Toon Kerssemakers

Toon Kerssemakers

Owner/consultant/social broker, Ring of People


SEE ALSO MY PROFILE ON LINKEDIN: internet feed IN above!! The most prominent work I did the last 7 years was being a social broker: connecting trade and industry, local government, education and other organizations around social items in bigger city area's, building up cooperation, solving cooperation problems advice and networking. So connecting people is my mission. A good political intuition has helped me a lot. I am also international orientated: worked for three years in the Dutch Caribbean as a director of a institute of vocational training. Before that I did for years and years the same in the Netherlands Still I have a international network it brings me sometimes around the world. I studied Law and economics at a Dutch university(Nijmegen) I am a optimistic person: for me there is always a way out of problems: sometimes on a formal way sometimes on a informal way. A good deal of humour is essential for me. Go for support a very important group for social and educational projects in the world to the Ecademy club: EAGLE LION FOUNDATION Also on Facebook: Follow me on Twitter:



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"The LEGAL HONORARY CONSULTANT and the perpetual FATHER of EAGLE-LION FOUNDATION Wise, Loving, Respectable, Experienced, Soft spoken, Warm, Disciplinarian, Unselfish, Professional, Leader, Intelligent Toon is worthy of my trust and love. Without him, it could have been hard for the foundation to get anchored on what it really aims for. He gives insights gently and humbly speaks his mind. He tries to balance and understand the circumstances surrounding ELIF before he acts upon anything. Very cautious and slow, good balance for my impulsive nature. Love you, Toon. Thanks a lot for being a friend."


"TOON KERSSEMAKERS is the CEO of a newly created EAGLE~LION International FOUNDATION where the Vision+Mission can be seen on the evolving Website, Ecademy and FaceBook sites. There is a commitment to CommUNITY Development, Creativity in action and Children with life education programs. This Foundation has been the Dream of 30 year old Mary Moore in the USA whose profile can be found on Ecademy. Toon has been a 'guide' of wisdom to the birthing of such an innovative Caring Service Body to benefit the human potentials fulfilment and happiness of People. Being a Social Broker with his Foundation The Slinger Utrecht in the Netherlands he is a consultant to global social networks building up connections and cooperation between organisations (government, private companies, education bodies and others) around social issues. Toon is an Educator with an academic training background in Law and Economics. A genuine gentleman who lives the credo ~ "it is in giving that one receives!" +Michael A Riddell, Artist/Producer/Writer Global Village CREATIVITY CENTRE Australia"

Vipul Tank

"Hi, Thanks for your interest. Glad to connect to fine people like you seem to be ! Great net worker, trustfully, friendly & wonderful person. It's a pleasure to stay in touch and to be friend. Have a great day and thanks again ! Keep in touch... Take Care.......... Thanks…!!! Have a Good Day…..!!! With Best Regards, VIPUL K. TANK Document Controller "

Dominic Verbruggen

"Toon, a fellow Open Networker, is a very significant asset to anyone's network. It's my pleasure to recommend his services most highly! "

Mister James T.C.A.A

"I am pleased to provide this testimonial to Mr.Toon Kerssemakers for being a contributor to uplift the status of our global society It is important to have a man like him, being a social broker. He knows and understands the complexity of how this present society evolve, seek alternative solution to build bridges for different parties to resolve You are a true asset to our society With all my best wishes Mister James T.C.A.A"

Sonja Laekeman

"Hi Toon Thank You for adding me as a contact Best Of Luck 2u Take Care Sonja"

PeopleCoach Elizabeth M. Lengyel

"Toon reminds me of that saying, Less is more. Much more. In his message, you get a keen sense of his professional and global presence. Awareness. Warmth. Caring. Inviting. A foundation of optimistic presence. A graceful flow ... "

Carlos José Pedrosa

"My Ecademyst colleague Toon Kerssemakers, It is a pleasure to count with you on our network of contacts. The Ecademy is a great community precisely to be formed by people like you: dynamic, active, well focused with a vision of the globalized world of friendships and business. A big and fraternal embrace, Carlos José Pedrosa Maceió, BRAZIL +55 82 3231.2737 - 8885.5783 "

George Joseph

"Dear Toon, Thank you so much for accepting me as a network partner. I am happy to have found YOU, as a person not only interested in your life and profession but also interested in the life struggles of others. I am confident that you will one day visit us. In the meantime, please visit our website for a better understanding of my life and work: With much good wishes and looking forward to networking with you in the days to come. George "

Ramesh Shankerlal

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Cat Pratumtod

"Sawasdee Ka Thank you for connecting with me here on the Ecademy network Toon. My boss is a marketing guy and he knows the power of networking. He has told me to concentrate on recommendations; they are the best form of advertising. He tells me nearly every day that if every person you know has 10 friends that they recommend you to and those 10 friends then recommend you to their 10 friends. That would mean that for every friend that trusts your recommendations, 1,000 people would know about you, Think of the possibilities. I look forward to networking with you in the future. Best regards Cat cat@condospattaya .com (Cheeky) PS. Please recommend my company and me to at least 1 friend (1,000 people could hear about me) Thank you. "

Neil Parker

"Toon Thank you for your invitation, which I readily accept, I hope we can network together in the months & years ahead Best Regards Neil"

o o

"Toon, It's an honour to have you in my network, thank you so much for your welcoming me! My best wishes, Oana"

Shelley J Whitehead

"I am pleased to be in contact with Toon and his positive outlook on life. Shelley Whitehead "

Jennifer Bloom

"I'm pleased to count Toon as one of my contacts here on Ecademy. Changing Lives, Jennifer "

Gerner Petersen

"Hi Thanks to invite my in to join your network. I am looking forward to know you bettet. Kind Regards Gerner "

Lars Larsson

"Tonn is the kind of people who has trust in others. That´s a very posivitive ability and I ´m very proud being a part of his network."


"Dear Toon, You have a good profile which promises big things in the future, and I'm sincerely glad to be connected with you. I believe you are a person of the highest integrity and full of enthusiasm. I rated you " Good" because liked you impressive profile, but if you're so kind please look at mine and put a testimonial for me also if I deserve one. The life is too beautiful and short to stay alone and not take the benefit of connections. The world is too large and with a lot of opportunities for everybody, but unfortunately only few people can see the "diamonds" from the sand. Meeting new people you'll surely be in a high advantage even few times we'll make bad choices. Let's start to make the difference through actions. Looking into a log and both part benefit relation, and keep in touch. Sincerely best wishes from Romania, Ioan Clotea "

Bunny Parkinson

"Well hello Mr Toon~ You put a sunshine on my computer as well~ VERY ATTRACTIVE PROFILE SIR~ My Joy to connect and Network with You~ Looking forward to it~ HAVE A BUNNYRIFFIC DAY~ Bunny "

Subhash Kandpal

" Hi I am very happy to connected with you. Looking forward to do business with you in future. God bless you. Thanks & Regards Subhash Kandpal Web Design Company SEO Company India"

Ferdinand Felix Casantusan

"Toon is a highly appreciative, proactive, responsive, professional, open-minded and an optimistic ecademist I'm glad to be connected with. :)"

Naseem Ahmed

"Dear Toon! Welcome to ecademy ! I hope and sure that you'll feel here much better and easier to find the friends and business exploration with freedom. All friends are here very nice and co-operative. Please don't hesitate for any further information , if desired. Mr. Naseem Ahmed Chief Executive Niha Merchant Marine Services "


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