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Victor Marques


WINES FROM DOURO VALLEY The combined morphological, climatic and agrological features in Douro valley region have led to a very special ecology, and have given a birth to an environment which has been used by vine to refine the quality of its product- one that is unique: Port wine. Port is a generous wine that is produced exclusively in Douro Valley. The demarcated region of Douro is the most impressive, richest, most trouble and least known region of Portugal. So impressive that all who behold it open their eyes in wonder. So rich, that it produces the liquid gold that is famed all over the world.. No better description could be given of his rugged mountain region, where man, by dint of labor and stubbornness has crushed and transformed in earth. The inclination of the schistose soil, the arrangement of the mountains and the peculiarity of its climate set Douro valley apart from other wine regions. I wish you a fantastic day and hope to see you one day in Douro Valley. Warmest regards. Victor Marques vitoriakoi skype vitoriakoi



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Gina Minton

"What wonderful poems you write! And what a professional you are. It is an honour to know you."

LoveYou yourBirthday andPhoneNumber

":),VICTOR "Wine/Olive" Oil Star" MARQUES; YOU are very Good at Marketing. YOU have Great judgement Capacity. YOU are very Fast to reply the message. YOU are admired for Your good communciation Ability. YOU are observed for Your imagination Competence. YOU are respected for Your career Achievements and for YOUR Generosity. :). Hope YOU always Happy. Warmest Regards Galen guolin CHEN T(00)86 13023163839,15214311729. E:,,, SKYPE: galenchen1978 "

Sabina Zalar

"Victor has abbility to teach about the real values in life. He's poetry is subtile. He's creating a synergies with passion, poetry, wine and networking. And this amazing skill reflects in all he does. It's a honour to be a part of he's network. Sabina"

Gyula Julius Reznicsek

"I'm so glad that know Victor as my friend here in Ecademy and all a round too :) Thank you Victor for your suggestion on a facebook related to the Earth Song by Michael Jackson :) Thanks to him the blog below is updated with this awesome video... Because We Are One Family :) :) :) Moreover... To Be Well Done... Tweet-Tweet... :) On A Twitter too - Beyond the above :) Needed an online Social Media advisor ? Just drop me a line :) Have a great time where ever you are :) Planetary Best, Julius :) :) :)"

Gyula Julius Reznicsek

"I'm proud to know you as my friend from Douro Waley Portugal :) Victor is a fantastic friend for life and beyond... He can be only recomanded by me :) Wine Networkers in Douro Valley ...! Planetary Best :)"

Gyula Julius Reznicsek

"My Dear Soul Twin Brother, :) I'm proud to know You inside my friend yard here and let me invite you join me on :) On WorldShift 2012 My honor to have a friend for life with a poetic personality as He is and who share my thoughts too... He always makes me happy :) He is a committed member of his region, area... openminded and kind person too :) he should be only recomanded by me... Yes, The Impossible takes a little bit more longer.... Lets UNITE 100's of nations.... Lets UNITE 100's of nationalities...... ALL AROUND THE CLOCK ! "The world could be a better place... No countries, only one race... No borders, only tropical trees... NO oceans, only one sea..." by Mr. Victor Marques Let me invite You join The Planetary Citizens Ecademy Holistic Club :) The Social Sphere Healing !The Planetary Citizens Ecademy Holistic Club :) :) :) :) On Facebook :) On Twitter :) On WorldShift 2012 :) On Eyes On Nature Expeditions too In the sake of the easier undersatanding, some help in a published form :) The Recommended Books :) The Openeyed Daydreamer's prevision HELPING PEOPLE TO SHIFT... :) With W.P.R.M. - Shift 2012 on Ecademy :) With W.P.R.M. - Shift 2012 on Facebook too The Ecademy on Facebook :) BE MY FRIEND on Facebook too :) FOLLOW ME on Twitter too Don't be forgotten ! The safety is more welcomed :) :) :) Planetary Best, Julius The Openeyed Daydreamer "

TechVisionary Andres Agostini (Andy)

"Victor, Given your sterling quest for understanding and truth-seeking, I want to share this presentation with you and your honorable colleagues and friends: QUESTION: WHAT IS THE DOMICILE, VENUE OR LOCUS OF BELOVED INTELLIGENCE? In deep respect, Andres Agostini"

TechVisionary Andres Agostini (Andy)

"Honorable Mr. Victor Marques' literary work is right on the matters of the utmost relevance to Earth continued viability. I have no wonder why he embraces so humanely matters of rigorous entrepreneuring, as well as with grace and skill. Along some lines, Victor cleverly, and with a wealth of wisdom, indicated that the right path to conceive ourselves (we humans) as unique but as equals in every fundamental and essential. Thus, we could get rid of so many things that take us part, engendering layers and layers of divide. Victor's words of grace and wisdom are always truly welcome, because - you know what - they're never hallow or unmeant for. He means what he communicates. I, incidentally, admire the way he articulates language in such a profound and meaningful way. Out of some of his thoughts I have been blessed to learn from. Thanks, Victor. Those wishing a pre-view of this "in progress" work, dealing with Earth's problems and solutions in a hopeful way, is viewable at Futuretronium ® Best regards, Andres Agostini "

TechVisionary Andres Agostini (Andy)

