Amanda Vlahakis

Amanda Vlahakis

Graphic Designer and Illustrator, Truly Ace Design


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No delays, no excuses, just good customer service. - I have been offering high quality graphic design and illustration services to small businesses for over 9yrs. I have many lovely clients and would be delighted to take on more :) Services include logo design, stationery design, brochure, flyer and poster design, exhibition display design, front end web design and much more. - I work with a wide range of industries to provide them everything they need to market their business.

Time permitting (and I can usually squeeze people in), I'll happily design for FREE for registered charities.

I love movies - some of my favourites are: The Painted Veil, The Princess Bride, Gone With The Wind, Seven Brides For Seven Brothers, Dawn Of The Dead (both the original and 2004 remake are amazing), Day Of The Dead, Evil Dead I, II, and III, The Cube, Pin, Calamity Jane, The Lost Boys, Aliens, Bob Hope movies especially The Cat and The Canary, The Man In The Iron Mask, Overboard, The Slipper and The Rose, Disneys Beauty and The Beast, The Handmaids Tale (and the book)....a ton more....


The Stand- Stephen King IT - Stephen King Intensity -Dean Koontz Flowers In the Attic Series of 4 books -Virginia Andrews Every other Virginia Andrews book (My Sweet Audrina, the Heaven series) Phantom - Susan Kay - In my opinion the best book ever written - haunting and beautiful life to death story of the phantom of the opera. Watchers - Dean Koontz The Talisman - Stephen King Night Warriors - Graham Masterton




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Ebru Ulufer

"I haven't yet met Amanda in person but I have been reading her blogs/comments since I have joined Ecademy nearly 3 years ago. She is a very smart person, I find myself agreeing with all the comments she makes. If we met, I am sure we would get along very well :-) You must definitely visit her TrulyAce design website. Her work is VERY impressive. If I need a graphic designer in the future, I would be delighted to work with her because I know that she will create something fabulous and her service will be very professional. She is now working towards a special cause together with Kevin Allen to feed the orphans in Africa. A very special lady, a decent and kind person and a huge asset for Ecademy. Best wishes Amanda. Ebru "

Andrew Widgery

"I have never (yet) had the pleasure to meet with Amanda but her consistent on-line activities and dialogue have always struck me as full of integrity. The fact that so many speak so highly of her professional skills in her design work never surprises me and when you read through the long list of testimonials from some real heavyweight Networkers, merely confirms to me what a great woman she is. I highly recommend anyone seeking a professional in every sense of the word, connects with Amanda."

Tariq Fayyaz

"I have seen Amanda webpage and liked her work specially boutique babylon."

Lilach Bullock

"I have worked with Amanda for well over a year now, and I have always been thrilled with the results she has delivered. We recently worked on a rebranding project, and I love her style and how she seems to know exactly what we're looking for! She is always an absolute pleasure to deal with, I would not hesitate to use her in future endeavours. I would emphatically recommend her to anyone with designing needs!"

Stina Jones

"I'm pleased to count Amanda as one of my contacts here on Ecademy."

Zia UK Mazumder

"Amanda is warm, friendly, great networker and introducer of people. It is an absolute pleasure to have someone so sincere as a part of my network. Looking forward to creating great successes together in near future. "

Manoj Vijayan

"Amanda and I are in similar fields but I have so much to learn from her--and she always gives unstintingly! Amanda, you rock!!! :-) Bestest wishes Manoj"

Kevin "Banana Man" Allen

"Amanda is simply one of those people who it's a pleasure to know. She is an exceptional graphic designer and goes out of her way to deliver amazing work. Amanda designed a website and logo for Save the Zulu and the end result was well beyond my expectations. The key messages really stand out, the logo is awesome and the colour scheme fabulous! I could never have visulaised these elements at the outset and the end result is fantastic. Amanda's work was not only brilliant, but will go on to save many young children for years to come. My deepest thanks. Kevin "

John Edmonds

"A brilliant mine of information in relation to search engine optimisation - Amanda has very kindly set me straight on many issues. A person well-worth knowing and an asset to any member's personal network."


