Warren Cass

Warren Cass

Founder & CEO, Business Scene Membership Ltd


Business Scene is a Business Support Network for SME’s, Start Up’s
and Entrepreneurs.

We are a membership organisation with a strong/market leading benefit led proposition providing knowledge, tools & opportunities for our members.

For just £195 plus vat per annum you get;

  • Free monthly networking (No hidden costs)
  • Legal Advice (Tax, Employment, Health & Safety, Contracts)
  • Legal Expenses Insurance (More comprehensive than FSB)
  • Sales Data (Targeted Leads based on your criteria/demographics)
  • Access to Regus Business Lounges (Free Tea/Coffee & Wifi)
  • Free Subscription to Elite Business Magazine (Save)
  • Plus much much more

We are not interested in lobbying. Our focus is you and your GROWTH.

Come and join us at an event near you.




Twitter: @warrencass
Skype: warrencass
Website URL: http://www.Business-Scene.com/Home
Blog URL: http://www.warrencass.com

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Jolene Phillips

"I had the pleasure of meeting Warren last night @ Mercedez Swansea Business Scene event, and may I say what a warm, welcoming, helpful gentleman he is. He made time to speak to me even though he was busy making sure every body else was happy. I can not say enough good words about Warren so I'll stop before it sounds like I'm drooling!. Many thanks Warren, I'll be in touch.... Jolene the Data Queen"

Ogo Ogbata: Creative Consultant

"Warren is a really friendly, polite and generous man who gave me some help and encouragement with a seminar I was putting together recently. I'm glad he's proved that it is still possible to succeed in business without being mean and selfish!"

Ferdinand Felix Casantusan

"Warren is a highly appreciative, open-minded, optimistic and a responsive ecademist. :)"

Robert Ames

"Warren is sincere, honest, well connected and helpful. He is also an Adventurer with an incredibly positive mental attitude, which makes him great fun to work with. I'd be delighted to work with Warren any day and I refer him wholeheartedly to all ecademists. "

Lutti Anderholm

"Fantastic people like Warren symbolize what ecademy┬┤s all about!! Lutti"

Roel Holland

"Warren is a real person who can guide you to success. It's great to be in his network. Roel"

Nigel Watson

"A fantastic character and personality that everyone should take the time to meet. A true entrapreneur in that he is focussed, gritty, intelligent, values his network, humble and incredibly funny and good fun to be around. He's also a good friend. "

Ann Moore

"He's a smashing man ... Driven, committed, professional, entrepreneurial with integrity and a good big heart.... We met when he was organising and managing events... he did a great job then and still does... .he knows what it takes to make sponsors and clients happy ...what they want and need ..he can also motivate people to turn up and thats a skill in itself. ..... Business Scene is a natural extension of that . Open, warm, genuine he works like hell for others as well as himself ...no matter how busy he is.. if he can help he will. Warren knows all about the final mile ....he lives and breathes it I can't wait to celebrate his success .. "

Chey Mann

"Lovely friendly guy who has the makings of success!"

Victor Marques

"Warren is a giver and a fantastic asset with great ideas to share...you are a master of great things...Thank you so much for the time that we spent at Guildford Porche event...I wish that all your wishes will come true in a windy day... Kindest regards from the best region for Port Wine! Douro Valley! Victor Marques"

Rod Sloane

"Warren Cass is a star. However he has little of no ego and is friendly and approachable, make contact with the man. Watch out for his business, Business Scene, it's really going places."

Ian Plumbley

"Inspirational, motivational, focussed, driven and accomplished... in addition this guy knows about connecting, developing and supporting businesses and local networks... and to crown it all he is one top guy... good company and an excellent socialite... Go out of your way to meet this guy, you may not be hit like a thunder bolt immediately, however, spend some time with him and you will be hit by a stealth bomber... he is worth the effort to get to know in so many ways... PS. He will make it big some day soon so get in quick, unless you want to play golf with a millionaire... ;)"

Fraser Hay

" I've known Warren a couple of years now, and try to lend a helping hand as and when I can, but one thing is for sure - He is a man on purpose, with a solution that the marketplace needs, and best of all - He's the consummate professional as well. One of the few on here, I rate very highly. (and believe me I don't say that very often on here.) "

Simon Joss

"I attended the Hertfordshire Ecademy Event recently where Warren did a talk. I've met the man a few times now and find him very forthcoming and approachable. Yet after he had finished his talk, it confirmed that he is also a fantastic entrepreneur with a sound knowledge of many industries affecting our business today. It is a pleasure to know you Warren and wish you continued success with the Business Scene and future ventures. Best regards Simon "The Chair Man" Joss"

