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I am a psychotherapist, counselor, coach and supervisor. I have been supervising groups working in educational area, the field of psychiatry and neuropsychiatry since 2004. Before that I was working as a teacher for children with special needs, like autism and Asperger syndrome. I have worked for several years as a teacher in special education before I started to work with psychotherapy, supervision and coaching. I have started a unit for children with special needs, it was the year 2000 and I was the responsible educator and the team leader in the unit for four years. The unit was a part of a school and the children we had there had Asperger syndrome, Tourette syndrome, ADHD and similar problems. It became a well-working unit after we had been trying various solutions.

I am even licenced Mindfulness Consultant educated by Empatica Group Sweden. I like writing and use to write articles in newspapers and at Helium. I am very interested in new research in the area of ASD and I am doing some research myself and just now writing a book about the topic. I work even with affiliate marketing  and have several things going on. BannersBroker is one of those. And if you want to know about a real money bringing thing, contact me

When I don´t work I read, listen to the music and travel. My favourite country is Greece. So if I can travel some times a year, read books, paint oil and listen to every kind of music, I feel good. I even like AfroPower Dance, Zumba and BodyPump. And I like to sing Karaoke. I am a vegetarian being able to argue the benefits until you get tired :-) I am a curious person and always want to learn something new may it be science or business. INSPIRATION Visit my YouTube Channel And: Be yourself, everyone else is already taken - Oscar Wilde



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