"Great design, awsome interaction, quality work and timely delivery! Amy, you're the one! "

Suhad Jarrar-Browne

"If you are looking for a great marketing tips and graphic design, look no further, Amanda will sort it out for you with the most helpful and professional manner,,, Amanda is creative, friendly and has a fantastic honest approach towards business and people,,,, while i am organising the marketing campaign for my book Amanda has been wonderful in giving me advices and pin points core issues to my attention,,,,she goes to further extend to help, she is willing to devote time and puts efforts to serve her clients in the best possible way,,,, and for all what you did so far, i cant thank you enough Amanda I also know Amanda as a caring nice mother who juggles life work with a great balance without compormising on any side I, without hesitation, would recommend Amanda to you all,,,, wish you and your young family all the best Amanda :-) "

Jeff Bateman

"Hi Amanda, Liked reading your Bog about the peace symbol - very interesting. I look forward to meeting up some time. BEST Jeff "

Andrew G. Allen

"Glad to be connected!"

Dylan Jones

"I well and truly dropped Amanda right in it. We had been given 3 days to create a logo and branding to help advertise our online communities to 15,000 professional organisations worldwide. I pinged her an email on the Friday - help I cried! She responded promptly and the ball began to roll, very quickly. I gave her some vague ideas from the depths of my inferior creative being for what we were trying to convey. She nailed our logo in the first draft, absolutely flawless design and perfect for our particular niche. (This was on Saturday). She tweaked on the Sunday and everything we needed was ready for Monday. We met the deadline with time in hand and 15,000 people are now clicking on our logo as we speak (well, one lives in hope!). Members are emailing to say they love the new logo. (How often are IT professionals impressed by logos!!!) Does it get any better than this? I doubt it. Thanks again Amanda, Dylan Jones"

Ian Boyd-Livingston

"Amanda has an unerring ability to tune into a customer's thoughts. She designed the logo and web banner for Without prior knowledge of microfinance, just based on my input, she created a logo that is the essence of what microfinance is about. It is tempting to think that one can "have a go" at logo design but to me the results of working with Amanda are the clearest example of why one should pay a professional. Wonderful! "

Andy Lunn

" Amanda was helpful from the moment we first networked. Willing to give me some very useful advice, I appreciate it a lot thanks Amanda, all the best to you and your business.! Andy. Film & Video Production."

Carolyn Williams

"Amanda now knows I hold A National Customer Care Award. I have added Exceptional Customer Service training to that package. I am always on the look out for good examples of Customer Excellence here on ecademy. Being forever creative I also love looking at new logo branding. Amanda Vlahakis owner of Trulyace' design is such an example. I asked Amnada to look at ideas for capturing a Corporate Wellbeing image for a series of seminars I am doing in the Autumn. She delivered examples with a fresh style. I wish YOU and your Business continued growth and success. Carolyn Carolyn Williams Corporate Wellbeing - Coaching for Lifestyle Changes "

Philip Calvert

" Yet again Amanda has gone out of her way to help us - and has created an exciting new version of our logo. Take a look at the image on the left. I can't recommend Amanda Vlahakis highly enough for her logo design. "

James Knight

"Fantastic fun-loving optimist, outgoing and gregarious, deals with everybody in an upbeat way, a very charming and persuasive High Yellow!"

Jeremy "Open Source" Tarrier

"Despite the geographical distance and time difference between us (UK to Singapore, GMT +8 hours), Amanda has been incredibly responsive to my messages. Her advice and expertise has helped me tremendously in taking my logo project from concept to reality. I can thoroughly recommend her if you have any graphic design needs. Thanks a million Amanda!"

Chris Beamish

"Amanda has taken the time to offer me free advice and it is very much appreciated. I know where to come if I need a graphic designer. Thanks."