"(English and Spanish) Most Honorable Mr. Victor Marques is an intellectually engaged entrepreneur, who is also committed to the finest craft of world-class poetry writing. In an era in which everything seems to be into a salient frenzy and when you expect it least, Victor communicates with you and in the process tenders you words of millinery wisdom. He does it gracefully, dexterously and in unconditional harmony. Don't get me wrong! Victor - a major goodwill ambassador of his prestigious country, Portugal, -is an indefatigable professional that - given his focus and energy - always goes several extra miles to tender you a gesture of enlightenment and grace. All of his professional occupations are carried on, through times and in a sustained way, with great care, gentleness and solemnity. Mr. Marques is also a gentleman into solemnity and kindness, thus humanizing the daring aspects of business today. I hope to spend some time of rest and entertainment in Victor's hospitality complex, ranked second to none worldwide. His writing abilities remind me of Mr. Ernest Hemingway. This endorsement is humble response to the systematic, yet institutional merits that Mr. Marques is habitually planting, literally. In great respect and kindness, Andres Agostini (Spanish) El Honorabilísimo Sr. Víctor Marques es un emprendedor corporativo con un compromiso activado e intelectual de primer nivel. En las artes más sofisticadas y sublimadas, Víctor es un exponente de vanguardia en la literatura poética. En una era de pertinaz frenesí y hasta anarquía, y cuando usted menos se lo espera, Víctor toma contacto con usted y en el proceso diligentemente le procura palabras de marcada sabiduría. Él le extiende un gesto de cortesía con gracia y destreza que redunda en armonía en superlativo. ¡No se llame a engaños! Víctor es el mayor embajador de buenos oficios de su prominente y culta nación, Portugal. No obstante el ritmo incesante en sus deberes profesionales, y debido a su nivel de concentración y energía, él irá a hasta cualquier larga distancia en tanto y cuanto pueda dedicar un gesto de ilustración y paz. Todas sus líneas de prácticas ocupacionales y profesionales, en forma sostenida y de cara a cualesquier desafíos, son implementadas con gentileza y solemnidad. El Sr. Marques es un caballero que presta cuidado meridiano a la gentileza y la solemnidad, así también imprimiendo un sentido humanístico efectivo a los aspectos del quehacer diario que requieren los negocios. Espero poder dedicar algún tiempo al descanso y entretenimiento en el complejo hotelero de Víctor, de talla universal. Sus habilidades literarias evocan en mí el sentido de respeto que me merece el señor Ernest Hemingway. Doy este testimonio con base únicamente a los méritos de los gestos institucionales que para con mi persona el Sr. Marques amablemente ha tenido. Afectísimo, Andrés Agostini "

Gyula Julius Reznicsek

"Your poems are more than a welcomed :) As You are my Heart Twin... Who is really a Friend for LIfe... Let me tell You... Yeah, Who I'm ? :) I wanna break all the madness... But it's all I have...I Want Someone to Love Me, For Who I am :)I Want Someone to Need Me, Is that so bad ? Have a fantastic time ahead :) Julius & Kris :( "

Gyula Julius Reznicsek

"Thank You Dear Friend of mine:) You make me happy :) Thank you for the Ecademy Pula - Istra - Croatia Club join :) Best, Julius The Openeyed Daydreamer "

Gyula Julius Reznicsek

"To My Dearest Friend Victor... Your heart and soul are "bottled" in your poems and products too... Both are "produced" to your friends from all a round the Globe... Thank you so much for your poem :) and hugs to both of us :) As you are widely read please accept my invitation to visite the blog below... in the sake of the better understanding... Hey, People ! The Dog Creators ! ! ! I best hope, I will be able to stop it... Julius & Kristian :("

Gyula Julius Reznicsek

"Victor Alexandre Magalhaes Marques my dearest friend for life... I'm proud to know him in my friend yard :) He should be only recomanded by me... Yes, The Impossible takes a little bit more longer.... Lets UNITE 100's of nations.... Lets UNITE 100's of nationalities...... ALL AROUND THE CLOCK ! "The world could be a better place... No countries, only one race... No borders, only tropical trees... NO oceans, only one sea..." by Mr. Victor Marques Beyond above, Hold Each Others Hand and Move On... :) Together We Stands and We Take Their Hands With A Little Help From My Friends Must Be A Place Under The Sun "It's all about social business networking, family, friendship and fun" Because We Are One Family... :) The Spiritual Connection... :) Not a Power and Rights ! ! ! But the Responsibility ! ! ! Collect and Share :) Amazing Environment Have To Be :) :) Not only does God play dice, but He sometimes throws them where they cannot be seen... Don't be forgotten ! The safety is more welcomed :) :) :) Best, Julius The Openeyed Daydreamer "

Melinda M. Sörensson

"Victor has been a model member of eCademy, from the very beginning. A terrific businessman who puts passion into his work, but more important, a wonderful human being who cares deeply about people. I am honored to be a part of Victor's circle. :-) Melinda M. Sorensson"

Lesley Aveyard

"Victor is awesome, he is the best. A warm and genuine person, with heaps of humanity and a great sense of humour too. Victor makes you see the good in life and in our world - we often don't see 'everything' we are so caught up in our fast paced world. Victor kind of makes time slow down for you, makes you take notice of what is beautiful and pure. Thanks Victor - you are a true and real connection. Proud to be able to call you 'friend' Lesley Aveyard"

TechVisionary Andres Agostini (Andy)