Massimiliano Turci

"Warren, Thank you for the wonderful day you have organized. The 3rd BlackStar Birthday was a great event. You have organized it very well. We need more people like you! Take care, Max "

Jeff Macklin

"What a Bash, Warren did us proud By arranging an excellent 3rd year Birthday bash Jeff"

Dexter Moscow

"Warren, What a wonderful day. Thank you for arranging the 3rd year Birthday bash. Food was excellent, so was the house wine and the venue really was buzzing. Fantastic attention to detail. Brilliant networking also. Superb organisation, Warm regards Dex and Fran"

Melanie Tyler

"Warren is an inspiration to me. He is resourceful, kind, considerate and genuinely wants to help others succeed - and knows his stuff! He has provided incredible insight into where my business is heading, and those of whom I consider close - for that I am very grateful. I look forward to see him truly succeed the way he deserves to and continue to be inspired."

mark wing

"The ship's captain (hence the picture, taken on the bridge of one of his ships). Warren will make sure everything runs smoothly. That's why I am looking forward to the Blackstar bash on Thursday!"

Marcus Cauchi Sales Management Training

"Experts make the difficult seem easy. Warren does this. He organises eye-wateringly complex events which run smoothly. When things go wrong, guests never know. He's built up Business Scene from scratch and attracted tens of thousands of real members by thinking about what his customers actually want, drawn in sponsorship and appealed to existing communities of likeminded businesspeople to draw in their communities as members. His vision is inspiring to contribute to and to be part of. It's rare that someone continues to impress each time you meet them. On every occassion I've met Warren he left me feeling that he actually knew his onions and that he'd do what he said he would. And then ... he did! You're known by the promises you keep, not the ones you make! Thanks Warren. "

Judith Germain

"Warren is an amazing entrepreneur, strategic, wise, dynamic with fantastic business acumen. On top of that he is a great guy, warm, caring and witty. All of Warren's businesses deliver! Conversations with this serious networker is insightful and challenging. If you want to enjoy networking and have fun learning new things then you must connect with Warren."

Rory Woolridge

"If you have not had a 1-2-1 with Warren yet...why not. Warren is enthusiastic and passionate about what he does...It will rub off, give him a call. Have fun Rory Woolridge"

Thomas Power

"One of the greatest Networkers I have observed in action over a long period of time. Time is the ultimate test, Warren more than makes the grade. "

Neil Urquhart

"Not only is Warren great fun to hang out with, he's a fantastic organiser of events and a talented entrepreneur. I've found him to very helpful in terms of advice and connections and he's a consumate networker. Check out Business Scene on the web and also attend an event on the Havengore and you'll see what I'm talking about. Somebody you must connect with on Ecademy. "

John F Galvin

"Great guy who has a natural charm and a flair for organising people and events. He really is a dynamic, genuine and open professional whom I am happy to know."

Mike "Freddie" Gordon

"Dynamic .. magnetic... energetic and attractive ... which explains why his Business Scene is going places. And in the new slim-line format ;) .. I'm sure he's doing a great job on the Domestic scene too ! Don't you just hate love these kids on ecademy :):):) A BlackStar of Distinction ! XXXX"

Claude Bonte

"A brilliant event organiser decicated to making a difference ! Keep it up !"

Robert WoW De Souza

"I have known Warren for some time. I have seen how many of my good friends have benefitted from his talent, warmth and caring nature. I am delighted to be part of his network and wish him every success."

Victor Marques

"I met Warren in one of BlackStar events. Im very happy and glad for having such a master of networking near me. It is a true ecademist in the real sense of the word! He is a contact that you cant miss. Warm regards! Victor Marques "

Thomas Power

"Always moving at pace and with a thousand things going on at once Warren is hard to keep up with. He is exciting, well connected, proactive continually in his movements and amiable to be around. A sense of charm with a stinging wit make him a must have in your Network. Thoroughly recommended. "

Andy Preston

"What a great bloke with great business acumen and fantastic ideas. I'm proud to be connected to him and admire his solid business know-how and his very personable nature. It didn't suprise me to learn that Warren is someone who is very successful in business and is a valued connection for people that i trust and value on here. A "must" connect - thank you Warren! "

Stephen Harvard Davis

"I've attended an event organised by Warren and was very impressed by the professional way it was run. As a networker Warren is a "Must meet" and is warm and generous with his time and his advice and most of all is great fun. "

Tom Evans

"Warren is one of the most professional, intelligent and gracious networkers you will meet on this platform. I am really proud to have him in my network and as an advocate. He is great company too and someone you can trust in front of your own clients. Great to collaborate with you Warren and I wish you every success with Business Scene - no less than you deserve for the dedication and work you have put in."