Bruce King

"Great lady, great designer, great networker, amazing blogger and probably great at everything else too - so very highly recommended. "

Thomas Power

"Huge contributor to Ecademy. Recommended for her design work."

Scott Taylor

"Always helpful and friendly Amanda as provided me with some good feedback on and from looking at her profile and website I have to say I am impressed with the content on each and the quality of Amanda's design work. "

ChristopherDonald Hays

"Just thought you might appreciate a little rating, ha ha. Let me know when you want to text me... Roll & Bowl ® Chris D. Hays"

Chinwe Russell

"Excellent profile"

John A Booth

"Amanda is a bright, attractive and highly focussed individual, who clearly sets high objectives and works tirelessly to achieve her goals. In addition to her evident professional expertise she is a relaxed and friendly communicator, with whom one can converse easily and enjoyably. Amanda has also been extremely helpful, sharing her knowledge and experience, for which I am very grateful. A great person to know and have in my network. "

Victor Marques

"Amanda is a fantastic networker! Thanks a lot for being a true ecademist in the real sense of the word! Life is about farming not hunting! The seeds will grow, then we have forests... I raise my full glass of wine to a master of connections! Kindest reagrds from Douro Valley! Victor Marques"

Maki Kosaka

"Amanda is very opened, kind, sensitive and Yes Beautiful!!! And not only that, of course, her works are fantastic!!! If you haven't seen her work yet, should have a look them NOW!!! She is full of talents!!! We all will soon see her wonderful works in all over the world!! I am very happy to be a member of her network. Thank you Amanda. Wishing your super life!!! Maki"

Kevin Parker

"Amanda has a great virtual ear adn could be a great virtua Marjorie Proops agony aunt. Cheers Amanda"

Lilach Bullock

"I have recently been working with Amanda as she has been designing various things for me. Not only is she lovely but her work is fantastic, I absolutely love Amanda's style. She truly is an exceptional graphic designer and comes highly recommended. Thank you so much - I love the work you have done for me Lilach"

Regina Törn

"Amanda is a very friendly person and she has a lovely sence of humor. It is a pleasure to network with her."

J William (Bill) Moore, HFTC

"Amanda is a good Communicator! Truly knows the value of building a networking relationship and how to keep people's interest with sincere conversation! I look forward to working with Amanda in the near future! Smiles and best wishes always, Bill"

Penny Webster-Brown

"Amanda is a great communicator and a pleasure to network with."

Maurice Poole

"Amanda is a great networker. She seeks ways to help anyone that crosses her path. She is friendly, thoughtful, appreciative and has a sense of humour. What else is needed to be an asset in one's network?"

Yovina Mooroogiah-Jones

"Amanda is a very friendly and helpful person. Her help was very much appreciated. Best wishes, Yovina "

Lucy Grafham

"Always helpful and friendly. Thanks for the warm welcome Amanda."

Liam Twose

"Very kind comments on our website and furniture :)"

Steve Eyton-Jones

"Amanda put in loads of energy into running her club which is one of the best on Ecademy. Her design work also looks great!"

Mike Boss

"Amanda is not only an excellent and creative designer, but she'll go out of her way to help others and let them benefit from her knowledge and input. Mike"

Nathan Roberts

"Have collaborated with Amanda on several projects including, I find her easy to work with and the level of communication is brilliant both with myself and my clients, which for me is of the utmost importance!! Nathan"

Olga Lapshinova

"Amanda is a great professional. She is very fast to reply and she cares of her customers a lot. "


"Fantastic Logo Designer with a great eye for detail and creativity! Keep up the great work Amanda! Xx Bimpe Temowo"

Ian Stirling

"Amanda created a logo for me free for Everything Leisure which has still to develop into a true business. I truly respect her for never pushing me to give her paid work as she just accepts when it does take off that I will employ her services for the design. If you are looking for a genuine designer who will help you create an image for your business in line with your budget you really should chat with Amanda. A nice lady to do business with! "

Ajish Cheriyan

"Amanda is very kind and open minded person.... I wish all success in her life. Regards Ajish"

Richard Derwent Cooke

"Amanda... I have 'Gooded' you as I keep noticing the humnaity and kindness in your posts. Keep it up!"