"Mr. Victor Marques is a splendid professional and a responsible business owner, responsible with his community, responsible with his nation, responsible with Europe, and responsible with the World at large. He could teach us all some optimum seminars on customer services among many other indispensable subject matters. Furthermore, Victor is humble, intelligent, and constructive, as well as unprecedentedly welcoming and accommodating. Victor offers Earth the most sophisticated services and products imaginable with an optimum quality above and beyond world-class. I contacted him last December 2009 on some matters for my most trusted British colleagues, and he immediately got me in contact with Honorable Mr. Nicholas Collis, who — on behalf on both enterprising efforts — facilitated me and them an immediate solution. I passed it on to the original incumbents. And I will keep referring Victor, because of his lines of professional practice, and because he is a great example of what quality service must always be in every industry. Victor and Nicholas — who deal with people in fairness, transparency, courtesy, kindness and business-like mentality — by just being true to themselves could dictate a canonical landmark lecture to a great deal, not all and yet too many, of the uncouth and untoward ones in the northern quadrant of the Western Hemisphere. Both Victor and Nicholas are giving me - by their systematic professional executions - many relevant reasons to amplify international, even further, the trade of their finest services and products. FOR THEIR WISEST CONSIDERATION, I WILL START CONTACTING SOME POTENTIAL WHOLESALE DISTRIBUTORS OF THEIR PREMIUM SERVICES AND PRODUCTS THEY OFFER IMMEDIATELY, LITERALLY. Nicholas and Victor are the foremost, seriously speaking, Goodwill Ambassadors of their respective countries, United Kingdom and Portugal. I must meet them in due course and spend some time in a future trip that I will be scheduling both to Portugal and the United Kingdom. I grant Victor and Nicholas full recommendation without having any mental reservation at all. In kindness and in gratitude (sic), Andres Agostini (Main Site) (Success Tenets) (Press Room) At = Arlington, Virginia, USA"

Lillian M. Ibrahim

"Thank you for inviting me to your blog Victor, sharing your poem, great thoughts, I don't know how to describe you my dearest friend. You are very inspiring, loving, caring person. You are here for us for no reason Only to give with deep motion So we feel your heart beaten with sound of Music and emotions. You are wonderful, is not enough, Sensitive, not enough You are the God's angle for the Nations. Here is very few words, not enough to express how lucky we are to know the human angel we see on earth Victor Marques. He has a very charismatic character, and wealthy professional profile on Ecademy, We wish him to be always creative in his poems, and thoughts to let people see and share his talents. Happy family, happy life all the time to you Victor. Kindest regards, Cheers, Sincerely yours, Lillian Moussa Ibrahim Executive Assistant - OHD Cairo - Egypt Tel: +203-33015458 (work) Tel: +202-24601562 (home) Cell: +2012-2959061 Cell: + 2012-2959061 Email: "

Gyula Julius Reznicsek

"For the Friend Victor Me as a leader of theWorld - Protected Regions - Movementand the International Vitoria Koi AmbassadorFounder and the leader of the Ecademy Hungary ClubThe commetted founder/leader Ecademy Zwack Fans ClubThe commetted founder/leader Ecademy Bosnian Pyramids ClubEcademy Friends of the Douro Valley, Portugal and Istra, Croatia :) :) :)I think that her profile is the mirror of her. Which is clear and correct !Good to know her in my friend yard here inside the Ecademy.He should be only recomanded by me !He is a kind and helpful networker :)Pleasure to meet a person with the so high level of expertise in the fieldof her business activity... :)Best hope that the next below will be of the help to you down the road ahead...Kindly visite my blogs... :)How to Creat A Great Ecademy Profile ? :)How To Be Online Successful...How Back Money... :)POOL WORLD Supersedes THE PUSH WORLD :)Helping Others Online :) and Hierarchy of Needs Up to Down... :)Because We Are One Family... :)Your Worth Is Your Given Support... :)Cyber World The "Kingdom Of Heaven" ? ? ? :)Hungry And Foolish :(Have a Fantastic 2010 ahead :)SOMETHING SPECIAL FOR YOU :) :) :)Don't be forgotten: We Have To Breathe ! Hope, he will Hear Me and he willgo ahead one day by the ONE WAY TICKET VOYAGE with me,down the road and live through... Thank you Victor :) :) Julius...The Openeyed Daydreamer... "

Gyula Julius Reznicsek

"For my Dearest Friend Victor Me as a leader of theWorld - Protected Regions - Movementand the International Vitoria Koi AmbassadorFounder and the leader of the Ecademy Hungary ClubThe commetted founder/leader Ecademy Zwack Fans ClubThe commetted founder/leader Ecademy Bosnian Pyramids ClubEcademy Friends of the Douro Valley, Portugal and Istra, Croatia :) :) :)I think that his profile is the mirror of him. Which is clear and correct !Good to know him in my friend yard here inside the Ecademy.He should be only recomanded by me !Victor is an amazing poet and friend for life who's lyrics inspire me... "The world could be a better place...No countries, only one race...No borders, only tropical trees...NO oceans, only one sea..." by Mr. Victor MarquesJust visite my blogs... :)Your Worth Is Your Given Support... :)Cyber World The "Kingdom Of Heaven" ? ? ? :)Because We Are One Family... :)Helping Others Online :) and Hierarchy of Needs Up to Down... :)Hungry And Foolish :(Have a Fantastic 2010 ahead :)SOMETHING SPECIAL FOR YOU :) :) :)Don't be forgotten: We Have To Breathe ! Hope, he will Hear Me and he willgo ahead one day by the ONE WAY TICKET VOYAGE with me,down the road and live through... Thank you Victor :) :) Julius...The Openeyed Daydreamer... "

D. N. L.

"It's my pleasure to have you on my network. Good person, very professional and intelectual. Muito Obrigado! Espero um dia poder visitar seu Hotel. Best Regards, Diego."

