are modest about their achievements, but are extremely capable people. Maria :-)"

Steve Scarisbrick

"Tony is one one the most helpful people I've ever met. He has helped greatly in getting me involved with Ecademy and is still helping. One day we must meet. Steve Scarisbrick DATA SYSTEMS"

Tina Jesson (Speaker)

"Tony has been very helpful. Thanks Tony!"

Mark Wiggins

"Tony is a good bloke with both feet on the ground. I enjoy his sense of humour and his questioning of the prevailing assumptions of the business world. Mark Wiggins Infiniti Research www.infiniti-research.com "


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