Mark Baker (speaker )

"Amanda is a fantastic person and a popular ecademy member, ecademy is what it is because of people like Amanda :)"

Sally Lever

"Thanks Amanda for your help today for my budding graphic designer son. We welcome your valuable input and views from someone who's been down the self-taught route and succeeded. Have a great weekend :)"

Csaba Biro - Futures Trading

"Amanda is a huge asset, she has created a logo for our organisation and I am very happy with that. She also has an ethical approach which I greatly appreciate. I can recommend her to everyone. Thank you, Amanda."

David Hall

"Amanda has been an absolute superstar! The banner she made for my charity website was simple, yet to the point and I am sure it will be very effective. And all this was delivered in a day! What more can you ask for? I won't hesitate to recommend her services to friends, family and colleagues. Thank you Amanda :)"

Philip Calvert

" Amanda's reputation as a graphic designer was enough for IFA Life to ask her to create a fresh, new identity. Her interpretation of what we wanted was spot on and we couldn't be more happy with the work she has done for us. Any business that's looking to build its brand and identity will benefit by talking to Amanda at Truly Ace."

Leigh Hunt "Internet Mumpreneur"

"Thank you Amanda! I can't praise Amanda enough. She was a pleasure to work with and designed a logo, and subsequently corporate identity, that I can be very proud of. Amanda took great care to understand my business philosophy before she got started on the designs, and I love the fact that she is very upfront about costs etc. As a small business start-up I valued knowing where I stood right from the start."

Christian DE NEEF

"°º¤ø,¸¸,ø¤º°`°º¤ø,¸¸,ø¤º° TOP NETWORKER º¤ø,¸¸,ø¤º°`°º¤ø,¸¸,ø¤º° "

Ebru Ulufer

"Thank you for your help Amanda, very much appreciated ! I am glad that you are in my network :-) Ebru Ulufer Personal Development Coach "

Roger Vanstone

"I thought that I had done this a very long time ago but apparently not so here goes. Not only is Amanda a very talented designer, great club leader and networker whilst being a terrific mother she is also one very switched on business person. Amanda has attended several of our Business Brainstorming meetings and has the knack of asking those searching questions and whilst giving some wonderful clear thinking on very difficult and complex issues. I hear that she loves a party too, especially if there's a butler about."

Dan Stuchbury

"My new logo is fantastic, and fits the business perfectly. The brief was short, and I wasn't sure if I had included enough information, but how wrong could I be. It is clear that Amanda took the time to undertand my business, and her interpretation was absoultely spot-on. I can't recommend Amanda or Truly Ace highly enough. You will receive a service that is absolutely second to none, and you'll be delighted with the result. Seriously."

Martin Bysh

"Amanda has worked on all of our most important projects over the last two years, and has without fail managed to turn our often vague, and never clear enough instructions into brilliant designs that somehow seem to be what we wanted all along. Quite a talent! Great service, clever and attractive designs, huge insight. Completely recommended."

Lisa Arthur

"On Andy Preston's recommendation, I contacted Amanda for a few pieces of design work. More importantly for the design of the logo and web template for my new internet marketing training company. Amanda delivered a logo and concept that was absolutely fabulous. I would highly recommend her to those who are looking for something unique and different - a real refreshing break from the dullness that ordinary designers deliver. A great job well done, in much less time than I thought and with a great price. What more could I ask??? Best wishes Lisa "