Melinda M. Sörensson

"Victor has been a great friend and has demonstrated everything that I admire in a person as a well as a terrific businessperson: Genuine caring, integrity and immediate attention to the requests. Melinda M. Sorensson"

Ces Creatively

" I am writing testimonials for all those Ecademates who have really meant something to me in 2009. Victor you are one of Gods blessings for sure. You are always there to support and to be a friend. Your poems and photographs are inspiring and you share your warm message and invitation to visit with you with generous, caring and open arms. When Jay and I met you at your wine tasting in Swansea in May 2009 it was a blessing we will treasure. Your wine and port is simply exquisite and worthy of all recommendation. We enjoyed the port you gave to us as a gift, sharing it with our family on our holiday at the end of May and raised our glass to you Victor, a wonderful man and an incredible networker. We are so happy to count you as a friend going into 2010 and wish all the best that life can bring to you in Duoro Valley and beyond. I am looking forward to putting together your feature for the community challenge club in 2010 and presenting it to the community that you mean so much to! God Bless, with love Ces xxx email: "

Paul Kyriazi

"Victor's page here on ecademy is warm hearted with his charming videos. Don't miss the boat ride video. I wish I was there with him and his nice group of friends."

Gyula Julius Reznicsek

"The pleasure is on my side and thank you my Dearest Friend Victor for being the International Ambassador of Vitoria Koi and Douro Valley... I will be more than a happy to be able to be of the help to you and know your products in this area from the next year :) Yes, The Impossible takes a little bit more longer.... Lets UNITE 100's of nations.... Lets UNITE 100's of nationalities...... ALL AROUND THE CLOCK ! The world could be a better place... No countries, only one race... No borders, only tropical trees... NO oceans, only one sea... by Mr. Victor Marques Please find below some gift my friend for a share... Bcause We Are One Family... :)Helping Others Online :) and Hierarchy of Needs Up to Down... :)POOL WORLD Supersedes THE PUSH WORLD :) :) :)Are The Naysayers Afrighten From The Changes ? ? ? :(Dire We Talk About The Problem ? ? ? :( Merry Christmas and I wish to You and to Your Loved Onesthat all Your Dreams come true in 2010 :) :) :) Big hug from the town of Kecskemet, Hungary... Julius & Kris :( The Online Socialization of the New Gen ? ? ? :) Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere Martin Luther KingWhat About the Educational Establishments ? ? ? :( :( :(I Cant Understand... :( May Be You Can..."

Marina Yeromenko

"My Dear Friend Victor ! Your Birthday is a special time to celebrate the gift of YOU to the world! May God bless YOU and keep YOU ALWAYS in His loving care ! Love and Hugs, My warm wishes from Brussels, Marina:) "

Rupert Honywood

"Hi Victor Just a very big thank you for leaving a very lovely peom. Much truer and full of meaning more than you could ever know. You are obviously a very nice guy. Thank you for your lind words Kind regards, Rupert 07912600999"

Sarmite Vaivode

"Hello Victor! I am pleased and honoured to know you through networking ! I wish to keep open your heart, open your mind, open your eyes and look at the world around you, embrace it and feel privileged that there are so many people around you! And you are making happy so many people, just because of you - your personality is so positive and friendly . I am truly honoured to be your friend! Peace, Love & Power and a lot of Success!!! Sarmite from UK. Kindest regards! "

Nicholas Collis

"Victor, whom I met nearly two years ago, is without doubt a man for all seasons, a passionate winemaker & poet, an unstinting networking marketeer and above all a true and loyal friend! Many thanks to you, Senhor Vitor, for orchestrating yet another memorably fantastic visit to the Douro last week - which for me enveloped yet more fun & laughter, superb wines & tasty food, along with the aspect of sharing some new breathtaking scenary, sampling new wines & an unforgetable experience among friends and in part, new faces too. In all, you have inspired me to say that everyone should sample the virtues of the Douro Valley, the Flor do Monte hotel and many examples of the Vitoria Koi brand - the "fruits of your labour" in abundance. Best hug to you & your family, Nico "

Annie Heggie

"Thank you Victor, Lovely words in your testimonial to me and I send them back to you. Hope you take take to smile an think of beautiful things. Anni "

Rosemary Parr

"Victor has been one of my contacts since very early in my time on Ecademy. I'm a big fan of his poetry. Today, out of the blue, he posted a testimonial for me. The words in it are so fitting at a time when I'm reviewing my business and personal life. My question was, how did he know? I think that's Victor! An asset to anyone's network. Thank you for being part of mine, Victor. Rosemary"

Muchina Thuo

"Victor will passionately tell his story poetically.....Yes, the story of wine....From the farm,to the production line, to the market and finally on the table. Cool Victor. "

William S. Wilkinson, P.A.