Debbie Tarrier

"Ignoring the fact it's all been said before in his many testimonials and feeling guilty it's taken me far too long to add to them... Connecting to Warren can only enhance your business & networking experience. For such a driven guy, he's disarmingly warm, friendly & giving and I consider myself lucky to also count him as a great friend. :)"

Eric "Business Scene" Hearn

"I was recommended to meet Warren last year, since when I have seen him at work and at play. He is a great event organiser, true networker, fiercely competitive and fun to be around. As part of Warrens 'Business Scene' organisation (www.business-scene.com) I look forward to the fun ahead. I would recommend Warren to anyone at any level and if you are not connected to him then you need to be."

Matthew Duggan

"A pleasure to work with. The event Warren created was excellent and enjoyed by everyone. On a personal level, Warren is a generous and intelligent guy who would be an asset to anyone's network. I look forward to working with him again in the future."

Michael McNulty

"Warren is one of the most generous people on Ecademy both with his time and effort. He has a wicked sense of fun and is a great guy to have a drink or three with. Get into his gang if you want to enrich your life. His business ideas are often implemented and sustained. A serious player methinks."

Jason Elton

"Great guy to do business and network with. Understanding of your needs to network effectively. Thanks for your help. Jason"

Martin Dewhurst

"Warren is the consumate networker, his inclusive nature helps him to deliver value everywhere he goes and in the short time we've known one another, he's always delivered on his commitments. Warren, thank you for being an inspiration. Martin"

Nick Ingram

"Not only is Warren prepared to listen carefully, he is prepared to help as well. Connected like no other, I regard him as a friend, and I'm glad for that."

Malcolm Tullett

"What a nice guy but that's not all. He oozes enthusiasm and it's infectious. Like Mark (below), I look forward to working with him, for a long time to come."

Mark Eaton

"Warren is a pleasure to work with - a clear vision, a very inclusive style, an ability to articulate complex subjects easily and a very approachable style. I look forward to working with Warren for a long time.......connect with him if you want to be successful!"

John Cave

"Warren is one of the people that make ecademy such a great place. I had the opportunity to spend some time with Warren recently, and what a pleasure it was. He is a born businessman, coupled with integrity, sincerity and energy - watch out! Some great stories and successes already in the bag, Warren is aiming for the skies - he'll get there."

Guy Massey

"Warren is such a happy person! Always smiling, laughing and entertaining - is there nothing that can bring this man down? Probably not. Warren's attitude and approach to every task seems to shows why he has the touch of the Midas. A MUST CONNECT person!"

Andrew Widgery

"A thoroughly likeable and professional businessman only surpassed by his integrity. I would have no hestitation in recommending Warren for any business activity he offers he can do; he will always deliver and is a man of his word. A great pleasure in knowing you Warren."

Mike "Freddie" Gordon

"And I thought this testimonial was going to be sooooo... original .. From Nicole W (Feb 06)... all the way back to Rich W (Dec 04) Ditto ... ditto ... ditto ... ditto ... ditto .... He's in my team ... cos every team needs a Super-Star xxxx"

Nicole Wehden

"Warren is one of those people who is great to be around. He's full of positive energy, inspiration and wow does he know how to organise a great event! Thank you so much Warren, I would happily recommend you to anyone. "

Christine Clacey

"You can depend upon Warren to not just arrange the perfect event for you, but also to be the life and soul of any party he attends too! Full of infectious energy and enthusiasm, combined with a sharp business mind, exceptional organising skills and a generous spirit, he is a real asset to any team or get-together, whatever the occasion might be. Warren is full of great ideas and interesting projects - you definitely want him in your network! Christine"

Tina Jesson (Speaker)

"A great connector. Thanks you for your support Tina"

Ade Smith

"Warren had the balls to employ a new boy on the block and give me a chance with starting my events business. His support was most appreciated and I am glad that in turn I was able to give his customers a great football activity. Ade Smith "

Matt 'Music +Studio' Condon

"Warrens enthusiasm for business and motivation make him one of a kind. Keep Rocking .!"

Marieke Hensel #4

"Warren you are the best! The 2 day event, the hotel, the dinner, everything was arranged and all went smoothly! If you are going to run Barbecue events in Emmen, please notify me and I quite doing this :) The best thing is you look so relaxed (and I think you are)! "

John Joint

"We just had an excellent two day workshop which only went as smoothly as it did thanks to Warren's fantastic organizational skills. I highly recommend him."