Andy Preston

"I'm already a big fan of Amanda and her work and she already gets not only my work, but also ALL my referrals for design. Why? Because her designs are terrific, her service and prices are amazing, she always delivers the goods and she is already one of my most trusted suppliers. However, recently she surpassed my already-very-high rating of her. Due to technical problems, I was up against a very tight deadline suppling an advert for a one-off special magazine (which I'd paid £1000's for). Amanda drafted a terrific ad that explained my services fantastically well (from my very "brief" brief!), and liased and co-ordinated the whole project with the magazine on my behalf - while I was able to relax - on a beach in Gran Canaria! I can't say how much I appreciated this - not only did the advert get placed in the magazine in time but it looks fantastic and I'm absolutely certain I'll be getting a lot of calls from it. Amanda - I can't thank you highly enough - I owe you, big time!!! "

Younas Aamir

"You can get quality graphics design work from Amanda Younas Aamir"

Mark Baker (speaker )

"A wonderful and a sincere person , and an absolute asset as a networking companion"

Ian R McAllister

"This is the second testimonial I have written about Amanda - and the only problem with the eCad system is that I can't rate her above "1": because she is absolutely one of the best, both in her attitude and approach to networking, and her professional work. Have no doubts about her - she does far more than it says on the packet!"

Torsten Kinzelt

"Amanda is an excellent networker, can suggest contacts that are relevant straight away. Do network with Amanda! "

Rob Smith [Web]

"Amanda produces fantastic work and I am happy to be working with her and look forward to pushing many illustration projects her way. Superb and friendly contact and very efficient service. :)"

Christophe Vancoillie

"Amanda is as fantastic as she looks ! She's very helpful, enthusiastic and always ready to help, ask, give advice. In order words she's a contact person you need to have in your network ;-) "

James Rock

"Amanda is helpful and enthusiastic as well as having a real talent for design and great service..."

James Rock

"Amanda is helpful and enthusiastic as well as having a real talent for design and great service..."

Rob 'The Strategist' Coop

"Amanda is a fantastic lady. Friendly, clever and great, great fun. If you get the chance to spend some time with Amanda then do it. A fantastic learning experience."

Liz Wilson

"Although I've yet to benefit from Amanda's design service she responded astonishingly quickly and very helpfully, at a silly time in the evening, to a request I sent to her. I hope I'll have the opportunity to work with Amanda in future as her exceptional customer service no doubt reflects a great work ethic and excellent offering. "

Neil Urquhart

"I echo what has been said before. Amanda is a great Ecademist. Very friendly, a great networker and great fun to boot...and I haven't even met her yet! "

Nicola Cooper-Abbs

"Amanda is one of those business people I love, passionate about what she does and dedicated to helping her customers by going the extra mile. I'd recommend you contact her. "

Melanie Blakeley

"Outstanding work, Amanda creates original concepts that Truely understand the design brief, excellent communication a pleasure to deal with !. No hesitation in recommending Amanda. If you need a logo you need Truely ace."

Eric "Business Scene" Hearn

"Amanada is a great Ecademist. Enthusiastic, dedicated, very hard working and a great designer. All of this balanced with two children - some accomplishment. Eric Hearn Atlas Group"

Dean Craven

"My experience with Amanda - limited exposure - maximum impact. Hope to work with her more in the future."

Mike Marlor

"Great communication, and great designer. Highly recommended."

Graham Baylis

"Just seen the latest site that Amanda has done and thought it was really good and crisp, very easy to read and to the point."

Brian Vacha

"All I can say about Amanda is: Top Notch! Willing to go the extra mile (or meter!) to help. Certainly someone I would be willing to refer or work with! "

Gloria Payge VAMC

"This girl is gifted. Before writing this testimonial, I have researched her work and monitored her progress. She gives of her all to her community of fellow Ecademians - is there such a word? But she still remains true to her core values and her family. If you want to work with someone who is delightful to deal with, choose Amanda. You won't be disappointed and you'll have an excellent logo or web design as well!! Keep doing what you're doing Amanda, because you are definitely on the right track to ultimate resounding success! Gloria."