"Thank you for your followup and testimonial. You are one of the best networkers I know. Keep up the good work. I wish you much success and abundance for your efforts. Bill- Florida Keys Realtor Marathon, FL USA video on Marathon: "

Jacqueline ANSELME

"Bonjour Victor ! I hope you are well. Thank you very much for your last testimanial even if my firewall is SO powerful I am sorry but cannot see any video here or on most of websites anymore (!!!) :( (but on Youtube : OK) A real wild dog or... Cobra protecting me :-) Busy, busy painting or well....More exatcly : trying to paint...because very busy in fact searching ideas to become FREE to paint in peace & recolt funds one day for causes who touch me.... Don't laugh....I might try to become a business woman finaly soon... So funny.....But well...In fact that would be less surprising to me than the day I painted my first portrait... Just thinking.....if a Clown can go in Space....even me could try to fly to the Moon, no ? :-) Then..... it would be possible to take time to visit you in PORTUGAL one day maybe during one of the trips your orguenise, to discover your beautiful Douro Valley, taste your ORGANIC Wine & Olive oils finaly your family & other this Gentleman from AIDS Association who will be there in october if I remember well ? I wish you, him & all poeple you support & help to connect the BEST. Thank you again for your early support when i arrived @ Ecademy with testimanials & invitation to Portugal. And....Of course : I RECOMMAND Victor to all other Ecademists. Cheers, Jacqueline "Princesspiedsnus" "

Maki Kosaka

"Dear Victor much appreciate to your real kindness & real friendship. I am very glad to be a part of your network. strongly wish your abundance life and successful business. love love maki"

Mark 'Spud' Russell

"G'Day Victor! Hey who wouldn't want to have you as a awesome friend on Ecademy mate, it's great we have our little chats now & then plus your poems well that's another story. Yes we all try to sew our seeds here on Ecademy to build up friendships & trust over time as that's what it's all about like when I first started here I was too gung ho & put in my place so thank's guys I needed it plus was just over excited & rushed in without thinking hey well I'm a guy ya no ha ha lol. Anyway Victor thanks again mate especially since you left me a Video Testemonial! WOW now how bloody awesome is that cheers! so as many of you who have had dealings with this amazing gentleman you no what I'm talking about & so I'm very proud to be classed as his friend so don't knock back his wisdom & knowledge plus the friendship if it is offered to you. Cheers & catch ya later. Spud!"

Lucas Wyrsch

"Victor is a great networker, a wonderful friend, a profound connoisseur of wines from Douro Valley, a passionate poet and a great and successful entrepreneur! As a great connector, Victor also owns a global network with Ambassadors who are dedicated to promote his tasty port wines from Douro Valley. Port wine , a perfect gift... we are port wine producers in Douro Valley from victor marques on Vimeo. It's a great honor to have Victor in my network and it's fantastic to know him as a creative and artistic producer of port wines. I warmly recommend Victor to all my friends, colleagues and peers. I wish Victor an excellent and successful future in Douro Valley! All the best and kind regards Lucas Swiss Business Club"

Sandra Schmidt

"Victor, You are "rock" my friend! Thank you very much for your friendship and specially just because who you are as person and professional!!! Success is something that begins in our heart and is made through our passion for life! Take care, Sandra"

Mario Faustino

"Munich, 28/09/09 To whom it may concern: I have known Mr. Victor Marques in the Internet as a good quality wine and olive oil dealer and owner of a paradisiacal Holiday Resource in the North of Portugal. Mr. Victor Marques has always been a friendly and enthusiastic ecademist and he has always conducted himself in a respectful manner! Victor is incredibly skilful in improvising elegant and meaningful poems. I wish to continue relying on our friendship and would recommend him as a business partner or as friend in all your enterprises. Truly, mjf "

Lucien Meert

"Victor Marques was a pleasure to meet personally and spend time with. The human connection was reinforced as we met in the Douro Valley in end of August. We were already well connected through Ecademy, but felt much closer then. He was kind enough to dedicate 2,5 days to my visit and showing me around the local SPA, his vineyards, wine makes developed by him, his other products such as olive oil, hotel, family, local beautiful scenery and people. I acquired a good knowledge of the local culture, and enjoyed going around picking grapes and figs with him, despite the high temperatures felt. We both are believers that real networkers meet, I left Douro Valley and Victor with the promise that I would return in October with some business referrals and to bring friends, maybe at grape harvest time, which should be very educational and agreeable time to visit this part of Portugal! Victor your Porto wine was divine, keep up the good work, the world needs men like you who put their expertise and love in all they do. God Bless you!!!!!!!!!! Lucien"

jan m. brandt

"Victor is a true professional and gentleman. I am honored to be in his network. Jan M. Brandt"

Irina Kirakosyan

"Dear Victor I am very glad to be in your network. I want wish you all success and luck! Hope one day i will see you in life and try your great wine ;) "

Bill Warry

"Victor - Today I have a double testimonial for you. The first is actually for your new wine Vinho do Tua tinto. My Bulgarian friend, Nikolay came round the other day to see about Diamondbriting my boat. We tried out that bottle of Vinho do Tua you gave me. Now analysing that a wine has hints of blackberry or aromas of raspberry is all very interesting but the true test of a wine is how much you enjoy drinking it and if you find it easy to finish the bottle, and if, even if for reasons of sobriety you don't take any more, you would like to. I can tell you that bottle went down very easily and my friend and I thoroughly enjoyed it. My second testimonial is a rather belated one, but it is to say what an excellent host you were during our recent visit to the Douro documented in my blog of 30th June."

Saskia Buijs

"Victor is a very interesting and poetical person and above all very passionate for his work, which seems to be his true hobby. I am very proud to have him my network. A good businessman too, I believe! Pity I am not the buyer of wine ... Positive comments in all his testimonials I see. So it must be true!"