Richard White

"If you need an event to be organised to a very high standard then I can thoroughly recommend Warren. He thinks of every last detail and works tirelessly in the background making sure everyone enjoys themself. The perfect Host!"

Stuart Harris

"I'm very pleased to have met Warren in person at last. He manages to be both busines-minded and warm at the same time. He's a great example of someone who naturally combines a flair for financial wealth and for emotional wealth. I very much look forward to getting to know him better and I feel confident that we will be doing business together in one way or another. Highly recommended."

Roger Croft

"I would like to thank Warren both for being an engaging speaker, and always willing to offer support. On a different level he is an excellent example of an entrepreneur - for those of you who search for them."

Anthony Chan

"Warren is as authentic as they come. He has energy (ok maybe a little less the morning after a late night at the bar ;) ) humour, passion and a natural ability at what he does. I had the opportunity to observe Warren's ability in 2 ways. First, his organisation of the BlackStar accommodation and dinners at the meetings earlier this year. Second, his articulation of the Networking Live event and the thought behind it. His positioning (together with Martin Shepherdly) of Networking Live as "Connecting Business Networks" is brilliant. It was and is quite obvious that Warren is a guy who gets things done, is thorough and is very professional. And yet he obviously as fun at the same time. If you are in the events industry, get in touch with Warren. If you need to organise a large event, go to Warren. If you want to know which football team to support - well, maybe try someone else ;)"

Simon West

"Warren has a wonderful sense of how good something can be and is happy to put in the work to make it so. The effort that he has put in to get Swindon ecademy off the ground is just one example. Networking Live will doubtless be another..."

Simon Warman-Freed

"Having met Warren I cannot rate him highly enough. Whether you want to conduct business with him, wrun ideas past him or just socialise, Warren cane exceed expectations at all levels. He is a genuinely lovely guy, great humour, energetic and passionate in what he does and believes in."

Dave Clarke

"Warren has a fantastic instinct for the right thing to say or do and the right person to connect you to. This makes him a natural Networker and a great person to work alongside as both a friend and a colleague."

Hari Bala

"Warren is a very kind and caring person who is extremely competent and delivers world class events. If you ever want to organise any event just talk to him , you will be very pleased. "

Kim Sharman - NRG

"Warren is one of those people whom it is easy to under estimate. Beneath a relaxed exterior is a hidden side of work and achievement that is hard to determine. A good analogy is the classic iceberg, where you one see one seventh! But achieve he does, and is a loyal supporter to anyone who goes half the distance. My advice is, work with him and you will be rewarded many times over. A good friend and someone I am proud to be associated with. Kim Sharman, NRG Business Networks "

Adam White

"Had the pleasure of spending time with Warren during the Blackstar events in January. What impresses me most about him is his work hard play hard attitude. He makes friends easily, controls a crowd with his charismatic presence, keeps the atmosphere charged simply by his being there. Conversely when it comes to business he turns serious and takes a no-nonsense approach to ensure things get done! It is no wonder one of his main strengths is as a networker and events organiser! "

Rob Hook

"Don't stand next to Warren if you are allergic to energy! He exudes enthusiasm with every pore of his body. But energy without purpose is wasted. Warren manages to focus his energies where they count. And he is a really nice bloke"

Philip de Lisle

"Great organiser, super efficient, very modest. A pleasure to know. "

Patrick Moore

"If I were asked to use one word to sum up Warren, the word would be "ENERGY!" The enthusiasm he brings to everything he touches is absolutely infectious - if you want somebody to wake up your team, your staff or your event, look no further! I have no doubt whatsoever that the Networking Live event, which Warren and Martin Shepherdly are running later this year, will be a staggering success. If you're thinking of attending or getting involved, I strongly recommend you move immediately into action; this thing is going to be dynamite! "

Fay Olinsky

"Warren what an amazing job you did arranging everything for the past few days. Not a hitch and the cost was surprisingly economical. (well we didn't stay in the bar long!!!) Thank you so much for making such an effort for all of us. I for one appreciate it tremendously Fay Olinsky"

Rich Wootten

"I have known Warren for a while now. And he runs the Swindon Ecademy Club. Warren is one of the top people in Ecademy and ranks highly in my network. Warren runs an Event organisation and Speak agency company, I am keen to recommend him where ever I can. I have introduced him to my best client - safe in the knowledge that they are in a safe pair of hands. Regards Rich Wootten Ecademy Regional Director (South West)"


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