Freddy Daems

"Amanda is a brilliant lady : she only needs little information to create a logo, fully adapted to your business situation. Thanks Amanda "

Geoffrey Ellis

"Amanda takes a brief, no matter how woolly, and delivers something that is spot on! Not only does the work surpass expectations, but speed of delivery and client contact are exemplary - if only this level of service was delivered by more people. Love the ideal of Lifetime support too! Geoff Ellis"

Martin Bysh

"Amanda grasped our needs instantly and produced a very clever logo that simply summed up our business. Can't ask for more than that! Many Thanks, Martin "

Fiona Joseph

"Amanda is a true star. We asked her to do a logo for a new venture and were so impressed with the quality of her designs and the speed and efficiency with which she works. Amanda has a knack of making you feel she's on your side. What a great person to team up with for your design needs! We'll definitely be asking for her help again."

Sue Browning

"Amanda is just brilliant - she captured the spirit of my rather vague brief and hit the nail on the head first time. Thank you. Sue"

Rehan "Arabian Property" Khaled

"Amanda is a helpful and lovely networker. An asset to Ecademy!!!"

Dennis T G Tan

"Amanda is so attractive and adorable. Her replies are often with such lengths and substance, make me often feel like we are family members, perhaps 500 years ago. Thank you, Amanda, for agreeing to race again! Love, -Dennis T G Tan"

Susie Edwards

"Amanda is a very talented young lady indeed. Her attention to client need is amazing, she hit the mark with a very short brief and delivery was fast. If you need a web-site or graphic design check out the truly ace website, its affordable and very chic. Thank you Amanda for all your help with my project."

Adam Sargant

"Excellent artwork Amanda, thank you - folks, Amanda has a knack of realising your brief very promptly and with unerring accuracy. And you feel like you are dealing with someone who has a genuine interest in meeting your requirements."

Glenn Watkins

"Amanda has great creative talent - she has helped us on a few occasions with artwork for Ecademy, Amanda is also a great networker who understands the "winning by sharing" values. I highly recommend Amanda's services. Glenn Watkins Chief Executive Ecademy - Connecting Business People "

Rajen Business & Digital Coach & Mentor Kantaria

"Amanda combines humour with business, without losing the quality of either !! A great person to have in your network."

Shamus Doherty

"I sent a request for a logo design late in the afternoon with a brief which was very basic, however within the hour a reply had come asking a few deeper questions. I left at that expecting the work to take a few days but low and behold on my email first thing the following morning was a design which was more than I could have expected. Now a client and would recommend Amanda with regards speed and advice. Shay"

Jim Simpson

"Amanda has some great ideas on the impact of design and graphics on your website. "

Pranav Pandya

"Hi, I have known her as a kind hearted & good person. I sincerely wish that she works with us more closely towards achieving our mutual benefit. Regards, Pranav"

Susie Edwards

"Amanda creates some amazing illustrations and has a very supportive attitude. Thanks for making my first week with ecademy so cool."

Dennis T G Tan

"Dear Amenda, I am grateful that you become my partner towards reaching my goals - making it so much more fun and LOL. You have a great personality that I know anyone who is in your network will come away enriched. Many thanks to you, and much success in the future for you and your family. Love, -Dennis T G Tan"

Mike Boss

"Fantastic networker, went out of her way to help us, thanks again Amanda!"

Alex Taylor

"Amanda, thanks for the help with the logo, really appreciate it."

Satin Dattani

"you're a genuine and sincere networker, thank you :)"

Babs Saul

"What a wonderful logo for adf - perfectly embodies the spirit. Hope to work with you sometime . Barbara"

Jim Tuffin

"Thanks Amanda for submitting a logo for the Asian Disaster Foundation. They were both very professional and we will be using them in a forthcoming item. Thanks again, great work ... and so quick as well! Regards Jim"

Haseeba Saban

"Great networker ! Thank you Amanda - looking forward to meeting you some time soon :) Haseeba"


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