Iftikhar Md Zia

"I am glad Victor has considered me to be in his network. Very nice profile and nicer poetry from him. Rgds Zia "

Johanne Cathrine Brustad

"Thank your for sharing your poems with us they are warm and really touch my heart. All the best from Johanne Cath. - Norway"

Nicholas Collis

"Victor is a true friend and as someone who shares his passion for well-made wines - the best Portuguese choice - should always be the Vitoria Koi brand, whether to share it with friends over a meal, a celebration or simply a good quaffing wine, because you'll be glad of their fruit, style & quality. Thank you for your kindness & care throughout my recent visit & look forward to many more fine experiences anon. Yours as always with a firm handshake, hugs and best regards Nicholas "

Jacqueline ANSELME

"Bonjour Victor, I am so sorry..... Just discovered your email today only so I bet it's too late... and anyway you see, I'm SO busy at the moment with horse breeding, gardening and preaparing my house to rent it for the summer season to tourists & not event time enough to PAINT ! Also my mail i so box full :-p even when i have a minute to answer to some emails.....I hardly find the ones I want to answer to (!) A bit late to thank you for your kind email response about your wines & olive oil but... Really glad you prefer quality to quantity & money only. I use olive oil each day & try to drink for some events or weekends only but If I had a chance to find your label in a shop around, I'd LOOOVE to celabrate my ( not sure yet but.... apparently on a very good way to success) futur (gorgeous 2nd foal birth in 2010 with a bottle of one of your wines to taste it next weekend with a couple of friends & family ! So, you'd forgive me purhaps for beeing SO rude ? I wrote a note to one of your contacts for you last month I think but not sure if you had the message or not... In any case, I thank you for your messages & for the nice poetry you shared on my testimonials page here. I don't write poetry.........& can't draw or paint you something now (!) ( but if one day you are interested in unique & colourful designs for some bottles of your olive oil or wine... "breeding" ;-) I'm your girl !) So I decided to copy this email in yours. Have a lovely day Gentleman ! Cheers, Jacqueline "Princesspiedsnus" "

Emma Crabtree

"Victor is one of the warmest, enthusiastic Portuguese I have met. His dedication and love of his homeland in the Douro know no bounds. I feel privileged to have met Victor and be welcomed into his world. "

Sandra Schmidt

"Victor is a special person who knows what make the life better and health: Wine & Olive oil plus kindness, love, poetry and friendship! Success my friend - you deserve all the best!!! Take care, Sandra "

Clara Noble

"Ray and I spent the 12th and the 13th with Victor and other e-cademy friends in the Douro Valley. It was a wonderful experience and we thank Victor for his enthousiasm and his constant effort to make our stay an enjoyable one. People like Victor keep our belief in the goodness of the human kind and make life worth living! All the best Victor :) PS Great wine, by the way!"

Lars Larsson

"I visited Victor, his vineyards and stayed at his hotel in Douro Valley during 12-14 of June 2009. I can only say I´m glad I did. Thanks Victor for a great weekend with good food and lovely wines. Victor is a true friend of mine and I´m really glad that I have had and still have the opportunity to make his acquaintance."

Catherine Moralis

"Victor has made me very welcome on Ecademy. I sincerly hope we stay in touch! Warmest regards Catherine"


"VICTOR MARQUES is the European "Wine & Olive Oil" Promotion Star as well as a sensitive insightful Poet. One cannot help but notice his entrepreneurial and promotional finesse within the Ecademy CyberSpace CommUNITY. There has to be a natural appreciation for his European "Wine & Olive Oil " products passion. Here in the ancient abORIGINAL DreamTime Land of OZ (Australia) we too are proud of our great Aussie Wine/Olive growing and making traditions. What really caught my attention with Victor was his compassion and empathy for "Cancer CREATIVITY Champions" when he shared a poem as a personal Testimonial about the cancer challenge experience that is a worldwide epidemic ordeal for Humanity today requiring positive healing Solutions. +Michael A Riddell, Artist/Producer/Writer Global Village CREATIVITY CENTRE Australia "

Ozlem Uzman

"Great poem Victor. Thanks for expressing the magical healing power of giving... will be waiting for the new poems.. "

Melinda M. Sörensson

"Victor is a terrific businessman, a poet, and best of all a beloved friend with a heart as wide as the ocean. I am honored to be a part of Victor's circle :-) Muito obrigado, dear friend. Melinda M. Sorensson"

Barrie Cripps

"Victor is a great man. I enjoyed his company at the International WellBeing Festival held in Swansea, on May 8th 2009 hosted by Carolyn Williams Lifestyle Online. The wine and port I tasted during the event was of high quality. It was disappointing I could not drink them as I was driving."


"Dear Victor My husband and I finally got back home from Swansea and we had to say how lovely it was to meet you and we enjoyed your care and of course your glorious wines, cheeses and olive oil. They glow with the heart and soul of the producer. We will definitely be sharing your joy with our friends and neighbours here in the North of England. Please keep in touch! Claire"

Simon Jones "Web Wizard"

"I had the pleasure of meeting Victor last Friday and sampled some of his wines and olive oil and have to say they certainly are something else. Victor is a perfectionist regularly checking the wine's temperature and keeping people well away if he thinks it's a little too warm. Both he and his 'global ambassador' are very genuine and passionate about their region and the liquid gold they produce from it. They are a pleasure to network with and I would highly recommend a connection. We left with a bottle of the Don Paio Velho white and the Tawny Port. Both of which are exceptional quality and didn't last long this weekend. :) <hic>"

Liz Chukwu

"Hi Victor, It was lovely catching up with you yesterday at Carolyn William's event at the TwoCann cafe in Swansea. What gorgeous wines, olive oil and hospitality from you. I so appreciated your generous spirit and thank you for treating me to a cup of hot chocolate.:-) I look forward to seeing you again soon. Have a lovely day ahead and give my very best to your lovely wife and daughter. Kind regards and many blessings always Liz.x:-)"

Andrei Munteanu

"Victor, your presence on Ecademy is an outstanding source of "food for thought", first of all your poetry and your personality in general. I remain always grateful to my destiny for having granted me the chance to get to know you. Cheers, keep in touch :) "

Rob Killen

"Victor is a thoroughly decent man - kind and very sincere and one of the nicest people one could meet. His wines are fantastic too as I've had the chance to try them in the UK. He's a pleasure to have around Ecademy and I wish him and his family all the very best. I must now get my hands on some of his Olive Oil. Best wishes Victor, Rob."

bashi luxton

" Victor is a man of God hence the people. Bless him! I am truly honoured to be part of his network."

