Victor Lindesay

Victor Lindesay


I am a freelance Microsoft consultant / developer specialising in XML and Web Services. My most recent project is SchemaWeb, a directory of RDF schemas featuring Dr Ont's Semantic Spout. A brief history: 1953 Born Lagos, Nigeria. I spent my youth in both UK and West Africa until my father retired in 1975. 1972 - 1975 Downing College, Cambridge. 3 delightful years studying at Cambridge. Graduated with a "gentleman's" degree in Mathematics and Social Anthropology. 1977 - 1996 Ran my own light haulage business in London. Your life in their vans! 1997 - Started at the bottom again as a junior Visual Basic programmer. Moved into XML and internet programming in 1998. Went freelance in 1999. Now offering consultancy and training in XML and .Net.



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