Bob Nicoll

"Victor, your warm heart is a precious gift. It is an honor to be coming to your beloved Douro Valley this June. Thank you so much for your hospitality and open door. You are a true networker and demonstrate the Givers Gain philosophy at a high level. Raising the bar begins with you. Big hug from Alaska, Bob "

Shawn Howard

"Victor, Thank you for accepting my contact request. I am impressed by your vast experience in wine as I myself enjoy it greatly and have over 3000 bottles. I look forward to connecting and learning more "

Dudley Quinlivan

"Hey Victor, Greetings from Australia buddy. I hope to keep up communications in the future! All the best, Dudley Quinlivan"

Lucien Meert

"Dear Victor, You are a great poet, a great friend and a very great man. I am glad to count you as one of my contacts in my network. You are a valuable part of it. A great connection, I appreciate !! Everybody would to have you in his network !! Best wishes. Lucien "

CharlieTheCoach Robertson

"He talks in rhyme when he promotes his wine A poet if you did not know it His verses are pleasing, he just adores teasing And believes if you've talent, just show it. You should get pally with the lad from Douro Valley His olive oil's better than norm If the weather is stinking, then just keep on drinking He has PORT you can drink in a storm. Charlie Robertson ps Raise a glass to Victor, one of the best guys I have ever had the privilege to meet "

Samier Saliegh

"Victor is a great networker and always keeps you informed and stays in touch."

Kenneth Payne

"Dear Explorer, Greatness called you and sometimes you do not recall, what it was that wakes us all up at night. Why do I cry so hard locking myself up as a genie in my own bottle, am I so scared of all my light? And then on that hungry day when we call out to uncork to ease the pain - a distant ship on the horizon. My fever... I can not explain this beauty with words - a sweet surrender, my sweat from my eyes on... Reds and maroons, waves silent from the toil, seeds from God, light greens sprung up for wine and oil. What else besides the poems of sex could I be in hear with our one ear listening to pressed up from the soil. I taste something, a golden heart - brave and strong - a silent Speed receiving In Grace I too often loose. I seek the comfort in the warmth of sharing our fine spiritual meal - with Victor bearing his passion - he is big news. Harmonic with the act of sacred secret sex - our eating and drinking life energy does open widely, sensual in between. Victor's friendship, not so distant between the colorful waves in my bottle, what a reflection of the dark via supreme. On those cold nights when I feel so alone in the illusion I call out to Victor a friend in harmony whose work is his love. We cook and we drink with a joy and cheer knowing deeply to give thanks, I raise my cup to Victor, before I shove. Godspeed in Grace! Ken "

Bux "Opening Doors" Shayeb

"Hi Victor, Thank you for connecting! Remember, 'if you are going to think, you might aswell thing BIG!' Bux Shayeb Head Trader"


"Welcome to my networks all the best"

L@i@ Olivier

"Such a wonderful gentleman and great networker Victor is, and I cannot even drink alcohol legally yet (well, in France I can). I do love organic olive oil and use it almost daily, even on my skin. It must be my Italian side. :) Ciao! "

Myriam M'Nasri

"Dear Victor, It's always a great pleasure to read you. You are positive and you always show me my way thanks to your suitable poems. It's like you read inside of me whenever I need your advices. Thank you so much for your sunny words. Look forward to reading you again. Warmest regards. Myriam "

Wilhelmus L.J. Habets

"Dear Victor, Thank you for connecting to me on Ecademy and it is a pleasure to make the acquaintance with a great networker as yourself I'm looking forward to share some ideas or doing business with you in the future. Should you require our assistance in any kind, please do not hesitate to contact me at : With kind regards, Wilhelmus L.J. Habets Victor is a great networker , friend , kind helper a true Ecademist ! My advise is to add him in your networking!"

Valentina Havranek

"Thanks for being in my network!"

Gordon Martin

"Victor is a kind and considerate person. I have met him through Melinda Sorensson, and it is both an honour and a privilege to be connected to him. He immediately puts you at yopur ease, and make you feel at home, almost as if you have known him for years. Thanks so much Victor. Kindest Regards, Gordon."

Margareth Martine Killick

"Dear Victor, Thanks for being in my network. Até breve par um contato e me explirar sobre a tua empresa. All the best Margareth"

David Lovell

"hi Victor, Many thanks for the kind words. I wish you and your family great abundance in all areas of your life. Brgds Dave"

Gerner Petersen

" Dear Victor Thanks to join me to your contacts and share network, its my pleasure to have you in my friends list. :) Feel to contact me, if you think there is something I can do for you. Kind Regards Gerner "

Ramesh Shankerlal

"Dear Victor! Wish you a journey full of Success in 2009! I feel Glad and Honoured to be connected with you and thank you for being in my network. You are one of my valued contacts Please keep in touch. I look forward to network with you. Best Wishes Ramesh Shankerlal +91 9413063021 Ransae Exim Join Now and explore your way to an Unlimited, monthly residual Income.....The fastest Growing Internet marketing Business. I recommend you join now to be on top of others. Launched 13 January 2009! "

Gyula Julius Reznicsek

"For the Friend Victor Thank you for your testimonial :) We know that you love your friends so much... :) We know that you seek importers... The Hungarian importer seek your official price list :) Be good and send it asap :) :)Julius The Openeyed Daydreamer "

George Joseph

"Dear Victor, Today is a remarkable day, made possible by ecademy and YOU. YOU have helped me achieve the dream of networking with over a thousand ecademicians from all over the world! Thank you for helping me along the way... While thanking you for your help, I invite you to visit our project in Palamaner. Or if you wish to know more about our work, please visit: Wishing you a meaningful Lenten season and with Gods abundant blessings. George"

Claudio Ghilardi

"Estimado Victor Gracias por su invitación deseando comunicarle que es un placer hacer parte de su network y asi mismo que Ud. lo sea en mis contactos de Ecademy. He apreciado mucho su interesante perfil y sus amistosas palabras. Espero podamos crear una buena comunicación para intercambiarnos ns ideas y propuestas, intentando juntos de realizar en común cosas validas y proficuas. Un saludo muy cordial y suerte en todo!. Claudio "

Roberto Lira

"I meet Victor for 5 seconds at his stand at SISAB. I knew straight away Victor is a special person full of life, love and always ready to offer strenght to anyone that cross his path. I am happy for Victor inviting me to this great network. Best wishes. Roberto"

Naima Benali

"It is a Great Honour and ditto Pleasure to be connected with Victor!"

Kiran K Bobba

"Hi Victor, Hope you are doing great,Nice to be connected with Mr.Wine! Kiran"

Lee Parent

"Thanks for connecting, Victor. It is my honor to be in your network. I enjoyed your profile and your pictures. It is a beautiful country where you live. I look forward to getting to know you. Lee"


"Dear Victor, I'm glad to be connected. You have a good profile which promises big things in the future. I rated you " Good" because liked you impressive profile,but if you're so kind please look at mine and put a testimonial for me also if I deserve one. The life is too beautiful and short to stay alone and not take the benefit of connections. The world is too large and with a lot of opportunities for everybody, but unfortunately only few people can see the "diamonds" from the sand. Meeting new people you'll surely be in a high advantage even few times you'll make bad choices. Let's start to make that difference. Looking into a log and both part benefit relation, and keep in touch. Sincerely best wishes from Romania, Ioan Clotea "

Patrizia Schneider

"It's an honor to be connected with Victor. He's intelligent and very kind. I wish him only the best. Many friendly regards Patty"

Asghar Ali Khatau

"I am honored to be connected to your network I look forward to our closer friendship and mutual business relationship. Bravo Victor - A born poet! Asghr Ali "

Ian Johnstone-Bryden

"Victor is a great networker and has such a passion for wine and olive oil as part of the beauty of the region in which he lives and works. Ian"

Veronika Patova

"Oh My God!!!What a lovely poem! No,I`d like to thank youfor being in my network!You are very positive person,such a great guy! And I`d love to share a glass of your special wine one day:-) Veronika x"

Mario Faustino

"21/02/2009 To whom it may concern I know Mr. Victor Marques from ecademy and as good wine dealer as well as a good intentioned poet! Mr. Victor Marques has a warm heart for people that pounds for hope and for the good and will not hesitate to put his business momentarily aside to tell you "God loves you!" as if he were His Messenger… If you sow good you will harvest good. This warmth comes from where the grapes and olives that make the wines and oil he deals with - a land at the end of the "rainbow", and if you just take a look at his profile you will know what I am talking about. I'm happy to have him as a friend and as an ecademist contact and I wish him happiness heath and success! Yours faithfully, mjf "

Manolis Orfanoudakis

"Glad to be connected and that you are part of my circle of friends. You are a valuable part of my network, and thank you for being part of ecademy. Sincerely, Manolis"

Eva Erdmann

"Victor Marques is a very professional business man who has his unique ways of communicating with others.I like his happy poems and I can relate to him in many ways.He is kind and passionate indyvidual who has heart and soul full of love for other people and for everything what surrounds him.I'm happy to have Victor Marques in my network. Eva Erdmann"

Jari O. Kaasinen

"Hopefully I've opportunity to visit in Douro Valley...... It know that Victor is a great part of my network in future... Have a Sunny Week, JariO."

Radka Kozielova Counselling Service

"Having you in mlifey Gives me something to crow about You are thoughtful and sincere Of this I have no doubt You deserve all the love And admiration that I have for you Because you are the kind of person I can turn to I hope you know You are a very special person to me love Radka"

Carlos José Pedrosa

"The Ecademy community is large and dynamic because it is formed by people like Victor Marques, who, moreover, is from land of my ancestors. Great Victor Marques! Your strength and your human wisdom inspire us. We have much ground ahead! May God we have your company still for long here in Ecademy. A big and fraternal hug from Maceió, Brazil, to Lisbon, Portugal of my grandparents. Carlos José Pedrosa Maceió, BRAZIL"

Lys Nguyen

"Dear Victor, I'm honoured to get connected with you. A very kind-hearted and enthusiastic gentleman! :) All the best, Lys"

Yvonne van Dyck

"Dear Victor, you received so many testimonials in a writen form - so let me give you one with this personal VIDYOO for you! (EN JOY 1 minute) Yvonne Thankyoo - initiative for a successful AND fulfilled life "


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